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44th Annual Knoxville Nationals at Knoxville Raceway

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30th Nationals Race Queen Contest

August 10, 2004 - Photos by Kathy Bell

2003 Queen Patricia Mock passes torch to 2004 Nationals Queen & Miss Congenialtiy Kearah Droud & 1st Runner-Up Katie Schroeder 2004 Queens Court - (L) 2nd Runner-up - Tina Marie Church, (C) Queen- Kearah Droud & 1st Runner-Up - Katie Schroeder

Nationals Event Trophies

  • Contest Coordinator Kathy Visser

  • Master of Ceremonies Tony Bokhoven

  • 2003 Queen Patricia Mock

  • Judges - Val Nelson, Pat Jones, Melissa Reinke, Don De Kock, Jon Agan & David Hesmer

  • Assistants - Karen Merrell, Mahala Cox, Christi Woodruff, Joanne Cram, Vicki Agan, Barb O'Brien, Kelley Ussery & Kristi Konda

2004 Contestants

Krista K Hunt, Pleasantville IA, Shanie George, Prairie City, IA, Jennifer Seals, Reasoner, IA, Sara Stewart, Runnells, IA, Tina Marie Church, Lincoln, MO, Tona Rae Van Schorach, Lancaster, KS, Katie Schroeder, Moundridge, KS, Ashley Zimmerman, Milan, IL, Lacy Kolpin, Baxter, IA, Emily Annett, Des Moines, IA, Gerri Anne Cressman, Hartford, SD, Brittney Strickland, Lee's Summit, MO, Augusta Binder, El Paso, TX, Michelle Andrea Breeding, Las Cruces, NM, Stephanie Boyd, Tracy, IA, Tessa Wyzard, Williamsville, IL, Kathy Moore, Marshall, MO, Kearah Droud, Lincoln, NE

2003 Nationals Photos

Wednesday Qualifiers

Brian Brown Jason Solwold Joey Saldana's Hauler
Jeremy Campbell Billy Alley Joey Saldana
Joey Saldana Roger Rager Lucas Wolfe
Mike Reike View of the pits Brandon Wimmer
Brandon Wimmer Greg Hodnett's Hauler Greg Hodnett
Kevin Frey Sammy Swindell Sasmmy Swindell
Mike Reinke Chad Hill Sammy Swindell
Josh Higday Gary Wright Shane Stewart
Dale Blaney Dale Blaney Fred Rahmer
Danny Smith Danny Smith Randy Hannagan
Loren Langerud Tim Kaeding's Beefpackers Hauler Fred Rahmer
Mike Lutz Tim Kaeding Tim Kaeding's car & hauler
Infield Venders Steve Kinser's Hauler Steve Kinser
Brent Matus Greg Hodnett Colin Northway
View of the pits Roger Crockett Ralph Spithaler
Roger Crockett View of the pits View of the pits
Ed Lynch Jr. Greg Jones Chad Meyer
Danny Wood Danny Wood's Butlerbuilt Seat Chad Kemenah
View of the pits Phil Gressman Phil Gressman
Travis Whitney Travis Whitney Travis Whitney's Butlerbuilt seat
View of the pits Donny Schatz Mark Smith
Chad Kemenah Mark Smith Mark Smith
Tech Inspection area Danny Wood View of the pits
Craig Dollansky Craig Dollansky Jaymie Moyle
Mike Kertscher Roger Crockett's hauler Jerry Brey
Bill Rose Brooke Tatnell Tim Kaeding
Craig Dollansky's hauler Calvin Landis Chuck Swenson
Lance Dewease Lance Dewease Lance Dewease's Butlerbuilt seat
Chris Walraven Lance Dewease's car & hauler Tim Shaffer
Work'n Woody Bob Bennett Jason Johnson
View of the pits View of the pits John Sernett
Bobby Mincer Ryan Anderson View of the pits
Jerrel Slinkard Ty Bartz Ty Bartz
Jeff Johnson Shane Stewart Shane Stewart
Jason Sides Brent Antill View of the pits
Overhead view of the pits Overhead view of the pits Overhead view of the pits
Overhead view of the pits Overhead view of the pits Drivers Meeting
Drivers Meeting View of turns 3 & 4 Center of infield
Center of infield & Hall of Fame Center of infield & Hall of Fame View of turns 1 & 2
Center of infield Victory Lane & Center of infield Brent Antill
Jaymie Moyle Roger Crockett Dale Blaney
Jason Sides Billy Alley Joey Saldana
Roger Crockett & Mike Kertscher Billy Alley Cars ready to push off
Jason Sides Roger Crockett Travis Rilat
Mike Kertscher & Bob Bennett Danny Smith Jason Johnson
Fred Rahmer Ed Lynch Jr. Mike Lutz
Craig Dollansky Brian Brown Danny Wood
Cars ready to push off Mark Smith Tim Kaeding
Donny Schatz Loren Langerud Jason Solwold
Chad Kemenah Bobby Mincer John Sernett
Matt Moro Ryan Anderson Matt Moro
Randy Hannagan Cars ready to push off Steve Kinser
Calvin Landis & Lance Dewease Tim Shaffer Jeff Johnson & Sammy Swindell
Lance Dewease Aarron Berryhill Steve Kinser
Sammy Swindell Ty Bartz Calvin Landis
Cars ready to push off Cars ready for hot laps Shane Stewart
Gary Wright Brooke Tatnell Gary Wright
Greg Hodnett Colin Northway Josh Higday
Bill Rose Sunset over Knoxville Tim Kaeding attempts donuts in turn 1 after victory
Tim Kaeding in Victory Lane Tim Kaeding in Victory Lane Tim Kaeding in Victory Lane
Tim Kaeding in Victory Lane Racetrackr Photo Tim Kaeding in Victory Lane Racetracker Photo

