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Open Wheel Magazine Article Index

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Vol. 1 #1

5 Sprint Car Action Photography

10 JIM SHAMPINE: Looking back and ahead





























Vol. 1 # 2


14 OUTLAWS VS KARS -- Not just another feud

18 RACERS NOT ALLOWED TO BUY HERE --There's discrimination against racers.

23 FEEL OF THE WHEEL -- Joyce Standridge has the story.

24 SHOOT EM UP -- Photographer Terry Bourcy spills the secrets.


32 SPRINT PORTRAITS -- The heavy hitters are pictured.

45 REMARKABLE PHOTOS -- We've seen some dandies but these are among the best.



58 COLOR FROM INDIANAPOLIS --JR is the centerpiece, on his way to winning the Indy 500.

60 HISTORIC SUPERS--Some timely nostalgia of the golden days.

62 HISTORIC MODIFIEDS -- Looking back to a simpler era.

68 HISTORIC SPRINTS --When the men were made of iron and the cages weren't.

71 HARRY'S ANGELS -- Harry Dun's lens finds the beauty isn't just in the cars.


78 ON THE LIGHT SIDE -- The humor page.



20 CHARLIE LLOYD --At 67 most people are looking forward to retirement but Lloyd is building some

of the fastest sprinters in the country.

26 COUNTRY SPRINTS -- Our cover story is about Willie Nelson, Kenny Rogers, Loretta Lynn and their

racing programs.


42 TED JOHNSON--Organizer of the but laws in depth.

48 DANNY SMITH --The longest summer happened in 1980. It's quite a tale.


56 INDY WIVES -- Bill Holder and Harry Dunn got the assignment,

84 PORTFOLIO -- KEVIN HORCHER - The monthly regular feature gets a start.


72 FOYT ON DIRT--Super Tex in the dirt champ cars.


16 TURBO SPRINT-- Bill Sessa looks inside one of the most unique sprinters in the country,

31 PLASTIC WINGS--Light weight, low cost, survivability make them a hot item.

34 TOO HOT FOR GLOVES-- Pay heed to the story of Jerry Soderberg.

38 MARVIN MILLER ON NITROUS --· Laughing gas is good for go.

54 HIGH COST AS SEEN BY ONE WHO CAN AFFORD IT -- Ken Brenn on high dollar racing.

70 CHROME EAGLE --Imagine the field at Indy changing their cars because of a chrome eagle?

73 THE HEMI REAR--The first new live rear in years is spotlighted.

VOL. 1 # 3


8 KEITH THORNE-- "Supers waiting"

12 TOUGH GUYS -- There aren't any soft super modified drivers.

14 POURIN' IT ON -- Portraits on standing on it.

18 WOJAHN'S PAGE -- Tom Wojahn's outrageous open wheel cartoons.

20 GREAT MOMENTS IN MIDGET RACING-- A look at the sport's past.

22 SPRINT PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILE--A psychologist looks at the inner motivations of sprint car

drivers .

25 OPEN WHEELS ON DISPLAY--Mega-sponsor Tom Stenger opens his doors to the race cars and

kids every year.

26 DANNY SMITH FLIP- - In color, at Eldora.

28 JIM CHINI PORTFOLIO--He's surely one of the greatest open wheel photographers of all time.

32 THE OUTLAWS AND THE POSSEE -- In Pennsylvania, they race with a vengeance.

33 TRIPLE FLIP!!I--And they did it in dirt champ cars. This one around three cars into junk.

36 SPRINT CAR ACTION--A series of sprint cars doing their thing

42 THE URC--A review on the 1980 season


68 THE 1960 SPRINT SEASON--Some say it was the best ever run

60 MALLORY'S NEW SPRINT MAG--Super juicer that's easy to install.

61 FINDING TDC--It's easy to get close but here's how to do it perfectly.

64 STOCK BLOCKS -- Al Stilley examines what USAC's new ruling will mean.


19 STEVE KINSER COLOR--Three time king.


44 DRIVERS IN THE BUSINESS --· Some guys sponsor themselves.


48 GARY PATTERSON -- Same say he's the only real outlaw.

54 RICH VOGLER -- He's king of two divisions in the same year.

72 ERNIE TRIPLETT -- Looking back on an old time hero.

74 WALLY PANKRATZ--He's gotta travel to Indy.

VOL. 1 AUG. 1981


12 MODIFIED AT REST--Art by Keith Thorne.

14 JERRY RICHERT--Portrait of a sprint car driver. By Stewart Doty.


20 JUST OL’ SCRUFFY -- The ever brilliant John Sawyer pens about Bobby Allen.

22 BOB WENTE AND FAMILY -- The story of a midget family.

28 DOUBLE FLIP--Williams Grove was the scene of the wild action.

36 L.L. WOODKE --The master engine builder is profiled by Stewart Doty.

42 THE HISSOS--Put an airplane engine in a sprint car and you fly!

45 SPRINTER--Art by Keith Thorne.

54 JIM JARVIS FLYS--The modifieds tumble too.

55 WALTER MITTY DRIVES A MODIFIED--Andy Fusco hauls Will Cagle's car around on the mud.

56 SPRINT CAR PORTRAITS--An intimate view of the drivers.

62 FROM VERMONT TO INDIANAPOLIS -- The biography of a mechanic who made it.

65 KAUFFMAN DUMPS--some days are better than others.

68 HISTORIC MOMENTS IN SPRINT CAR RACING-- Some of the finest shots of all time.

70 RACING DOWN UNDER -- Running with the midgets.

72 RUNNIN' ON THE WILD SIDE -- Dramatic pictures of sprint car racing.

77 RUN WHAT CHA BRUNG--Toss out the rule book and fill the stands.


30 JOHN MAHONEY'S-- inspired images are featured in this issue.













VOL.1 OCT. 1981



12 GRINDING THEM UP -- Paul Fitter in a terrifying crash.

13 FLYING THROUGH TRAFFIC -- Wild Rip sequence.

34 NO ROOM HERE-- Remarkable color.

40 AFTER THE CHECKER FELL -- Flip sequence in color.

46 MIDGET CUT-AWAY -- Maybe the most beautiful piece of automotive art ever.


57 HARRY'S ANGELS -- One of our most popular photo-features.


22 DIRTCARS ON THE SUPERSPEEDWAY--They had a good time, particularly when they cashed

their paychecks.

58 THE INDY 500 -- Extensive coverage includes a technical sidebar by Bill Hite and Doug Core.

62 THE OUTLAWS EASTERN SWING -- Steve Kinser cleaned house on the toughest part of the tour.



20 JOHNNY WHITE--The bravest of the brave.

24 DOUG HEVERON --They call him the young one and he's heading for Indianapolis.

26 CARROLL CHEEK'S CORVAIR POWERED MIDGET-- Here's something truly unique.

29 WORLD OF OUTLAWS SCHEDULE--It'll be very Different in 1982

30 MEL KENYON--The oft time midget champ is profiled by Bill Holder.

32 KEITH KAUFFMAN -- He stands on the gas all the way around.

36 RACE DRIVER SCHOOL--Three of the best drivers around show the fast line.

42 MARIO ANDRETTI -- As Skip Clayton's story proves, Mario owns the record book.

50 STREET LEGAL SPRINTER--This sprint car turns some heads.

54 TOMMY HINNERSHITZ--One of the greatest of all time looks back.

64 PANCHO-Kay Presto profiles this tough customer.

66 AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A MIDGET--One of the prettiest is undressed.

70 CARRY RUSH -- John Sawyer tells the story of a down-under charger that's too tough to quit.






46 TURBINE POWERED 4WD SPRINTER (wild, wild race car)

52 BROUGHT BACK TO LIFE (Brilliant antique restoration)

66 GREY GHOST—(Champ car restoration that runs perfectly)


12 A.J. FOYT-- in photos that go way, way back.

16 URC DRAWS STARS -- For all the right reasons, this sprint car club is drawing big name from other

kinds of racing.


19 THE ROADSTERS--Beginning as two part feature on the magnificent race cars of a magnificent era.


24 THE MOUSE THAT ROARS -- The story of Tom Bigelow.

30 POLENZ TRIES HARDER--Try flipping out of the place and then coming back to race!

32 LARRY DICKSON -- He just continues getting better and better.



48 BONES-- He's not a big name on the tour but all the Outlaws know and respect Bones.

50 ON TOP OF THE WORLD--A town got together to build an open wheel race car.



62 HOW TO CRATE A MODIFIED--The hard way.

64 SKIP SMITH--Supermodified photo and illustration.


74 THE KNOXVILLE NATIONALS-- Steve Kinser won but there were a hundred stories behind the

scenes this year.







10 REMARKABLE PH0T0S - A collection of some wild ones.

16 FIRE RIDES ALONG --Rick Mears found out that fire can be as big a problem in the pits as on the track.


24 NARC--in Northern California, they do it in the dirt.

28 ROADSTERS II--The completion of John Sawyer's marvelous piece on the great Indy roadster era.

32 SUPERMODIFIEDS A DEAD CLASS AT OSWEGO? -- According to the track, there's no doubt at

all as to the future

38 ISMA -- A group of supermodified people have put together an exceptional road tour.

51 USE THE DOOR NEXT TIME--Some people don't use normal entrances to get into a building.

52 CHINI ART--Jim Chini gets close to some sprint car art.

60 TRONOLONE PORTFOLIO - Bob Tronolone has made some particularly vibrant images. We bring

you a few.

65 ARMSTRONG UPSIDE DOWN--It was a fateful day at Terre Haute. Everyone was on their roof.

70 INCHES APART-- Bob Sweikert and Pat O'Connor ran inches apart with no roll cages.

76 HISTORIC SPRINTS--A look at the past.

80 DOUBLE FLIP--Two cars, two drivers, too close.


13 ELDORA 4in1 --The Earl of Eldora put together all four of USAC's divisions in one place on one day.

34 AN ALL YELLOW PACE CAR -- Doug Heveron wanted to have his car painted on both sides of

Oswego's pacer.

60 SUPERNATIONALS AT SYRACUSE-- The sprint car super nationals saw Wolfgang blow them all off


54 NON DESTRUCTIVE TESTING -- In a landmark article, OW tech editor Doug Gore talks about

testing for cracks and poor welding.


14 THE OTHER AJ--This one's last name is Watson.

20 SHANE'S.AUGUST--It was a perfectly miserable month for Shane Carson.

23 HARRY'S ANGELS -- one of our most popular pages.

22 STEVE SMITH--At Syracuse, in color.

40 BRENT KAEDING-- In color.

43 BRAD DOTY---A new breed driver.

46 BILL ALSUP--In his AB Dick Indy car, at Indy.


ALL HEART -- It's a touching and happy story.

58 MIKE MOSLEY--In color, of course,

APRIL 1982


19 MIKE SARGENT -- He looked so good on last month's cover!

26 HAVE A HART -- A whole family of open wheel racers

34 FOYT--A piece of beautiful history

40 DOUG CRAIG--This month's cover made larger

46 BOODS OOOPS- Joe Saldana dumps Maynards machine

52 BILLY ALLEN--From California

74 AL UNSER JR.--In a sprint car, of course


8 FROM THE EDITORCS DESK--The boss's pick of promoters.

10 SURVEY--The readers of Open Wheel speak out.

13 HARRY'S ANGELS -- Harry Dunn's been clicking again.

17 1982 WoO SCHEDULE--There are some major changes this time.


24 CHINI'S VIEW -- Jim Chini paints pictures with a/camera.

32 TQs ARE RACERS TOO -- Larry Warren takes a look at the smaller OW cars.

36 ANATOMY OF A SPRINT CAR DRIVER --There's more than guts.

38 LOOKING BACK-- one or our readers was very kind to all of us.

45 THE GROVE AFTER GUNN-- Some said it couldn’t make it but it has.

49 KINSER DIRT CAR--Artist Keith Thorne draws a beauty.

50 ELDORA THREE CAR FLIP--They don't come wilder.

57 GARY IRVIN FLIP--Close your eyes, here we go!

64 EASTERN OLD TIMERS -- Bringing back racing history.


76 ALL IN CLAY'S WORK--Greg Weld has given 1-70 a new lease on life.



28 COSWORTH MIDGET ENGINE -- David Vizard takes an intimate look at the insides of a new wave

that is coming

54 GAPLESS RINGS -- Why are they so popular open wheel racing and how they work.

72 HEMI ON HEMI -- Put a Hemi engine in the Hemi company car and you've got a rocket!


14 JIMMY BRYAN-- He was a childhood favorite of many. Some say no better ever lived.

20 TOWING A MILLION MILES--What caused L.A. Seymour to tow across the continent every week

for ten years?

42 AT SEVENTY, HE'S GOING LIKE SIXTY---Len Duncan is over 70 and he's still a competitive race

car driver.

58 THE MEMPHIS EXPRESS--The 1981 WoO king, an up close look by John Sawyer.

68 RACING CHEAP THE STORY OF JOE ROUSH -- He does what everyone wants to do. He wins

on a budget.

70 DUKE NALON --The Duke came back to Indy this year.

JUNE 1982


12 TJ--Terry Bourcy interviews feisty Ted Johnson.

23 RUNNIN' IN JUD'S SHADOW --John Sawyer tells the tale of a fine young driver who loved a master

he never saw race.

56 WHAT RACING PUTS TOGETHER-- A husband and wife team found happiness behind the wheel,

drifted apart and racing brought them back together again.

58 CICCONI IN A HURRY--Bob Cicconi is on the Indy road, doing it right.

62 MR. CONSERVATIVE--in most circles, being conservative is the "in" thing these days. Not in racing,

says Larry Rice.


14 YESTERDAY--Joe Scalzo's popular feature.

20 THE MILTON MURPHY FEUD--L. Spencer Riggs describes one of the strangest racing feuds of all


48 THE CRAZIEST INDY EVER-- Part I of the 1956 Indy 500 by Joe Scalzo.

52 OLD NUMBER SIX--Every one was surprised when the photographs told the story.


8 ART FROM WILLIAMS GROVE-- Billions and billions of clots by Keith Thorne.

26 PORTFOLIO DENNIS TORRES --He dares to get the pictures others wish were in their lens.

32 REMARKABLE PHOTOS-- Everyone has wheels up.

38 WILD NIGHT AT ASCOT--It seemed as if every one flipped.

44 TERROR AT ELDORA--The flip was bad enough but when the helmet flew off...

68 SPRINT CAR DRY SUMP SYSTEMS – Doug Gore explains in great detail all about the Barnes and

other oil systems.



86 MARIO ANDRETTI--Running on dirt, by Thorne


39 THE WoO SEASON OPENS AT EAST BAY--Terry Bourcy saw every lap and brought back the

action in pictures and words.

40 THE BETTER MOUSETRAP WON--The Copper Classic had a radical midget send the rest home

talking to themselves.










10 MISSION IMPOSSIBLE -- Can a group of wild eyed sprint car people race for two months on less

than a hundred dollars? It's an impossible mission.

19 RED EYE--it's a mallady sprint car racers suffer from and it takes some work to get a pair of them.

Bob Frey will go to Indy after all but he deserves it.

36 THE CRAZIEST INDY 500-- Part II by the always interesting Joe Scalzo.

42 DO-IT HEWITT- - Jack Hewitt is profiled by John Sawyer. There aren't many real outlaws left but

Hewitt is one of 'em.

56 TEXAS SPRINTERS-- In Texas, they stand on the gas.

60 THE LEGENDARY LAWRENCEBURG SPEEDWAY- - Here's an open wheel track with tons of

color and excitement

62 RALPHIE THE RACER TODAY--He's really mellow now and he's made a special place for himself.

68 THE BADGER MIDGET ASSOCIATION -- The oldest continuously operating open wheel club in

the world .

76 THE ALL STAR LEAGUE -- Bert Emick's on the road show brings the excitement of sprint car

racing to the speedway.


76 MEARS DOMONATES KRACO 150-- The CART season started and Mears showed he's the guy

they have to beat


30 DAD'S RADICAL RACER -- The inside story of one of the most unique sprinters ever built by Todd


39 CLEAR RHEA--A new look at vision.

48 ALUMINUM BLOCKS --A complete listing with hard information too.

80 ESSAY AGAINST WINGS -- It's an unpopular approach these days but the other side deserves an












10 DEATH AT INDY--Dr. Busby looks at danger and its consequences .

12 GENE BROWN -- Some heroes don't travel but they're still heroes.

16 KINSER SLUMP--Into every life a little rain must fall. But not this much.

29 MIDWEST SPRINT ASSOCIATION-- This club has a very colorful history and an interesting future.

45 HOPE CRASH -- Des Moines can be wild.

48 MEMORIES OF INDY--A group of guys and one Proud Mary gather at IRP each year and forget how

to be serious.

50 WILD NIGHT AT SKAGIT-- It seemed as if everyone was upside down.

61 IOWA SCRAMBLE--Upside down city in the country.

62 THE NUCKLES BROTHERS--They are dedicated racers.

68 THE ONE AND ONLY-- Earl Baltis runs Eldora and more besides.

70 IF FORMULA CARS ARE TOO EASY, TRY MIDGETS--the story of popular Warren Mockler.

76 TONY BETTENHAUSEN -- Articulate Pat Singer tells Tony's tale.


80 WOMEN ON THE ROAD--When the WoO hits the interstate, a dedicated group of women travel

with their men.

84 BLACK CLOUD--Johnny Parsons seems to have a black cloud over his head.


38 WELDING CHROME MOLY--A repeat of one of the most important tech features ever.



26 TED'S OFFY-Ted Fike has one of the neatest old Offys around.

34 MIKE SARGENT'S SUPERS -- Nobody does it better. They are car-show pretty and the fastest

things around.

40 EDDIE WORTH--With the camera in the cockpit.

46 STEVE SIEGEL--Terry Bourcy.s center spread.

58 DAN SHUCK'S FORMULA 1 --It's pretty.


20 SAWYER’S BULLETTS -- John Sawyer remembers back to the early midgets.

22 CLAY SMITH--Joe Scalzo pens this brilliant tale.

25 OUTLAW HISTORY--The WoO is young but look at the pictures we found!

32 WILLIAIMS GROVE OLDTIMERS--The story of one of the most active historical groups in the



42 THE DREAM EVENT -- What happens if they hold the perfect race and nobody comes?

52 THE LITTLE TEAM THAT COULD-- Put a bunch of inexperienced but capable people together and

you may make the 500.



8 AIRING IT OUT--There can be lots of daylight beneath open wheels.

18 IMAGES OF LOVE -- Jan Opperman's pictures reflect the man.

21 CHICKEN GEORGE -- Would you believe that the watchdog of one of the best tracks is really a


26 SACRAMENTO 1959 -- Donald Davidson teams up with Bob Tronolone for one of our best

nostalgia pieces ever.

40 THE PASSION AND THE FURY--There's both in open wheel racing.



56 PAYING THE PRICE AT ELDORA--It's one of the toughest tracks and running there takes it out

of man

58 THE BOWES SEAL FAST SPECIAL -- A very special car from a by gone era, restored by a

currently winning sprint car driver.

64 NASCAR SPEEDWAY CARS -- Only a few remember this now defunct NASCAR division.

70 PORTFOLIO-- David Knox-- H e was one of the truly great lensmen of all time.

87 TACKY NIGHT--When the track stays, wet, there's action ahead.


12 REAL RACE CARS DO HAVE DOORS-- Or so say some men who drive cars both with and

without doors.

14 SPRINT CARS CAN THEY EVER BE SAFE? --John Sawyer offers his opinions.

38 BARNES HEADS -- Called salvation by some, the Barnes head puts midget racing in a new light.

56 THE ARIAS V-6-- Its builder figures this to be the sprint car engine of the future.

61 STRESS AND STRAIN--French Grimes examines factors that turn metal into junk.

78 JACOB'S LADDERS--An insightful piece examines the most important questions relating to Jacob's



52 KNOXVILLE -- The Nationals were very different without the ambulance rolling all night.


22 STEVE CHASSEY- - From stockers to sprints to Indy and now...

32 STAGY JOHNSON--The woman behind the man.

34 JIMMY OSKIE--Enter the Twilight Zone.

48 JOHNNY THOMPSON--The quiet rim rider.

74 SMOKE -- Nobody, absolutely nobody, has won more.



6 INDY PREVIEW--There's lots of new stuff coming.

7 INDY CAR DRIVER CHANGES--Buy a program or buy Open Wheel.

8 SALT LAKE--Name an open wheel race car, it races here.

12 MINI CHAMPS -a race car by some other name. ...

16 DOUBLE TROUBLE--Two cars flipping at the same time are twice as much aggravation.



44 TWO TO TANGLE--Upside down city-the flip of the year!

48 THE CARS WERE MADE OF STEEL So were the men when John Sawyer used to go to Des

Moines in the IMCA days.




19 BUBBY--By Judith Lyon.

30 THE ONE ARM BANDIT--Chuck Amati is popular cause he stands on the gas.

34 JIMMY--Jimmy Shampine may have been the most outstanding supermodified personality to ever

live. That he died in a modified was not understandable.



56 THE SOPHOMORE JINX--Johnny Coogan found out the hard way about the second year.

68 MARIE SCHNEIDER--A little lady with a big family.

72 RICKY HOOD--By Nan Kene.



53 BUICK BABY SPRINT -- Bigger engines for midgets.

64 CUMMINS DIESEL--A proud Indy car with a Keith Thorne drawing.

78 TRONOLONE'S WILD INDY CARS -- A look at early Indy Technology.


26 SAMMY AT SYRACUSE--He did it right. He set a track record, led every lap and won the race.

58 THE HUT HUNDRED -- The little cars were explosive.

62 WESTERNWORLD--In pictures and story.

74 THE HOOSIER HUNDRED-Our cover story.

APRIL 1983



6 POP ZULLA'S COLLECTION-- Here're some dandy old open wheel shots.

14 REMEMBERING JAMES--A personal picture collection of James McElreath by John Mahoney.

28 WINCHESTER--It's a wild, wild joint as the pictures prove.

35 RICK FERKEL-- color.

46 DUANE FEDUSKA--The cover shot in color.

48 REMARKABLE PHOTOS-indeed they are!


58 JACK KROMER'S PORTFOLIO-- Another in our continuing series which spotlights America's

premier open wheel lensmen.

75 OHIO CLAY--it sticks in everything, on everything.


26 THE OUTBOARDS-- Once, outboard motors were the craze in midget racing.

40 SIX IS ENOUGH--Joe Csicki tried to win sprint car races with a Ford six. He did it too!


10 NO SLOW CARS--Tommy Sanders only goes with the quick ones:

16 THE HOFFMANS -- They've been around open wheel racing forever.

22 SEVENTY GRAND IN HIS BACK YARD--Lynn Paxton had an incredibly profitable year and

never ran. further than 100 miles from home.

24 THE THUNDER BAY INVADER -- Lynn McIntosh has beaten other drivers, certain death in a race

car crash, cancer and more

30 SPIDER WEBB--One of the more colorful men to ever run a race car is profiled by Donald


36 A FEW WORDS WITH THE OUTLAWS--Bruce Ellis seeks the inner thoughts of the brave ones.

38 SUNNY NUTTER -- Motorcycles, sprint cars, he runs on top in all of it.

44 SAVE MONEY GO FAST--It’s not necessary to spend a fortune to race

52 HANGING ON--The IRA is new and it's struggling to stay afloat.


20 KINSLER INJECTION --They tweak and tune every possible pony out of the engines

66 THE GAMBLER CAR--Brilliant full color of C.K.'s newest.

68 GAMBLER CHASSIS--The neat little shop in Tennessee isn't small as far as its goals.

70 THE RING'S THE THING - Childs & Albert have gone a long way in piston ring technology.

56 THE LAST RACE-The Outlaws in Texas.




JUNE 1983


12 UNRESTORED INDY CAR -- Been looking for a car with history that rests untouched? Look no


20 OF DAYS GONE BY--Old photos of the spectacular ones

26 THE J.A.P SPECIAL -- A beautifully restored piece.

31 CAVEMAN CHRISTIE -- Donald Davidson explores the inner workings of colorful Caveman

"Bob" Christie

76 OLD CALHOUN --A malevolent car if ever there was one.



34 EAST BAY - The 1983 WoO season opens in Florida.

72 JAMAICA MIDGETS -- Load a bunch of midgets on the boat and let's go racing!

80 INDOOR MIDGETS -- Holder & Dunn deliver USAC's winter madness.






22 SHIRLEY ANNE -- A McElreath turned Bettenhausen.

25 PART--A new open wheel organization is born.

38 GENE GENNETTEN --You saw the flip photos, now here's the story behind the story.

40 DIRT CHAMP CARS -- Our cover story by John Sawyer

56 INDY PREVIEW -- Al Stilley looks forward to the 500.

58 RON SHUMAN--A sensitive inside look.

63 TO GO SO FAST--The story of Greg Staab.



16 AL WATTS MIDGET--Ten years in development, this one is truly different

28 THE COSWORTH STORY--By David Vizard.

53 CHALLENGER--The mini-sprint people see a great future for their sport and their car.

66 THE MEMPHIS-DALLAS-MILWAUKEE CONNECTION--Woody Hatten gets real close to

Sammy's new ride.





