Gaerte Engines - Rochester , Indiana

gm1 Welcome to Gaerte Engines - Rochester, Indiana 58k
gm23 Main office area at Gaerte Engines 64k
gm24 Main office area at Gaerte Engines 63k
gm20 Earl Gaerte at his desk in his office. 67k
gm22 Engine assembly area 67k
gm25 Engine assembly area 62k
gm26 Engine assembly area 64k
gm37 Engine assembly area 77k
gm38 Engine assembly area 64k
gm39 Engine assembly area 64k
gm35 Engines to be refreshed 64k
gm36 Engines to be refreshed 67k
gm6 Machined Blocks 62k
gm7 Block machine area 72k
gm8 Block machine area 71k
gm27 Block milling area 80k
gm9 Piston cutting mill 70k
gm10 Piston honing machine 78k
gm28 Engine manufacturing area 75k
gm18 Engine manufacturing area 67k
gm30 Engine fabricating equipment 74k
gm31 Cam grinder 59k
gm21 Roller Tappit Grinder 58k
gm32 CNC Machine 53k
gm33 CNC machine cutting end for oil pan 71k
gm17 Finished manufactured parts from CMC machine. 68k
gm34 Balancing area 73k
gm4 4 Cylinder Dyno 70k
gm5 4 Cylinder Dyno 74k
gm14 V8 Dyno computer console 53k
gm15 V4 & V8 Dyno computer console 49k
gm12 Inventory & Parts Area 67k
gm13 Crank shaft inventory 75k
gm16 Earl's 55 Chevy and Drag Car 6k

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