The top 3 from Wed. night. were Tim Kaeding with the win , Donny Schatz in 2nd and Chad Meyer in third while Sammy Swindell  won the nonwing Invitational -  Doug Johnson Photos


Mike Campbell Photos

Tim Kaeding in Victory Lane Tim Kaeding in Victory Lane Tim Kaeding in Victory Lane
Tim Kaeding in Victory Lane with Nationals Queens Tim Kaeding with his crew in Victory Lane Tim Kaeding in Victory Lane

Rich Zimmerman Non-Wing Challenge

Charles Davis Ricky Gaunt Sammy Swindell
Levi Jones Matt Westfall Zach Chappell
Zach Chappell Damion Gardner Jon Stanbrough
View of the pits Cory Kruseman Cory Kruseman
Jessee Hockett Jac Haudenschild Dickie Gaines
JJ Yeley View of the pits View of the pits
Dave Darland View of the pits Cars ready to go
Cars ready to go Start of Rich Zimmerman Non-Wing Challenge Sammy Swindell in Victory Lane Racetracker Photo

Sammy swindell picked up the win in the non-wing invitational on Wed. night of the Knoxville Nationals - Doug Johnson Photo


Mike Campbell Photos

Jac Haudenschild Jesse Hockett Sammy Swindell

Wednesday Results Courtesy of Bill Wright

Knoxville Raceway

Knoxville Nationals Night #1

63 cars
14 non-wing

Gary Wright suffered hot lap difficulties by dropping a valve. He was a scratch. Jerry Brey got a lap in before melting his powerplant for the night. Ty Bartz lost his front left wheel, but came back for a timed lap at the end of time trials. Qualifications looked like this:

1. Craig Dollansky 7 15.359 (18th car out to time) 2. Jason Sides 7s 15.401 (2nd car out) 3. Fred Rahmer 88H 15.412 (24th) 4. Brent Antill 1J 15.438 (4th) 5. Joey Saldana 2 15.443 (12th) 6. Ed Lynch Jr. 2L 15.454 (17th) 7. Chad Kemenah 15K 15.471 (28th) 8. Dale Blaney 72 15.495 (1st) 9. Billy Alley 22 15.499 (13th) 10. Brian Brown 21B 15.518 (20th) 11. Jason Johnson 50D 15.520 (16th) 12. Jeremy Campbell 10c 15.615 (19th) 13. Lucas Wolfe 5w 15.632 (8th) 14. Randy Hannagan 1x 15.632 (29th) 15. Donny Schatz 15 15.636 (27th) 16. Chris Walraven 56 15.640 (56th) 17. Jaymie Moyle 1s 15.646 (11th) 18. Mike Kertscher 80K 15.667 (3rd) 19. Greg Hodnett 12 15.679 (55th) 20. Loren Langerud 56L 15.715 (32nd) 21. Aaron Berryhill 97 15.724 (43rd) 22. Matt Moro 47 15.735 (38th) 23. Tim Kaeding 83JR 15.739 (39th) 24. Sammy Swindell 1 15.747 (46th) 25. Chad Meyer 1w 15.756 (23rd) 26. Mark Smith 1z 15.758 (33rd) 27. Calvin Landis 70 15.763 (44th) 28. Roger Rager 6R 15.771 (10th) 29. Brandon Wimmer 7TW 15.773 (5th) 30. Steve Kinser 11 15.780 (51st) 31. Roger Crockett 11c 15.798 (9th) 32. Travis Whitney 9T 15.802 (37th) 33. Colin Northway 60 15.830 (57th) 34. Mike Reinke 02 15.840 (7th) 35. Phil Gressman 70x 15.890 (36th) 36. Jason Solwold R19 15.900 (31st) 37. John Sernett 91 15.903 (30th) 38. Lance Dewease 77 15.928 (49th) 39. Tim Shaffer 6 15.941 (50th) 40. Shane Stewart 4m 15.955 (62nd) 41. Ryan Anderson 71R 15.966 (35th) 42. Ralph Spithaler Jr. 56x 15.995 (6th) 43. Danny Smith 4 15.995 (26th) 44. Bob Bennett 3 15.998 (14th) 45. Danny Wood 35A 16.003 (25th) 46. Kevin Frey 2K 16.009 (52nd) 47. Travis Rilat 29 16.021 (15th) 48. Chad Hill 44 16.051 (48th) 49. Brooke Tatnell 66 16.107 (58th) 50. Josh Higday 24J 16.251 (54th) 51. Bobby Mincer 15x 16.263 (34th) 52. Mike Lutz 98 16.302 (22nd) 53. Jeff Johnson 11J 16.353 (42nd) 54. CJ Johnson 44J 16.353 (53rd) 55. Jerrel Slinkard 15s 16.391 (41st) 56. Stevie Walsh 20s 16.579 (59th) 57. Bill Rose 6B 16.571 (61st) 58. Chuck Swenson X 16.654 (45th) 59. Greg Jones 35 16.881 (21st) 60. Ty Bartz 75AC 17.116 (40th) 61. Brent Matus 33 17.611 (47th) 62. Jerry Brey 17.667 (60th) NT - Gary Wright 9G

The top fifty qualifiers are put into five totally inverted heats. The remaining cars race the non-qualifiers heat, with the top eight tagging the tail of the C.