12 DEJA VU--Combine a dirt champ car and the best of Indy and get the feeling of having been there


74 WOW! HAVE A V-8--Mel Kenyon's new midget engine is a sure dazzler.


16 CARMEN MANZARDO--Look for the good guy in the black helmet.

19 GARY B-- in color.

28 CART TAKES F-1 DATES-- It was a whole bunch cheaper.

32 OH DEAR--Tis upside down time.

34 CHARLIE BROWN--in color.

36 A CRASH IN TIME --Charlie Brown's lady writes about watching her man self-destruct.

38 USAC SPRINT FUTURES--A Hoider/Dunn combination effort.

46 THE DAY THE FLAGS FELL -- Wild, incredible crash sequence.

48 DOIN IT IN THE DIRT IN DAKOTA--Don Reiners stands on the gas intelligently.

53 HOUSE OR RACE CAR?--Dave Manes and his wife took the race car.

56 FOLLOWING IN DAD'S FOOTSTEPS--Jimmy White runs like his dad, Johnny

58 NARC DAZZLER--if color's the thing, these cars have it all.

60 DIRT CHAMP CARS--More of a good thing.

63 ELDORA DUMP--Flip sequence.

70 THE FLYING SPADE -- Going strong, America's most successful black sprint car driver is headed

good places.

72 STAN ATHERTON--Larry Warren tells Stan's tale.


20 FAST EDDIE--The original, the real one, the best, the toughest. Eddie Sachs by John Sawyer.

26 SCHLOEDER/CARLHEIM CAR--Frank Gauditis brings the story and pictures to life.

42 TED HORN--A living legend.


67 CLASSIC KRASEK--An incredible old car that was more than a little unique.



14 THE WINNING TOUCH--Contact prints.

16 LAST RIDE FOR THE GREAT GP--A moving tribute to one of racing's most popular Outlaws.

18 HE LEFT TOO SOON--Dana Carter is remembered by Bill Holder.

19 BIG SPONSOR LANDED -- How it really happened.

22 McCLUSKEY THEN AND NOW -- Ron Hedger reflects Roger's thoughts on racing and himself.

33 ZIGGY'S MONTH OF MAY--The 1983 Indy 500 through the eyes of George Snider. By Terry Reed.

40 KINSER IN COLOR--By Terry Bourcy.


44 HARRY'S ANGELS--By Harry Dunn.

45 FOUR CAR FLIP--There have been flips and there have been flips. But when was the last time four

cars did it in one single wreck?

46 LITTLE AL IN COLOR --By Dick Berggren.

50 BOOKIN' WITH DETERMINATION--Some guys do it with money. Others do it with moxie.

56 BONES REVISITED -- One of the more interesting personalities from sprint car racing, now

running Gordo's car.

64 GO!--A book review.

66 MINI SPRINTS IN COLOR--Dazzling little cars.

68 PORTIFOLIO: KEN GOLES--Light through the lens captures racing's most exciting moments.


25 SCHRADER'S MONTH OF MAY-- Some guys really race.


39 THE LITTLE 500--Put thirty-three sprint cars on a quarter mile track for 500 laps and you have, well, read the story.

52 PA OUTLAW SWING -- Bruce Ellis tells what happened when the Outlaws came to town and the

track was full of firepower, all of it under Bobby Davis' hood.


30 THE 1963 INDY 500--Compare this year's race to the one that took place twenty years, ago.

58 OFFY KILLER -- Terry Bourcy shoots the pictures and tells the tale of this neat midget.



10 THE URC--America's Oldest Sprint Car Club.

24 THREE WHEELS OR LESS--A picture Study.

26 CALIFORNIA SUPER MODIFIEDS--Our cover story. A-complete special section including Madera Speedway feature, Double Trouble, Shampine's Legacy, Gerhardt -Roadster and Billy the Third.

38 TIM GEE -- He came out of the Yukon driving a sprinter and tamed the World of Outlaws.


42 SPRINTERS IN PARADISE --Racing sprint cars in Hawaii is fun but finding parts is not.

44 TONY--Tony Premici works for the Indy 500, is a follower of the Outlaws and does Steve Kinser's

books for the tax man.

46 BOBBY RAHAL--An in depth feature on one of the exciting young chargers of CART.

54 THE MACK ATTACK--There's a whole family of sprint car driving Macks.

63 KENNY WELD: DRUGS, RACING AND PRISON--Less than a week before being shipped off to

jail, Kenny Weld spoke on the record to Open Wheel.

66 GORDO--From clean sweeps to clean sheets.

70 LISTEN TO THE RUMBLE, LISTEN TO THE ROAR -- The Modifieds are coming, the` ground's starting to shake!

72 DON THOMAS--A colorful driver from a colorful era.

78 GARY KOSTER--Racing midgets is a family affair when Gary goes on the road.

80 CAN'T MOW THE LAWN--There are so many antique race cars around the place, the town has

accused him of running a junk yard.


19 OLD #2--This treasure of a car is revisited one more time.


56 SAMMY'S ENGINES--Want to know what was under the hood of this year's Knoxville winner?

Here's the answer.


17 BELLEVILLE -- Every year, the midget contingent gets together for their own private war in Kansas.

58 THE KNOXVILLE NATONALS--Finally, Sammy had his way.

64 THE OHIO SPRINT SERIES--There were lots of nights of racing and enough drama to chill to the



MARCH 1984


8 PIN THE B ON MATECKI FOR BRAVERY--Loss of kidney function is a very serious problem.

One sprint car driver refused to quit racing when it happened to him.

42 RICKFERKELTURNSTHE CORNER--A candid conversation with Terry Bourcy.

19 LES SCOTT--Up in years, up in courage, up in ability.

26 RIP WILLIAMS--Colorful California Charger.

28 MACKIE HEIMBAUGH--A fighter on and off the track.

40 MARK ALDERSON--Showing versatility in every division of Open Wheel racing, Mark Alderson is a very interesting character.

58 RANDY WOLFE--The young Pennsylvania driver has truly come into his own.

68 BOB MELI--He's got it all under control despite the way things look.

74 BUCKWHEAT---John Sawyer writes the story of exciting Jimmy Sills.


10 THE BLACK DEUCE--L, Spencer Riggs tells the tale of one of the most successful open wheel cars ever.

62 HOWDYWILCOX-- Donald Davidson remembers the original Howdy Wilcox,


22 VUMA SPEEDWAY--Nan Kene claims it's a great place to see tight and fun competition.

25 UNDER THE WALL--Horrifying crash sequence.

38 THE BACK CAME OUT--And our photographer nearly got a lens full of spur gears!

45 PIKES PEAK SPRINTER--The goal is to return the title to sprint cars.

46 SUPER SEXY SUPERMODIFIEDS--Jim Chini Photography.


50 TELEVISION AND RACING Behind the scenes in a sprint car TV broadcast.

56 A TOUGH NIGHT IN 3 AND 4--It seemed as if the whole field was determined to flip.


72 INTO THE PARKING LOT--One of the wildest flips we've seen in a very long time.

80 OCTOBER 21, 1973--it was a historic day for sprint car racing and a memorable one for Rollie Beale

82 HOW HIGH CAN THEY FLY--Pretty high.



30 NAZARETH SPRINTS--Young Frankie Kerr captured his first major event and three wide starts didn't work.

34 SYRACUSE--Wolfgang makes It look easy but the big story was the big motors.


52 SHOCK EFFECT--The biggest first place prize money ever offered for Sprinters drew a short crowd and few from the WoO,



6 GUEST EDITORIAL---Al Stilley an CART rules.



May 1984



14 THE MINNESOTA STATE FAIR--There were great days when brave men raced, sometimes to the

death, in dangerous but colorful racing cars.

34 THE COMPLETE HISTORY OF THE NCRA--From its humble beginnings to present, the NCRA

has been on a constant uphill climb.

40 SUGAR BLUES--Ed White's very beautiful restoration.

42 THE GREAT TRIUMVIRATE--Gordon, Mays and Triplett dominated the action at Legion Ascot.

And now, there's a book.

54 DUTCH SCHAEFER--Perhaps the finest midget driver of all time, Schaefer's life story is penned by

Crockey Wright.


22 ALEX MORALES--His schedule would tire men forty years younger. He's a racer through and


26 CHUCK GURNEY--The silent stormer. A profile by Judith and David Lyon.

44 JOHN NAIDA--Outstanding sprint car driver, businessman, manufacturer, inventor, club organizer,

Naida does it all.

46 SHELDON KINSER--A color portrait.

48 JOE GAERTE--With a famous name dad, young Joe is heading for the Outlaw races.

52 KEITH KAUFFMAN--In color.

60 PORTFOLIO: LEROY BYERS-- His pictures are of an earlier, more colorful, non-wing era. And

they are brilliant.

66 BOBBY DAVIS JR--Why he left what is perhaps the best ride in the East for an unknown course.

70 T.J. GIDDINGS--This hot driver is also a quiet, nice guy.



19 CANTANKEROUS CREATIVITY--Joe Gertler can do it all.

76 OPEN TUBE REAR REPAIR--By French Grimes. There's more to the quick change than changing

the ring and pinion.


JULY 1984



sorts of surprising things

8 STILLEY'S INDY PREVIEW --A look ahead at the 1984 Indy 500.

14 WlLLIE DAVIS--A legend in his own time, some think Davis is the best sprint car man around.

49 RANDY KINSER--Being Steve's brother puts a man in a tall shadow.

22 JOIE RAY--A black sprint car driver who did well in the early days.


36 TEXAS SUPERS--They do things differently in Texas.

41 DAVE BLANEY--A young man following in dad's footsteps who proves he's got the stuff.

44 SHOVING PEOPLE AROUND--A tongue in cheek look at push trucks and their drivers.


48 FAMOUS LAST WORDS--Be careful of the words you speak for you may have to eat them.

50 PAT SHOLTIS--A family portrait.


60 ASCOT--OW's John Sawyer takes an affectionate look at Ascot Speedway.

72 SHOTS FROM THE FAST LANE--Picture perfect.

76 THE LAST LANGHORNE--The last champ car race at Langhorne was a special event.


10 ONE DAY IN A RACE TIRE WAR-- Back when Firestone and Goodyear battled, one driver thought he found an edge.

32 OUTBOARD MIDGET--The outboards, which once ruled the sport, make a return with factory help.

39 BASED ON THE LAWS OF PHYSICS--This is the way physics principles say a midget should look.

64 READY TO RUN--An airplane engine in a sprinter?

67 TOM KLEIN'S MONSTER MOTOR--imagine getting a reliable 750 HP out of a small block?

74 FORD POWERED MIDGET--and it runs quick too.


26 FLORIDA! THE SEASON BEGINS--But there's grave concern for the future of a Florida season


52 HARD CORE--Some races mean so much that winning is everything. The Skoal Copper Classic is one of those races.


September 1984


8 TOMMY HINNERSHITZ--John Sawyer takes a long look at one of sprint car racing's bravest drivers

26 STRETCH THE TRUTH--Jim Frankland has faithfully restored the Caruso Offy stretch midget.

32 LOOK1NG BACK ON OSWEGO--Some stirring memories from the nation's leading Supermodified track.

46 SALAY-SZKENDY DUEL--Spectacular painting.

48 THE TOUGH GET GOING---Some guys just don't do as well when its easy. They thrive on tough


62 LARSON-DAWLEY--The two men were so different, it was ironic that they were to die together in the same wreck.

66 OPP--In color. Opperman

77 TURKEY NIGHT---Judith & David Lyon do a complete history of the nation's oldest midget race.


29 SWIMS--The midgets are on the road again, having fun, like it's supposed to be.


74 WORKIN' WOODY-- Much more than the average push truck.


38 STUMBLE ON TECHNOLOGY--Some ditties by French Grimes.

52 LIMITED SUPERMODIFIEDS-- Low dollar, high fun.

58 FRANKENSTEIN--The most sophisticated, most technically advanced sprint car in the nation.

70 ALUMINUM IN RACING---it has to be handled very carefully.


34 ALL ANDRETTI -- Mario completely dominated CART's first show at Long Beach.

40 OUTLAW TOUR--It started at Devil's Bowl.


45 HOWELLS, INC.--Doug Howells and his wife are long time over-the-road outlaws.

19 KENNY SCHRADER--A most interesting interview conducted by Donald Davidson.

44 THE ANGEL OF DEATH-Going into a turn where a family member lost his life causes some


56 TEN SECOND CAREER--His sprint car driving career didn't last a full lap.









November 1984



8 HOMETOWN HERO--Art Rousseau was Keene, New Hampshire's "Little Sweetheart" when sprints had no roll bars and few lived to tell of the experience.

20 '64 SPRINT SEASON--When USAC was the hottest thing in the country, the 1964 season was the best they ever had.

40 THE HOUSEHOLDER-PLAKSTIS MIDGET-- Photos taken in the '40s, never before published.

46 MEYER WINSTHE 500--Ralph Steele art.

58 THE MAGNIFICENT RANGER--Mel Clark's Ranger powered big car is a spectacular restoration.

70 REMEMBERING BARRY KETTERING--An affectionate look back at a genuine hero by Marsh


78 BOB SWEIKERT--Plainly, this is John Sawyer's best feature ever.


16 THE OHIO SPRINT SPEEDWEEKS -- Steve Kinser stole most of the money.

26 THE INDIANAPOLIS 500--The race, Fear & Trembling, Tech Sidebar and more.

36 THE LITTLE 500--500 laps around a quarter mile track and a 16 year old female driver are headlines here.

62 THE PENNSY OUTLAW 'TOUR--About the only place where the Outlaws get beaten is

Pennsylvania. Not this time.


48 BEN COOK--Linda Mansfield profiles popular sprint car builder Ben Cook.

51 SPORT ALLEN--The nation's youngest sprint car driver.

52 IF YOU WANT TO BADLY ENOUGH--The story of Richard Lupo.

56 JOHNNY ANDERSON -- Four years ago, Anderson was nearly killed in a terrible, grinding crash.

He's back.

66 DONNIE KREITZ--Not too many guys are Rookie of the Year and a series champ in the same season. Kreitz did it.

74 THE KIDS CAME FIRST--BIII Bauer has figured out how to race and grow a family too. He does it together.


24 THE MARA MIDGET SERIES--Racing is still fun.


34 MADE IN AMERICA--At least the engine was.

42 RACING IN NEW ZEALAND--The crowds would thrill Americans but the tire bills would breed terror.




7 AL STILLEY ON CART--There's change blowing in the wind.


24 PAUL LOTIER--He's got so much talent.

30 FACTORY RIDE--The Nance team has run on top. But it takes very big money to do so.

34 OFIXCO--The story of a marvelous race team.

36 ON CONVERTING THE MASSES--On the light side. Only the names have been changed....

48 BILL CHESSBOURG--He continues to race and win.

58 FASTER-- Teo Fabi doesn't need the money and doesn't care much for the exposure. He just likes to go fast.









42 AL FLEMING--Woody Hatten profiles a man who raced through it all.

40 PAPPY'S PIG--The last of the Five Little Pigs.

46 BELANCER'S 99--Ralph Steele art.

63 THE DAY THE CHAMP CARS CAME TO SPRINGFIELD--Nobody could have Predicted what happened.

78 MIKE NAZARUK--The no-holds barred story of a legend.


60 SPECIAL MATERIALS--By French Grimes.

74 V-6 SPRINT-- Less horses, yes. But it's also got less weight.


March 1985


22 ALLYN ARCHIVES--Beginning this issue, through the courtesy and effort of photographer Jim Chinil we'll bring you some great photos from the collection of the late Ronnie Allyn.

31 DIRT LEGENDS--Some great ones in book form.

52 OLD NUMBER SIXTEEN--Bill Holder and Harry Dunn take us back.

78 LOOKING BACK--Some great old cars and some immortal drivers


26 THE OSWECO CLASSIC--Bentley Warren won his second Classic while car owners Tom and Ed Bowley won their first.

58 THE GROUND ROUND SYRACUSE SUPERNATIONALS -- Sammy went wide open all the way around. It's the hot new tip at Syracuse.


32 HANDS THAT KEEP ON TINKERING--Fred Gerhardt just keeps coming up with neat stuff for racers.

74 THE HARRISON-DUNTOV CHEVY--A new version of the Chevy splint car engine.


12 FOYT/KINSER--John Sawyer sees a great deal of similarity between AJ. Foyt and Steve Kinser.

26 DALY SURVIVES--One of the most incredible action sequences we've seen!

24 VIDEOTAPE--Want to know where to get videotape of racing?

34 FAST TRAIN FROM MEMPHIS—Jeff Swindell is riding the speedway express and coming on strong.

40 VAN MAY--He's finally come completely into his own. No more crashing, Van's winning.

44 INDOOR MIDGETS--Diapers, heat lamps and more are used.

48 GORDON WOOLEY--He's still racing stock cars.

55 HAROLD LEEP--One of the best to ever strap in, Leep continues to win.



68 THE LIFE AND TIMES OF BOBBY GRIM--Terry Reed tells the story.

72 LAP 13--it may have been the worst wreck ever at Baylands and it took out an OW cover car.

80 CROCKY WRIGHT--Ageless, controversial, But certainly interesting, Crocky has been around forever it seems.

MAY 1985


19 NEW FOR 1985-- A compendium with pictures of the new-for-1985 racing equipment.


75 UNWINGED IN AUTUMN--John Sawyer describes two of the most exciting sprint car races in the country, Ascot’s "Pacific Coast" and Manzy's "Western."


12 AND THE WINNER IS...BECKMAN --Lloyd Beckman had a talent and ability found ever so seldom.

16 JIMMY JACKSON--The articulate Donald Davidson tells the tale as only he can.

40 INTO THE STANDS-- nobody was hurt.

52 100% EFFORT--Our cover story this month focuses on Bentley Warren and his Incredible up-and-down career.

60 OLLIE'S BIGGEST PAYCHECK--The most Ollie -ever won racing was $3500. When Ollie needed a little help, his friends produced the biggest payoff.

68 OUTLAW REFLECTIONS--Views on the season past and the one just starting.


26 THE JEWEL BOX--There are a few wonder cars; machines with a lush history. This is one such car.

34 IMCA OLD TIMERS-- Illustrated in colors and written by Marsh Muirhead

42 LIKE IT WAS--Johnny Parsons' final reflections on racing in his time. Part I.

46 BIG CARS AT THE FAIR--Art by Ralph Steele.

66 WILLIAMS GROVE OLDTIMERS--From the point of view of Frank Gauditis.









JULY 1985


20 RODECK’S 350 + --Rodeck Engines has a neat new aluminum block that is sure to be popular in open wheel racing.

40 STANTON'S CHALLENGE --Gary Stanton and Ken Jenkins have teamed up to produce a new sprint car.

56 INDEPENDENT REAR--Right now, it's for going up the mountain but this one may be a predictor of the future.


26 THE COPPER CLASSIC--As always, there were great races. However, the death of driver Jim Haynes cast a shadow over the fun.

54 H00SIER DOME MIDGETS--It may have been cold outside but the fans showed up anyhow.

66 JUD LARSON IN FLORIDA--Jud won the last one. The only guy in the field who had raced with him won this one.


10 INDY PREVIEW--What's coming to the 1985 Indy 500?

13 RUTHERFORD--"I want to win all can."

14 LIVING DANGEROUSLY--When the equipment is not the best, the driver goes to the ragged edge and sometimes and the results are frightening.

23 SCHRADER MAKES IT BIG TIME--Ken Schrader has gone from sprints and midgets to the Grand Nationals. Here's how he did it.

31 MAYNARD YINGST--Patience, hard work and ability paid off.

35 LITTLE SAG--There's a powerhouse inside the quiet young man.

44 DEBBIE KRAKKE--The lady pushes the loud pedal.

72 HARRY GARRETT--No more second place.

74 EDDIE BELLINGER--Popular supermodified star, the second generation, and a big winner too.


24 ASCOT OF THE EAST--Marvelous old pictures of Thompson Speedway


48 DAY OF RECKONING--Was USAC really the best or was it all just thunder and lightning.

58 1937 BARNES MIDGET--Story and photography by Frank Gudaitis.

60 JOHNNY PARSONS--Part two and the conclusion of a major feature by Judith Lyon.


80 BLACK SUNDAY—The first of a two part feature on an incredible, awful day in racing history.


September 1985


8 THE OTHER 500 -- Brooklands was an inspiration for Indy and Indy became an inspiration for Brooklands.

12 BLACK SUNDAY - The conclusion of a two part feature by Terry Reed on one of sprint car racing's

darkest days.

22 T0RRENCE SPEEDWAY -- It was once the finest midget track in the country.

24 JOE HUNT DIRT CHAMP CAR -- Art by Keith Thorne.


49 TRAGEDY AT EL CENTRO -- The day was hot and dusty but the drivers all wanted to win.


60 THE GOLD CUP -- A complete history by Bill Sessa.

70 MIDGETS CONQUER INDY -- Midget drivers used to dominate the Indy 500.


19 RICHARD GRIFFIN -- The Fast Kid has a strong ride and lots of heart too.

26 BRIAN SEIDEL AND THE LOPSIDED WING -- Sometimes doing things differently is the fast way around.

34 MIKE SWEENEY -- CRA hero with a hero of a sprint car dad.

40 TIME FOR SARGENTS -- Mike Sargent built a pair of spectacular supermodifieds.

54 KO -- Kevin Olsen ranks as one of the premier midget drivers in the country today. Yet he also knows how to have fun.


74 THE LAST OUTLAW -- No doubt about it says John Sawyer, The Ohio Traveler is the guy.

82 INDOOR MIDGETS -- They packed 'em in at Buffalo.


16 DRAKE'S RABBIT-- Drake has a four valve head for the rabbit that makes this a great midget engine.

30 TO BE A HERO --Can a person learn to be an open wheel racer? Andy Fusco tried.

40 HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD -- Our cover feature on an incredible streetable Indy car.

52 BENTLEY'S SUPER -- The Bowley-Bentley machine is exposed in full color.



14 ARIAS MIDGET MOTOR -- Start out with a Chevy II and make something racy.

40 THE BISHOP CAR -- Something completely different in sprint car design and execution.

57 INDY TECH -- Doug Gore and Bill Hite do their annual column.

74 DAZZLER -- Warren Mockler and crew build a real good looker that's quick.


9 NARROW MISS -- Be wary of road courses.

10 GORDO -- After so many years, Gordon Johncock surprised everyone and parked it for good.

16 THE SPRINT RECOVERY TEAM--There are wreckers but these guys are really different

12 VEL’S/PARNELLI JONES DIRT CAR--Magic in art by Keith Thorne

24 HEROES HEROES -- Terry Reed asked Indy car drivers who their hero was.

31 CAR 36, WHERE ARE YOU -- Dennis Firestone is bright, good looking and an excellent driver. How come he didn't make Indy?

50 GUS LINDER -- Russ Lewellen profiles a legend.

52 THE NUCKLES BOY -- A heart tearing story of a young man who still loves racing despite tragedy.

59 FOYT AFFAIR -- A.J. Hook has quite a name and quite a Car.

66 THE NEWSBOYS-- The Marvel kids grew up around racing. It's no wonder that they began to race.

71 CART'S AMBULANCE - It's an emergency room on wheels.


19 THE LITTLE 500 -- One of the most traditional races in the country was won again by ancient Frank Riddle.

26 THE INDY 500 -- Danny Sullivan’s time came and not a moment too soon. Or too late.

34 WoO PENNSYLVANIA TOUR -- The toughest part of the Outlaw tour is going through Pennsylvania where the posse has its home turf.

60 USAC VS CRA -- Finally sprint clubs are getting together for everyone's mutual benefit.

63 OHIO SPEEDWEEKS -- First report, thanks to quick work by Bill Holder and his lensmen,


48 INDY CARS AT DOVER -- They only tried it once. It seemed as if everyone was out of control.

76 F.W. BOBZIEN -- In his day, Bobzien was the star to beat.




42 SPEEDWAY BILL AND SPEEDWAY MOTORS -- When he graduated from college, Bill Smith discovered he could make more money racing than teaching. Then he built racing's biggest catalog warehouse.

63 SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT -- There are some strange looking sprinters but few that go as fast as this one.

66 LITTLE SPRINTER -- What happens when a constructor builds sprint car technology into a

midget? Speed, that's what.

70 PLASTIC WHEELS -- Lightweight, inexpensive plastic wheels are taking over sprint car racing.


12 BELLEVILLE NATIONALS -- Sleepy Tripp finally won a big show.

38 THE OPEN WHEEL OPEN -- Sprint car drivers in another kind of contest.

45 SANDUSKY CLASSIC -- Bentley did a number on the competition for the second year in a row.

55 THE KNOXVILLE NATIONALS -- Doug wolf gang became a four time winner of racing's biggest

sprint car race.

74 KINGS AT ELDORA -- Doug Wolfgang banked a king's ransom of $50,000.


18 REMEMBER THIS CAR -- A centerspread special takes a dump.

20 LOU MEYER -- Indy's first three time winner went on to more greatness than as a driver.

26 RICKY HOOD -- USAC's champion driver of the 80's.

30 VUKIE AT INDY -- The place was the scene of his greatest moments and his death.

34 KENNY JACOBS -- Some teams are assembled to win and they get the Job done.

40 BRENT KAEDING--1985 NARC champion.



51 GRANDMA GOES RACING -- When retirement comes, have a good time with it.

58 THE RACING BLACKSMITH -- Bill Utz was a great racer. Now, he's a track operator.

62 DREYER'S TOY CARS -- Pop Dreyer built great and small racers.

64 CHARLIE FISHER -- The thinking man's sprint car racer, Fisher designs, builds and drives his own piece.


77 WHERE'S LARRY DICKSON? -- Why, he's racing, of course.

78 THE GUNFIGHTER -- Lealand McSpadden is as tough as they come. Manzy's training ground will do that for you.

MARCH 1986


12 CLIFF GRIFFITH -- He never won the Indy 500 but they always knew he was there.


48 DEVIL'S BOWL -- Bill Hill writes the complete history of the colorful Texas speedway.

56 POTS AND PANS SPECIAL -- A.J. Watson's first Indy car wasn't exactly best in show



52 NEW OFFY -- Only in California would someone build a brand new midget just for an old Offy engine.


26 SYRACUSE--Sammy Swindell set a new one lap record and then spent most of the race trying to get the lead.

30 THE OSWEGO CLASSIC--one or the solid traditions of racing.

58 CALIFORNIA WoO SWING--Jim Chini, Bill Sessa and Carol Sim's followed the Outlaws all over California.




22 VFW SPEEDWAY-- Some tracks are non-profit by mistake. VFW has an interesting approach.

34 DAVE KELLY-- The silent champion says little but works hard, drives fast and wins a great deal.


40 GREG WOOLEY -- A young sprint car driver on the tour who is making it on his own.

44 JEFF GORDON - They make sprint car drivers young, it seems, and Gordon is one of the most

youthful of them all.


