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Allstars at St. Francois County Speedway 4-3-04

View of the Midway View of the Midway View of turn 1 from the flagstand
View of turn 2 from the flagstand View of turn 2 & back straight from the flagstand View of the back straight 1 from the flagstand
View of the back straight & turn 3 from the flagstand View of turns 3 & 4rom the flagstand View of the front straight & turn 4 from the flagstand
View of the Press Box from the flagstand View of front entrance View of front entrance
View of front entrance View of front entrance View of the back straight
Diagonal view from turn 2 over to turn 4 View of main grandstands View of turn 2
View of main grandstands & Press Box View of back straight & turn 2 View of the pits
SFC Push Vehicles View of back straight Diagonal view from turn 3 over to turn 1
View of grandstands from turn 3 Fuel sales area in the pits Back straight seating
View of turns 3 & 4 View of flagstand and center of track  
View of the Midway View of turns 1 & 2 View of turns 1 & 2
View of Flagstand & center of track View of Flagstand & center of track View of turn 3
View of turns 3 & 4 View of center of track & turns 3 & 4 Overhead view of the Midway
SFC Parking lot - One way in, One way Out! Diagonal view from turn 1 over to turn 3 Diagonal view from turn 1 over to turn 3
View of turns 1 & 2 Pit gate entracne View from the bottom of the grandstands



Barry Ruble Greg Wilson Marshal Skaggs
Danny Smith Eddie Lynch Jim Moughan
Tommy Worley Jr. Ricky Logan Terry Babb
Jason Hunt Colin Northway Daniel Adler
Kent Buckley Rob Crabdree Jimmy Hurley
Allstars Pace Truck Allstars 2 seat Sprint Car Phil Gressman
Phil Gressman Kelly Kinser Tim Hunter
Paul Patterson Lance Gullo Jesse Gianetto
Jon Agan Dale Blaney Brock Mayes
Jerrod Hull Terry McCarl View of the pits
Chad Kemenah Jimmy Brayton View of the pits
Phil Gressman Kenny Hambrick Kear's Speedshop Sales
Steve Short View of the pits View of the pits
Danny Smith Bob Thoman Bryan Matthews
Timmy Moss Joey Montgomery Hoosier Tire Sales
Tubby Black Shane Wade Derek O'Dell
Ryan Coniam View of the pits Paul May
View of the pits View of the pits View of the pits
Jay Landolt Jason Keith Mark Siciliano
View of the pits Jeremy Campbell Jeremy Campbell
Steve Short Tommy Worley Jr. Lance Gullo
Timmy Moss Marshall Skaggs Kent Buckley
Barry Ruble Ricky Logan Tim Montgomery
Colin Northway Daniel Adler Danny Smith
Jimmy Hurley Daniel Adler & Joey Montgomery Bob Thoman
Jason Hunt Terry Babb Shane Wade
Eddie Lynch Bob Thoman Kelly Kinser
Terry McCarl Tim Hunter Jon Agan
Dale Blaney Ryan Coniam Paul May
Ryan Coniam Brock Mayes Joey Landolt
Mark Siciliano Jose Gianetto Justin Zoch interviews feature Chad Kemenah
Chad Kemenah and team in Victory Lane Chad Kemenah and team in Victory Lane

Results by Bill Wright

46 cars

Kelly Kinser (8th car out to time) set quick time over the field with a lap of 12.434 seconds. Dale Blaney (10th car out) was second quick, followed by Ricky Logan (16th), Paul May (37th because of transponder issue), Phil Gressman (2nd), Danny Smith (17th), Terry McCarl (39th), Tim Montgomery (22nd), Jeremy Campbell (25th because of transponder issue) and Chad Kemenah (35th). A stiff wind was blowing from the north drying the track in a hurry.

Heat one (started): 1. Campbell 10c (4) 2. Jim Moughan Jr. 59 (2) 3. Brock Mayes 11B (1) 4. Kinser 4K (6) 5. Colin Northway 60 (3) / 6. Tim Hunter 2 (8) 7. Bryan Matthews 98x (7) 8. Eddie Lynch 29 (9) 9. Gressman 98 (5) 10. Daniel Adler 50 (10) 11. Bob Thoman 27 (11) 12. Kent Buckley 1* (12)

Mayes took the early lead, but Campbell grabbed it from him on lap two, leaving the field behind. Moughan got by Mayes for second on the last circuit. Gressman was running sixth and challenging for a transfer when he made contact with the wall and fell back late in the 8 lapper. Buckley was competing in his first 410 start.

Heat two (started): 1. Alex Shanks 55B (2) 2. Kemenah 15K (4) 3. Blaney 72 (6) 4. Joey Montgomery 21c (3) 5. Rob Crabtree 55 (1) / 6. Jason Keith 28 (8) 7. Jon Agan 4J (10) 8. Smith 4 (5) 9. Paul Patterson 87 (7) 10. Jimmy Hurley 35 (9) 11. Mark Siciliano 86 (11) 12. Jimmy Brayton Jr. 3 (12)

Shanks took the lead at the drop of the green and pulled away for the win. Smith was running sixth, one spot out of a transfer on lap four, when he performed a 360 spin. He recovered for eighth. Keith, coming off a flip the night before in Peducah, KY came within an eyelash of grabbing the last transfer.