Non-qualifiers heat (started): 1. Rose (7) 2. Lutz (2) 3. Mincer (1) 4. Je. Johnson (3) 5. Slinkard (5) 6. Swenson (8) 7. Jones (9) 8. Matus (11) / 9. Bartz (10) 10. CJ Johnson (4) 11. Walsh (6) DNS - Brey, Wright

The first try at green resulted in Walsh getting together with CJ Johnson and flipping hard down the backstretch. Both were uninjured. Once underway, Mincer took the early advantage. Rose used the bottom side to his advantage and began to pick towards the front. The last lap was the site of Rose's pass for the lead over Mincer, while Lutz followed him in the last corner.

Heat one (started): 1. Frey (1) 2. Solwold (3) 3. Crockett (4) 4. Berryhill (6) / 5. Ja. Johnson (8) 6. Dollansky (10) 7. M. Smith (5) 8. Lynch (9) / 9. Ry. Anderson (2) 10. Walraven (7)

First four to A, next four to B, last two to C. Frey led flag to flag. Dollansky and M. Smith spent a ton of time battling and that seemed to slow them from challenging for transfer spots in the ten lapper, though the track was a fast one. Solwold was coming at the end but couldn't overtake Frey.

Heat two (started): 1. Landis (5) 2. Kemenah (9) 3. Spithaler (2) 4. Whitney (4) / 5. Rilat (1) 6. Sides (10) 7. Moro (6) 8. Campbell (8) / 9. Sernett (3) 10. Moyle (7)

Sernett took the early lead from the front row starters. Landis was on the move and took the point on lap four. Moyle had moved up to sixth before exiting on lap five. Kemenah was the story of this one. Despite a slow start, he picked it up and diced to second using a last lap pass of Spithaler.

Heat three (started): 1. D. Smith (2) 2. Dewease (3) 3. Kaeding (6) 4. Rahmer (10) / 5. Wolfe (8) 6. Blaney (9) 7. Hill (1) 8. Kertscher (7) / 9. Rager (5) 10. Northway (4)

Smith led flag to flag. Rahmer was the man on the move and benefited from Moyle's smoking exit on lap six. Kertscher got by Rager in the last corner saving himself a trip to the C.

Heat four (started): 1. Shaffer (3) 2. Tatnell (1) 3. Hodnett (7) 4. Hannagan (8) / 5. Alley (9) 6. Reinke (4) 7. Antill (10) 8. Wimmer (5) / 9. Swindell (6) 10. Bennett (2)

Tatnell jumped to the point when the green fell. Bennett run in the top five ended when he smacked the wall and rolled on the frontstretch. He was done for the night. The restart saw Tatnell leading Shaffer, Reinke, a surging Swindell and Hannagan. Shaffer overtook Tatnell for the lead on lap five, but Swindell would not be denied. Using the entire track and outfoxing both Tatnell and Shaffer, he took the lead on lap seven. His bid came to an end with broken rear end gears on lap eight. Shaffer inherited the lead and never looked back. Hodnett came late and looked strong in grabbing third. Tatnell fought back and was nipped at the line by the winner.

Heat five (started): 1. Meyer (6) 2. Wood (2) 3. Stewart (3) 4. Schatz (8) / 5. S. Kinser (5) 6. Brown (9) 7. Langerud (7) 8. Higday (1) / 9. Gressman (4) 10. Saldana (10)

Wood led early. Saldana got a good stat from the back and was challenging S. Kinser early. Contact between the two led to a shower of sparks in turn two as the battle waged on. Saldana would find the wall, ending his night on lap seven. Wood led Meyer, Stewart, Schatz and S. Kinser back to the green flag. The battle that ensued between Schatz and Kinser for the final transfer the last two laps was for the ages. Both would not give an inch. A final slide job by Kinser was countered by Schatz in the last corner and Donny garnered the last transfer. Meyer's winning pass came on lap eight.

C main (started): 1. Swindell (4) 2. Walraven (2) / 3. Northway (6) 4. Sernett (8) 5. Gressman (5) 6. Ry. Anderson (7) 7. Lutz (10) 8. Rose (9) 9. Je. Johnson (12) 10. Mincer (11) 11. Slinkard (13) 12. Swenson (14) 13. Jones (15) 14. Matus (16) 15. Rager (3) 16. Moyle (1) DNS - 17. Saldana 18. Bennett

Walraven gave his early lead to Swindell, who checked out on lap three in the mostly single-file affair.

B main (started): 1. Sides (2) 2. Dollansky (1) 3. Antill (3) 4. S. Kinser (16) / 5. Alley (6) 6. Lynch (4) 7. Brown (7) 8. Blaney (5) 9. M. Smith (14) 10. Langerud (12) 11. Kertscher (11) 12. Wolfe (10) 13. Wimmer (13) 14. Higday (20) 15. Campbell (9) 16. Rilat (18) 17. Hill (17) 18. Walraven (21) 19. Swindell (19) 20. Ja. Johnson (8) 21. Reinke (15) DNS - 22. Moro

Sides led the duration in the stacked 12 lapper. When is the last time you saw S. Kinser and Swindell in the same B main? Swindell was moving through the field when he stopped on lap six, bringing out a caution and retiring for the night. The caution benefited S. Kinser who was running seventh at the time. On the 11th lap of 12, Alley went low to try a line under Antill allowing S. Kinser, who was running fifth, to close. Kinser made his pass for the transfer in turn one on the last lap. Alley retaliated with a slider through three and four, but Kinser ducked back under to transfer and complete a nice run.