66 BRAD DOTY--Talented John Sawyer paints a portrait of talented Brad Doty.

74 KELLY KINSER -- How many Kinsers are there? Well, here's another of them.

76 BROTHER BRAYTON -- Everyone knows the Indy car driving Scott Brayton. His blind brother is also a racer in his own way.


80 SHANE--Born promoter, race driver by choice, Shane Carson wears two racing hats.

JULY 1986


10 SILENT DRIVE TO THE CHECKERED FLAG--To some people, it might be a handicap but to one young driver, not being able to hear didn't mean not being able to race.

19 DOCTOR'S ORDERS -- Sometimes the best therapy is a good racing car. Sometimes it's two of them.

21 LANNY EDWARDS-- When they run the last sprint car race, here's the guy who should promote the event.

24 WESTERN SUPERMODIFIEDS -- Supers stage a comeback.

31 ASCOT: THE TORCH IS PASSED--The speedway's control system has moved smoothly from father to son.

34 EDDIE WIRTH--Our cover story, Carol Sims profiles the 1985 CRA titlest

66 DEANO--The champion retires.

68 FIRST LADY--Some female had to be the first to win in a USAC midget. Bev Griffis accomplished it.

71 BERT EMICK -- The All Star man.

80 DANNY SMITH AND THE WALLABIES -- Racing Down Under isn't like it is here.


40 PONTIAC POWERED PERFORMER--Hank Kleban designed a very different midget that gets the job done. By Robin Hartford.

46 OPEN WHEEL HORSEPOWER -- Some wild open wheel engines.

70 WHAT'S ON TOP -- New heads and induction.

75 INDY PREVIEW -- Al Stilley says the field will have no used cars.

78 FLORIDA SPRINT TECH -- What's new under the sun in sprint car racing.


26 PHOENIX COPPIER CLASSIC -- As always, the racing was fabulous. But the stands were half full.

58 FLORIDA: THE SEASON OPENS -- Jim Chini takes us down to the sunshine state for the new year of racing.

78 NEW SPRINT TECHNOLOGY -- Here's what's hot (and what's not) for 1986.


14 PAT FLAHERTY -- Thirty years ago, he won the Indy500.

48 THE McCONNELL COLLECTION -- This may be the biggest collection of open wheel racers in the country.

52 CARUSO'S BIG CAR -- Tommy Caruso just wanted an old sprint car but he got a good friend at the same time.


62 ROCKINGHAM -- The dirt track showed great promise for the future. A preview of a forthcoming

book by Joe Freeman.

September 1986


10 MAGNETO REPAIR -- French Grimes takes a Vertex apart and shows us its guts.

34 THE PAUL DURANT SUPERMODIFIED -- If there's a better looking or better prepared supermodified in America, let's see it!

40 DUOFOLD'S MIDGET -- Challenger decided to build a midget based on sprint car technology. The car won out of the box.

63 COOK’S TORQUE ABSORBER-- Ben Cook has a new way of suspending the rear end.


22 LEE KUNZMAN -- After surviving terrible injuries, Kunzman came back to race. But now he's playing the role of teacher and team manager.

43 LEN DUNCAN -- At age 74, he finally retired. Maybe.

56 JAN OPERMAM UPDATE -- You can help.

64 BOBBY CARVILLE -- American turned foreign road racer.

66 CHUCK GURNEY -- The Rim Rider gets it done on pavement too.

73 TONY GOES TO TRENTON -- People loved Tony Hulman and it's no wonder.

78 JOE SALDANA -- The little man who provided the big thrills.


26 THUNDER DOWN SOUTH -- John Sawyer looks at Florida sprint car racing and racers.

38 19 SECOND CLUB-- Exclusive membership at Ascot.

71 SPRINT MAYHEM--Flip sequence.

74 EYE POPPER-- There's a new standard for Victory Lane!

75 POOR HOUSE RACERS--See you can go to Indy With a race car.


12 REX MAYS' LAST RACE -- An exhaustive analysis of Rex Mays last race with never before published photography.

20 COLES RETROSPECTIVIE -- Ken Coles looks back through his lens at old time racing.

40 RALPH STEELE -- Wilbur Shaw climbs the wall at Indy (from a new perspective).

52 UNRESTORED -- Our cover story of Marty Himes' incredible sprinter.


48 THE LITTLE 500--Frank Riddle dropped out, Robert Smith was lucky to escape with his life and Dave Scarborough unretired.

58 HERE WE GO -- The 1986 season begins on the West Coast.






23 GOING IN HARD -- And coming out an the roll cage!

24 MARK PASSERRELLI--It's not all wine and roses when the racing start was something of a gift.

34 IN THEIR OWN WORDS--An examination of the reality of racing as spoken by the best there are.


52 DAVE HUMPHRY -- A guy may get older in time but he doesn't have to race less, enjoy it less, or win less.

54 CLARK DRAKE --A new star is rising on the horizon.

56 TRIPLE FLIP -- Put three midgets into the turn at Grandview at the same time and disaster can

quickly follow.

64 OSWEGO ALTITUDE RECORD--Kenny Chapman nearly cleared Oswego's twelve foot high fence!

66 ZIGGY ZIEGLER--on the gas for sure!


38 CHINI'S VINTAGE VIGNETTES -- Louis Meyer at Indianapolis.

46 THUNDER & LIGHTNING -- Bettenhausen and Dickson in their prime.

48 LARSON & LAURSEN-- A look at two racing legends from the sport's golden era. One survived, the the other didn’t.

68 THE ALTOONA BOARDS-- Judith & David Lyon’s brilliant history of the Altoona high bank board track.

76 MY LIFE AS A SPRINT CAR-- The complete history of a sprint car, as told by the sprint car to John Sawyer


14 CARBON FIBER IN RACING CARS -- The miracle fiber is now used for Indy car tubs. Soon, it will be used ,for blocks, rods and other engine parts.

19 THE NEW GAMBLER DIRT CAR -- Championship racing will never be the same after Shane Carson and the new Gambler.

32 THE TECHNICAL SIDE OF INDIANAPOLIS--Doug Gore's annual look inside Indy car racing.

40 GAMBLER SPRINT SET-UP -- How to set up a Gambler sprint car, starting with square one.

74 LIMITED SPRINTS -- Cutting the cost of racing allows more people to participate.


26 RAHAL'S RAINBOW-- When the rains ended, Bobby Rahal drove under a rainbow and gave his dying car owner a marvelous present, the Indy 500.

58 EASTERN WoO SWING--There are always fireworks when' the Sprint cars of the WoO meet the tough Pennsylvania Posse.

December 1986


16 THE SANDUSKY CLASSIC -- Bentley Warren and his team showed the stuff of which they were made for the second year in a row.

40 RACE OF KINGS -- Everyone figured on Kinser, Wolfgang or one of the other Outlaws. Young Don Kreitz had other ideas.

50 BEV GRIFFIS RECORDS FIRST -- For the first time in history, a woman won a major USAC event.

54 BELLEVILLE -- Part sport, part party, part pure racing, Belleville is a headliner in the midget season.

58 THE KNOXVILLE NATIONALS -- The biggest sprint car race in the nation went to Steve Kinser. But not without a fight.

66 THE OSWEGO CLASSIC -- Bentley Warren moves to the status of legend with his third Classic



10 LOW DOLLAR POWER STEERING -- French Grimes shows how to go power without going broke.

72 GAMBLER R&D -- Gambler has their new car on the race track and it's fast right out of the box.


19 HERB CRAWFORD -- You don't have to be a kid to enjoy racing or to do well at it.

22 A NIGHT TO REMENIBER -- Unless you were driving one of the cars that crashed, that is.

24 BENNY NAY-- The foremost proponent of little car racing in the US.

26 STEVE CHASSEY -- In color,

28 A MILLION MILES WITH A HACKSAW --Herb Porter has worked over lots of racing cars.

34 HISTORY OF THE CRA -- From start to now, Larry Warren reviews the complete history of one of open wheel racing's most important clubs.

44 IT COULD HAVE BEEN WORSE -- Incredible crash sequence.

46 NALON CRASHES AT INDY -- Ralph Steele art.

48 MARKS & KEPLER -- A plane crash nearly ended both of their lives. Instead, it got them started in racing.

52 JIM HURTUBISE--In color.

76 LANGHORNE SPEEDWAY -- An in-depth profile of the most famous of the old dirt joints by John Sawyer.










14 STEVE GIOIA--Steve Gioia started racing supermodifieds when he was only a kid. He is no kid any more but continues to race a family run car and he continues to win.

19 FIRE AND ICE -- Norm Batten remembered.

20 BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR -- You might wind up at Indianapolis.

25 RACING WITHOUT BELTS -- Some places take vintage racing to the extreme.

31 SREEDROME SPILL--Terrifying photo sequence.

32 RIDING SIDESADDLE--A tongue in cheek look at those who populate racing.

40 THE JP MIDGET -- If there's a more beautiful race car in the country, we'll put it in Open Wheel tool

44 DENISE BENNET--Here's a lady with all the skill and daring to drive open wheel cars against the best. And she does.

48 THE MUSICK FAMILY-Bill Hill profiles one of racing's less well known but more accomplished families.

52 DRIVER AT 52 -- And, of course, you can find the story of a man who started racing at age 52 on page 52..

56 COLES' OLD TIME PHOTOS--A look back with one of racing's best shooters.

66 JONESIE-- Bubby Jones was our first cover driver and is the only man to ever make the OW cover twice. Read John Sawyer's story and you'll find out why we think so much of "0L Bub.

78 MINI SPRINTS--Well, if there's no track, just go out and build one.

80 THE ATLANTIC CITY BOARDS-- Herb Anastor did a brilliant research job and tells the story of open wheel superspeedway racing at Atlantic City.


8 LEAKDOWN TESTING--French Grimes explains what leak testing is all about and what the numbers mean.

34 V-8 MIDGET-- Yep, you read it right, this midget has a V-8 under the hood.


22 THE STAR CLASSIC -- The outsiders came but local driver, Paul Richardson, beat'em all. But the neatest story was on the outside pole.

26 KINSER AT SYRAGUSE-- Most every year, Steve Kinser has engine trouble at Syracuse. This year, he won despite fluctuating oil pressure.

58 OUTLAW WESTERN SWING--in a Herculean effort, Bill Sessa, Jim Chini and Robert Morrison followed the Outlaws all over California to bring you some great stories and pictures.


April 1987


24 PJ -- Parnelli's kid follows big footsteps.

32 TWO TO FOUR WHEELS -- A top motorcycle racer straps into a sprint car.

34 BUCK BUCKLEY -- A profile of one of sprint car racing's most quiet and fastest stars.

40 SAMMY -- Swindell has come a long way. When the1987 season opens, he'll be behind the wheel of

a new Challenger he helped design.


19 NEW PRODUCTS -- All the new equipment for the1987 racing season.

28 NEW BRODIX HEAD -- 730 HP right out of the box. And there's still development to come.

48 BALANCERS -- Imagine adding rotating weight to the engine? If it sounds like a bad idea, just remember the last time the block broke.

58 '87 GAMBLER SPRINT -- In a whole new look, the 1987 Gambler has been track tested with great success by Steve Kinser.

64 DONOVAN Y BLOCK -- New cars, new heads deserve a new block and legend Ed Donovan has built it.

66 MODIFIED MIDGETS -- One way to run a real open wheel race car without having to mortgage the kids is to get a modified midget. They're fast, fun and cheap.

46 FIRST TIME OUT -- Guy Cicconi finds out why they call Terre Haute "The Action Track."

52 DOUBLE-O JOE -- Joe Gosek began his career by hanging around other people's race cars. Now, he's one of the strongest supermodified competitors in the country.

72 THE TEAM WINS -- This is a team sport. Believe it.

74 BLUE COLLAR HERO -- Jack Hewitt completely dominated the 1986 USAC Dirt Champ car series. But the year was far from easy. Especially when the fans boo.

84 JOHNNY BEABER -- A profile by Russ Lewellen. Beaber was one of the true original Outlaws.


82 HOOSIERDOME MIDGETS -- Schrader nearly stole the show but Vogler hung on for the win.



12 TORQUE ARM TECH -- Bill Sessa takes a look at torque arms as they relate to speed and danger.

14 TORQUE ARM TECH-- French Grimes examines the history of torque arms and looks at their technical side.

66 THE NANCE FORD -- Anything that comes out of the Nance shop will certainly be nice. But this car is really special.

82 KINSLER'S NEW INJECTOR--OW technical editor, Doug Gore, went to Kinsler's to view the latest in fuel injectors.


26 SHORTY'S DEUCE-- Bill Montgomery and Bill Sessa team up to show pictures and tell the story of a very famous midget,

40 VUKY'S MIDGET--Here's the tale of one race car that won nearly everything in sight and propelled its driver to Indy.

46 RAINY DAY RUN--Center spread art.

74 DOBBINS SPRINT -- Rancho's fantastic old sprint car has been restored.

76 FRANK KURTIS--Memories of a man and his machines.


20 MED EVENT--if you are a race car driver and get hurt in your car, you'd be lucky to have a group like Med Event service your race track.

30 DOCTORS AND DRIVERS--Physicians have examined the inner workings of race car drivers.

31 LOU VERMEIL--The man who directed NARC so successfully has left us.

84 RICK BUSSELL--Full color and flying.

48 DANNYSMITH AND ALL THE RIDES--Probably nobody in the world drove more different race cars last year than Danny Smith.

52 JOHNNY PARSONS--Full color drama,

54 BEAT THE DAY -- Kevin Olsen was nearly killed on July19, 1984 On July 19, 11985, in a completely unrelated incident, he nearly lost his life. On July 19, 1986, he went racing. Here's the story of what happened.

58 THE FLYING SHOE AND TURKEY NIGHT-- Ron Shuman's Turkey night record at Ascot is one of the most amazing in racing.

70 HENRY BANKS—A profile of a racer and official by Philip LeVrier.



16 SELF BUILT V-4-- If the team doesn't have the dollars it takes to buy an expensive engine, buy a cheap one and cut it in half.

36 CYLINDER HEAD REPAIR -- The true story of how one sprint car team saved their run at Knoxville by welding their head.

46 PC-16 CUTAWAY -- For the first time anywhere, have a look inside Roger's new race car.

61 DRIVELINE UPDATE -- The new compliant torque arms have been the biggest technical innovation in open wheel racing this year, Here's the latest.

62 TAKING THE MYSTERY OUT OF CRANKSHAFTS--One of sprint car racing's biggest suppliers explains how to buy and hold onto a good shaft.


59 THE LOWTHER MIDGET--A proud old racing car.

69 THE TRAGEDY OF GORDON REID -- Terry Reed profiles Gordon Reid's career and its macabre conclusion.

66 THE RAMAR SPECIAL -- Story & photos by Frank Gudaitis,


10 RAY AND CISSY SMITH -- Being confined to a wheelchair has not hurt Ray Smith's success as a winning car owner.

19 FRED LINDER -- One of the real veterans of the sport, a huge success, is profiled by Russ Lewellen.

45 LIFE AFTER 40 -- Some old midgets just keep on running.

48 FOYT'S INDY RECORD-- Thirty consecutive starts is a significant accomplishment and nobody will break that record.


64 PARNELLI AT INDY-- It could have been five wins, not one.

74 MODEL MAN -- You've seen race car models before but these are truly detailed.

76 THE PHOTOGRAPHER--Tom Dick's story has meaning for each of us.


26 THE INDY 500 -- A car came out of a hotel lobby and was driven by a guy who can't get a ride until the last minute and wins.

41 THE LITTLE 500--Bob Frey puts the V-6 in Victory Lane again after breaking the track record.

52 WoO EASTERN SWING -- Each year, some of the best WoO racing happens when the WoO challenges the Pennsylvania Posse.



19 ILMOR INDY ENGINE -- An up-close, inside look at Indy's newest powerplant.

34 THE DELROSE/HOLT DIRT CAR -- Right out of the box, it was a big winner.


12 BELLEVILLE MIDGETS -- Each year, one race more than any other determines who's the best midget team. This is the race.

16 SANDUSKY SUPERS -- Gene Lee Gibson has begun carving the shape of his own legend.

66 THE KNOXVILLE NATIONALS -- America's biggest Sprint race.

74 ELDORA'S RACE OF KINGS -- Jac wins fifty grand!


8 HISTORIC OSWEGO CARS -- Some very old race cars are winning on one of America's toughest tracks.

48 THE HISTORY OF TRENTON -- Ray Masser's photos team up with Skip Clayton's stats as we look at a bygone speedway!

78 CHINI'S VINTAGE VIGNETTES -- David Knox portfolio.


23 BABE'S SHOWGIRLS -- You've seen the name on the side of cars from Indy to short tracks. Here's the story behind the sponsor.

27 BRAD NOFFSINGER -- A profile of the big CRA star by Nan Kene- Arthur.

30 STUB GIBSON -- An ex-cocaine addict returns to racing. When Gibson says "say no to drugs", he speaks from experience.

40 CRAIG KEEL -- Cricket and Dad tour the country with the best. If they stayed home, they’d win all the time.

52 TERRY TRAMMELL -- Indy car drivers destroy their bodies, Trammell puts them back together again.

58 DAVE BRADWAY -- Profile of a young driver who tragically lost his life in a Sprint car crash.

63 PARSONS AT THE PARSONAGE -- A look at JP on the mend .

82 FOOTSTEPS -- Drivers who race hard sometimes crash,



22 IRVAN CRASHES HARD—Flip sequence.

33 YEAR OLD WRECKS -- Racing's not just for kids.

34 JOHNNY HERRERA -- A young man leaves home, hits the road with the WoO and does remarkably well.

44 FOUR CROWN SEQUENCE -- Eldora was the stage.

52 MARK KINSER -- The son of Karl Kinser, a solid racer in his own right Mark Kinser is profiled by Bruce Ellis.

72 SPEEDROME MIDGET SERIES --An off the wail idea for Thursday night midget racing-produced some great shows but it's all over now.

78 ARE THERE ANY OUTLAWS?--John Sawyer examines the concept of the outlaw and asks if the WoO really has outlaws.


8 THE KINSER JUGGERNAUT ROLLS THROUGH CALIFORNIA -- Steve was beaten only one time, by Sammy Swindell,

14 SYRACUSE SPRINTS -- Sammy set a new world record at nearly 141 MPH but Dave Blaney won the money.

46 PA SPRINT SERIES -- What if they put up a whole lot of money for a sprint car series and didn't invite the outlaws?

74 THE OSWEGO CLASSIC -- An out of work driver signed with a team that hadn’t won in 32 years and together they took home supermodified racing's biggest prize.


26 ABEL'S SUPER -- Before there were sprint cars in Pennsylvania, they ran cars like this,

40 BONADIES FORD-- Tony Bonadies was the star of his era and this was his ride.


19 TIMING -- French Grimes claims there's more to it than just holding a light fired off the number one plug.

58 TQ RACING--The complete inside story of TQ racing including engines, cars, chassis and more.

66 THE MUNCHKIN -- Our cover story. Midget racing changed forever the day Mike Fedorcek rolled The Munchkin off the trailer.

MARCH 1988


24 THE BROTHERS -- Jan Opperman lived to become one of the nation's best sprint car drivers. His brother Jay may have been a better driver than Jan but Jay didn't live long enough for anyone to find out.

41 KREITZ RETURNS TO SPRINTS -- In 1986, Don Kreitz won $52,000 at Eldora. He took that money and the money he got from selling all his equipment and headed south, to NASCAR. Although he did remarkably well in NASCAR, he came back to sprints. Here's why.

46 THE FORSYTH SPRINT -- Spectacular photography and an interesting story by Frank Gudaitis.

49 OUTLAW PREVIEW -- Bruce Ellis says there will be lots of changes in the WoO in 1988.

58 PREVIEW OF COMING ATTRACTIONS -- Eddie Wirth prepares to dump.

60 RICHERT JR AND SR -- Marsh Muirhead profiles father and son.

66 BOBBY SEYMOUR -- The current NEMA champ had good training.

70 THE RUTTMAN ERA -- The first of a three part series by Terry Reed. This series unlocks the post-war history of open wheel competition.

82 HIS FATHIER'S SON -- Todd and Gene Lee Gibson are both winning drivers. Gene Lee's relationship with his dad has a great deal to do with his current success.



16 BUTT WELDING TUBING -- Every racer needs to join pipe end to end. Do it right and the joint is stronger than new. Do it wrong and it can kill. Here's how to do it right.

19 OW PROJECT ENGINE -- Our cover story. The first of a multi-part series on how to build a 700 plus HP -12 race motor.

34 THE SLUTTER PONTIAC -- A four cylinder aluminum Pontiac engine is the hot new tip for midget racers.









APRIL 1988



20 THE WINDS OF CHANGE -- John Sawyer has been around for longer than even he would care to admit. He says things are on the move.

26 GLENN FITZCHARLES -- A standout stock car driver, Fitzcharles has enjoyed his best seasons in


34 BLIND CAR BUILDER -- Freeman Downing is legally blind. But that doesn't stop him from building midgets and engines.



42 RAY TELLAS -- A profile by popular L. Spencer Riggs.

46 THE HUNT-JENKINS CAR -- Story and photography by Frank Gudaitis,

50 SALEM REBORN -- Bill Holder says that one of the grand old hills is back in a big way.

58 THE IDDINGS SPECIAL-- Historic car immaculately restored .

62 GRAND FORKS -- There are places where men race sprinters and don't have to mortgage the family farm to win.

72 THE RUTTMAN ERA, PART II -- Terry Reed continues his dramatic three part feature on the life and times of Troy Ruttman. Illustrated by spectacular never-before- seen photography.


10 PROJECT ENGINE II-- A complete parts list and final bottom end assembly.

40 THE 88C MARCH INDY CAR -- First color pictures

52 THE WATERMAN FUEL PUMP -- Something new for sprint car racing.

53 THE WENTE MIDGET -- Midgets don't have to be new to be fast.

66 LABOR OF LOVE -- For most people, being a crew member of an Indy car team is enough racing. But others think there's more to life and live racing too much to run just one type of car.



16 CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE -- All the goodies and toys any racer (or fan) could want.




28 SINGLE LAYER FIRESUIT GETS HOT -- Mike Ordway was glad he wore Nomex underwear. And there's a lesson to be learned from his fire.

32 NEW QUICK CHANGE -- If you haven't heard about National before, stay tuned. This place is a beauty and indicates National will be a major force in open wheel racing.

44 ROSIE'S RACER TO RIDE AGAIN -- The story of one of this year's most exciting cars and teams.

66 THE MATCO TQ -- Bruce Bennett takes you for a tour of a very radical TQ.


13 THE JACKSON NATIONALS -- Steve Kinser continues to win.

38 BELLEVILLE -- It's always a great party, always a great race.

48 SANDUSKY--Gene Lee wins at home.

52 THE KNOXVILLE NATIONALS -- Steve Kinser waits until the final laps but gets the job done.

60 THE OSWEGO CLASSIC -- Eddie Bellinger scores in a rain delayed thriller.


24 JERRY HOYT -- His marriage lasted but a few weeks.

72 BUSTER WARKE -- Racer engine restorer, a living legend.


6 BRUCE ELLIS -- The real story on sponsors.

8 DICK BERGGREN -- The drive of the decade, maybe all time.

10 BILL SESSA -- Disposable cars, disposable drivers.

12 SAMMY SWINDELL--The Knoxville Nationals.



MAY 1988


12 PROJECT ENGINE--French Grimes continues construction of a -12 Brodix sprint car engine.

22 FOLLOW THE LEADER -- Whatever Karl Kinser does, everyone else is sure to copy.

37 INDY 500 PREVIEW -- Costs and technology are up this year.

52 HI BANK HAULER -- This midget really gets it done on the fastest tracks.

63 THE JUDD INDY CAR ENGINE -- Inside the engine Rahal chose.

66 THE JORDAN MINISPRINT -- Beautiful workmanship combines with functional engineering.

68 CYLINDER PRESSURE: THE HOT TIP FOR MORE HP -- Air Flow Research is looking inside the combustion chamber while the engine runs.





46 DePAOLO WAS RIGHT -- Art by Fred Stout.


72 BORROWED TIME -- The Fabulous Ruttman Era. The third and final installment,


18 FLORIDA SPRINTS -- The 1988 season begins!

26 THE COPPER CLASSIC -- Tradition won out over modern innovative one-race-only designs.

JUNE 1988


16 PAT O'CONNOR -- Pole winner for the 1957 Indy 500 - In color!

36 RON HUGHES JR -- A gutsy midget racer comes back from crippling injuries.

46 SPRINT WOMEN -- Women married to professional sprint car drivers live a very different life than most wives and mothers.


66 STREET SPRINT -- Imagine driving down the highway in a sprint car.


82 RUTTMAN'S RECORDS -- The complete race history of Troy Ruttman.


12 PROJECT ENGINE -- Another installment in our project engine series by French Grimes.

22 WORLD'S MOST SPECTACULAR SUPERMODIFIED--The Masterman Marauder, our cover story.

54 THE "G" ANALYST--Take a ride around Oswego Speedway with supermodified driver Doug Didero. The G Analyst will prove he experiences awesome forces and never goes straight.


