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                        Gene Marderness' Blast from the past ...

                                 "Photos from Yesteryear"

All photos in this section have been contributed by Gene Marderness.  If you would like to purchase any of these photos, please contact Gene via email at Mardgs@aol.com  Also, if you are looking for auto parts for your car, you may want to check out places like PartsGeek as they have a selection of discount auto parts that may fit your needs updated 4-30-13

Danny Smith Danny Smith at Volusia 1980 Dave Blaney 1984
Don Mack 1978 Gary Patterson Jack Haudenschild 1982
Jeff Gordon 1988 Karl Busson at Eldora 1977 Kenny Jacobs at St. Augustine, FL 1994
Lealand McSpadden Mark Kinser 1986 Pancho Carter 1977
Rollie Beale at Eldora 1977 Sammy Swindell 1978 Sammy Swindell at East Bay 1979
Shane Carson 1979 Sheldon Kinser at Eldora 1977 Steve Kinser 1978
Brad Doty Doug Wolfgang Jan Opperman
Jeff Gordon Ken Schrader Sammy Swindell
TJ Giddings Toby Tobias First WoO Banquet 1978 Kneeling (left to right) Bobby Marshall, Shane Carson.  Standing (left to right) Rick Nichols, Dub May, Bobby Allen, Steve Kinser, Ted Johnson, Danny Smith, Johnny Beaber, Rick Ferkel, Sammy Swindell, Lee Osborn & Don Mack
Paul Pitzer Bob Frey 1978 Bobby Allen 1983
Bobby Davis Jr. 1990 Dub May 1980 Smokey Snellbaker 1978
Steve Kinser 1984 Tim Green 1984 Tom Corbin 1978
Bobby Allen 1985 Bobby Davis Jr. 1984 Steve Kinser, Sammy Swindell & Rick Ferkel at Eastbay 1980
Keith Kauffman at Eastbay 1980 Lee Osborn 1984 Sammy Swindell at Eldora 1980

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Billy Boat 1985 Greg Staab Jac Haudenschild 1990
Jack Hewitt at I-70 Craig Keel 1985 Frankie Kerr 1985
Steve Kinser 1984 Fred Linder 1985 Van May 1985
Brad Noffsinger

Lee Osborne 1984

Roger Rager
Sammy Swindell 1990 Ron Shuman Danny Smith at Williams Grove 1983
Robert Smith Tony Stewart 1992 Jeff Swindell 1978
Mike Ward 1985 Al Unser Jr & Sr. Al Unser Jr. at Devil's Bowl 19890
Al Unser Jr. at Koxville 1980 Al Unser Jr. 1980 Sport Allen
Johnny Beaber at Devils Bowl 1980 Rick Ferkel at Devils Bowl 1980 Sarah Fisher at East Bay 1997
Joe Gaerte 1990 Terry Gray 1980 Andy Hillenburg 1990
Greg Hodnett at St. Augustine FL 1994 Kenny Jacobs 1994 Rusty McClure 1992
Ron Shuman at Devils Bowl 1980 Sammy Swindell at Devils Bowl 1980 Rick Ungar 1980
Tony Weyant 1990 Al Hager at Florida State Farigrounds 1982 Al Liskai at the 1981 Knoxville Nationals
Al Liskai at Knoxville 1981 Bob Kinser at Florida State Fairgrounds 1982 Bob Kinser 1982
Bob Kinser at Terre Haute 1981 Eddie Leavitt at Reading 1978 Gary Bettenhausen 1982
Gary Irvin at Terre Haute 1981 Kelly Kinser 1982 Rich Vogler at Goldengate 1983
Rick Nichols 1982 Shane Carson at Florida State Fairgrounds 1982 Al Hager at East Bay 1982
Bob Geldner at East Bay 1981 Bob Kinser & Ricky Hood at at East Bay 1981 Doug Wolfgang at East Bay 1981
Eddie Leavitt 1981 Gary Wright at East Bay 1981 Jimmy Sills at East Bay 1981
Lee James at East Bay 1981 Pepe Marchese at Eldora 1981 Richard Lupo at East Bay 1981
Ron Fisher at East Bay 1981 Ron Shuman at East Bay 1981 Rusty McClure at Eldora 1981
Jack Hewitt 1981 Allen Bar 1984 Brent Kaeding 1992
Dave Bradway Jr. 1985 Greg Wooley 1981 Jac Haudenshild 1989
Larry Clark at Eldora 1981 Rich Vogler 1989 Ricky Hood at Eastbay 1984
Shane Murphy 1992 Skip Wilson 1992 Stan Butler 1985
Steve Kinser 1989 Van May at East Bay 1981 Steve Beitler at Knoxville 1991
Bobby Allen at Knoxville 1991 Cris Eash at Knoxville 1991 Johnny Herrera at Knoxville 1991
Jimmy Sills at Knoxville 1991 Mark Kinser at Knoxville 1991 Joey Kuhn at Knoxville 1991
Danny Lasoski at Knoxville 1991 Paul Lotier at Knoxville 1991 Terry Shepard at Knoxville 1991
Danny Smith at Knoxville 1991 Stevie Smith at Knoxville 1991  