A main (started): 1. Kaeding (2) 2. Schatz (5) 3. Meyer (1) 4. Hodnett (4) 5. Shaffer (14) 6. Kemenah (7) 7. Rahmer (8) 8. Tatnell (20) 9. Stewart (15) 10. Hannagan (6) 11. Dollansky (22) 12. Dewease (13) 13. Landis (9) 14. Antill (23) 15. Sides (21) 16. Solwold (12) 17. D. Smith (17) 18. Berryhill (3) 19. Crockett (10) 20. Wood (18) 21. Whitney (11) 22. Spithaler (16) 23. Frey (19) 24. S. Kinser (24)

Meyer took the early advantage, while the "King" was charging. S. Kinser passed thirteen cars by lap four when the motor went up in smoke bringing out a caution and ending his night. Meyer led Kaeding, Schatz, Hodnett and Berryhill back to Doug Clark's green in the 20 lapper. Only one more lap could be completed before Frey came to a stop and retired. Crockett made a visit to the work area under caution. Lap six saw another stoppage when Whitney made contact with another machine, bicycled and somehow stayed off his lid. A change of the left rear tire put him back on the track. Schatz was still running third and put a slider on runner-up Kaeding on the restart. Kaeding worked under Schatz, masterfully passing him back and doing a good bit of driving. He managed to catch Meyer, who had got over the cushion, and passed him on lap thirteen. He held on the final seven laps for his third career Knoxville triumph. Shaffer was on the move late, settling for fifth, while the hard-charger was Tatnell, moving forward 12 spots. Meyer's run was particularly impressive considering he has struggled all year.

Richard Zimmerman Non-wing Challenge (started): 1. Sammy Swindell 11 (1) 2. Matt Westfall 54 (2) 3. Levi Jones 2B (5) 4. Zach Chappell 50z (8) 5. Dave Darland 2 (6) 6. Damion Gardner 50 (11) 7. J.J. Yeley 75 (13) 8. Jac Haudenschild 5 (4) 9. Jon Stanbrough 10 (7) 10. Jesse Hockett 75J (9) 11. Cory Kruseman 21 (3) 12. Dickie Gaines 70 (10) 13. Rickie Gaunt 2A (12) 14. Charles Davis Jr. 8A (14)

The top ten finishers from Tuesday's Ultimate Challenge were inverted and four provisionals were added in the race with a $17,000+ purse. Swindell earned $5000 by putting the field away in the non-stop 14 lap affair. The race was mostly a single-file affair, with the exceptions being a few sliders by Gardner and the low riding Yeley moving up six spots.

Thursday Qualifiers

esse Gianetto Mike Benson Erin Crocker
Eric Crocker Daryn Pittman Larry Pinegar
Tim Hunter Matt Wazmund Matt Wazmund
Brian Carlson Brian Carlson Clint Garner
Kelly Kinser Jeff Shepard Seth Brahmer
Randy Martin Randy Martin Peter Attard
Cameron Dodson Spare Gaerte Motor Daryn Pittman
Manny Rockhold Cody Branchcomb Rager Phillips
Mark Kinser Joe Butera Ricky Logan
Jason Meyers Zach Chappell Mark Toews
Dean Jacobs Mark Toews Stepen Allard
Stephen Allard Jerrod Hull Marty Perovich
Kenny Jacobs Tyler Houseman Kenny Jacobs Hauler
Kraig Kinser Troy Little Rob Chaney's Bultlerbuilt Seat
Rob Chaney Troy Little Kraig Kinser
Terry McCarl Johnny Anderson Kim Mock
Kim Mock John Lambertz John VanDenBerg
View of the pits Wayne Johnson Jac Haudenschild
Lynton Jeffrey Jeff Mitrisin Blake Feese
View of the pits Kerry Madsen Mark Hurd
Andy McKisson Wayne Johnson Mug View of the pits
Jesse Hockett Brian Paulus Paul McMahan
View of the pits View of the pits Travis Cram
View of the pits Dennis Moore Jr's Hauler Dennis Moore Jr.
Gary Lee Maier View of the pits Curtis Boyer
John Agan Jeff Mitrisin Sean Walden
Blake Feese Ricky Stenhouse Jr. Ricky Stenhouse Jr's Butlerbuilt seat
Danny Lasoski Jim Moughhan Terry McCarl
View of the pits Rob Tvedte Jerrod Hull
Max Dumesny View of the pits Gary Lee Maier
Danny Lasoski Mike Moore Skip Jackson
Brian Paulus Wayne Mojeski Overhead view of the pits
Overhead view of the pits Overhead view of the pits Overhead view of the pits
Overhead view of the pits Driver's meeting Driver's meeting
View of victory lane stage & Hall of Fame View of turns 1 & 2 KNIA-KRLS radio staff Derrick Cardwell, Randy Shives & Chuck Beadles
View of turns 3 & 4 View of center of track Jesse Hockett
Paul McMahan Brian Paulus Mark Kinser
Jesse Gianetto Jesse Hockett Tim St. Arnold
Travis Cram Rob Chaney Kenny Jacobs
Rob Chaney Mark Kinser Cars ready to push off
Wayne Mojeski Kenny Jacobs Dennis Moore Jr.
Kenny Jacobs Jason Meyers Randy Martin
Dennis Moore Jr. Mary Perovich Max Dumesny
Wayne Johnson Jerrod Hull Kenny Jacobs
Jerrod Hull Cars ready to push off Jeff Shepard
Jac Haudenschild Curtis Boyer Gary Lee Maier
Dean Jacobs Lynton Jeffrey Kelly Kinser
Clint Garner Mark Toews Jeff Mitrisin
Cars ready to push off Kelly Kinser Danny Lasoski
Ricky Stenhouse Jr. Matt Wazmund Blake Feese
Zach Chappell Kim Mock Jon Agan & Larry Pinegar
Brian Carlson Johnny Anderson Danny Lasoski
Daryn Pittman Erin Crocker Kerry Madsen
Ricky Logan Terry McCarl Manny Rockhold
Jim Moughan John VanDenBerg Erin Crocker
Danny Lasoski in Victory Lane Thursday Night Racetracker Photo