28 SHAMPINE'S SUPER -- Dick Macco traces the story of 1 very famous race car.

44 RAY HARROUN AT INDY -- Ralph Steele art.

50 THE MAIER SPECIAL-- By Frank Gauditis

60 THE DEER LAKE INN SPECIAL -- Racing history reborn.

68 GERITOL BOYS -- In 1964, the title came down to a battle between two of USAC's senior drivers.

July 1988


16 THE PRICE OF SPEED -- Fatten up the checkbook, mama, we're going sprint car racing!

40 CALIFORNIA DREAMING -- Marsh Muirhead leaves the cold of winter in exchange for wingless sprinters and calm trees.

42 BRAD NOFFSINGER -- Will he make it in big league stock car racing?

64 VUKY AT INDY -- The third generation Bill Vukovich is going to the Brickyard.

67 HIRED GUN -- You too can race at Indy. But there's a catch.

78 OVER THE RAIL--Crash sequence.


12 1988 INDY CARS -- The new Indy cars don't even look like last year's models.

29 WINGS -- Basics of understanding how wings work and how to make them work better for you.

46 TEN WAYS TO SAVE ON ENGINE BILLS -- Engine bills are some of the biggest costs in racing. Here's how to cut them down.

52 LIGHTNING STRIKES -- A profile of sprint car racing's newest entry.

73 LIQUID HORSEPOWER -- Need some extra HP? Just tip the can.


19 GRAMPS -- The first of a two part series by John Sawyer on the life and times of colorful Don Branson.






August 1988


16 MANZY SUPER -- This car is as nice as they come and was built at surprisingly little cost.

22 STATE OF THE ART-- This Pennsylvania supermodified uses a clutch, carburetor and a new design chassis.

60 THE BETTER MOUSETRAP -- Mike Favulli's midget is so fast, two clubs have banned it and his own tried to handicap it.

66 THE LINBLAD TQ-- Few cars have as strong a record of winning as the Linblad TQ.


12 WoO ON THE HOTSEAT- Competitors grumbled, the competition director left and a new series has formed. Here's the story behind the story.

28 THE CRA/NCRA TOUR -- A photo essay on the CRA's eastern swing.

36 RICK MEARS--In color.

44 RUTTMAN PASSES VUKY -- 1952 art by Fred Stout

46 GRAMPS -- The conclusion of a two part series by John Sawyer on the life of Don Branson, one of Sprint car racing's all time greats.

57 BEHIND EVERY SUCCESSFUL MAN-- Brigitte Emick is Bert's right hand, er, person.

76 HOW I FOUND 100 SPONSORS -- Sue Heys explains the technology that signs 'em on.

80 KEITH KAUFFMAN--In color.


38 PROJECT ENGINE--The fifth installment in our continuing series on the -12 Brodix-Gaerte engine.

September 1988


36 THE DAVIS FOUR BANGER--A new midget engine is born.

48 HIGH TECH COATINGS -- Coatings for heads, valves, pistons and other parts allow a leaner burn, more power, and longer engine life.

66 CALIFORNIA TQ--They don't make many better looking and few are faster than this one.

69 THE TECHNICAL SIDE OF INDY--Our annual feature by Tech Editor, Doug Gore.


46 RC INDY CARS -- If the real thing is too costly for your budget, try one of these.


82 PEPI -- Some people race just for the fun of it.


16 THE INDY 500 -- Penske cars dominated while a tough Irishman nearly stole the show. But our thoughts were with Phil Krueger.

28 THE LITTLE 500 -- Bob Frey showed 'em how again, even through the engine smoke.

72 THE PA OUTLAW TOUR--it's the best, the biggest show in town.


22 TWISTER -- The bombs in Viet Nam couldn’t still a man's love for a racer and his car.

40 COMPETITION AND TRAGEDY-- Never before published photography.


54 JUD-- Simply put this is the best story John Sawyer ever wrote. The first of a two part series. If you don't read anything else in this issue, if you never read another racing story, read this.



12 OPEN WHEEL SUSPENSIONS -- Doug Gore does an analysis of popular front ends in open wheel racing.

28 INDY CAR ENGINES -- A complete history of the most successful engines in the history of Indy car racing.

38 BORESCOPES--An inexpensive tool lets you look into the engine, saving unneeded teardowns and maybe even saving the engine itself.

65 TACH TEST -- Should a sprint car run a tach?


41 THE LAST USAC NON-WING SHOW--Terry Reed looks at the trend that moves the sport to wings.

60 THE OHIO SPRINT SERIES--This competitive collection of races always produces some surprises and this year ran true to form.


16 QUARTER MIDGETS -- Little cars for future open wheel racers.

22 TOM SMITH'S DREAM - Some people really love racing and Tom Smith is one of them. He always wanted a Champ car.

36 CHARLIE LESTER -- Saturday night racer with a long tow.

44 JUD LARSON -- The second and final installment of John Sawyer's wonderful two part profile.

66 JOHN ANDRETTI-- It's a long way from stock cars at Dorney Park to the Indianapolis 500 but this year, John Andretti made it.

72 SAMMY SWINDELL INTERVIEW -- Sammy handles the tough questions about his career and Indy.

80 THE RECOVERY -- Most drivers who suffer severe head injuries should call it a career. Bruce Field came back and won the first race after his recovery.

84 THE COMEBACK--Jim Cheney was on top before the accident. His comeback was brief and then it took a nine year pit stop. Now he's really back.



10 LOOK OUT FOR LEFTY -- Photo sequence.

12 THE BIG BENEFIT -- Although the racing community has raised more money in total with individual contributions, two guys in Indianapolis have helped Jan Opperman tremendously, even though they never met him.

16 GARY MORTON--Oswego Superstar.

22 SHELDON KINSER RETROSPECTIVE -- One of the great champions has left us, the victim of cancer.


52 CRIS EASH -- Hard driving young WoO charger.

56 RICK NICHOLS -- Some guys do everything well.

60 STEVE KINSER INTERVIEW -- Our cover story by Bruce Ellis.

72 CAN AM TQS - Little cars with big speed and lots of fun.

80 DICK COLBURN -- Photography of intensity.


48 RULE CHANGE FORTH COMING -- Fred Stout art.

78 NORTH STAR SPEEDWAY -- By Marsh Muirhead.


36 THE RACE OF KINGS -- When the money is on the line, Steve Kinser is tough to beat.


28 INDY CAR SUSPENSION -- Chassis tuning for 220 MPH and beyond.

46 CAM SELECTION -- In our final G Analyst feature, Doug Gore shows how to use the tool to pick a cam

48 CHEAP TRICKS -- Running for less money.

66 THE NEW GAMBLER MIDGET -- It's a lot like the popular sprint car but there are some significant differences.




36 THE GRAVES REVOLUTION -- Go back to an earlier era and use a buggy spring up front. Then watch all sorts of guys who never won before enter Victory Lane.

54 REAR SUSPENSIONS IN OPEN WHEEL CARS-- The rear end, it turns out, has as much to do with handling as the front. If not more!

80 THE KEIZER MINI SPRINT -- Looks great, goes fast too!


8 THE GAPCO SPRINTER -- An early Mario Andretti car is restored .

28 THOMPSON'S RESTORATIONS -- A beautiful collection of many kinds of race cars.

44 REAL CHAMP CARS -- John Sawyer contends that the real Champ cars race on dirt.

62 DARIO RESTA--Champion from racing's dawn.


22 ROCKY HODGES-- He's given up almost everything else in life in order to be a racer. And he's a damn good one.



12 THE SALEM DEBACLE--It seemed like a great idea to put Dirt cars on the high banks. But not enough cars or fans liked the idea.

16 SYRACUSE -- Steve Kinser wins the thing in a three year old car.

34 THE GORDON WARD FLIP -- The most vicious crash of 1986.

66 AUTUMN IN PA -- When the leaves turn red and yellow, the thoughts of Pennsylvania sprint car drivers turn to money.

72 THE GOLD CUP--And Steve wins again.

February 1989


12 TO WING IT OR NOT--Sometimes wings help. Sometimes they don't OW tech editor, Doug Gore, uncovers the truth about wings.

16 THE EVOLUTION OF WINGS -- From flat plywood plates, racing's airfoils have gotten very sophisticated. And very large!

22 THE OLD AND THE NEW -- Our cover story on an old but yet new Dirt Champ Car.

60 THE NEW SHRIKE--A new design sprint car with larger tubing that's built to run without a wing.

63 SPRINT CAR OFFICE -- Jeff Swindell has a better idea.

72 HOW TO MEASURE REAR SUSPENSION GEOMETRY--A free tool lets you plot roll steer.


44 SONNY ATES -- A few minutes with Sonny Ates reveals why he's our kind of driver.

80 THE ECKERT RESTORATION -- Sometimes, it takes two.


40 THE USA OPENER -- There was a full house, lots of spectacular fireworks and a different Kinser won.



30 PALMER CROWELL-- Spanning several generations of racers, Palmer Crowell is still competitive in the most fearsome equipment available.

36 MARES STELLFOX-- What's a nice lady like this, a friend of a crippled animal, doing behind the wheel of a race car?


64 CHAMP CAR FLIP--Wild action photography.

66 KENNY ADAMS--There's a hot new team in Pennsylvania that's tearing the competition apart.


76 KARTING - THE LESS EXPENSIVE ALTERNATIVE -- You could either learn to race in cars costing thousands or in cars costing hundreds.

MARCH 1989


28 ROD ENDS -- This year, race cars will meet the wall and fall out of the feature when rod ends fail. Read this article and follow its advice and you'll avoid problems.

36 THE BUCKLEY SPRINTER -- Our cover story this month focuses on a car you may never have heard of if you're not from Pennsylvania. It doesn't even use down-tubes but oh, my, does it fly!

52 NEW STUFF--The biggest array of new racing equipment we've ever presented.


12 THE GAMBLERS -- Why would a guy risk his health and spend all his money and time? Why, for racing, of course.

16 KENNY WELD INTERVIEW -- In a gripping interview, Kenny Weld talks about life behind the wheel, weird cars and technology.

22 ANDY HILLLENBURG -- Meet OK Andy and Indy Andy, two guys with names that are very uncommon but identical.

44 FRED STOUT ART -- Fred Stout is again our centerspread artist. This month, he pictures Lou Meyer's retirement as a driver.

46 WORLD'S FASTEST MIDGET -- Powered by an Offy and hardly of modern design, this is the fastest ever

68 HERK TODAY -- Where's Jim Hurtubise, the brave guy who raced sprint cars on his way to Indy? He's gone fishing.

72 SPRINT CAR PREVIEW -- What's ahead in the new season? Bruce Ellis tells all.

APRIL 1989 CLASSIC RACER Collector’s Edition


6 COLES' ROADSTERS -- Photographer Ken Goles takes aim at the best looking Indy cars of all time.

8 MYSTERY BIG CAR -- Some restorations are of uncertain origin. This is a prime example.

10 THE HILLS -- Once, a driver who wanted to race at Indy went to school on the high banks of Salem. Dayton and Winchester.

16 THE GAPCO SPRINTER -- A beautiful restoration of a Mario Andretti sprinter.

20 WILD RIDE AT THE GROVE -- Racing without cages was mighty dangerous.

22 THE OLDENBERG OFFY -- A spectacular restoration.

26 PAGE FROM THE PAST -- Pictures from a golden era.

28 THE JAKE LAMOTTA CAR -- Story and photography by Woody Hatten.

31 BEST SEAT IN THE HOUSE -- Riding mechanics got real close to the races. Sometimes close enough to die.

36 READY FOR THE GREEN -- Vintage Reading color.

38 HISTORY OF THE CHRYSLER 300 -- The story of one of the most successful stock cars of all time.

44 MEYER WINS THE 500 -- Ralph Steele art.

46 THE UNIONTOWN BOARDS -- Russ Lewellen tells the story of 140 MPH on four inch tires and lumber speedways.

51 THE MUSSLEMAN FLIP--How ever did he survive?

52 DEATH OF A DIRT TRACK -- And still the tracks are closing.

57 AJ FOYT -- Perhaps the greatest driver of all time.

66 DUST, DAREDEVILS AND DANGER --By John Sawyer, the story of a midget and the men who made it go.

66 THE MUSHROOM SPECIAL -- Famous old stock car.

68 THE ASTRODOME --They gathered all the best midget drivers.

71 WATCHING PANCHO -- So close to the wall.

72 200 MEN -- An epic effort by Marsh Muirhead describes the fate of 200 who died behind the wheel.

84 PARNELLI -- Colorful, winning, exciting Parnelli Jones.

APRIL 1989


28 GETTING A GRIP -- This month's cover story focuses on getting a bite.

66 EAST'S BEAST -- Bob East has built a new midget and it's both fast and light.


12 BOB SWEIKERT -- Terry Reed talked to Sweikert's widow, learned some things nobody every printed before, and then he dug into the story even deeper. This one will surprise you.

44 LUCK OF THE IRISH--Fred Stout art.

72 GARY PATTERSON REMEMBERED-- Personal recollections of a friend by John Sawyer.

80 COMPANY CAR -- If a steel plant owns the race track, they might as well build the race cars.


16 TONY GEORGE -- Some feel that this man, who is the son of a racer and a racer himself, may one day run the Indianapolis Motor Speedway; He could do it from either the driver's seat or the general manager's Seat.

22 ZIGGY'S PRESENT -- AJ Foyt is such a good friend, he bought his pal Ziggy Snider a dirt car.

36 THE FEUD--Drivers not getting along is nothing new But when tensions get as hot as they have been between PJ Jones and Sleepy Tripp, it's news.

46 KNUCKLES ON MIDGETS -- When a guy has won in a midget, promoted midget races, and even broken his neck in a midget the guy has some pretty strong thoughts about the little cars.

52 KEVIN THOMAS--In color,

54 RON MILTON -- Racing needs more fun, zany guys like Ron Milton.

60 THE FLORIDA SPRINT CAR SCENE -- Racing under palm trees.

MAY 1989


30 RANDY LANIER -- From the Indy 500 to life in prison without the chance of parole.

45 AN INTERVIEW WITH A J FOYT-- AJ talks about racing when drivers were more important than sponsors.

62 DICK WALLEN--Master with a camera.

82 A SPRINT CAR DRIVER GOES TO INDY -- Steve Butler has a deal for the Speedway: Will he be there when the green flies? That's the next problem.


10 THE 1989 LOLA -- The driver sits further back, there's a new transmission, and other changes may make this one a big winner.

22 SAMMY'S NEW INDEPE NDENT SPRINTER--Sammy Swindell has a new independent front end sprint car that may revolutionize the sport. It's our cover story this month .

76 THE NEW RODECK/GAERTE FOUR--When Rodeck and Earl Gaerte team up to build a new engine, it's going to be a good one.


16 MIKE McGILL -- Nobody ever ran `em faster than this guy.

36 WAYNE WEILER -- Once headed for Indy, a flip almost killed him. But Wayne Weiler returned to race and win again.

66 INDY ON THE HALF MILE -- The idea was to run Indy 500 cars on a half mile dirt track. incredible? Wait until you read the story.


52 THE COPPER CLASSIC AT PHOENIX -- This is one of the biggest, most incredible events of the year.


6 ANDY FUSCO-Guest Column on Shampine's Cars.

7 BRUCE ELLIS -- As long as Davey sets it up, Jacobs will win,

35 SCHEDULES -- WoO and USA side by side.

JUNE 1989


5 7 DRY SUMP SAVIORS -- A dry sump is one of your most expensive investments. Do a few things to help it and your sump will last a long time.

66 THE MASTERMAN MIDGET -- Last year, we showed you the dramatic Masterman super. This time around, there's a dazzling new midget from the hands of the same team.

80 THE SABRE -- USAC has developed a new Indy type race car that it hopes will cut costs and be the foundation for a new series.


20 THE SEASON OPENS IN FLORIDA -- The pits were full and the competition was intense.



28 THE CAR FOR ALL SEASONS--This one was driven to victory by about every hero of the era.

44 GUS SCHRADER--Ralph Steele art.

60 THE BRAKE-O SPECIAL-- Famous and fast.


12 THE OLD MAN AND THE KID -- He was the veteran, the big winner, and he had to square off with a newcomer.

16 BOB FAIRMAN--This Open Wheel photographer is first to the crash. That's good for the driver if he's been injured.

26 KEN NICHOLS-- Hot in midgets, a champ in supermodifieds.


38 RANDY LANIER-THE END--From stardom in the Indy 500 to life in prison without the chance for parole, things went downhill in a hurry for Randy Lanier.

46 ONE DAY IN THE MIDWEST -- Car counts are falling off, tracks are having a tough time breaking even. What's happening?

52 THE BRAVEST OPEN WHEEL DRIVER -- A profile of a very young racer with guts.

72 NOKIE -- Nick Fornoro's kid was headed straight to Indy until Eldora's wall got in the way: Now, he's just another racer.

JULY 1989


14 GENTLEMEN, START YOUR MIDGETS-- Promoters are calling for self starting race cars and technology has the answer.

16 THE NEW KENYON CAR -- Photos and the inside story of Mel's latest.

34 BITE II -- The second in our multi-part series on getting a grip.

46 BUICK'S INDY V-6 -- The complete details on the Indy Buick.

62 FUEL INJECTION BASICS--Many elusive engine problems are caused by the fuel injection system. Here is how to avoid some of them.

76 CINDY, SANDY AND A FEW GOOD CARS -- With so many new midgets being built, how come Rich Vogler chose this one?


60 RICK FERKEL--In color!

66 RACING TEES- Sprint car, midget and even Indy racers have found that tee shirts are a great way to help pay racing's bills.

70 COMPUTER RACING -- You too can win at Monaco.

82 USA Vs WoO Update--The latest as we go to press.


22 JOHNNY KAY - THE WAY IT WAS -- Our cover story by Pete Zanardi with photography by Mike Adaskaveg. looks at the life and times of Johnny Kay and explains why West Coast drivers made it to Indy while East Coast drivers didn't,

42 KATHLEEN HORN DUDLEY--Ted's daughter has grown u p.

52 THE FILTER QUEEN SPECIAL--The story of the car that saved Rodger Ward's career.

72 THE SHERK OFFY--A family effort.



16 THE NEW NATIONAL REAR -- National has created an externally adjustable rear for midgets that is very well thought out.

36 ALL YOW NEED TO KNOW ABOUT SHOCKS (and more) -- OW Technical Editor Doug Gore explains the mysteries of shock absorbers beginning with the fact that they don't absorb shock.

60 THE WILKE MIDGET -- This may be the most successful midget in the US.


10 TOO OLD TO RACE -- When a guy passes his 30th birthday, is he then too old to race? How about when he passes his 50th?

14 HOT NIGHT AT STAR -- The big fire can happen anywhere.

28 BRAD DOTY -- In an exclusive interview with Bruce Ellis, Brad Doty discusses his past, his accident and his future.

44 PARSONS WINS--centerspread art by Fred Stout.

46 BOBBY UNSER INTERVIEW -- A hard nose guy in a no holds barred conversation.




22 THE CRA TOUR -- Pack the suitcase mama, we're going racin'.


52 THE LARRY & GARY SHOW -- If ever there was a racing rivalry that filled the stands and made a legend, this was it!

66 THE BROMME CARS--Two cars, two men, two eras.

74 LYNN PAXTON -- He worked so hard to get to the top of sprint car racing. And then one day, he just quit.



24 TORQUE MULTIPLIERS -- If you don't have room for power steering but need a steering assist, torque multipliers may be your answer.

28 HOW TO SET UP A SUPERMODIFIED -- Oswego track champion, Eddie Bellinger, explains how to set up a supermodified.

66 THE NEW MAXIM SPRINTER-- Ken Jenkins has settled in and established his own deal.

72 THE NEWEST HEAD -- The injection and exhaust are side by side and it's worth 100 HP according to its maker.


16 THE INDY 500 -- This year, they made it look like a NASCAR race.

38 THE LITTLE 500 -- One of America's zaniest shows. How else could a guy who lost 11 laps win and a 25-year old car finish third?

52 WOO EASTERN SWING -- When the Outlaws come east, there's bound to be some shooting.

58 NIGHT BEFORIE THE 500 MIDGETS -- The 44-year-old event was won by an 18-year-old.

60 DIRT CARS MAKE A TRIUMPHANT RETURN --The grandstands and the pits were both filled for the return of Champ Dirt racing.


36 JIMMY BRYAN --Art by Ralph Steele.

76 THE WILLIAMS GROVES 50th -- It's great to see a speedway celebrate a 50th anniversary. It's especially nice when a huge crowd comes to watch the program.

80 PAVEMENT SPRINT CAR RACING -- Is it back? Well, sort of.


6 BRUCE BENNETT -- Special guest column on a first visit to Indy.

8 EMERSON FITTIPALDI -- Special guest column on a first Indy win!

10 AL STILLEY -- Class in the month of May;

11 BILL SESSA-Feet of clay;

12 BONES BOURCIER -- Volger's dad would have been proud.

14 BRUCE ELLIS -- The frustration of Chris McDermott.


10 ALUMINUM HEADS IN THE MAKING -- The process of building the heads you love so much is a very interesting one.

28 THE MUCCI/MICHAELS SUPERMODIFIED -- To many open wheel racers, the chance to compete at Oswego is a dream come true.

56 INDY CAR SUSPENSION SYSTEMS--Bruce Bennett takes you on an engineer's tour of the most sophisticated systems in racing.

66 BITE!-- The third installment in our continuing series

on suspension and tire adhesion,


36 THE WELD SUPERSPRINT -- Everything was fine, calm in fact, until Kenny Weld pulled into Pennsylvania with this car.

52 THE KK OFFY NO. 287 -- An interesting piece of history.

60 THE FOYT/YERARDI CAR -- Perhaps the finest restoration ever of a Dirt car.

74 SIMPLY IRREPLACEABLE-- Almost everyone can be replaced. Almost.


16 OHIO SPRINT SPEEDWEEKS -- The cars come from everywhere and tow all over the state for night after night of intense racing.

22 THE DIRT CUP -- Jim Raper was the ultimate master at track preparation, The memory of his caring lives on,


44 CHAMPAGNE VICTORY -- Art by Fred Stout

46 THE LONG TOW-- So many men tow so far to race at Oswego, Why do they come from so far?

50 ON THE NIGHT OF A FULL MOON -- Crash sequence.

72 DOUG WOLFGANG--Two page action spread.

80 JEFF 'FLASH' GORDON-- Hot rising star.

82 VOGLER SPECTACULAR--Some nights you win and some nights …

21 BOOKREVIEW--The Racing Kinsers



28 BUILD YOUR OWN TQ -- Bruce Bennett shows you in pictures and words how to build a TQ that wins! And you don't need a jig, either.

36 THE PROJECT ENGINE--We finish it up!

66 RICH VOGLER'S V-6-- The Hoffman family builds a controversial sprinter that wins and may set the trend of the future.

80 PORTABLE, AFFORDABLE HELIARCWELDING -- There's a new welder that fits in your hauler, is appropriate for welding on moly, and plugs into the laundry mat outlet.


8 THE KENNY JACOBS' FLIP-- He went completely over the wall and out of the joint so we've got pictures shot from the grandstands!

22 SUPER SURVEY -- A comprehensive review of supermodified racing in America.

46 MASTER TINSMITH -- Jerry Weeks works magic with metal.


72 DON HICKS -- A mixture of the old and the new.

76 DIETARY NOTES FROM MIS -- Of course, the reason Vogler and Chassey crashed was because of what they ate.



16 THE RACE OF KINGS -- Bobby Davis Jr. earned $50,000 driving a Ford.


39 SAM TAYLOR AT LARGE-- He owned the cars the stars drove.


52 WOULD BE 500 WINNER -- Mercedes could have won the Indy 500 if only Hitler hadn't interfered.

60 THIE HILLEGASS--Interesting restoration.



16 KENNY WELD DOES THE IMPOSSIBLE -- Sprint car driver Kenny Weld has married a computer, a machining center and a cylinder head. You win as a result.

22 BITE IV -- Forbes Aird continues his in-depth series on suspensions and handling.


28 THE CHEVROLET KNOXVILLE NATIONALS -- The Wolf howled and nobody could catch him.

57 SANDUSKY NATIONALS -- Double-O-Joe scores big in Ohio.

60 THE OSWEGO CLASSIC -- Old man Bentley Warren wins the championship and the track's biggest race, too.

75 BELLEVILLE -- Granddaddy of all the midget races.


20 WHERES TED TAKING US? -- Get ready for pavement!

36 WILDCHILD--In color.

46 SPRINTS ON TV -- Will sprint and midget racing that's shown live on TV do the same thing for open wheel competition as it has for Winston Cup competitors? Best hope so.

