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thomas2 #51 Kevin Thomas kicks the rear end out, dirt-tracking it to stay ahead of #3F Tony Elliot and #77 Chet Fillip at PIR 4-19-98 Silver Crown Race 31k
yeleypir J.J. Yeley negotiates turn two on the high-speed 1-mile PIR oval 4-19-98 24k
armstron Early in the 25-mile USAC feature, #21 Brian Tyler uses the low line through turn two to move around #99 Brad Armstrong. That's Billy Puterbaugh, Jr. in the #7 car at PIR 4-19-98 33k
steele3 The running order after only a handful of laps run had #2 David Steele leading #99 Brad Armstrong, #21 Brian Tyler, and #7 Billy Puterbaugh, Jr. at PIR 4-19-98. 32k
brownsta The initial start of the 25-lap Stoops Freightliner feature had pole-sitter #33 Rick Brown dirt-tracking through turn two in front of the entire field. at PIR 4-19-98 36k
hanna5 Randy Hannagan dominated action on Calistoga's Famed 1/2 mile scoring the win on Sunday 5/24 after a 2nd place run on Saturday 5/23/98. 56k
stoga1 (30) Johney Rodriguez (29) Bud Kaeding and (14) Jason Meyers race three wide in turn 2 during Sunday's Main event at Calistoga 5/24/98 55k
stoga3 In heat race action there was a 4 car crash involving Randy Tiner, Steve Kent, Jason York and Reno Nev. racer Mike Monahan. Kent and Tiner fixed their cars but York and Monahan were done for the night. Here Steve Kent and Monahan flip. All drivers were uninjured. Calistoga 5/24/98 57k
stoga4 (10)Steve Kent and (25) Jason York tested Calistoga's new concrete wall in turn 1-2 at Calistoga 5/24/98 56k
stoga5 Jason Statler races his DF Rios construction sponsored Maxim at Calistoga 5/23/98 57k
stoga6 Rodger Crockett drives the Henderson 7n in turn 3 of the 1/2 mile oval at Calistoga 5/23/98 59k
stoga7 (01) Paul McMahan and (00) Jason Statler race wheel to wheel in turn 2 at Calistoga 5/24/98 55k
stoga8 Reno Nevada racer Mike Monahan got involved as Kent continues to flip at Calistoga 5/24/98 57k
antioch1 Sterling Pratz took the win in BCRA's Midget opener at Antioch Speedway 4-11-98. 61k
bcra3 Brian Baker completed this series of flips, when he drifted high in turn 1 at Antioch 4-11-98. 60k
bcra4 Photo #2 of Brian Baker's flip at Antioch 4-11-98. 54k
bcra5 Photo #3 of Brian Baker's flip at Antioch 4-11-98. 54k
bcra7 Main Event winner Sterling Pratz races three wide in turn 1 at Antioch 4-11-98. 60k
bcra8 1997 BCRA Champions (64)Terry Tarditi and (1)Floyd Alvis try to pass (7) Chuck West race three wide for position on the 1/4 mile oval at Antioch 4-11-98. 52k
bcra9 Matt Streeter drove his TCR/Esslinger #14 at Antioch 4-11-98. 56k
bcra2 #25 Nick Geranio passes #9 Brian Baker during heat race action at Antioch 4-11-98. 65k
bcra11 #7X Jack Walker and #7 Chuck West race for position during the main event at Antioch 4-11-98. 53k
bcra6 Matt Streeter and his team mate race side by side at Antioch 4-11-98. 55k
bcra14 Terry Tarditi set fast time in the T&T Trucking Ellis/Esslinger at Antioch 4-11-98. 65k
elnbrgr Brian Ellenberger at Tri-City Speedway 103k
jacobs92 Dean Jacobs at Tri-City Speedway 86k
jacobs94 Kenny Jacobs at Tri-City Speedway 116k
lynch21 Ed Lynch Jr. at Tri-City Speedway 76k
rankin77 Craig Rankin at Tri-City Speedway 107k
fastfred Fred Rahmer's dominating win over the WoO Stars on 5-30-98 at Lincoln Speedway. 51k
gordon90 Jeff Gordon at Belleville 1990 39k
berryhill Aaron Berryhill wins in Tulsa OK... Look closely he's running just on his right rear! 31k
sjnarc7041 Brent Kaeding and Randy Hannagan race for the $5000 win in the final laps at San Jose Speedway 7-4-98 50k
bmeli The late Bob Meli at Ascot. He is hooking out of turn two, very low on the track. This was the preferred line during one of the rare day races. 55k