Mike Campbell Photos

Danny Lasoski & Kraig Kinser Danny Lasoski in Victory Lane Top 3: Danny Lasoski, Terry McCarl & Jason Meyers

Thursday Results Courtesy of Bill Wright

Knoxville Nationals Night #2

66 cars

Ricky Logan suffered motor problems and did not get a qualifying lap in. Curtis Boyer spun and recorded only one lap. Tyler Houseman blew his motor after one lap was in the books. Mike Benson recorded the tenth fastest time, but scratched after time trials. As is usually the norm, drawing a low number in qualfications on Thursday was an advantage, with the exception being Terry McCarl. Time trials went this way:

1. Paul McMahan 11h 15.300 (1st car out to time) 2. Mark Kinser 83 15.346 (4th car out) 3. Kraig Kinser 11K 15.350 (9th) 4. Jesse Hockett 75 15.366 (6th) 5. Terry McCarl 24 15.444 (60th) 6. Wayne Johnson 14AJ 15.462 (22nd) 7. Kenny Jacobs 22J 15.513 (16th) 8. Danny Lasoski 20 15.530 (48th) 9. Jeff Mitrisin 17G 15.550 (39th) 10. Mike Benson 77x 15.572 (18th) 11. Troy Little 20AU 15.621 (10th) 12. Dean Jacobs 51 15.621 (30th) 13. Brian Paulus 28 15.625 (2nd) 14. Jason Meyers 14 15.625 (17th) 15. John VanDenBerg v10 15.632 (55th) 16. Jeff Shepard 8 15.643 (34th) 17. Clint Garner 40 15.645 (28th) 18. Randy Martin 14m 15.661 (24th) 19. Dennis Moore Jr. 0 15.690 (25th) 20. Rob Chaney 9x 15.697 (8th) 21. Kerry Madsen 55 15.699 (54th) 22. Travis Cram 92 15.764 (7th) 23. Max Dumesny 83m 15.768 (26th) 24. Erin Crocker 16 15.769 (62nd) 25. John Lambertz 12J 15.789 (53rd) 26. Tim St. Arnold 8s 15.793 (13th) 27. Jac Haudenschild 5 15.797 (35th) 28. Skip Jackson 2AU 15.813 (65th) 29. Mark Toews 5T 15.813 (31st) 30. Lynton Jeffrey 10 15.814 (36th) 31. Garry Lee Maier 11x 15.820 (27th) 32. Stephen Allard 18A 15.825 (32nd) 33. Blake Feese 12x 15.827 (43rd) 34. Rager Phillips 9 15.834 (3rd) 35. Jerrod Hull 12H 15.849 (20th) 36. Brian Carlson 18 15.853 (42nd) 37. Kelly Kinser 4K 15.862 (29th) 38. Tim Hunter 2H 15.864 (51st) 39. Marty Perovich 17AU 15.886 (19th) 40. Jesse Giannetto D1 15.898 (12th) 41. Manny Rockhold 02x 15.907 (61st) 42. Peter Attard 17H 15.917 (23rd) 43. Larry Pinegar II 1A 15.954 (52nd) 44. Daryn Pittman 21 15.987 (57th) 45. Jon Agan 4J 15.998 (40th) 46. Matt Wasmund 4w 16.042 (49th) 47. Ricky Stenhouse Jr. 40R 16.065 (44th) 48. Kim Mock 1m 16.088 (46th) 49. Wayne Modjeski 77m 16.123 (15th) 50. Mike Moore 69 16.207 (50th) 51. Seth Brahmer 13 16.218 (37th) 52. Cameron Dodson 37 16.241 (56th) 53. Cody Branchcomb 94 16.268 (64th) 54. Zach Chappell 50z 16.286 (45th) 55. Curtis Boyer 72x 16.298 (38th) 56. Johnny Anderson 7a 16.320 (47th) 57. Rob Tvedte 11w 16.421 (11th) 58. Eric Vanderploeg 24v 16.516 (58th) 59. Sean Walden 14s 16.702 (41st) 60. Jim Moughan Jr. 59 16.803 (59th) 61. Andy McKisson 0x 16.902 (21st) 62. Mark Hurd 44m 17.034 (63rd) 63. Robert Bell 71 18.609 (33rd) 64. Tyler Houseman 50 18.985 (14th) 65. Joe Butera 33m 19.644 (5th) 66. Ricky Logan 7x NT

Last Chance Heat (started): 1. Dodson (2) 2. Chappell (4) 3. Boyer (5) 4. Vanderploeg (8) 5. Tvedte (7) 6. Branchcomb (3) 7. J. Anderson (6) 8. Brahmer (1) / 9. Moughan (10) 10. McKisson (11) 11. Bell (13) 12. Hurd (12) 13. Butera (14) 14. Walden (9) DNS - Houseman, Logan

Those timing out of the top 50 run the last chance heat. The top eight finishers tagged the tail of the C. Dodson led falg to flag. Walden went pitside after making contact with the wall on lap two. Brahmer got sideways on the first lap, but managed to hang on to the eighth and final transfer over Moughan.