52 CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE -- Ideas of Christmas gifts for racing people.

72 JASON EARLS -- Young sprint car driver with a big, big future.

81 THE JOY OF VICTORY--With Sammy Swindell.


38 FIRE THAT FENCE POST COUNTER -- A look back with John Sawyer.

44 BILL HOLLAND -Center spread art.

66 WALLY'S EAGLE--Indy car restoration.



8 COVER CRASH SEQUENCE -- Arthur Ruppert's cover explodes.

14 TOUGH INITIATION -- A hard way to get into racing.

16 CLASS OF THE QUICK -- This high school produced a bunch of outstanding drivers all in one year.

60 PHD HELMETS-- What's new in racing art.

62 CRASH '89 -- They were on the gas hard, racing close, and got caught.

66 DRIVERS OF THE DECADE -- Bruce Ellis sticks his neck out and names the ten, well, OK eleven, best of the decade.

78 ALTITUDE RECORD-- Did anyone flip higher?

79 SALT RETURNS -- Salt Walther says he's cleaned up his life and wants to go racing again.


44 VUKOVICH vs. McGRATH, 1955 -- Art by Fred Stout.

46 THE BEST -- John Sawyer remembers Parnelli Jones.

72 BEAUTY OR BEAST-- The car that brought glory and tragedy.


22 THE GOLD CUP -- A local beat the outlaws.

36 AUTUMN IN PENNSYLVANIA -- All year, the teams get ready for the big money shows in the fall.

52 WOLFGANG'S SYRACUSE -- Two men came to win the race, Dave Blaney and Doug Wolfgang. The rest hoped to just survive.


28 RICH VOGLER'S SET UP -- Rich Vogler defines his winning ways.

81 NEW SAFETY TECHNOLOGY -- Bill Simpson has new helmets, new roll bar padding, new gloves and new fire suits. It's a life or death deal.



10 NEW TECHNICAL PROCEDURES AT INDY -- It's getting harder to beat the rule book, even at the Indy 500.

24 THE DON SCHILLING MIDGET -- One of the hottest cars in the country last year, the Schilling midget will need some changes for 1990.

72 BITE V -- How to hop up your handling with a better understanding of roll centers.


12 THE FUTURE OF THE USA - The USA got off to a rocky start. Then, just as it seems to have a clear future, the threat of a lawsuit against the sport's most significant track brings on more storm clouds,

22 SPRINT ACTION -- Jade Kromer's color captures fall competition.

28 VUKY II -- Bill Vukovich Jr. looks back at his driving career and gets candid about today's racers.

60 NOFFSINGER AFTER THE FALL-- Brad Noffsinger made it to the Winston Cup but he couldn’t stay. He's back to sprint cars but what's next?

66 THE DUDE AND HIS FRIEND -- Danny Lasoski and his crew chief look like the odd couple until they run away with the A main.

80 OUT TO KILL THE MUNCHKIN -- New rules may be aimed to destroy one of racing's most popular cars ever.


18 LOOKING BACK--A page from the past with photographer Jack Marsden,

36 THE NOWICKE OFFY -- Was this the ride of Foyt's life?

44 CENTERSPREAD ART -- John Orfe paints Bob Sall's perfect day.

46 TOMMY HINNERSHITZ-- A profile by John Sawyer.

52 RUNNING IN THE LOOSE STUFF -- Jerry Weeks redefines brave.

54 CHEATER'S DAY -- Toss out the rule book, it's run whatcha brung.

MARCH 1990


22 SETTING UP FOR THE HLLLS -- Nobody in modern open wheel racing has as good a record on the hills as Bob Frey and his car owner Glen Niebel. In this feature, they talk about how it's done.

28 STAN FOX OW MIDGET SET-UPS -- Winning driver Stan Fox teams up with car builder Bob East and takes you through a night that wound up in Victory Lane.

36 THE BUTLER SET-UP -- Steve Butler shows why he wins so much and it's not just because he's a great driver. This guy understands chassis!

44 THE PORSCHE INDY CAR TEAM -- Mark Mooney takes you from the beginning where the team had trouble qualifying all the way to Victory Lane at Mid-Ohio and beyond.


16 THE COMBINATION-- Winning requires teamwork, a good driver, a good crew and solid funding. No wonder Sleepy wins.

72 SHITBOX NO. 1 -- Jan Opperman's famous ride has been restored.

80 THE LEN SUTTON ROADSTER -- When race cars were steel and so were men.

APRIL 1990


72 DRIVING WINGLESS--Brad Noffsinger explains how it's done well enough to win both races and championships in a fascinating cover feature.


66 THE NEWEST SPRINT MANUFACTURER -- Steve Stapp walked away from racing ten years ago. Now, he's back with fast, strong, winning cars that are much like those Pancho Carter drove to championships in the 1970's.

80 ANTI ROLLBARS -- Doug Gore explains how anti roll bars work and reveals some surprising facts about what they do to chassis.


28 TO PLEASE A LADY -- With an old sprinter, that is.

44 BOBBY, DAN AND THE EAGLE -- Art by Kent Burkhead.

46 AN AFTERNOON WITH SPIDER WEBB--Terry Reed tells the tale.

52 JOE CSIKI'S HOMEMADE WINNER - Nobody but Joe Csiki could have made a Falcon 6 a winner in competitive midget racing.


16 EVELYN PRATT--What's a grandmother doing bossing tough sprint car racers around?

22 DAVE SLANEY -- Our long promised profile is finally in this issue.

31 INDY CARS IN THE FUTURE -- There's major change coming.

36 JOHNNY PARSONS-- A career of "gettin' dirty" driving champ cars. Real champ cars, that is.

60 LAUNDRY ROOM CHAMPIONSHIP--Incredibly, Russ Gamester won the USAC title with engines he built himself in his wife's old laundry room.

MAY 1990


36 DOUBLE O JOE'S NEW ROCKET SHIP -- Joe Gosek's new supermodified was designed with the aid of experience, elaborate model making and computers.

74 TUBING NOTCHERS -- From the least expensive to the

very finest, Open Wheel brings you the most comprehensive analysis of tubing notchers ever assembled.


16 THE FLORIDA SPRINT SERIES -- What a difference a year makes as Rocky Hodges win's four as the new season opened.

28 THE CHILI BOWL -- Some say this was the best indoor race ever run. All the Stars came to compete.

60 THE SKOAL COPPER CLASSIC -- Schrader made it three in a row in the Dirt cars, the supers couldn't do anything but crash and Stan Fox won in the midgets.


22 LIVING LEGACY-- Meet Mike Nazaruk's daughter.

26 BUZZ GREGORY -- OW's Terry Reed found the Buzzer, where else, at a race track.

44 INDY 1927 -- It wasn't Miller time. Art by Ralph Steele.

46 URA -- A look back to midget racing's early West Coast beginnings.

52 RON SHUMAN -- This month's cover story by John Sawyer turns the unflappable non Shuman loose on the racing world. Never at a loss for words and always candid, Shuman is bound to surprise with his conversation and his thoughts.

72 BOB FREY -- Color shot in competition.

80 RICK FERKEL -- The Ohio Traveler in color.

JUNE 1990


28 THE VUKOVICH STRAMLINER -- The car was built for Bill Vukovich with the intention of leading him to his third in a row 500 win. But it wasn't ready in time and Vuky crashed to his death. Now, the car has been finished and restored. We think you'll love it.

44 TURN THREE TANGO -- Art by Fred Stout.



66 THE RAHN OFFY -- A beautiful restoration.

69 THE INDY 500 MUSEUM - If you're going to the 500 this year, or even if you aren't, take this in, the best racing museum in the world.


16 THE RED WHITE CAR -- Rich Vogler and Jimmy White have come up with a car that is sure to win Some big races. Here's your first look at it!

22 THE ONE-RACE RACE CAR -- Super owner Mike Mazur wants to win at Phoenix.

46 THOUGHTS ON TUNING -- As the car first hits the track, and the engine stumbles, do what the big stars of the WoO do, ask French Grimes for help

54 HOW TO FIND THE CENTER OF MASS -- Getting down to the basics of winning.

72 PLASTIC MIDGET ENGINE -- It's light all right, belt won't it melt? Our cover story.


36 DUKE COOK-- One of the funniest, neatest guys to ever turn a wheel. A profile by John Sawyer.

60 JEFF GORDON -- Teenager racing to the Big Time.

80 RON HUGHES JR -- Final photos to remember him by.


JULY 1990


28 AIRFOILS -- Forbes Aird explains that wings are such precise things, you may have one in your hand and not be able to copy it.

46 USING THE CENTER 0F MASS -- Follow through by OW Tech Editor, Doug Gore.

74 SETTING UP AN UNWINGED SPRINTER -- Brad Noffsinger knows how to do it.


12 LONESOME GEORGE-- By Terry Reed

16 THE FIRST TROSTLE -- Bob Trostle came from humble beginnings This was the first of many cars.

22 MODELS FROM THE PAST -- Bob McCoy carves remarkable wooden racers.

36 THE TRANSITION -- The twisted history of a racer that started out as an Indy car and wound up a sprinter.


52 MICRO SPRINT FLIP SEQUENCE -- The cover shot continues….

54 SPEEDWAY CHARACTERS -- Tales of the offbeat folks.(Kevin Olson, Jack Hewit, Jimmy Oskie. By John Sawyer.

60 LEE BREWER -- Combine youth and desire and there's a potential for victory, even without big bucks behind the operation.

73 ANYONE CAN -- Jack Gladback photos show any clown can do it.

80 THE CHIEF'S CAR -- Jeff Hammond says driving a mini sprint helps him understand Darrell Waltrip.


66 PHOENIX-THE SEASON OPENS -- Bill Sesso says Penske has the edge. Rick Mears says anyone can win.



16 CHUCK GURNEY -- Our cover story this month focuses on the incredible rim rider, Chuck Gurney.

34 JOHNNY JOHNSON -- He's been driving sprinters forever.

68 SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS -- Lessons learned for all of us.

74 TOUGH TALK -- Jack Hewett tosses the punches.

80 CRA SUNSET -- Mike Arthur's art,


12 THE RICKENBACKER STORY -- A driving ace and a flying ace.

28 STREET LEGAL -- Champ dirt car is converted to the highway.

44 JIMMY MURPHY'S GRAND PRIX -- Centerspread art.

46 REX EASTON--Profile of a racing giant by Joyce Standridge.

60 LOU FRAY -- A very personal look back with one of the surviving greats of early midget racing.



24 WET SUMP OR DRY -- There are advantages to both.

54 THE LOCKHART ENGINE -- One engine did almost everything.


36 THE CRA MIDWEST TOUR -- Bubby Jones came out of retirement and won the points but the weather won half of the shows.

72 PENSKE, ONE-TWO-THREE -- Long Beach Grand Prix.



16 INDY 500-- Technology and bloatbucks dominate Indy. But a first time winner pleased the crowd.

36 THE LITTLE 500-- Bob Frey, Glen Niebel and their little V-6 make it four in a row!

72 WAR WITH THE WoO -- When the Outlaws come to Pennsylvania, there's usually a skirmish. These days, it seems to be more like war. Just ask Donnie Kreitz about it.



34 SALEM RIDE -- If we didn't have the pictures to prove it, you probably wouldn't believe all this happened at one race at one track.

44 EDDIE SACHS Vs A.J. FOYT -- Centerspread art by Fred Stout.

46 SESSA ON DIRT CARS -- They are the last vestige of raw racing.

52 HOMECOMING-John Sawyer's gripping story of Bubby Jones' triumphant return from retirement.

66 DON O'RILEY URGO-- Such a beautiful car, such a dedicated racer.

82 KEVIN SWINDELL-- Photos of a character.


24 INDY CAR TRENDS -- Doug Gore heard the best and the brightest explain what's going on in Indy tech. Now, Doug tells you.

28 ARMADILLO -- French Grimes, who was on the ground floor of development, tells the story of the injector that will change the look of sprint car racing.

60 THE FAMILY THAT RACES TOGETHER -- The Moriartys work together, race together and still like each other.


12 THE V8-60 LIVES ON -- And Bill Holder's got the story to prove it.




12 ROLLIE HELMLING -- If you want to win a midget race, get a ride in a Helmling car.

22 BOB TROSTLE -- Sprint car racing's living legend car builder.

42 SALEM SPILL-- Merrill Calvert will remember this one!

44 DOUBLE PLAY -- Mark Donohue and Roger Penske win their first USAC Champ car race at Pocono on July 31 1971. Art by John Orfe.

52 INDY CAR RACING ON A SPRINT CAR BUDGET -- AIS stands for "Affordable" Indy Series.

60 KARA "CALIFORNIA GIRL" HENDRICK-- A pretty blonde who can make a car run fast.



30 DICK GAINES--A profile by John Sawyer.

46 LEE ELKINS -- He went from the bottom to the top and back down. Not likely to win popularity contests, Elkins sure won races.


16 BITE VI -- Forbes Aird explains anti-dive and anti-squat as they relate to beam axle front ends, torque arms and more.

66 THE HYDER HAWK--America's most radical supermodified.

72 HAVE IT YOUR WAY -- Custom built sprint cars for the common man.

82 SEAT BELTS -- Put your belt in right for survival.


34 OHIO SPRINT SPEEDWEEKS -- Sammy dominates and there's a surprise first time winner.



40 UNDERGROUND SPRINT BUILDER -- Maybe you never heard of Paulson sprinters before, but we bet you've seen them run in the lead and win.

60 COMPUTER DESIGNED ENGINES-- Throw away the dyno, save time and design the engine on a PC computer.

82 SMALL ENGINE DYNO -- If you race a mini-sprint or similar car, you can have your own dyno for surprisingly little money.


22 STEVE BEITLER -- This driver prefers to compete with the best on the road than win at home.

28 RICH VOGLER--Our cover story.

72 CHECKING IN WITH STEVE STAPP -- The always interesting Terry Reed tells the story of the always interesting Steve Stapp.


16 THE KINGS ROYAL-- Doug Wolf gang is $50,000 richer as he scores his second Kings win.

66 BELLEVILLE -- Jeff Gordon gets his first look at the track and wins the most prestigious midget race of the year.



46 THE READING OPENERS -- With snowflakes in the air, the cars pushed off and the drivers pushed to be the best.

52 FLEMINGTON TAPES-- Pete Zanardi records racing history.


6 JOHN SAWYER -- Shadow-of-yesterday

10 BRUCIE ELLIS -- Starting on the pole.

12 BILL SESSA--Vogler at almost 40.

14 LARRY NUBER--On Rich Vogler.



This month's cover pictures the late Rich Vogler at Terre

Haute in a July 8, 1990 shot by Jack Gladback. The inset

of Vogler was taken by John Mahoney. Our issue is a

tribute to the sport's most successfully versatile driver.



14 PIT POOCH--Open Wheel Magazine covers every aspect of the sport. Sometimes, doing so means going to the dogs.

28 YOU CAN GET THERE FROM HERE--John Andretti talks about going from midgets and sprints to Indy.

44 PELICAN JOE--Centerspread art.

52 CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE--Our annual feature.

72 SPEEDWAY DAREDEVILS--Just driving an open wheel car demands courage. But, some guys seem to take the business of being a daredevil as their life's calling. Hewitt, Wirth, Haudenschild, Alveraz


16 THE GAERTE ENGINE--Our cover story by Doug Gore focuses on the near 800 HP package Earl Gaerte puts under the hoods of some of the country's finest race cars.

22 THE HENCHCRAFT MINI SPRINT--Bruce Bennett takes you inside something especially nice in downsize race cars.

59 THE WORLD'S BEST BRAKES--Carbon/carbon brakes aren't just the best, they're the most expensive brakes in racing.

62 RACE FOR LESS--French Grimes says smart racers can save money by shopping flea markets in the fall and winter


36 THE OSWEGO CLASSIC--Track champ Bentley Warren waited until the last race of the year to score a win but he sure won it in style.

60 THE KNOXVILLE NATIONALS--Bobby Alien uses the low line to earn his biggest win ever.


46 DON FREELAND--Terry Reed talks to a racing great, a shoulda-won the Indy 500 hard nose racer.

80 STEVE KINSER--Steve Kinser in the Nostalga section?



16 NEW FIRESUIT FABRIC--Lew Hinchman offers a new firesuit fabric that's easy to clean and offers all the protection of Nomex III.

17 NUTS AND BOLTS--Forbes Aird tells the story of racing fasteners.

28 PICKING THE RIGHT MATERIAL--Get ready for some surprises as you learn about steel, titanium and aluminum.

52 OUTER LIMITS RACING--For short money, Chris Sweeney will put you behind the wheel of a sprint car and show you how to drive it.

84 NEW VALVE SEAL--Joe Moriarty has come up with a new valve seal that's the hot tip for racing.


13 SEE YA LATER--Bob Frey crashes out of the park!

34 GOING,GOING,GONE!--Jeff Gordon crash.

78 ONTARIO REBORN--Jim McElreath returned to the site of the old track where he won the first event. There, he dedicated a school.

82 TRIPLE TROUBLE--Three way flip sequence.



46 LANGHORNE MEMORIES-Don Cooper was there and fondly remembers the last circle track.

60 FRONTY FORD--A great old racing car.

66 MAL BARLOW--In years gone by, Mal owned winning race cars and promoted speedways, too. Now, he's known for his fabulous collection of historic racers.

74 BOB VEITH--He could have, maybe should have, won Indy.

80 DON VOGLER--Historic color.


22 SYRACUSE--Sammy Swindell won the race but was booed by the crowd. They didn't know he played by the rules because it sure didn't look that way.

36 AUTUMN IN PA--The leaves turn golden yellow and red and the racers' wallets bulge with green when fall comes to Pennsylvania




36 DOUG WOLFGANG--Our cover story this month focuses on a hero for our times, Doug Wolfgang. In this exclusive Open Wheel interview, Wolfgang takes us behind the scenes in the sport's top league.

52 STEVE CHASSEY--From Sprints to Dirt cars to Indy to TV, Steve Chassey has seen and experienced it all.

60 VERN KOMPPA--He's just starting out at age 68.

66 TEMPE JIM--Wanna go fast? Land a ride with this guy!

71 ROOKIE LAUNCH--Flying Midgets.

72 THE COST OF INDY CAR RACING--Get ready with a big check book and start buying, It costs millions to run an Indy car.


30 SPRINGFIELD SPEEDWAY--Joyce Standridge chronicles the rise and fall of one of the sport's legendary speedways.

44 VUKIE STORMS INDY--Centerspread art.

80 THE VITUCCI OFFY--From the lens of Mike Adaskaveg.


18 HOW TO ASSEMBLE A QUICK CHANGE REAR END--Doug Gore shows you how to do a ring and pinion for yourself.

46 THE DEVIL'S SPANNER--What racers put together, the devil takes apart with five laps to go.


22 65 ON TOP--Put up the biggest first place money in Sprint car history and all the action should be for the lead. Well, anybody who thought that should have been in Memphis for this one.

MARCH 1991


18 THE NEW WILKE MIDGET--Its proponents say there's nothing trick here. Maybe they haven't considered the right front coil-over.

40 BUTLER ON BRAKES--Steve Butler admits brakes don't count much on flat-out tracks. But, then again, being able to stop when ya gotta could save the car, the driver and the race.

74 THE KINSER SETUP-- Steve and Karl Kinser talk tech for OW. Our cover story.

82 NEW MINI SPRINT REAR--Some clever chains and gears lead to the solution of some old problems.


24 REMEMBERING VUKY-A photo feature.

30 OUTLAW MECHANIC--John Singer was on the road with the best of them. Coulda made it at Indy if he had opinions like Jell-O. But, Singer was a thinking kinda guy...

38 LOOKIN' GOOD-- Landis

46 THE FUTURE OF THE CRA---Without Ascot, does the CRA have a place to race? Hook up the trailer, ma, we're going CRA!

54 JOE GAERTE--He could have a nice, comfortable living at his dad's engine shop. Instead, he's working toward NASCAR.

62 ERIC (the other) GORDON--He finished second in both Dirt car and Sprint car points this year, but hardly anyone seems to have noticed.


10 BRUCE BENNETT--They paved paradise.

12 BILL SESSA--Vuky III, tragedy II.

14 BRUCE ELLIS--What happened to OK Andy?

APRIL 1991


38 THE AIR ABOVE, THE MUD BELOW--How do wings really work? Is it down force that gives you the edge in the turns or are wings nothing more than rudders?

62 MAGNETO BASICS--OW Tech Editor Doug Gore takes you through a tour of the working guts of a magneto.


18 JIMMY "DON'T CALL HIM BUCKWHEAT" SILLS--Although Jimmy Sills is a big winner on both dirt and pavement, it seems we knew very little about him.

25 BYRON REED--Youthful Sprint driver following in some very big footsteps.


54 JOHN REDICAN--John Redican proves that age 46 isn't too old to be a winner. And, he proves that a lady car owner is a good deal, too.

74 WILD SIDE OF TERROR--Dick Macco takes you on a ride in a Supermodified that's so real, you'll think you're driving the car yourself!

82 BRAD NOFFSINGER-- In color!

84 MOPAR INDY CAR--The Mopar that won the only Indy car race ever held at Dover Downs Speedway.


30 OUTLAW MECHANIC--John Singer's profile by John Sawyer, part II.

48 HOUSE OF JACKS--Jack Beckley has done just about everything a guy can do at Indianapolis. Terry Reed tells his story.

MAY 1991


38 NEW TIG WELDER--Time was when TIG rigs were too bulky and expensive to take to the races. That time has passed.

39 THE TORSION BAR--Doug Gore takes you for a guided tour of torsion bar technology. Get ready to blow up some myths.

74 OZ-CAR--They're making some hot rides.

15 SUPER IMPACT--When you go real fast, you crash real hard.

18 BADGER MIDGETS--These little guys have been going at it for more than half a century--and that's no small feat.

71 DANNY MILBURN--Open Wheel remembers one of racing's nicest guys.


30 CHAPMAN S. ROOT--He enriched the lives of many---and not just because he was wealthy.

56 OUTLAW MECHANIC--Sawyer on Singer: the final installment.


48 THE CHILI BOWL--The inside story on America's most exciting indoor race.

62 THE COPPER CLASSIC--It was a bittersweet weekend of triumph and tragedy.

82 AND THEY'RE OFF!--There's more to Florida in February than Stock car racing.


6 SAMMY SWINDELL--On breaking into the driver's seat.

8 KEVIN ECKERT--Goes bowling on a chilly winter weekend.

10 BRUCE ELLIS---Jeff Swindell may have found a home in Pennsylvania.

12 STEVE BUTLER--Fighter pilots and Sprint car drivers are alike.

14 BRUCE BENNETT--No doubt about it, racers are a special breed.








34 INDY SHOPS--A close-up look at some of the most glamorous facilities in racing.

58 BIG BEAST--"Beast" might seem like an odd name for a Midget. But it's the

perfect name for a Champ dirt car.

74 THE FIFTH SPRING--Conventional wisdom says you should allow a little flex in your chassis. Conventional wisdom may be wrong.


6 EMILY VOGLER--Rich's widow reveals a side of the man most people never saw.

18 A.J. FOYT--He's an "Indy" racer in every sense of the word. Find out what the tough-talking Texan has to say about racing's past, present and future in a very special cover story.

47 CALISTOGA--You'll find some vintage Sprint car action in the heart of California's wine country.

68 INDY PREVIEW--This much we know for sure: 33 cars will start and half a million fans will be cheering for A.J. to win number five!

82 DOUG SAUNIER--A Super racer who had a super season in 1990. And it almost didn't happen.


52 BOAT RIDE TO INDY--Come along with Wild Bill Cantrell as he relives his improbable journey to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.



8 STEVE BUTLER--He didn't get a degree, he just got an education.

10 Bill SESSA-The Elkhart Lake crash may have broken A.J.'s body, but his spirit is still very much intact.

14 BRUCE ELLIS--Billy the Kid isn't a kid anymore.



JULY 1991


16 THE CUTTING EDGE--oh, what a feeling! Toyota power in a Midget.

24 CHAMP KARTS--Finally, a class of karts that's up to speed in terms of safety.

52 BENTLEY WARREN'S SUPER--New car, new look...same old Bentley!

68 VOGLER/SIERRA MIDGET ENGINE--Rich wanted the weekly Midget guys to have a reliable power plant. Now they've got one--and Rich's name is on it.

76 SPEED COSTS MONEY--Doug Gore thought it would be interesting to compare the cost of an Indy car to the cost of a WoO Sprinter. He was right!


30 POLE CRASH--Was Dick Pole lucky? Depends on how you look at it.

32 BUTLER UNBUTTONED--Terry Reed on Steve Butler, or mamas don't let your babies grow up to be racers.

44 ASCOT FALLS--She was so pretty in her prime, but you'd hardly know her now.

84 PENNZOIL'S INDY ENTRY-- Take a closer look at the car John Andretti drives on the Indy circuit.


46 GRAY GHOST--Can you imagine running the Indy 500 in a car that was dragged from a garbage dump? Well, you don't have to imagine it--Norm Hall tells the true tale.

60 TOMMY HINNERSHITZ-- Terry Reed initiated this interview, but Tommy quickly took it over. When you've been around racing for six decades, you've got plenty to say.


6 DICK BERGGREN-- Now more than ever, Jan Opperman needs your help.

8 STEVE BUTLER --You can tell a lot about a team by the way they react to a crash.

10 KEVIN ECKERT-- Max Dolder gives you a true picture of Sprint car racing.

14 BRUCE ELLIS--Sprint car racing's not what it used to be--thank God.




24 TEXAS TECH--Kevin Eckert caught up with Johnny Herrera in Texas, where the WoO racer revealed how to get the most from the Maxim.

36 A LEANER BEEFMOBILE--with its improved aerodynamics and quick-switch components, the Swindell/Weikert Sprinter is setting records both on the track and

in the pits.

51 MAGNETO TROUBLE-SHOOTING--The mag gets blamed for a lot more problems than it actually causes. Here's how to keep your magneto innocent.

56 LOOKS LIKE A MILLION--Billy Sipe's Mini Sprint has high-dollar looks without the high-dollar price.

62 JIMMY WHITE--His career has been tinged with tragedy, but this master builder continues to give his all.


16 SLEEPY TRIPP--Record-setting Midget man.

32 PUSHING ON--So you think no one can push Steve or Sammy around on the WoO trail? Art and Carol Malies do it all the time!