Heat three (started): 1. Terry Babb 88 (1) 2. Bill Rose 6 (2) 3. Logan 17G (6) 4. McCarl 24 (5) 5. Tommy Worley Jr. 56 (4) / 6. Jay Landolt 21s (3) 7. Ryan Coniam 70 (7) 8. Lance Gullo 3x (9) 9. Shane Wade 69er (10) 10. Marshal Skaggs 606 (11) 11. Timmy Moss 29T (8)

Babb led the duration. Moss exited on lap two after making contact with another car and breaking something in the front end. The lap two incident resulted in a restart with Babb leading Rose, Worley, Logan and McCarl. McCarl made a last ditch effort to get by Logan that fell a few feet short.

Heat four (started): 1. Jesse Giannetto D1 (1) 2. Greg Wilson 63 (3) 3. Jerrod Hull 12 (4) 4. Steve Short 8 (2) 5. Curtis Boyer 72x (7) / 6. Derek O'Dell 11D (10) 7. T. Montgomery 32 (5) 8. Barry Ruble 63R (11) 9. May 71m (6) 10. Kenny Hambrick 8K (8) 11. Jason Hunt 19 (9)

Giannetto led flag to flag. May was running in the last transfer spot on lap four when he spun, collecting T. Montgomery who won last year's All Star show at Farmington. Both restarted at the rear. Hunt was running fifth, but spun in turn four on the final circuit, surrendering the spot to Boyer who was using a 360 powerplant. O'Dell was competing in his first career 410 start. The car claimed second in last year's Mopar Million when it was driven by Stevie Smith.

C main (started): 1. Agan (2) 2. Adler (1) 3. Wade (3) 4. Buckley (9) / 5. Brayton (8) 6. O'Dell (4) 7. Ruble (6) 8. Skaggs (7) 9. Thoman (5) DNS - Siciliano

O'Dell spun bringing out caution on lap three. Ruble also spun to avoid. Thoman spun on the white flag lap while riding third and in a transfer spot. Agan led the distance.

Dash (started): 1. Campbell (2) 2. Kemenah (1) 3. Blaney (3) 4. Kinser (4)

Kemenah grabbed the early lead, but Campbell took it from him on the third circuit and held on in some good racing action.

B main (started): 1. May (1) 2. Smith (3) 3. T. Montgomery (4) 4. Gressman (2) / 5. Matthews (6) 6. Keith (10) 7. Patterson (7) 8. Landolt (5) 9. Hurley (14) 10. Hunter (9) 11. Lynch (13) 12. Moss (11) 13. Hunt (16) ....

May led throughout the 12 lapper. Gullo spun on lap two and collected Coniam. Both restarted at the tail. Lynch brought out another caution on lap five with a spin. The restart saw May leading Smith, Gressman, T. Montgomery and Matthews. A lap later, Wade spun. Keith moved up well but had four passes negated by yellow flags thwarting a chance at a transfer.

A main (started): 1. Kemenah (1) 2. Blaney (5) 3. McCarl (3) 4. Logan (4) 5. Hull (12) 6. Smith (9) 7. Wilson (15) 8. T. Montgomery (10) 9. Kinser (6) 10. Gressman (8) 11. Rose (18) 12. Babb (22) 13. J. Montgomery (14) 14. Shanks (17) 15. Short (19) 16. Boyer (24) 17. May (7) 18. Campbell (2) 19. Mayes (20) 20. Giannetto (23) 21. Moughan (16) 22. Northway (13) 23. Worley (11) 24. Crabtree (21)

Before a lap could be completed, Crabtree spun in turn three. The restart saw Gressman and Kinser tangle. The latter collected Mayes in the fray, while Gressman continued. Kinser and Mayes restarted at the tail. T. Montgomery also lost the use of his front wing in the tangle. Kemenah grabbed the lead for two laps before J. Montgomery spun bringing out another caution. Meanwhile, Moughan visited the work area. The restart saw Kemenah leading Campbell, McCarl, Blaney and Logan. Blaney made a surge on the restart, overtaking Campbell and McCarl before Crabtree came to a rest in turn two on lap nine. He went pitside. The restart saw Kemenah leading Blaney, Campbell, McCarl and Logan. Rubber was developing and a carousel formed around the lower part of the race track. On lap 30, Campbell tried to make something happen, got high in turns one and two and spun. He was able to recover without a caution, but four laps later made contact with May taking both out of contention and to the tail. The last six laps of the 40 lapper were uneventful as Kemenah claimed his first All Stars win of the season. Worley dropped out on lap 20, Northway did the same on lap 34. Moughan exited on lap 35 after stopping on the track. Giannetto went pitside on lap 37.

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