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Sprint Car CD ROM Provides Plenty of Pictures, Memories
Justin Zoch Mid States Racing News

With rain as frequent as it been on race nights this season, many race fans are often found looking for a little something extra to do on Saturday nights. Or maybe you've got the kind of job that keeps you squarely behind your computer screen all day. Or maybe, you just love to look at pictures taken in and around racetracks throughout America. If any of these three apply, Steve Hardin has just thing for you.

Steve Hardin's World of Sprint Cars & Midgets CD ROM contains thousands of photos of sprints and midgets from Iowa to Indiana to Pennsylvania. It is essentially a virtual yearbook chronicling the 2000 racing season. The disc contains photos from several events at Gas City, AVSS, IRA, and Badger Midget action, the Chili Bowl, the Front Row Challenge and Knoxville Nationals, several USAC shows in Indiana, as well as several other special events from around IL, MO, and IN.

The disc is very easy to install, and Hardin has provided easy to read and follow directions on the inside flap of the jewel case. Once loaded, the disc provides easy navigation through the pages and instructions to find exactly the photo you're looking for. Hardin provides descriptions of each photo by each link so that the viewer knows exactly what they are looking at. The track tours feature 12 different speedways from Angell Park to Williams Grove to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Museum. These virtual tours offer a variety of camera shots from around the speedway and grounds to help the viewer visualize the speedway and its atmosphere. These make fun viewing even if you've been to the speedway before.

The only criticism of the disc is that the pictures don't have a smaller image, which can be clicked and enlarged if desired. It is tedious sometimes to click on every photo in order to see it. However, overall, the disc offers hours of multimedia fun, photos, and memories from the 2000 season. Hopefully, Hardin can turn the disc into an annual issue capturing each season.

The best part of the product is that Steve Hardin is donating $5 from each sale to Billy Anderson, who was paralyzed from the neck down during the 1998 season at Knoxville Raceway in a sprint car accident. Anderson continues to recover in Minnesota from his injuries and continues to need the support of auto racing fans. The CD's are available for $15 + $2 shipping and handling. To purchase a copy of Steve Hardin's World of Sprint Cars & Midgets CD ROM contact Steve via e-mail at

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