43 FLYIN' HIGH--Steve Kinser takes off with the Blue Angels.

60 AIR KRISTAN--Further proof that Sprint cars fly higher without wings.

74 MAY DAY MAYDAY--Joe Gaerte's Bloomington ballet.

76 CLASS OF 65--Some of racing's greatest names have graced the Trevis/ Miller Sprinter.


46 LAST TO FIRST-- Kent Burkhead recreates a classic battle.

58 LOUIS MEYER-- It took nerves of steel to race on wood.

68 THE HULL OFFY-- In this era of instant obsolescence, it's nice to see a car that had real staying power.

86 OLD #l6--Why would anyone want a broken-down old Sprint car?



24 THE TECHNICAL SIDE OF INDY--That space-age technology carries a space-age price tag. What can be done to cut costs and increase competition?

28 FORM-FITTING SEAT--How to build a seat that fits your form. Perfectly.

46 FASTEST CAR AT INDY--How did Gary Bettenhausen go so fast? OW offers an inside look.

55 SAFETY QUEST SEAT--A new way of extricating injured drivers.


44 BIG SQARE AT ELDORA--This CRA Sprint car crash even scared our photographer.

75 THE DISMORE CRASH--As bad as that Eldora wreck was, it was nothing compared to what Mark Dismore endured at Indianapolis. Our cover story chronicles his miraculous survival.


56 PAPPY'S PIGS--From the heyday of Midgets through the advent of Stock cars, Pappy Hough's career was one long highlight film.


15 THE INDY 500--Everyone wanted to see A.J, become the first five-time winner. Instead, they saw Rick Mears join him as a four-timer.

35 THE CRA TOUR--They go topless in California all the time, but it's a rare spectacle in Middle America.

78 THE OUTLAWS HIT PENNSYLVANIA--The only thing hotter than the weather was Steve Kinser.



24 DIGITAL READOUT SYSTEMS--They're low-cost, high-tech and they allow you to achieve top-flight machine work from your existing equipment.

60 CAM TIMING--When it comes to your camshaft, timing is everything. Doug Gore explains how to dial it in for maximum power.


15 RICK MEARS--As a four-time Indy 500 winner, Mears runs in some pretty exclusive company. Before he's through, he'll be in a class by himself.

35 OSWEGO'S SUPER CELEBRATION--After 40 years, the old gray mare is still what she used to be. If you're a fan of Supermodifieds, you've gotta go to the "0".

75 PAT PATRICK--From the humble hills of Kentucky to the oil fields of Michigan to victory lane at Indianapolis, car owner Pat Patrick has done it his way.

83 BYRON REED--His agenda for the weekend was pretty simple: Race with the Outlaws, graduate from high school, then race with the Outlaws again.


30 DIZZ WILSON--Terry Reed examines the life of 78-year-old Dizz Wilson, the godfather of Indiana Sprint car racing. The first of two parts.

46 UNEXPECTED FINISH--Charles Merz finished the 1913 Indy 500 in a blaze of glory. Art by Fred Stout.

68 BEN CHESNEY--He won his first feature in Kansas City in 1934 and hasn't let off the gas since.

86 THE SHAHEEN OFFY--You'd think it would've earned a quiet retirement after 33 years of service, but it's back in action as an antique.


48 OHIO SPRINT SPEEDWEEK--Sammy Swindell made a shambles of the competition. This is a recording...



15 HOW TO GAS WELD--If you're a racer, knowing how to stick two pieces of steel together is vital. Here's easy-to-follow instructions on one way to do it.


35 BEDEVILED AT ANGELL PARK--When four laps of feature racing produced three red flags, they decided they'd better call it a night. Our photos show you why. Scott Hatton Crash.

50 JIM HETTINGER--He's always been a great racer, but it took him 20 years to get his life dialed in.

55 STEVE SMITH--in part one of a two-part feature, we look at the elder half of a talented father/son Sprint car team.


39 THE BIG ONE--Norm Hall calls it his most forgettable race. But he's reminded of it every day of his life. May 1965, Indy 500.

46 MARIO WINS!--Many times, Mario Andretti has gone to Indy with the strongest car and come up empty. So it figures that his only win came in a back-up car.

66 DIZZ WILSON, PART II--When we left him, Dizz was in North Dakota with A.J. Foyt. In our concluding segment, we catch up with him at Indianapolis, circa 1953.


24 BELLEVILLE NATIONALS--Jack Hewitt proved he could do it in a Midget on the harrowing High Banks.

75 THE KINGS ROYAL--Steve Kinser said you couldn't win it from farther back than seventh--which just happened to be his starting spot. Know what? He was right.



16 TURRILL'S TIRE TIPS--Open Wheel welcomes ace Sprint car mechanic Deuce Turrill to our pages. Periodically Deuce will share his expertise with you, starting with a look at the most important factor in a Sprint setup, the tires.

66 ADVANCED GAS WELDING--this month, we move beyond the basics and into the finer points of oxyacetylene welding.

84 HEADER REPAIR--It's easy to salvage bent headers.

86 NEW MIDGET REAR---A winning piece from Winters Performance.


50 NORMAN MARTIN--He tried on various positions with the WoO, until he found one that fit him to a T.

56 STEVIE SMITH--He may be Steve Smith's son, but he's no junior.

73 CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE--Be good for goodness sake, because we've got some great holiday gift suggestions.

26 JOHNNY BOYD--Part one of a real racer's telling conversation with Terry Reed.

36 THE KNOXVILLE NATIONALS--Not Kinser again!, the T-shirts said. It was supposed to be a joke; it proved to be a prophesy.


76 THE OSWIGO CLASSIC--Double-O Joe finally won the big one.



53 INDY CAR TELEMETRY--Onboard computers track everything an Indy car team needs to know--except which hat to wear in victory lane.

76 OLD RACERS' TALES--What you don't know about your safety equipment can hurt you.

83 SPEEDWAY MIDGETS--If you don't trust go-karts, there's a new way to break into open wheel racing.


16 KARA HENDRICK REMEMBERED--She wanted to be judged as a racer, not a woman. Her friend Nan Kene-Arthur obliges in a touching tribute.

43 UP FROM DOWN UNDER--We've found the ultimate race-chasers: Four Aussies who run at Knoxville on Saturday nights. It's a long tow.

50 FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN--Steve Butler's had bigger crashes than the one he had at Winchester, but he never got a bigger scare.

62 BUSTIN' THROUGH--A frightening photo sequence of Jerry Russell punching through the guardrail at DuQuoin.

86 HOOKIN' UP--David Gauger caught some Outlaws reaching for the sky at Santa Fe.


36 RAISING THE ROOF--A look at Doc Shanebrook's most memorable Midget.

64 JOHNNY BOYD--The second and final installment of Terry Reed's profile.


24 AUTUMN IN PENNSYLVANIA--When the trees turn gold, the Sprint car stakes go gold, too.

39 THE GOLD CUP--It ranneth over for Joe Gaerte.



12 ART OR SCIENCE?--Steve Butler offers his take on tech.

18 FOUR-VALVE HEADS--How's a hundred extra horses sound?

38 FRONT END BUMP STEER--Holes can literally steer you wrong on the race track. Here's how to minimize the problem.

74 SIZING THINGS DOWN--Mini-Sprints are growing fast in California.


16 FRANK DEINY JR.--This TQ Midget racer's got his sights set on Winston Cup.

24 BRENT KAEDING--There's no middle ground with Stormy.

50 THE LOWTHER SPRINT CAR--it began life as a Midget but went on to bigger things.

55 SHARP GUY--Bob Sharp may have the largest collection of Quarter Midgets in the country, and it all began because his daughter didn't want to race.

68 VENTURA RACEWAY--It's a dream track in more ways than one.

73 MARES MOVES UP--We predicted Mares Stellfox would reach great heights, but this wasn't quite what we had in mind.


46 GHOSTS--Your old haunt may really be haunted. Art and story by Ralph Steele.

59 HEART OF THE HARTLEYS--Terry Reed talks with the Hartley family about the way they used to do things back home in Indiana.

76 SYRACUSE--It's always white-knuckle time when the Sprints take to the Moody Mile, but Sammy Swindell let everyone breathe a little easier.

MARCH 1992


38 BIG TIME MINI- SPRINT-- There's nothing tiny about Jerry Henderberg's sponsor.

43 CHEAPER SPRINT CARS-- Times are changing. Sprint cars are getting less expensive but they're still putting on terrific shows.

74 THREE STRIKES AND YOU'RE OUT-- Stevie Reeves fell just short in his bid for the USAC National Midget Championship. But it wasn't from a lack of effort--or a lack of cars.


66 CRASH CROCKETT--"Crash" really wasn't an appropriate nickname for this rock-steady racer. But it was better than calling him Larry.

76 GENTLEMAN JIM EDWARDS-- He proved that you could race a sprint car, be a nice guy, and still finish first.



16 THE TRUESPORTS INDY CAR-- If it succeeds, Indianapolis could become the Great American Race again.

24 ANIMIATED SUSPENSION--The rear end of a sprint car, midget or supermodified moves around as the suspension shifts. It's called rear roll steer and it can work for or against a driver.

APRIL 1992


16 STEVIE REEVES-- Opportunity only had to knock once.

30 KARTING COMES TO CHARLOTTE-- Can small-time go-Karts and big-time stock cars peacefully coexist at a superspeedway?

35 THE CHILI BOWL-- Sammy Swindell was hungry.

74 GRIPPING ACTION-- When you turn the car over, instinct tells you to grab on to something. Just make sure it's not the roll cage.

76 WILLI E STUTZMAN-- At an age when most men are thinking social security, he's thinking supermodifieds.



52 CALIFORNIA ROADSTERS-- It was an interesting time when street rods met race cars. Ken Durham's words and Jim Chini's pictures make you feel like you were there.


26 CULTURE CLASH-- Indy cars and midgets are worlds apart, but Dan Drinan has found some common ground.

68 THE '92 GAMBLER--From dirt to asphalt, big tracks to bullrings, this one's a safe bet.

81 INJECTOR TECH-- Faulty injectors can cost you more than the feature.

May 1992


14 MICRO ACTION-- They were flying high at Airport Speedway.

28 LOUIS CHEVROLET-- His name has become one of the most famous in all the world. He was a great race car driver, an excellent inventor, but as a businessman Chevrolet was a flop.

35 THE EDMUNDS--This Don Edmunds sprinter was a classic. It had to be to survive 25 years of hard knocks.

46 THE '75 ALLEN CAR-- It's hard to believe this was Guy Brown's second choice for a restoration project.

55 SLALOM SPRINTER-- What's a sprint car that once ran fourth at Syracuse doing on SCCA road courses?

80 DICK SIMON-- He first appeared at Indianapolis in 1970 with a pick- up truck, a trailer and one race car. Now he's got a $2.2 million state-of-the-art shop. But he won't be happy until he gets that first Indy car win.


50 MSD IGNITIONS-- MSD offers a CD alternative to sprint car ignition.

58 DEUCE II-- In his second installment on sprint car tech, ace mechanic Deuce Turrill discusses what you should do-and what you shouldn't do--when setting up a sprint car.


16 THE COPPER WORLD CLASSIC-- Chuck Gurney got an overdue win, Rebel Jackson Jr. got some overdue accolades, and Jim Keeker proved to be a sleeper.

37 HOOSIER DOME INVITATIONAL-- If you were indoors in Indianapolis during the middle of winter, you'd be stir crazy too.

68 FLORIDA SPRINTS--Mixed signals from the Sunshine State.

JUNE 1992


12 STAN FOX-- He may be the midget contingent's last Indy hope.

20 INDY PREVIEW-- Will Rick get his fifth? Will A.J. retire again? Will Mario finally get a break? Racing's longest-running soap opera offers more story lines than ever.

28 THE SPRINT CAR HALL OF FAME-- Thanks to you, Knoxville's finally got a first-class show case for a first-class sport.

71 THE HORSE THAT JACK BUILT-- Jack Steck wasn't too concerned with aerodynamics when he built his first sprinter. All he wanted was muscle.

87 NORM HALL-- Cancer claimed his body, but it couldn't touch his spirit.


43 RESTORED TO ORDER-- And what a tall order it was: Working solely from an old photo, Ron Schleiger had to shrink a sprint car to its original midget specs.

48 INDY TECH-- Ford is re-entering the fray with Cosworth, but everyone will have to deal with Roger's rabbits .

54 THE WATERMAN FUEL PUMP-- A real racer thrives on pressure. So does his fuel pump.

58 DEUCE III-- This month, Deuce Turrill looks at the fine art of fine tuning a sprint car for better handling. Good thing he's one of the finest tuners in the business.


34 THE 500 OLD TIMERS CLUB--Despite its tremendous emphasis on high technology, the real appeal of the Indy500 is its people. Meet a few colorful characters from500s past.

46 THE BOYS OF ANOTHER SUMMER-- The Antique Auto Racing Association doesn't believe in letting bygones be bygones.

64 EDDIE SACHS-- A bittersweet story all around: Norm Hall, who recently passed away, wrote this touching remembrance of Eddie Sachs, who died in a tragic Indy crash in 1964.

80 HOT ROD MAN-- This month Jack McGrath is the big man on canvas. Art by Kent Burkhead.


6 BRUCE ELLIS-- Remember when the Outlaws were underdogs in Pennsylvania?

8 KEVIN ECKERT-- From Bubby Jones to Steve Kinser, Jim-Bob LeConte has seen the best that sprint car racing has to offer.

JULY 1992


16 THE WOLFGANG CRASH-- What really happened at Lakeside? Our investigation raised more questions than it answered. One thing seems certain, however: There's no place for plastic in a quick- release steering hub.

24 STEVE KINSER-- He's won every important sprint car race there is, most of them several times over. So what keeps him going? Knowing there's another race tomorrow night, and a couple dozen guys who'd love to say they beat the king of the hill.

40 RAMBLIN' MAN-- One year Rich Bubak was a stock car star in Colorado. The next year he became an Outlaw. Life hasn't been the same since.

60 CICCONI SUNSET-- Scintillating color from Ken Coles.

62 DANNY DRINAN—Bombs away in the open wheel arena


52 REALLY SUPER MODIFIEDS-- Are these things supers or Modifieds? We'll leave that for the rule-makers and car builders to decide. All we know is they put on a heck of a show.

57 DENSITY AND JETTING-- You should jet your fuel system. according to the volume of air your engine needs, right? Wrong. It's the weight of the air that counts. And that varies from place to place--by as much as 20%.

79 STEERING GEARS--For years, all sprint cars used the same power steering gear. Now KSE offers the High Power Density model. It's lighter, tighter and you can tune it to your own taste.


44 SCRATCH DANIELS-- A lot of people say they should've quit while they were ahead. He actually did it.

68 THE CROWN JEWEL-- There are old midgets and there are old midgets. But there's only one Hillegass house car.

82 THE MIDGETS, MOVIES & ME-- In Norm Hall's final feature for Open Wheel, he tells of the unlikely trail that led him from Hollywood to Indianapolis.


6 DICK BERGGREN-- Of changes and charges.

10 BRUCE ELLIS-- There's a whole new galaxy of stars in Pennsylvania.

12 KEVIN ECKERT-- Terry James Jr. talks about the CRA.




24 PAUL LOTIER-- His devastating crash would've killed a lesser man, or at least broken his spirit. But thanks to his extraordinary strength and a remarkable wife--Paul Lotier has come a long way since that awful night in Ohio.

48 THE CRA IN PA-- This year, the wingless wonders traveled all the way from California to

Pennsylvania. Was it worth the trip?

60 PORTFOLIO-- When we began this magazine, we liked to single out a different photographer each month and give him plenty of pages to show his stuff. For this, our eleventh anniversary issue, we thought we'd resurrect that idea. And we could think of no better photographer to bring back than Ken Coles.


12 STEVE BUTLER ON SAFETY-- Accidents will happen. But that doesn't mean we should just stand by and let them hurt the drivers involved.

18 POWER STEERING, PART II-- You have to understand how your sprint car's power steering works before you can make it work for you.

80 WINGS & THINGS-- The interaction between wings and race car bodywork.


37 JOIE SILNES--The mariner as master metalman.

44 RESTORING RACING'S HISTORY-- Thanks to Ray Swann, another old Offy has been preserved for posterity.



18 INDY CARS IN CANADA-- Molson Indy Vancouver gives the Canadian contingent a chance to show off on their own turf. But they'll be hard pressed to top Scott Goodyear's performance at Indianapolis.

46 JAN OPPERMAN--The ultimate outlaw, immortalized by Fred Stout.

60 BILLY EARL--Tales from a time when racers ran without roll bars or fire suits but with plenty of true grit.


48 STREET-LEGAL SPRINTER-- John LeMaster can't take a simple Sunday drive without getting stopped by the cops. One look at his street machine and you'll know why.

52 POWER STEERING III-- Steve Butler completes his demystification of sprint car power steering systems. And once you know how they work, you'll know how to make them work better.

68 ALCOHOL FIRES-- What's the best defense against an alky fire? Doug Gore examines the pros and cons of water, carbon dioxide and dry chemicals and arrives at some conclusions that should interest anyone who's ever been around an alcohol-burning race car.


23 THE INDIANAPOLIS 500-- The merry month of May was anything but-unless your name was Unser.

35 THE OUTLAWS HIT PENNSYLVANIA-- Steve and Sammy remain the headliners in sprint car racing's most popular road show, but local hero Donnie Kreitz upstaged them at Williams Grove. Twice.

78 THE LITTLE 500 It's sprint car racing's answer to an all-night poker game.



8 WINCHESTER INFERNO-- In a recent OW column, Steve Butler pointed to broken torque tubes as the culprit in many race car fires. A horrified Saturday Night Thunder audience got a graphic demonstration.

23 LEALAND MCSPADDEN-- He's skipped the chance to win championships in his own back yard to chase races across the country, all while raising a family and holding down a full-time job. Why? Lealand lets us know in a candid conversation with Bruce Ellis.

42 KRAFTSMANSHIP-- This Kurtis-Kraft is a true klassic.

44 RODGER WARD-- Part one of a two-part feature on the Kansas farm kid who became a two-time

winner of the Indy 500.


16 MEETING OF THE MINDS-- Some big-time innovation went into the Hooters midget.

62 THE ELECTRIC MIDGET-- You'll get a charge out of this one: a 30-year-old relic equipped with a futuristic power source running full tilt at Phoenix.

67 MAGNIFICENT MAG-- French the big boys, this is the Grimes is far from ordinary--and so is his magneto. If you'd like to open up your plug gaps and go after piece you need.

76 CHROME IT!-- A skilled chrome-plater is part artist, part scientist and, these days, part environmentalist. He earns his money through sheer hard work and that's no bullshine.


34 OHIO SPRINT SPEEDWEEK-- Sammy didn't show up this year, but that was OK. There was great competition.

50 THE NEW ENGLAND 200-- The last time Indy cars ran in New Hampshire, the track was made of wood. Things were a little different this time.

52 KINGS ROYAL-- Sammy put in a great effort in preparing for Eldora. There were about 50,000 reasons why.



20 AL UNSER JR.-- He says the Indy 500 is his life. We believe him.

32 RODGER WARD, PART II-- Indianapolis brought him triumph and it brought him tragedy. But the most important moment of his life didn't happen on Memorial Day, it happened on New Year's Eve.

46 ON THE EDGE-- Sure, Jack: Drag a bunch of race cars down river and pose them by a waterfall. The idea sounded crazy, but the results were pretty as a picture. Jack Hewett’s race cars

48 IN THE DRIVER'S SEAT-- Sprint car racing looks a lot different from behind the wheel than from the grandstand, as Kevin Eckert recently discovered.

56 THE STA-LUBE SPECIAL-- If ever there was a perfect marriage between a race car and a race track, it was Sta- Lube and Oakland.

70 OUTTA HERE-- Tony Stewart crash-landed near an airport runway outside Salem Speedway, and he wasn't even in a plane.

72 RADIO-CONTROLLED SPRINT CARS-- Now you can enjoy the thrill


12 WING IT-- Looking for ways to save money on your sprint car? Start at the top, by building your own wing.

54 STAY TUNED-- This pocket computer allows you to adjust your fuel system for the weather.


52 CLASSIC ACTION-- Rusty McClure did Jim Hurtubise proud in the race that bears his name.

61 WINGS OVER OSWEGO-- Although the speeds went up, it was a safe and a good race.

66 THE BELLEVILLE MIDGET NATIONALS-- A Tempe Tornado tore through Kansas.

79 SANDUSKY HY-MILER--When it comes to the supers, Pat Abold is coming on and Sandusky Speedway is coming back.



11 SILVER SPRING-- Take some sensible specs that have changed little since 1959, add a series of hold-your-breath, heats that qualify just four cars out of twelve, throw. in some fabulous French fries and what do you get? A grandstand full of loyal fans.

67 THE FOYT AUCTION-- A.J. realized he had more old cars than he knew what to do with. So he decided to have a garage sale.

72 REACH FOR THE SKY-- Look what Hewitt dreamed up this time.

81 CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE Never mind this "chestnuts roasting on an open fire" stuff--give your racing acquaintances something they can really use.


40 THE GALMER INDY CAR-- A close-up look at a machine that's so slick, it zipped straight from the drawing board to victory lane in the Indy 500.

46 LITTLE BEAST-- In just four years, Bob East has revolutionized midget racing. Now he's setting his sights on sprint cars.

52 DEUCE RETURNS-- Six months have passed since we last heard from Deuce Turrill, and in sprint car racing that's an eternity. Find out what worked--and what didn't--in the '92 season.

74 FRESH RUBBER-- At Oswego, Hoosier had the upper hand throughout the'92 season. But Goodyear cooked up something new for the Classic.


24 THE KNOXVILLE NATIONALS-- Steve Kinser was actually smiling. Fifty grand for nine minutes' work will do that to a guy.

59 THE OSWEGO CLASSIC-- Double-O Joe doubles up at the "0.




11 THE DRINAN FLIP-- Terry Reed retraces the events of that fateful day in Illinois.

20 TERRY MCCARL-- what's a guy like this doing out on the road with a bunch of outlaws?

30 THE FLYING CICCONI BROTHERS-- If there's a Cicconi on the speedway and a Gladback in the infield, you'd better duck.

32 A MATTER OF PERSPECTIVE-- The conflicts and controversies all melt away once Steve Kinser's back home in Indiana.

34 OVER THE HILL-- Tony Elliott was just an old stick-in-the mud.

46 WANNA BE-- A primer on how to get your car in Open Wheel.

52 NOT-SO-GRAND MARSHAL-- It's tough to wave with a broken arm.

54 GREAT EXPECTATIONS--Tony Stewart could be the next Jeff Gordon.

79 SPRINTS ON TV-- Ted always said he needed a TV deal like the stock car guys have to put him over the top. Here's his chance.


36 CHARLIE FISHER'S LATEST--His chassis technology has helped a lot of sprint car guys go fast. Now he's hoping it'll help keep them safe.

56 COIL- OVERS--Coil-over suspensions first appeared on sprint cars in the 1970s, then abruptly vanished. Now they're back, possibly for good. Or is that bad?

64 COIL SPRING FUNDAMENTALS--Steve Butler takes you for a Springs aren't all that complicated, once you understand how they work.


48 THE GOLD CUP-- Steve Kinser didn't have to pay a lot for his muffler.

70 THE HULMAN CLASSIC-- It took a flashy Californian to shake up this old Hoosier favorite .

72 AUTUMN IN PENNSYLVANIA-- It's always a colorful spectade. And the foliage isn't bad, either.

81 ROLLER COASTER RIDE--seat-of-the-pants journey through the final dizzying days of the USAC Silver Crown season.



12 PUSH COMES TO SHOVE-- Wanna start something? Ask a group of midget drivers how they feel about USAC's new starter rule. Then run for cover.

17 THE KEEPER OF THE GATE-- It takes a lot of special people to put on an auto race. People like Pat Stender.

35 THE SILVER CROWN SERIES-- For a time, it seemed USAC wanted to sweep the champ dirt cars under the rug. Now the cars are making a comeback. Silver Crown champion Steve Butler tells the story.

44 FLIP FLOP-- Page Jones lost the lead be- cause of a crash---and he was nowhere near it. Marty Davis wins at Angell Park.

48 MEDICINE MAN-- Dr. Russ Simpson examines rescue procedures at the nation's short tracks and finds them wanting.

55 THE AGONY AND THE ECSTASY-- Racing's still a pleasure to Mel Kenyon, even though it's caused him untold pain. Our cover story.

67 WoO SEASON IN REVIEW-- Yes, Steve Kinser won the championship again. But it was hardly business as usual .

71 NEW LIFE AT OSWEGO--The Caruso brothers are working to restore the Silver Lady's luster.

78 AIR TIME-- This wasn't the kind of exposure Stan Fox had in mind.

80 BACK TO LIFE-- If the Bill Jones midget was good enough for Life magazine, it's good enough for us.


20 WHERE TO BEGIN-- Even Steve and Sammy had to start somewhere. Deuce Turrill offers advice on how to break into sprint car racing.

28 SPRING BASE-- Most racers know that the longer the spring base, the more stable the car. But very few of them can tell you why.

MARCH 1993


12 TOO EXPENSIVE?-- Bobby Witkum thought his firesuit was too expensive. But when he found himself sitting in an awful fire at 150 MPH, he changed his mind and decided the suit was a bargain.

22 THE LITTLE 500-- People shook their heads when a 500-lap sprint car race was first proposed, and they're still shaking their heads today. With 33 sprinters starting three wide on a quarter mile to run 500 laps, well. it is a little incredible.

56 PAT ABOLD-- Short on experience but long on confidence, he made a shambles of the supermodified competition in 1992.

62 TURKEY NIGHT-- Traditionalists were thankful that the race was back on dirt. Cary Agajanian was thankful for the turnout. And Ron Shuman was thankful for his seventh Turkey Night victory.