Heat one (started): 1. Rockhold (2) 2. Shepard (7) 3. W. Johnson (9) 4. St. Arnold (5) / 5. Wasmund (1) 6. Maier (4) 7. Madsen (6) 8. Carlson (3) / 9. Little (8) 10. McMahan (10)

The first lap saw a surge from the back. When W. Johnson ducked under Little in turn three on the first try at green, Little moved up the speedway into a surging McMahan who launched over the 20AU's right rear. McMahan got serious air and was taken to the hospital and transferred to Des Moines for observation though he was talking to the rescue crew. Rockhold led the distance, but it was a race of attrition in the end. Carlson exited after coming to a stop on lap two. Madsen was running fifth when he retired with motor problems on lap six. Under the caution, Maier, who was running second, went pitside with throttle problems. The remaining five cars battled it out, but Rockhold kept the lead in the end.

Heat two (started): 1. Stenhouse (1) 2. Attard (2) 3. K. Jacobs (9) 4. Ke. Kinser (3) / 5. Allard (4) 6. Cram (6) 7. D. Jacobs (8) 8. M. Kinser (10) / 9. Garner (7) 10. Haudenschild (5)

16 year old Stenhouse did a great job running away with this one. K. Jacobs was the man on the move, using the low side of the speedway to move forward six spots in the non-stop ten lapper.

Heat three (started): 1. Lasoski (9) 2. Feese (4) 3. Jackson (5) 4. Kr. Kinser (10) / 5. Dumesny (6) 6. Pinegar (2) 7. Mock (1) 8. Paulus (8) / 9. Hunter (3) 10. Martin (7)

Feese passed Mock on lap two for the lead before Paulus spun into the wall collecting Hunter, who banged hard into Paulus, and Martin, who retired for the night after heavy damage from the turn three wall. All retired to the pits. The lap three restart saw Feese leading Mock, Pinegar, Jackson and Lasoski. Lasoski put on a charge but didn't capture the point until Feese searched low in three and four on the last lap, giving him an opportunity in the last corner. Kr. Kinser also moved up nicely for the final transfer.

Heat four (started): 1. Pittman (2) 2. Meyers (8) 3. Crocker (6) 4. Hockett (10) / 5. D. Moore (7) 6. Phillips (4) 7. Mitrisin (9) 8. Perovich (3) / 9. Modjeski (1) 10. Toews (5)

Pittman led flag to flag. Toews brought out the only caution of the event when he suffered motor ills on lap seven. 16 year old Phillips was running an impressive fifth at the time in his first 410 outing. Hockett continued his good fortunes with a strong run as well.

Heat five (started): 1. Agan (2) 2. Giannetto (3) 3. McCarl (10) 4. VanDenBerg (8) / 5. Jeffrey (5) 6. Hull (4) 7. Chaney (7) 8. M. Moore (1) / 9. Lambertz (6) DNS - Benson (9)

Agan checked out on the field from the beginning. All eyes were on McCarl's impressive dicing through the field. He passed an equally impressive VanDenBerg with two to go.

C main (started): 1. Garner (2) 2. Haudenschild (3) / 3. Chappell (10) 4. Little (1) 5. Lambertz (4) 6. Dodson (5) 7. Vanderploeg (12) 8. Boyer (7) 9. Toews (6) 10. Branchcomb (14) 11. J. Anderson (11) 12. Modjeski (8) 13. Brahmer (13) 14. Tvedte (9)

Garner checked out on the rest in the non-stop 10 lapper. Haudenschild gained the final B main transfer with a lap six pass of Little. Chappell was coming on strong at the end, but ran out of time.

B main (started): 1. M. Kinser (1) 2. Mitrisin (2) 3. Madsen (7) 4. Paulus (4) / 5. D. Moore (5) 6. D. Jacobs (3) 7. Chaney (6) 8. Cram (8) 9. Dumesny (9) 10. Jeffrey (10) 11. Hull (14) 12. Allard (12) 13. Maier (11) 14. Perovich (16) 15. Pinegar (15) 16. Phillips (13) 17. Mock (17) 18. Wasmund (18) 19. M. Moore (20) 20. Garner (19) 21. Haudenschild (21) DNS - 22. Carlson

M. Kinser led Mitrisin for the duration, but there was wild stuff going on behind them. Mock spun on lap six. At the time, M. Kinser led Mitrisin, D. Jacobs, Paulus and D. Moore. Only one lap got in the books before Haudenschild got into a slowing Garner and flipped hard down the frontstretch. The "Wild Child" and Garner were o.k. but done for the night. One more lap was complete before M. Moore spun in turn three. The lap eight (of 12) restart saw M. Kinser leading Mitrisin, Paulus, D. Jacobs and a surging Madsen. Madsen burned the cushion to get around D. Jacobs and set his sights on Paulus after receiving a wicked slide job from D. Moore that did not work, but certainly got his blood boiling. M. Kinser held on, with the top four tagging the tail of the A main.