haud Jac "Wild Child" Haudenschild at Lincoln Speedway. 48k
narc6282 Washington racer Kasey Kahne and Bud Kaeding race for position during the main event at Watsonville Narc Speedweek #1 6-28-98 52k
dude Danny "The Dude" Lasoski at Lincoln Speedway. 1998 Knoxville Nationals Champion. 62k
dblaney Dale Blaney at Lincoln Speedway. 1998 Historical Big One Winner. 53k
cdeselle Chad DeSelle at Hale's Corners 1998 85k
bkday082 #2M Brent Kaeding raced closely with #88W Ronnie Day during heat race action at San Jose Speedway 8-28-98. 35k
blaney20 Dale Blaney steers the Amoco sponsored #93 car at San Jose Speedway 8-28-98. 35k
blanshaf #93 Dale Blaney uses the low side to challenge #11H Tim Shaffer at San Jose Speedway 8-28-98. 40k
lasoski2 Danny "The Dude" Lasoski pilots Dennis Roth's Beef Packers car #83 at San Jose Speedway 8-28-98. 33k
murphy08 Peter Murphy backs Morrie Williams #0 Maxim into turn one at San Jose Speedway 8-28-98. 28k
pmcmsamm #75 Paul McMahan runs side-by-side with #1 Sammy Swindell during heat race action at San Jose Speedway 8-28-98. 36k
sammy082 Sammy Swindell shows his winning form at San Jose Speedway 8-28-98. 34k
sammscha #1 Sammy Swindell and #15 Donnie Schatz battle early in Friday nights prelim at San Jose Speedway 8-28-98. 34k
sammtrop Sammy Swindell celebrates his 20-lap prelim feature victory with his son and Bud Girl Denise at San Jose Speedway 8-28-98. 36k
schatz20 Donnie Schatz made a strong showing, finishing in the top three both nights at San Jose Speedway 8-28-98. 30k
shaffer2 Tim Shaffer in Dave Helm's Vivarin sponsored #11H at San Jose Speedway 8-28-98. 31k
ssmith20 Stevie Smith qualifies the Ingersol Rand sponsored #19 at San Jose Speedway 8-28-98. 30k
shelton Ricky Shelton at the 1998 Pepsi Nationals at Angel Park, Sun Prarie Wisconsin 60k
hann1003 Randy Hannagan hot-laps the American Tool & Manufacturing #26 USAC Silver Crown car in preview to the Silver Crown 100 at San Jose 10-3-98. 32k
hafu1003 This image is indicative of the action during the feature: two cars running together so closely, they look like one! #1X Randy Hannagan lifts the front end while racing with #2F Brad Furr heading down the back straight at San Jose 10-3-98 40k
edamador #76 Ed Amador Sr. at Merced Speedway 1998 - Renegade 360 Sprints 24k
1z Billy Pauch at Lincoln Speedway 1998. 57k
59881 Steve Seigel & Todd Shaffer at Lincoln Speedway 1998 47k
888 Sean Michael & Dan Dietrich at Lincoln Speedway 1998. 60k
apple12 Tim Shaffer at Lincoln Speedway 1998. 52k
freddy Fred Rahmer at Lincoln Speedway 1998. 77k
rahcarr Fred Rahmer #88 & Jimmy Carr #83 driving for the Beef Packers Team at the Cotton Classic at Hanford 11-14-98 60k
daleb2 Dale Blaney at Lincoln Speedway - 1998 WoO Rookie of the Year. 63k
hannagan Randy Hannagan in Australia 1998/99. 35k
haud98 Jac Haudenschild 1998 23k
markam #77 Mark Amador at Merced Speedway 1998 - Renegade 360 Sprints 19k
dnowatny #3 Dennis Nowatny at Merced Speedway 3rd in points 1998 - Renegade 360 Sprints and Rookie of the Year. 22k
mpyle #57Mitch Pyle 1998 - Renegade 360 Sprints Champion 16k
sjspan Panoramic shot of San Jose Speedway 41k
hann Randy Hannagan in Australia 1998/99. 39k
randy Randy "The Hurricane" Hannagan, San jose, April 25,1998 with the now-illegal "tail fin"...The 1998 Golden State Challenge "King of California" and 1998 US/Austrialia Challenge Champion. 100k
sammy3 Sammy Swindell at Terre Haute 1998 55k
sjs2 Aireal View of the Old San Jose Speedway from the 1970's. 203k
irp Satelite Photo of Indianapolis Raceway Park 50k
volusia Satelite Photo of Volusia Speedway Park in Florida 40k

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