71 MIKE STREICHER--Hands-on technical experience meets seat-of-the- pants driving savvy.


40 GETTING A BITE-- Open wheelers looking for a new way to get a bite might want to try an old trick: de Dion suspensions.

78 TILTON CLUTCH / STARTER-- OK, USAC midget guys, since you've got to get a starter, you might as well make it a good one.

79 THE WOLFIE VALVE-- Doug Wolfgang's new fuel shutoff valve may prevent others from suffering the way he has in the past year.

80 ITALIAN OFFY-- Bob Trostle's newest "old" sprint car has a foreign flavor.

APRIL 1993


35 CATCHING THE OUTLAWS Where should you go to catch a good World .of Outlaws show? Ron Hedger asked the Outlaws themselves, and their answers may surprise you.

44 THE CHILI BOWL--While everyone else was flipping out, Dave Blaney Stayed cool and calm and collected the checkers.

64 CACTUS JACK TURNER-- Thirty minutes with the cart-wheel king.

74 SALVAGING THE CAR--Dave Blaney's car wasn't ready for the junkyard, but that's where it ended up.

81 MAL LANE-- This former stock car stand-out may be the best thing that ever happened to the Empire Super Sprint series' image. He's the worst thing that ever happened to the competition, though.

85 TAIL TANK TEST-- A look back to a day at Terre Haute when tails were bouncing off the clay.


14 THE GLUED TOGETHER WING-- When Day Wings turned to the Galles Indy car team for help in designing a better sprint car wing, guess what the high-tech guys came up with? Glue.

22 DEUCE ON TIRES-- Even with the best car, the best motor, the best driver and the best mechanic, you'll only run as well as your rubber will let you. Here's some solid advice on getting your tires to bite better and last longer.

56 SUPERIOR BEING-- A sprint car chassis design and some out-of-this-world technology make the Buckley/Superior Machine midget one tough little hombre.

75 SUPER SUPER—This supermodified racked up an incredible 150 victories in its day. Wayne McGruire.

MAY 1993


46 MURPHY AND MILLER AT MONZA-- Another vivid portrait by Fred Stout.

48 THE PUSHER-- Len Duncan thought this rear-engine midget was a pain in the posterior. Mark Donohue proved otherwise.

56 KINGS SPEEDWAY-- This California bullring offers the best of both worlds: full blown Outlaw sprints and economical 360s.

58 FLORIDA SPRINT SPEEDWEEKS-- Just about everything that could've gone wrong did. But then, just about everything that could've gone right did, too.

72 KEVIN HUNTLEY-- Bloomington, Indiana's other sprint car champion.

80 THE AMERICAN SPRINT CAR SERIES-- Common sense is catching on down Oklahoma way. Will it spread elsewhere? For the sake of the sport, let's hope so.


14 WRITING SCIENCE-- Track records start with written records.

20 800 HORSES-- Bob Kriner is more than an engine builder, he's a craftsman. You have to be to produce numbers like these.

28 BLEEDER VALVES Take care of them and they'll last forever. Take them for granted and they could cost you the race. Deuce Turrill explains.

36 WHAT'S HOT IN MIDGET RACING-- Few divisions have changed as radically in recent years as the midgets. Kevin Eckert sorts it all out.

JUNE 1993


11 MARIO ANDRETTI-- From his dirt track days through victory lane at Daytona and Indianapolis to F-l stardom in his native Europe, Mario Andretti has made a valid argument that he's the most versatile racer who ever lived.

37 INDY 500 PREVIEW-- If you only follow the Indy cars at 500 time, you'd better read this one. A lot's changed since last May!

46 THE COPPER WORLD-- There was nothing watered down about this rain-delayed classic. In fact, it was about as pure as racing gets.

67 WINCHESTER SPEEDWAY-- Part one of Terry Reed's three-part installment on the harrowing hills.

80 PLAZA PARK-- Ever wonder what would happen if the racers ran the race track? Well, wonder no more.


58 WEATHER AND INDY CARS-- In last year's 500, we saw what happens when Indy cars run in extreme cold. But even small changes in the weather can have a big impact on performance.

78 SPLAYED VALVE HEAD-- Big bucks, but as much as a hundred extra horsepower.

JULY 1993


20 WINCHESTER SPEEDWAY-- Part II of Terry Reed's series on Frank Funk's Winchester Speedway.

37 GEORGE BUTLAND-- This colorful Colorado promoter did it his way to the very end---and beyond.

48 PAU L DURANT-- Fun is serious business to this West Coast super star.

52 TYCE CARLSON-- A bail bondsman who takes no prisoners.

56 PHOTO FINISH-- Another timeless moment preserved in paint.

68 MACK McCLELLAN-- Staggering medical bills have added insult to his injuries. But if he can handle seventeen snap rolls at IRP, he can handle anything.


43 ANDY BONDIO-- The man behind Lealand McSpadden's midget is also an ace IMSA fabricator.

60 THE KENYON MIDGET-- Some new ideas from those old midget masters, Don and Mel Kenyon.

63 TECHNICAL TIDBITS-- Little hints that could go a long way toward improving performance.

74 SUPER POWER—Gary Myles knows big dyno numbers don’t win races. Still 850 horsepower never hurt anyone.



20 DREW FORNORO-- Times change. Rules change. But in Northeastern midget racing, Drew Fornoro is always up front.

35 TEN YEARS AFTER-- Where are the sprint car heroes of a decade ago? Kevin Eckert tracks them down and fills us in.

48 WINCHESTER SPEEDWAY-- In his final installment on this Indiana institution, Terry Reed examines the Holdeman years.

61 THE CRA GOES EAST-- The topless troops march through Pennsylvania.

72 THE BRITISH ARE COMING-- It's always tough for a local racer to make it with the World of Outlaws. But in this case, "local" means Coventry, England.

85 DIRTY WORK-- A top IndyCar boss gets some seat-of-the-pants experience in a sprinter.


31 TRACTION CONTROL--There's a device that knows exactly when to get out of the throttle--even if your driver doesn't.

44 BEAT THE HEAT-- Sprint car racers can now repair their radiators right at the track.

80 TECHNICAL TIDBITS-- A second helping of helpful hints.



12 ROOKIE RIDE--Earl Pottorff's sprint car career got off to a flying start.

16 THE RACE I'LL NEVER FORGET--Jack Hewitt has run hundreds of races, but this one stands head and shoulders above the rest.

32 REAL RACER RUNS INDY--John Andretti's godfather comes through.

55 ROGER McCLUSKEY--He'll tell you there are a lot of good people in racing. And he should know: He's one of the best.

72 ROBBIE STANLEY-- Will he be the next USAC standout to make it in stock car country?


51 THE TECHNICAL SIDE OF INDY--For once, the guys who make the rules stayed ahead of the guys who make the cars.


19 THE INDY 500--Emerson Fittipaldi managed to stay out of USAC's jail, pass go and collect considerably more than $200.

36 THE OUTLAWS GO EAST-- With Steve in a slump and Sammy gone south, auditions were held for a new leading man.

48 BIG NIGHT AT THE HULMAN-- Steve Butler finally won a hundred-miler on a mile. He tells you how in his own words.

66 THE LITTLE 500-- Eric Gordon was the latest driver to make a name for himself in this short-track classic. But the real hero of the night was an anonymous fan.



14 THE RACE I'LL NEVER FORGET-- Bobby Davis Jr. remembers the one that got away.

20 CARY FAAS-- This flashy former motorcycle racer from Southern California feels right at home in sprint car country.

28 JIM McWITHEY-- He was born on the Fourth of July and he made it all the way to Indy. Talk about American heritage.

35 OHIO SPRINT SPEEDWEEK-- While Kevin Huntley and Rocky Hedges were playing musical chairs in victory lane, Frankie Kerr quietly walked away with the championship.

46 THE OHIO TRAVELER-- Before the World of Outlaws, sprint car racing really was a world of outlaws. Ferkel was one of the best.

56 IN THEIR FATHER'S IMAGE-- With Boston Louie Seymour for a father, Mike and Bobby were destined to be racers.


16 DRINAN'S RECORD SETTER The rule makers are the only thing that can stop this mighty midget.

72 POWDER COATING-- It's a durable, inexpensive and environmentally safe alternative to conventional paint.

76 TECHNICAL TIDBITS-- Doug Gore explains that all tubing is not created equal and that you should give more thought to a head restraint.

80 LAP TIMERS-- They're more accurate than stopwatches and provide instant feedback. Best of all, you don't have to be an Indy car team to afford one.



19 BOB WEIKERT-- Pull up a chair, Buddy, as sprint car racing's toughest car owner fills us in on staying at home in Pennsylvania, going on the road with the Outlaws, and what he would do if he ran his own race track.

35 THE HEAT--USAC came down hard on Steve Butler after Butler came together with Bill Rose at Terre Haute. Did the punishment fit the crime? Did Butler even commit a crime? There are no easy answers.

43 35-YEAR VETERAN—No we're not talking about a driver. We're talking about a car.

66 LEN SUTTON-- Nowadays, many drivers wouldn't dare to do what he did.

74 UP AND OVER--Jack Runyon had trouble staying on terra firma at Terre Haute.


46 WING TIPS-- How and where you mount your car's wing has a great deal to do with how well that wing works.

75 TECHNICAL TIDBITS-- Don't wait until you're into the fence to find out how safe it is. Also, we'll show you how to lighten steering and suspension arms without destroying them.


58 THE BIG ONE-- After the Kings Royal, Eldora owed the Wild Child. It paid him back with interest.

80 THE BELLEVILLE NATIONALS-- There's a new Page in the record book. His name is Jones.



14 PROFILE IN DEDICATION-- There I was, sitting in an eight-year-old car prepared by a blind man...

30 ALTITUDE RECORD-- Aaron Berryhill reached new heights at Granite City.

56 GILMORE ROARS AGAIN-- Gilmore Stadium is long gone, but its spirit survives.

64 PEANUT LEAVES THE PARK-- The scariest crash of the season at Port Royal.

79 STICKSHUN SHOW-- The Outlaws had 'em reaching for the sky at Tri-State.

80 CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE-- We're making our list and checking it twice.


32 TECHNICAL TIDBITS-- Everything from nets to nuts.

36 TIRE STAGGER-- When the stagger is right, your car likes to turn left.

48 FAST THE FIRST TIME-- Want to run as fast as the local hero on your first trip to a new track? Deuce Turrill tells you how.

74 VHT TRACK BITE-- Are there two lanes at your track? There could be a lot easier than you think.


19 THE KNOXVILLE NATIONALS-- Yes, Steve did it again. But this was hardly just another Kinser win.

65 THE OSWEGO CLASSIC-- To pit or not to pit, that was the question. Eddie Bellinger Jr. provided the answer.



20 JAC HAUDENSCHILD-- The "Wild Child" isn't a kid anymore. He's not a wild man, either. He's just flat-out fast.

30 OZARK MOUNTAIN DAREDEVILS-- Looking for sprint car excitement in the St. Louis area? Head for the hills.

36 REMEMBERING BIG CARS-- The big car era was one of the most violent periods in racing history. It was also one of the most fun. Art Rousseau remembers.

48 THE NATIONAL OPEN-- Donnie's fiancee got her wish at Williams Grove.

56 KING OF THE CLAN-- Steve Kinser may rule the World of Outlaws, but Bob still reigns back home in Indiana.

72 VIC YERARDI-- For some, restoring old race cars is a-lucrative business. For Vic Yerardi, it's always been a labor of love.

82 ONE OF THEIR OWN-- When fire breaks out, a racer's best friend is another racer.


16 MAINTAINING YOUR BRAKES-- If you don't stop to take care of your brakes, you may not stop at all. Rusty Hurford explains.

60 HELMETS THAT BREATHE-- You filter the air your engine breathes--why not the air that you breathe?

70 UNSTUCK FAST-- You should never use chemical adhesives on parts that are exposed to heat. Brake rotors, for instance.

84 CLEAN UP YOUR WIRING-- There are no short cuts when it comes to wiring, only short circuits.



19 LARRY DICKSON--Terry Reed discovered the USAC star deep in revelatory self-examination. The first of two parts.

28 DOUBLE TROUBLE-- It just wasn't Tim Kuhn's night.

36 THE SYRACUSE NATIONALS-- A victory on the Moody Mile marks a man as the bravest of the brave. This time, Dave Blaney laid his claim.

48 EMPIRE SUPER SPRINTS-- How do you make sprint car racing cost-effective, competitive, and still keep it fun? These New Yorkers have found the answer.

56 THE WORST CRASH OF '78 Last October, many long-time Syracuse observers held their breath as they watched Blaney and Haudenschild battle for the lead; Maybe they remembered 1978. Wolfe, Pitzer

58 OKLAHOMA LEGENDS-- Andy Hillenburg is but the latest in a long line of exciting, open wheelers from the Sooner State. Here's the complete history.

71 TONY GEORGE-- First he revamped the Speedway. Then he invited. NASCAR in. People wonder no more if Indy's boy wonder is up to the job.

82 KAY'S OPINION-- Sure, race cars were more dangerous in Johnny Kay's day. But he says the races themselves were safer.


32 LEFT FRONT BRAKE BIOS--Steering and stagger aren't the only ways to make a car turn left.

33 THE RUNYON V-8-- A midget motor with big plans.

68 SAFER SEAT BELT MOUNTING-- A racing belt is only as good as its installation. Have you looked at yours lately?

MARCH 1994


42 MIDGET MADNESS--Midgets flew through the air with the greatest of ease at Eldora's. 4-Crown Nationals. The landings were another story.

46 CLEAN YOUR MACHINE-- Washing the car is a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it. So why not hire some girls in bikinis?

58 LOOK OUT-- When Bob Petty crashed at Terre Haute, firefighters were on the scene immediately. Unfortunately, so were some speeding sprint cars.

60 DICKSON'S DOZEN--The concluding segment of Terry Reed's Larry Dickson profile.

72 TONY ELLIOTT-- If it's got four wheels and goes fast, this guy's probably driven it.

78 POTTER POWER-- Who's behind the Ralph's Muffler and Brake V-6? Well, there's Ralph, of course, plus Brian, Kevin, Kurtis, Tracy and some guy named Mr. Bendo.


20 THE SCAT V-4-- Here’s a truly well engineered engine for midgets. So, how come more of these aren't in midgets? The SCAT may be the Sport's best kept success story.

30 SELF- STARTERS-- Silver Spring's super sportsman cars have no clutches, yet require no push trucks. Quite a trick, wouldn't you say?

50 TIG WELDING-- An affordable TIG rig from Daytona Mig.

APRIL 1994


20 ANDY HILLENBURG-- The rich kid from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma has put it all together on the World of Outlaws trail.

43 FOUR DRIWERS, FOR QUESTIONS-- Mike Adaskaveg had a few questions for the folks at West Memphis. Four, to be exact.

46 BIG CHANGES AT INDY-- John Orfe uses his paintbrush and his keyboard to tell the tale of May, 1938 at Indianapolis.

55 J. W. HUNT-- He put his money where his heart was.

56 JIM MCGEE--A U-turn was the smartest move the manager of Newman/Haas ever made.

72 RACING ROUNDUP-- When the races ended Don Smith took the cars home.


34 LOSING WEIGHT IN YOUR REAR-- Do you really need a quick- change rear? That depends on whether you'd rather save time or weight.

38 THE QUAD- FOUR-- Ed Wilson is developing a midget engine that environmentalists and racers will both love.

50 LIMITED SUPERS-- If they're limited, how can they be supers? Good question. Here's a better one: How would you prepare a novice for Oswego?

79 HEADER BUILD-UP-- No tools can measure up to the human know-how at Tubular Automotive. Here's their step-by-step instructions for installing your own headers.

MAY 1994


11 AGGIE ON INDY-- Cary Agajanian bid for the chairmanship of CART, but they turned him down. He'll survive. The question is, will they?

19 MARES STELLFOX-- Don't call her a "lady racer. Just call her a racer.

28 TWENTY - THREE TRACKS-- A look back at three legendary promoters in Indy car racing. Hulman, Agajanian, Nunis.

44 FLYING SCOTT-- He probably didn't think so at the time, but Tommy Scott was very lucky.

46 LOCALS VERSUS OUTSIDERS-- Artist Ralph Steele re-creates a classic confrontation at Greenville Speedway.


48 THE COPPER WORLD-- The midgets were mighty, the Silver Crown cars shone and the supers weren't so super. Just another trip to the desert.

56 THE CHILI BOWL-- Hometown hero Andy Hillenburg was the only one who could keep up with the Joneses.


42 TIRE DISPOSAL-- Getting rid of old tires can be a big problem. We'll help you cut it down to size.

69 DEUCE ON MAINTENANCE-- Taking care of the equipment isn't very glamorous. Then again, neither is riding off on a wrecker.

77 DRY SUMPS-- Experts explain the differences between wet sump and dry sump oiling systems and examine the advantages of each.

JUNE 1994


12 NELSON PIQUET-- Yes, he speaks with a foreign accent. Yes, he's run F-l. Even so, he would fit right in at any pit area from Ocala to Calistoga.

20 GARY BETTENHAUSEN-- In a candid conversation with Open Wheel, Gary B. talks about what might have been with Roger Penske, and what might still be with John Menard. He also hints that we may not have seen the last of the Gary and Larry Show.

56 INDY 500 PREVIEW-- Bob Gates takes his annual look at the field for the Indy500. There are some real interesting twists this year.

66 CLIFF'S NOTES-- In the aftermath of the Hoosier Dome tragedy, Cliff Jacobs recalls a lesson in levitation from Jimmy Bryan.

72 FLORIDA SPRINTS-- There was nonstop competition in the Sunshine State.

80 STEVE KINSER, IROC ROOKIE-- You had to see it to believe it: The King of the Outlaws was like a kid making his first go-kart start.


35 PONTIAC'S IN-LINE FOUR-- Tom Klein built it. Danny Drinan drives it. It's a winner.

46 INDY CARS IN ENGLAND-- To find out what was new for'94 in Indy cars, Al Stilley went to the other side of the pond.

63 INSIDER'S TECH-- A light chassis can still be strong. Plus, inexpensive wheel locks.

64 TIRE PRESSURE GAUGES--A good, reliable tire pressure gauge could be the best investment you ever make.

JULY 1994


14 FAMOUS LAST WORDS-- Yesterday, he was a long- haired kid from Sioux Falls who had dreams of being someone and running the Indy 500. Doug Wolfgang became someone, all right, even though he never ran the Indy 500. Then, he was badly burned, then he tried a comeback. Just as we were going to press, the lawsuit was filed.

36 KEVIN DOTY-- Some guys are born racers. Others are adopted.

45 UMBRELLA MIKE-- Who was that shady character who showed up at Indy every year? Boyle

49 TERRY McCARL-- He ran his own deal on a shoestring and hoped somebody would notice. Somebody did--a guy named Weikert.

56 ZOOM, ZOOM, ZOOM-- Those old Offys made some beautiful music. But was the composer's name Offenhauser or Miller?


66 RACING ELECTRONICS-- Passenger car electronics saw some revolutionary advances during the '80s. Many of those advances have yet to reach short track racing, and that's probably just as well.

74 WESMAR INTERNATIONAL-- Sprint car engines are subjected to tremendous stress. So are the guys who put them together.

84 INSIDER'S TECH-- You've got the best helmet money can buy. Smart. The top of that helmet sticks up through your roll cage. Stupid.



20 FRANKIE KERR-- He's endured two broken backs and some of the closest championship battles in sprint car history. Yet through it all he's maintained his focus--and his perspective.

27 OLLIE SILVA--Friends, foes and fans remember this storied short-tracker.

36 THREE TO GET READY-- Restorer Ron Heitman has completed a commendable triple play.

39 REMEMBERING MARIE-- Marie Schneider-Allen always found a way. And isn't that what racing's all about?

43 KINSER'S IROC SHOCKER--Steve never expected to be in the series--never mind in victory lane.

46 THE BIG THREE--The more things change, the more Steve stays the same.

48 LOOKING AT PICTURES-- Ray Peterson finally got to Gasoline Alley.

75 BAINBRIDGE REVISITED-- Front-engine Indy cars once raced in Cleveland, but not over an airport runway.


51 CLAIMER SPRINTS The IMCA has kept modified racing alive and well in middle America with a simple engine claim rule. Can the same principle apply to sprint cars?

56 THE BAILEY MINI SPRINT-- Floyd Bailey gives these little cars the same meticulous attention as their big brothers.

62 FAST ON THE MILE-- Deuce Turrill talks about what it takes to go fast--and stay safe--on the fastest Outlaw track


81 FORD LOOKS TO HEWITT-- Ford was looking for a versatile racer with plenty of appeal to help them improve their marketing program on the short tracks. They found Jack Hewitt.

87 INSIDER'S TECH-- You may reverse your thinking when it comes to shock mounts.



12 ROBBIE STANLEY--Remembering a champion.

19 HISTORY OF THE KNOXVILLE NATIONALS-- There's genuine history at the Marion County Fairgrounds. And a guy with a white #11.

34 KNOXVILLE SCHEDULE-- Things to keep you busy while waiting to see if Steve can do it again.

36 KNOXVILLE PREVIEW-- The format will be a little different this year, but the feeling will be the same. It's still the sprint car happening.


74 STANTON'S ODDBALL-- Gary Stanton has built his first race car in more than five years. It set quick time, led every lap and won the feature the first time on dirt.

80 INDY TECH-- When USAC included a provision for push rod engines in their rules, Roger Penske pounced on the opportunity.


46 THE INDY 500-- Terry Reed's post mort on the 78th spectacle.

56 THE OUTLAWS INVADE PENNSYLVANIA-- The King still -rules the sprint car roost.

66 THE LITTLE 500-- Staying power, not horsepower, was the story at Indiana's other 500.



12 REBEL JACKSON-- He left this life as he lived it: on his own terms.

20 DAVEY HAMILTON-- The son of Kenny Hamilton has emerged as a superstar.

42 ROSE PLANT-- At Eldora, there's no such thing as a garden-variety flip.

44 INTO THE PITS-- Lawrenceburg's guardrail was supposed to keep crashing cars out of the pits. It didn't.

46 CARY OVER-- To find the ragged edge, you have to cross it sometimes as Cary Faas did at Bloomington.

55 TEN YEARS AFTER-- A lot of things have changed since 1984. A lot haven't.

65 OHIO SPRINT SPEEDWEEK -- This time, Frankie Kerr won a battle and the war.

72 TOM BIGELOW--He's one of racing's most enduring--and endearing--competitors.

84 RICK FERKEL-- An Outlaw changes gears.


16 SINDEN RACING-- What do jet skis, golf carts and Indy cars have in common? Joe Kennedy and Jeff Sinden.

30 ENGINE TUNING-- A properly tuned engine can be music to your ears not to mention your right foot.

51 STEALTH CARS-- Their success has not gone unnoticed .



12 FAST FREDDIE--Ten years ago, Freddie Rahmer was a soldier in Pennsylvania's weekly modified wars. Then one day he strapped into a sprint car. Racing hasn't been the same since, for Freddie or his fans.

36 MORE MIRACULOUS ADVENTURES-- Tom Bigelow: Tryin' to run all night, tryin' to run all day. The concluding segment.

50 GATHERING OF THE CLANS-- Back when Outlaws were outlaws, they met at Manzanita to see who was the best in the west, the east and all points in between. Excerpted from Stand on the Gas! by Joe Scalzo.

56 MAKING HIS OWN MUSIC-- Artist and sprint car owner Sal Scarpitta sees racing as a metaphor for life.

83 SOFT WALLS-- They can save lives, save race cars, save money and give the fans a spectacular show. So why are only seven speedways using them?


22 BEHIND COSWORTH'S CLOSED DOORS-- Pete Saueracker penetrated Cosworth's secret sanctum to get the goods on their midget and Indy car engines.

68 SPRINT REAR SUSPENSION GEOMETRY-- From Watts linkages to Jacob's ladders, Doug Gore demystifies your sprint car's rear suspension.

74 LOW-BUCK BIG BLOCK-- Gary Morton explains how you can turn the new Generation V Bowtie into a solid big block Chevy for around $10,000.



71 MIKE BLISS--Candid conversations about life's little collisions.

80 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE-- Because there's no such thing as a racer who has everything.


18 INSIDER'S TECH-- Is your dry sump system taking in too much air?

50 JACOB'S LADDERS-- Doug Gore shares his uncommon knowledge of this common linkage.

56 FILLIP'S WEIRD WINNER-- They said Chet Fillip's sprint car looked odd. It didn't take him long to get even.


20 HBO II-- Kenny Jacobs finally wins a big one.

30 THUNDER RUMBLES-- The Thursday Night Thunder series ended with a bang. Several bangs, actually.

36 KNOXVILLE NATIONALS-- Kinser wins 'er for the tenth time.

58 BELLEVILLE MIDGET NATIONALS-- Kevin Doty and the High Banks were made for each other.



20 CASEY LUNA-- Straight answers are the last thing you'd expect from a guy who's a politician and a car salesman. But then, sprint car owner Casey Luna is full of surprises in this revealing Q&A with Marion Kleber.