A main (started): 1. Lasoski (3) 2. Meyers (2) 3. McCarl (6) 4. K. Jacobs (4) 5. VanDenBerg (1) 6. Hockett (7) 7. Shepard (9) 8. Feese (13) 9. Madsen (23) 10. M. Kinser (21) 11. Pittman (18) 12. Crocker (10) 13. Paulus (24) 14. W. Johnson (5) 15. Jackson (12) 16. Mitrisin (22) 17. Giannetto (15) 18. Ke. Kinser (14) 19. Rockhold (16) 20. Agan (19) 21. Attard (17) 22. Stenhouse (20) 23. Kr. Kinser (8) 24. St. Arnold (11)

Before a lap could be completed, W. Johnson performed a 360 amidst the field. The incident saw St. Arnold caught flying over W. Johnson's right rear and upside down. He was done, but W. Johnson continued with a badly damaged top wing. The yellow negated a great start by McCarl, who had moved around Lasoski into third place. The complete restart saw Meyers get out to a good lead over VanDenBerg. Lasoski tracked Meyers down in heavy traffic on lap fourteen, and led the last six to pad his all-time feature wins lead at Knoxville. McCarl ran a steady race and got by Lasoski briefly at the mid-way point, but settled for a podium finish. Solid runs by VanDenBerg and Hockett set them firmly in the A lineup on Saturday as well. The hard-charger was Madsen, moving forward 14 spots.

Unoffical Points:

A Scramblers:

1. Lasoski 486
2. McCarl 482
3. K. Jacobs 476
4. Hockett 475
5. Rahmer 475
6. Kemenah 475
7. Meyers 469
8. Dollansky 465
9. Schatz 461
10. M. Kinser 459


Friday Trophies View of the pits Victory Lane & Hall of Famme
Center of track View of the pits View of the pits
View of the pits View of the pits View of the pits
Mike Kertscher & Kim Mock Center of track View of turns 1 & 2
View of turns 3 & 4 Push trucks ready to go Turn 2 & Hall of Fame
Peter Attard John Lambertz Eric Vanderploeg
Larry Pinegar Jeff Johnson Kim Mock
Jerrel Slinkard & Ricky Stenhouse Jr. John Sernett Brian Carlson
Bill Rose Chad Hill Jeremy Campbell
Travis Cram & Jon Agan Zach Chappell Ricky Stenhouse Jr.
Jerrel Slinkard Danny Wood Eric Vanderploeg
Sammy Swindell Travis Rilat Cody Branchcomb
Cody Branchcomb Gary Lee Maier Cameron Dodson
Max Dumesny Danny Wood Lynton Jeffrey
Joey Saldana Cars ready to push off Travis Cram
Sammy Swindell Cars in turn 4 Colin Northway
Joey Saldana Travis Rilat Gary Lee Maeir
John Sernett Max Dumesny Cars ready to push off
Chris Walraven Ralph Spithaler Brandon Wimmer
Mike Reinke Josh Higday Wazmund
Roger Rager Mike Reinke Loren Langerud
Wayne Modjeski Roger Rager MIke Lutz
Mike Kertscher Mike Kertscher Jerrod Hull
Matt Moro Mark Toews, Bobby Mincer & Mark Smith Clint Garner
Jamie Moyle Mark Toews Bobby Mincer
Ryan Anderson View of turn 2 Racing action
Racing action Steve Kinser Kelly Kinser
Manny Rockhold Travis Cram in Victory Lane after winning "A" Feature Daryn Pittman in Victory lane after winning the Kele World Challenge

Doug Johnson Photos


The top 3 from Friday Night's A main, Travis Cram , Sammy Swindell and Jeremy Campbell while Skip Jackson won the B Scramble and Donny Schatz won the A scramble

Travis Cram won the Friday non-qualifiers A main at the Knoxville Nationals.


Mike Campbell Photos

Brooke Tatnell Erin Crocker Billy Alley
Jason Meyers Travis Cram in Victory Lane Travis Cram in Victory Lane
3 Wide line up for Kele World Challenge Max Dumesny & Lynton Jeffrey Daryn Pittman in Victory Lane for the Kele World Challenge
Top 3: Travis Cram, Jeremy Campbell & Sammy Swindell. A Scramble winner Donny Schatz & B Scramble winner Skip Jackson    

Video Clips

Racing Action Racing Action Racing Action
Racing Action Racing Action  
                    Friday Results Courtesy of Bill Wright

Knoxville Nationals - Non-qualifiers night

Heat one (started): 1. Jeremy Campbell 10c (1) 2. Sammy Swindell 1 (5) 3. Peter Attard 17H (2) 4. Kevin Frey 2K (3) / 5. Curtis Boyer 72x (9) 6. Chad Hill 44 (7) 7. Jerrel Slinkard 15s (11) 8. Bill Rose 6B (8) / 9. Stephen Allard 18A (4) 10. Larry Pinegar II 1A (6) 11. Jeff Johnson 11J (10)

Je. Johnson launched over the left front tire of Pinegar in turn one on the start. Johnson flipped the 11J and was done for the night. Pinegar went pitside, but returned for the B. Campbell led the distance, holding off Swindell at the end. Boyer was impressive in moving up and just missing the final transfer, cruising on Frey's nerf bar. Allard exited while running fourth on lap three. Rose retired on lap six.