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Bobby   Marshall at East Bay 1982 Brad "Hollywood" Heywood 1993 Danny Smith Springfield Mile 1982
Dave Blaney at Jacksonville 1983 Jack Hewitt at Lanier 1985 Jan Opperman 1977
Jeff Swindell 1985 Jimmy Horton 1983 Lance Blevins 1983
Stan Fox 1992 Ted Lee 1987 Tim Green at Lanier 1985
Robbie Unser at Knoxville 1985 Lance Dewease at Volousia 1997 Tommy Dickson 1975
Jack Haudenschild at Volousia 1995 Keith Kauffman at Volousia 1995 Bob & Steve Kinser 1988
Bob Kinser at Eastbay 1978 Bob Kinser 1978 Teryy McCarl at Volousia 1995
Brian Schnee at Eastbay 1997 Todd Shaffer at Volousia 1995 Gary Wright at Volousia 1995
1981 World of Outlaws Banquet at the Apollo Beach Motel pictured from Left to Right: Tedd Johnson, Doug Wolfgang, Lee James, Steve Kinser & Stacey Johnson Rich Bubak at Knoxville 1992 Cris Eash 1988
Rocky Hodges at East Bay 1990 Donnie Kreitz Jr. 1988 Danny Lasoski at Topeka 1992
Fred Rahmer at Knoxville 1992 Rob Hart Joey Saldana at Knxoville 1992
Robbie Stanley at East Bay 1990 Al Winker at East Bay 1990 Darrell Dodd at East Bay 1990
Brad Noffisnger at Manzanita 1987 Charlie Swartz at Volusia 1986 Danny Lasoski at Volusia 1986
Eddie Wirth at Manzanita 1987 Greg Staab at Manzanita 1987 Jac Haudenschild 1986
Joe Gaerte at Volusia 1986 Joe Roe at Volusia 1986 Jon Barger at 1989 Knoxville Nationals
Kelly Kinser at Volusia 1986 Kenny Haynes at East Bay 1986 Kenny Jacobs at East Bay 1986
Kenny McCarl at 1989 Kxoxville Nationals Mark Wilson at 1989 Knoxville Nationals Maynard Yingst at Volusia 1986
Mike Herbert at Volusia 1986 Mike Twedt at 1989 Knoxville Nationals Todd Kane at Volusia 1986
Robby Nervo at East Bay 1986 Steve Breazeale at 1989 Knoxville Nationals Steve Kinser at 1989 Knoxville Nationals
Tim Green at Volusia 1986 Rip Williams at Manzanita 1987 Bobby Davis Jr. 1986
Bruce Moore at the 1989 Knoxville Nationals Bubby Jones 1978 Doug Wolfgang 1986
Gary Wright at Volusia 1986 Gordy Vogelaar 1989 Jan Opperman & Steve Kinser
Sammy Swindell at Manzanita 1987 Sammy Swindell at Eldora 1980 Tim Green at East Bay 1981

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