31 HIGH TURNOVER-- It wasn't Stevie Smith's night Or year..

44 NEW '61 ROADSTER-- This old Indy car looks brand new, for a simple reason: It is.

46 FRENCH DOMINATE INDY-- Think foreigners at the 500 are a new phenomenon? Think again.

48 OSWEGO CLASSIC-- For Eddie Bellinger, the drive to number five was a classic indeed.

56 KINSER GOES WINSTON CUP-- Sprint car racing says farewell to the King.

61 PETE BRYAN-- Still spry at 92, Jimmy Bryan's father remembers his boy.

70 FOUR-CROWN FLYERS-- When they take the wings off at Eldora, the cars start to fly.

72 SKIP AND LOIS-- After 30 years, the Matczaks get what they deserve.

80 AGING GRACEFULLY-- This twelve-year-old TQ midget not only still runs, it still wins.


13 TURBOCHARGING-- Looking for a few extra horses? We'll show you how to get a few hundred.

36 HYDER'S NEW HAWK-- If you crossbred a dragster and a sprint car, you'd get something like Ed Hyder's latest super.

67 INSIDER'S TECH-- Even if you break just one wheel stud or drive pin, you should replace them all.



46 GRAND PRIX MIDGET--Can you imagine an Indy 500 winner running a midget in a Grand Prix race? It actually happened. Rodger Ward

48 STEVE KENT-- Here's a guy with all the talent to be a top over-the-road Outlaw star. But he's mostly known in his own back yard.

62 PHOTOGRAPHER'S PORTFOLIO--The cars had no cages, the drivers had no fear, and Bob Bonin had nothing but a ten- dollar camera to try to capture it all on film.

77 BILLY ENGELHART-- Remembering the rock-'em sock-'em seventies.

82 THE WAY IT WAS-- And the way it is again, thanks to old midget hand Bob Clements.


36 UPSET ON THE MILE--A world record and his first World of Outlaws win added up to a pretty good weekend at Syracuse for Billy Pauch.

84 SOUTHERN SUPERS-- Concord, North Carolina is the site of Charlotte Motor Speedway, dozens of stock car shops--and some sensational supermodified racing.


14 INJECTION BASICS-- Most racers feel more comfortable with carburetors than injectors. Funny thing is, injectors are easier to work with. Doug Gore explains.

20 SPRINT CAR Dick Berggren takes you on a piece-by-piece tour of the car that won last years $100,000 Historical Big One.

72 PENSKE'S ROCKETS-- Roger Penske's cars breezed through 1994 as easy as one-two-three. What made them so dominant?

MARCH 1995


14 THE LAST BILL VUKOVICH--He lost his father at Indy. He lost his only son in a sprint car crash. How does the sole surviving Bill Vukovich cope with what racing has dealt him?

36 SID BLANDFORD-- His graduation present was a year on the road with the World of Outlaws; It was quite a year.

46 WELCOME BACK, JACK-- Jack Hewett's 1994 come back was nothing short of remarkable.


32 DIAGNOSING ENGINE FAILURE-- Doug Gore plays detective with a detonated engine.

58 JENKINS CHASSIS-- Ken Jenkins learned his trade from some of the best chassis builders in the business. He took what he learned, combined that knowledge with some ideas , of his own, and came up with a state-of-the-art sprint car chassis shop.

70 WHAT'S NEW?-- Deuce Turrill takes a look at the latest developments in sprint car racing.

APRIL 1995


14 NOBODY'S MAKING US DO THIS-- Dan Dietrich earns his living on the tough Central Pennsylvania sprint car circuit. Karl Fredrickson took a close look at the nuts and bolts of how he races and pays the bills at the same time.

25 A. J. WATSON-- The master of the roadster at age 70. By Terry Reed.

36 RON SHUMAN-- This month's cover story is about the one-time Knoxville Nationals champ, who is still going fast, turning left and talking straight. He's just doing it a lot closer to home these days.

56 DOUBLE PLAY-- It's a question every sprint organization is wrestling with: full-size motors or360s? The NCRA responds with an intriguing question of its own: why not both?

70 A. J.’S SPRINT CAR-- Looking back in time at a classic.

80 SPRINT STORE-- When you first started driving on the street, you got a good used car. The same approach can let lots of people begin a racing career.

86 NON-WING FLIGHT-- Flipping big time.


64 THE FIRST RACING SAE CONFERENCE-- Engineers, race car drivers, engine builders and even NASCAR's Gary Nelson showed up to talk about what is going on, technically speaking, in auto racing.

74 WHAT TO WATCH FOR-- Deuce Turrill explains how to avoid some common mistakes that could spell the difference between going fast and going home.

MAY 1995


15 A KING IS CROWNED-- Andy Hillenburg and Steve Kinser take a wild spin, with Kinser getting crowned.

20 DOING IT ALL-- When it came time to pick a college, Blake Robertson chose the University of Calistoga.

28 SPEEDWAY 17-- In New Jersey, there's an indoor race track that runs year-round. Sound good? This sounds even better: for the price of a thrill ride, anyone can race there.

36 BILLY THE KID-- Sure, Billy Pauch has long dominated the dirt modified scene around his native New Jersey, but could he do the same in a World of Outlaws sprint car? He sure could.

56 THE CHILI BOWL-- This year's edition was extra spicy, thanks to Donnie Beechler.

66 THE DOCTOR IS OUT-- Dr. Tom Black took a trip Over the turn-two banking at Bloomington, but was uninjured and required none of the "Acute medical care" advertised on his race car.

68 REMEMBERING RACING'S PAST-- No one respects the sport's past like an old midget hand. Lou Fray, Nick Fornoro.

80 MILESTONE MACHINE-- Hank Henry built some revolutionary sprint cars during the '50s and '60s This may have been the first.


48 30 SECONDS OVER TDC-- Are magnetos the only way to fly? Karl Fredrickson looks at some alternatives.

74 HOOD SCOOPS-- Doug Gore gives you the scoop on increasing your horsepower for little or no money.

JUNE 1995


20 WRIGHT UP FRONT-- Gary Wright may be the most versatile racer in America. He's certainly among the most talented.

46 ROUND TWO-- Fred Stout re-creates the revenge of Jim Rathmann.

48 FLORIDA SPRINTS-- If the Florida openers were any indication, 1995 could be the most interesting sprint car season we've seen in years.

55 B OWLED OVER-- When Kevin Olson rolls past in an oversized, motorized bowling pin, people hardly give it a thought. But Stan Fox?

59 DICK FRAZIER-- We're saddened to report that Dick Frazier passed away as we went to press. Terry Reed's piece serves as a fitting commemoration.

72 INDY 500 PREVIEW-- Team Penske is again the favorite. But then, Indy has a way of surprising people. Here's an inside guide to handicapping the field.

84 MIDGETS IN JAPAN-- Considering that miniaturization has long been a Japanese specialty, what took them so long to discover midget racing?


14 INSIDER'S TECH-- Choke in a can, and other intriguing concepts.

36 A DIFFERENT DRUM-- If you thought Gary Stanton's Silver Crown car was something, wait till you see his sprinter.

JULY 1995


12 THE CICCONIAN APPROACH-- It may not have led to Indy, but it paved the way to dozens of short track victories-and some sensational stories.

36 JOEY SALDANA-- When your dad is Little Joe Saldana, you've got some big shoes to fill. Joey's doing the job.

56 JAN OPPERMAN UPDATE-- Once he was the ultimate sprint car free spirit. Now he's fighting to keep what little freedom he has left.

62 LOSE-LOSE-- Bentley Warren wants to go back to Oswego. Oswego wants Bentley back. So why isn't it happening?

72 ANOTHER MAN'S TREASURE-- If it involves racing, Stan Lobitz probably collects it.

80 WHAT IT'S LIKE-- We thought there was no way mere words could describe how it feels to drive a sprint car. Then Brad Doty wrote a story for Open Wheel.


27 SPRING AND SHOCK MOUNTING-- Where you put your springs and shocks can have a profound effect on their rates.

46 CROSS-RAM FUEL INJECTION-- A new multi-piece cross-flow fuel injector offers a broader torque band and increased horsepower for small block Chevys.

78 KEEPING UP WITH GARY-- Last month we told you about Gary Stanton's brand new sprinter. Now we have to do it again.



26 JIMMY REECE-- Of all the racers who died too soon, he might have been the best.

36 HE'S GOT A LIFE-- Nothing could keep Roger Horvath out of his sprint car. Not even a crippling motorcycle crash.

42 VOGLER & CHASSEY-- Has it really been fifteen years since their classic confrontation for the USAC sprint crown?

52 SALEM SPEEDWAY-- Terry Reed takes to the high hills. Part one of three.

56 PANKRATZ ON PARADE--A long and winding road put Wally where he is.


12 STRIPPED NAKED-- Doug Gore gets under the skin of Penske's winning race cars.

48 CARBON FIBER WHEELS-- They can save money by saving the car in a crash. They might also save the driver.

72 THE ESSLINGER MIDGET-- It takes ingenuity to win the USAC Western States midget crown. In other words, it takes an Esslinger.

82 THE BEALE SPRINTER-- For USAC's Rollie Beale, it was 1968 revisited.



11 THE HISTORY OF OPEN WHEEL-- It mirrors the history of the sport.

26 SOMETIMES IT WORKED-- Some technical innovations of the past fifteen years caught on and revolutionized the sport. Some didn't.

30 MADE IT-- Short-trackers who hit the big time.

32 SCREWBALL CARS-- A gallery of goofy racing machines.

34 THE BABES-- Check out these chassis.

36 DIED TRYING-- Some great racers have given their all during this magazine's lifetime. Open Wheel remembers.

39 THE WRECKS-- A decade and a half of spectacular spills.

46 A.J.FOYT-- The perfect image of an open wheel racer.


48 SALEM SPEEDWAY-- Lap two of Terry Reed's trip around the harrowing hills.

56 KNOXVILLE PREVIEW-- Bruce Ellis examines the most intriguing Nationals field in years.


65 PENSKE'S PROBLEMS-- Doug Gore breaks down the breakdown at Indianapolis.

72 THE INDY 500-- Jacques be nimble, Jacques be quick.

84 THE LITTLE 500-- Bentley's back on good terms with Lady Luck.



14 BOBBY GRIM-- A champion's parting reminiscence.

20 HE'S BACK-- Bruce Ellis chronicles the monumental effort that put Steve Kinser back in a winning sprint car a month after his Cup deal collapsed.

28 SALEM SPEEDWAY-- Terry Reed wraps up his series on Salem's checkered history.

36 TEN YEARS AFTER-- Kevin Eckert remembers The Year of the Wolf.

46 CHAPMAN SPECIAL-- It was special indeed.

54 ENCOURAGING WORD-- Father Dale Grubba reflects on his visit with Stan Fox.

60 THE BEST OF SAMMY-- In this fifteenth-anniversary feature, OW recalls some of Sammy Swindell's most memorable remarks through the years.

72 RITE OF PASSAGE-- For young Ryan Archambault, mini sprints mean maximum enjoyment.

78 TOO HOT TO HANDLE-- Follow the bouncing Baue.

80 AUTO RACING HEAVEN-- Finally, a mall that race fans can enjoy.


43 DOWN FORCE & CLUTTER--Your wing is only as effective as its mounting hardware.

48 HOW SHOCKS ARE MADE-- For the-definitive answer, Doug Gore visited Carrera's Dick Anderson.

63 TUNING TWO-- A well-tuned engine is a compromise, as French Grimes explains in part two of his continuing series.



14 READERS' RACERS-- Our readers get to show their stuff in a new Open Wheel department.

16 TRIPLE UPSET--A trio of tip-overs.

18 STEVE AND SAMMY-- A sampling of what these two intense rivals have had to say about each other over the years. Another OW fifteenth anniversary feature.

20 W E L L-TR AV E L E D WATSON-- This former glory. classic roadster started out as an Indy car and later was raced as a modified. Jack Layton restored it to its

26 DANNY YOUNG-- This charging sprint star lost his life at Knoxville.

36 GLEN NIEBEL-- Time and circumstance have turned him into one of the toughest warriors in USAC sprint car racing.

48 JOE JAMES !-- In his day, James was the top of the heap. Had he survived, he may well have been a multi-time Indy 500 winner.

56 OHIO SPRINT SPEEDWEEK '95-- Dale Blaney didn't win any races, but he took home the title.

70 GETTING BUSTED-- The cops greeted this year's California Speedweek contestants with a different kind of tech inspection.

72 DAVE BLANEY-- We'd like to tell you he's one of the best drivers in the business, but we wouldn't want to embarrass him.

81 ARMOND HOLLEY-- Once a top winner in supermodified racing, today finds this colorful character still on the gas.


30 TIRE BLEEDERS-- Do they work? Yes. Do they do what you think they do? Probably not.

44 NIEBEL'S NEW ONE-- If Glen Niebel's latest sprint car works as well as his last one, the competition will be chasing it for the next seventeen years.


63 M I DGET MOTOR MAGIC-- What do you get when you cross a Chevy with a Ford? A Fevy? A Chord? Try a Fontana.

68 TRACKSIDE WELDING-- The race track is where you'll most likely receive a haphazard welding repair-and where you can least afford it.



12 LUCKY ROOKIE-- In racing, "lucky" is a relative term.

14 DRINAN'S DILEMMA-- Danny Drinan sees himself as a hard charger. USAC sees him as a rough rider. That difference of opinion has cost Drinan dearly.

22 JIM TRAVERS-- Few have contributed as much to so many winning racers as the man whose last name makes up the first half of "TRACO". Finally, the story of Jim Travers.

36 STEVE KINSER-- Our fifteenth-anniversary celebration of the King's accomplishments could include a couple more now.

64 JOE JAMES II-- In part two, Terry Reed examines the death--and celebrates the life--- of a champion.

79 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE-- We sure hope Santa is a race fan.


44 THE KNOXVILLE NATIONALS-- Number eleven was special.

56 THE HISTORICAL BIG ONE-- Steve Kinser made it historical indeed.

72 BELLEVILLE MIDGET NATIONALS--Not even a monsoon could sink Billy Boat.


39 SHUT-OFFS AND DRY-BREAKS-- The last thing you want is to add fuel to the fire.

52 MATERIALS SELECTION-- How to reach the best compromise among light weight, low cost and high strength.

83 BROKEN AXLES-- Faulty welding can have deadly consequences.



12 ROBBY GORDON-- His personality is as in-your- face as his driving style. And isn't that just what CART needs?

28 JIM TRAVERS II-- From Vuky to Penske, he had a remarkable ride.

38 TED JOHNSON-- He not only put sprint car racing on the map, he put it all over the map.

46 QUICK STOP-- Joey Kerr encounters Eldora's concrete.

54 THE WOLFGANG TRIAL-- The $1.2 million verdict is in, but the jury's still out on what it means to racing. Here's a rundown of what did--and didn't---happen in the courtroom, along with reactions from the major players.

72 JACK HEWITT-- We close out our run of fifteenth-anniversary features with a retrospective on the most consistently colorful character ever to appear in our pages.

81 THE LITTLEST OFFY-- Bob Havemann builds quarter-scale Offy replicas that are faithful to the tiniest detail.


22 JUST PLAIN THUNDER-- The All Stars met the NCRA in a six-race" Thunder Through the Plains" series.

36 OUTLAWS IN CALIFORNIA-- Hillenburg repeated at the Gold Cup; Kinser won number 400.


48 ENGINEERING WINS-- Can a college education help you in sprint car racing? To a degree.

65 WALKER RACING-- Take a tour of Derrick Walker's state-of-the-art Indy car shop.

80 INSIDER'S TECH-- Rubbers for shocks.

83 RAM TUBES-- Their size and shape determines their effectiveness.



24 SYRACUSE SPRINTS—The remarkable has become routine for Steve Kinser.

32 RANDY TOLSMA—USAC’S got themselves one hot Idaho potato.

40 MEET MIKE MOSLEY—Up and coming racer Michael Dean Mosley II helps us get to know his mysterious father.

49 P.J. JONES—Parnelli’s boy has paid his dues and is ready to make a name for himself.

59 RIDE OF A LIFETIME—Elsewhere in this issue, Doug Gore stresses the importance of proper welding. Our editor knows all about it.

72 CARY ON…--As an approach the IRL inaugural, Cary Agajanian explains why he feels America’s Indy car racers need a league of their own.

80 ULTIMATE IMPACT-Dennis Chitwood’s driving career started at Port Royal. It also stopped there –very abruptly.


12 DYER ROAD—How do Walt Dyer and Lance Dewease stay ahead of the competition in central Pennsylvania?

46 FRONT AXLE REPAIR—Butt welding is a great way to save a bent axle, but only if you do the job right.

53 NON-DESTRUCTIVE TESTING—It’s the cracks you can’t see that cause the biggest problems. Here’s how to find them.

82 FIRE BOTTLE INSTALLATION—The best extinguisher in the world is no good if you can’t get to it.

MARCH 1996


12 TRIPLE CROWN--Tony Stewart shocked the racing world by winning the USAC Silver Crown, Sprint and Midget championships in the same season, nothing he does from here will shock anyone.

28 A MATTER OF SURVIVAL--After decades of stunted growth, quarter midget racing may be on the verge of a revolution.

52 PHIL KRUEGER--His top ten run at Indy in 1988 was remarkable. His return to the sport following his 1989 crash was even more so.

58 ED AND JANE--Midget racing has never met a more devoted couple.

64 OPEN WHEEL Q&A--Bert Emick tells us what’s up with his All Star Circuit Of Champions.

72 DAVE BLANEY—The Buckley Bullet set his sights on the 1995 WoO Championship, and his aim was true.

74 YOUTH WILL BE SERVED-- The young and the young at heart shone brightly at the Outlaw Mini Nationals.




42 TAKING A LEAK TEST--Won’t you rather leak down then tear down?

45 U-JOINT GEOMETRY--Many racer are still in the dark ages when it comes to this thirteenth-century technology.

APRIL 1996


32 LONE STAR J.R.--Don’t ever try to tell Johnny Rutherford that Indy car racing can live without Indianapolis.

44 OUTLAW SCHOOL--Did Steve and Sammy start out this way?

62 THE FLYING CASSELLAS--When in doubt dial 911.

68 THE ORIGINAL UNSER--From Pikes Peak to racing pinnicle, Indianapolis , Little Al’s dad did it all.

80 ROLL’EM OUT—How do sprint cars from different eras match up? We rolled three of them out of the National Sprint Car Hall Of Fame and onto Knoxville raceway to see.


14 THE BARNES OIL PUMP--After 30 years of building pumps, John Barns has come up with a real dandy.

24 RAIDERS OF THE LOST CAR--Indiana Jones had nothing on the Pennsylvania Pletchers.

46 CLUTCH INSTALLATION--Maybe fewer open-wheeler would object to clutches and starters if they knew how to install them properly.

54 THE 20 CAR--Grant King restores one of his historic creations.

MAY 1996


48 UPSIDE DUNN-- Steve Dunn went head over heels for sprint car racing.

72 OPEN WHEEL Q&A-- Rick Ferkel gives us a traveler's advisory.


20 THE CHILI BOWL-- After a three-year fast, Sammy Swindell had a taste for chili.

36 THE MICKYARD 200-- A couple of Indy car rookies had an inaugural ball at Walt Disney World.

56 THE COPPER WORLD-- Bauer, Boat and Bliss were fastest at Phoenix.


12 MOPAR SPRINT-- Detroit has a lot riding on the Gary Stanton/Randy Hannagan Outlaw outfit.

26 ROD ENDS-- The aerospace industry's loss has been racing's gain.

64 TECHNICAL TIDBITS-- Materials selection and other matters.

JUNE 1996


12 INDY PREVIEW-- The Indianapolis 500, always a hard event to handicap, has outdone itself for 1996. But Bob Gates gets the job done anyhow.

20 INDY DO & SEE-- Hot spots to spend your cold cash around Indianapolis.

30 THE FIRST 30 SECONDS-- The start of the Indy 500 can be the most exciting 30 seconds in sports. It can also be a half-minute of hell.

43 OPEN WHEEL Q&A-- Tony George and Andrew Craig may not be speaking to each other, but both spoke to Bones Bourcier.

59 REST IN PEACE, ROGER-- Remembering Roger Holdeman .

60 TED HORN-- Open Wheel legend John Sawyer profiles open wheel legend Ted Horn. The first of two parts.

79 FLORIDA SPRINTS-- The '96 season opened with more cars and more race dates than ever before.


72 SUPER LITE-- How does a newcomer with limited money and experience break into supermodified racing? Richard Sewell may have the answer.


JULY 1996


26 JOIE RAY-- He wanted to be judged on his racing, not his race.

52 IRL CHANGES-- The IRL refines its rules as it looks to the future.

56 HANDYMAN--Supermodifieds are one of the last bastions of do-it-yourself racing. So they're perfect for a guy like Vic Miller.

66 KOKOMO KALAMITY-- The annual USAC sprint meet at Kokomo is coming up. Remember what went down-and up-last season?

68 TED HORN II-- He was as meticulous as he was superstitious--except on the last day of his life.

80 WALKING IS NICE,BUT... Micro sprint racer Jimmy Brookens lost the use of his legs, but not his will to win.


20 MINI SPRINT BUILDUP-- You don't need a lot of time, tools or expertise to build a Bailey.

38 ALUMINUM WHEELS--Not all lightweight wheels are created equal. Consider all the options, then decide which is right for you.

83 DRIVER RESTRAINTS--When it comes to preventing head injuries, little things can makes a big difference. safety



12 NEVER SAY NEVER--The Danny Lasoski saga

24 THE LADY WINS--Sue Spencer isn’t just another woman behind the wheel, she’s a winner

32 HITTING HOME--You need the best safety equipment and insurance every time you hit the track. Because it could happen to you.

36 INDY CAR JOBS--They say war creates jobs. It’s certainly worked out that way in Indy car racing.

46 THE HILLS--Artist Ralph Steele re-creates last seasons thrilling USAC sprint finale.

56 HOOKER HOOD--The Tennessee Tornado is still twisting the wheel and winning races.

73 SPRINT CAR HEAVEN--The new Perris Auto Speedway is heaven on earth. No, make that heaven on clay.

78 LEROY WARRINER--He reached the brink of disaster at Winchester, the brink of stardom at Indy.


48 WINGS AND THINGS--Now that our Bailey Mini Sprint is out of the box, let’s see what it’s made of.

66 STALLARD MICRO--Mark Stallard has hit it big by building quality Micro-Sprints.



12 INDY 500--The Indy Racing League celebrated its Independence Day with plenty of fireworks.

28 OUTLAWS IN PA--The Posse couldn’t keep up.

41 KNOXVILLE PREVIEW--Will a Kinser win again, or one of the over due underdogs break through.

47 LITTLE 500--It took nerves of Steele to win this one.

57 KNOXVILLE SEE & DO--There’s so much going on at the Nationals, our "Top Ten" See and do list has eleven items.

63 OUT OF THE WOODWORK--This years IRL sanctioned Indy 500 attracted quite a cast.

66 U.S. 500--Was Jimmy Vasser’s victory a new chapter in Indy car history or merely a footnote.


51 BUILT FROM SCRAP--When John Greenhalgh set out to build his first race car, he drew a plan on a piece of plywood. Now he’s got a beautiful Micro-sprint-and a barn door to boot.

80 SUB-ASSEMBLY REQUIRED--In the third installment of the Bailey build up, the big picture begins to emerge.



12 COOL SPONSOR--Thanks to Frigidaire, Dean Jacobs’ sprint car career got a fresh start.

20 MEMPHIS BOBBY--Bobby Davis Jr. And his plain red rig just keep rolling down the highway, steady as the Mississippi.

51 IN A FLASH--Tracy Hines was prepared for the worst at Richmond, and that’s just what he got.

54 OPPERMAN AT THE TOP--In an excerpt from Harvey Shapiro’s new book, Where Eagles fly, Jan Opperman’s former teammates recall his best season.

64 DRINAN’S WILD ONE--Vivid images of Danny Drinan’s Indy crash.

72 PAPPY REMEMBERED--Midget racing never had a bigger booster than Pappy Hough.

73 ROOKIE INITIATION--One run in a Port Royal sprint car gave Joe Ilg a new attitude, not to mention attitude.

76 EARL HALAQUIST--The earl of Sydney once reigned in the URC.


34 INDY CAR TELEMETRY--Data acquisition systems reveal exactly what’s wrong with the car-and the driver.

44 WHAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN--Bruce Moore remembers the in-line Ford that might have revolutionized midget racing.

66 BAILEY BUILD-UP--In our forth installment, the Bailey mini sprint gets ready to roll.



12 DOWN TO EARTH--Our cover story. Kalitta

24 ANDY MICHNER--Saying no to Indy.

52 JOHN MENARD--Who is this guy who’s all over the news papers every May.

72 POLLITICALLY CORRECT--A couple of rival midget clubs try a radical new approach to resolving their differences. ARDC, NEMA

81 DELMAR ROARS AGAIN--USAC’S Silver Crown series concludes with an old fashioned revival meeting.


14 HISTORICAL BIG ONE--There were plenty of surprises. The winner wasn’t one of them. Mark Kinser at Eldora.

28 OHIO SPINT SPEEDWEEK--Frankie Kerr chose an All Star sprint over a Silver Crown ride. Good call as it turned out.

36 360 NATIONALS--Drama suspense, intense competition….We must be at Knoxville.


46 BAILEY BUILD-UP—We take our hat off to engine builder Rick Stetson.

64 OLDS AURORA—Oldsmobile hopes their new engine will power them all the way to victory lane at Indy.



60 WHIGHT LIGHTNING—An excerpt from No Time For Yesterday, John Sawyer’s powerful new book on the late Rich Vogler.


14 KNOXVILLE NATIONALS--Mark kept Kerrs promise.

32 OSWEGO CLASSIC--Doug Didero auditions for the IRL.

73 CALIFORNIA SPEEDWEEK--It was every McMahan for himself.


28 ALL FOGGED UP--Fog City clears up cloudy face shields.

46 BAILEY BUILD-UP--Motor man Rick Stetson turns his attention on the top end.

51 DIRECT DRIVE TIMING--Some special technology is in order when setting timing on direct drive race cars.

54 DIRECT DRIVE VALVES---Simple technology for setting valve lash in race cars that use push trucks.


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