Heat two (started): 1. Travis Cram 92 (1) 2. Ricky Stenhouse Jr. 40R (3) 3. Cameron Dodson 37 (9) 4. Jon Agan 4J (2) / 5. Garry Lee Maier 11x (4) 6. Brian Carlson 18 (11) 7. Kim Mock 1m (7) 8. Rager Phillips 9 (5) / 9. Eric Vanderploeg 24v (10) 10. John Lambertz 12J (6) 11. John Sernett 91 (8)

Sernett had to take evasive maneuvers to avoid another competitor and crunched the wall on the initial start. He was done for the night. While Cram was leading early, Lambertz moved up into fourth, slid sideways and went airborne and upside down on lap two. He would return for the B. Cram led Agan, Stenhouse, Maier and a charging Dodson back to green flag racing. Two more laps were in the books when Phillips brought out another caution when he made contact with the wall and changed a left front tire. Now Cram led Stenhouse, who got around Agan, Agan, Maier and Dodson. Dodson worked hard around Maier and Agan to finish third behind fellow 16 year old Stenhouse. Maier came within an eyelash of grabbing the final transfer from Agan at the line.

Heat three (started): 1. Lynton Jeffrey 10 (3) 2. Max Dumesny 83m (1) 3. Joey Saldana 2 (8) 4. Colin Northway 60 (6) / 5. Troy Little 20AU (4) 6. Travis Rilat 29 (5) 7. Zach Chappell 50z (9) 8. Cody Branchcomb 94 (10) / 9. Mike Moore 69 (7) 10. Danny Wood 35A (2)

Dumesny took the early lead, while Wood pulled it in for the night on lap two. Jeffrey found the bottom side tacky and moved by Dumesny for good on lap four. Northway grabbed the final transfer from Little in turn four of the final go-around. The mover of the race was Saldana, moving up five spots.

Heat four (started): 1. Loren Langerud 56L (1) 2. Brandon Wimmer 7TW (4) 3. Chris Walraven 56 (3) 4. Josh Higday 24J (7) / 5. Mike Reinke 02 (5) 6. Ralph Spithaler Jr. 56x (2) 7. Roger Rager 6R (8) 8. Mike Lutz 98 (10) / 9. Matt Wasmund 4w (6) 10. Wayne Modjeski 77m (9)

Langerud led flag to flag. Higday was the man on the move, and he passed Reinke with two to go for the final transfer.

Heat five (started): 1. Mark Smith 1z (2) 2. Clint Garner 40 (3) 3. Mike Kertscher 80K (1) 4. Ryan Anderson 71R (8) / 5. Jerrod Hull 12H (4) 6. Marty Perovich 17AU (5) 7. Jaymie Moyle 1s (6) 8. Bobby Mincer 15x (10) / 9. Mark Toews 5T (7) 10. Matt Moro (9)

Kertscher took the early lead, before Smith took the point from him on lap two. Moro retired on lap four. Garner looked strong and stayed on the nerf bar of the Zemco machine until the end. Ry. Anderson did well to move up four spots and grab a transfer.

C main (started): 1. Vanderploeg (2) 2. Wasmund (4) 3. Toews (3) / 4. Pinegar (6) 5. M. Moore (1) 6. Lambertz (5) 7. Modjeski (7) DNS - Allard, Wood, Moro, Je. Johnson, Sernett

Vanderploeg led the distance in the mostly single-file affair after grabbing the early advantage from Wasmund. Modjeski retired before the green could fall. Lambertz dropped out on lap three.

B main (started): 1. Maier (2) 2. Little (3) 3. Rilat (6) 4. Reinke (4) / 5. Boyer (1) 6. Chappell (13) 7. Perovich (8) 8. Carlson (7) 9. Moyle (15) 10. Lutz (19) 11. Mock (10) 12. Rose (14) 13. Branchcomb (16) 14. Mincer (18) 15. Toews (22) 16. Vanderploeg (21) 17. Wasmund (20) 18. Slinkard (11) 19. Phillips (17) 20. Hull (5) 21. Rager (12) 22. Spithaler (9) DNS - Hill

Maier led the distance in the 12 lapper. Spithaler and Rager exited before a lap could be completed. Phillips brought out a caution on lap three. Maier led a strong looking Boyer, Little, Reinke and Rilat back to green. Rilat worked over Reinke and got under him after the green flag fell after a good battle. Hull banged the wall on lap four and pulled it in. Little and Boyer went at it for second. With two to go Boyer got sideways and was lucky not to flip. He did recover but lost a transfer and finished fifth.

A main (started): 1. Cram (2) 2. Swindell (6) 3. Campbell (1) 4. Saldana (13) 5. M. Smith (5) 6. Dumesny (8) 7. Langerud (4) 8. Wimmer (9) 9. Maier (21) 10. Garner (10) 11. Dodson (12) 12. Rilat (23) 13. Kertscher (15) 14. Little (22) 15. Reinke (24) 16. Walraven (14) 17. Agan (17) 18. Higday (19) 19. Ry. Anderson (20) 20. Stenhouse (7) 21. Attard (11) 22. Frey (16) 23. Jeffrey (3) 24. Northway (18)

Northway dropped out on lap one of twenty, while Campbell took the early lead from his pole position. He led Cram, Langerud, M. Smith and Swindell back to green flag racing on lap two after Jeffrey slowed. Reinke who had moved up six spots, was forced to the work area at the time to secure a fuel cap. On lap three, Cram slid Campbell for the lead and proceeded to run the cushion to victory. Swindell put serious pressure on with seven to go in heavy lapped traffic, but Cram never wavered and earned $4000 for the win. Saldana moved up nine spots for fourth, while Maier earned a spot in Saturday's C with a hard-charger effort. Jeffrey and Frey ducked out early.

C main scramble (started): 1. Steve Kinser 11 (4) 2. Rob Chaney 9x (1) 3. Danny Smith 4 (2) 4. Brooke Tatnell 66 (6) 5. Jesse Giannetto D1 (7) 6. Daryn Pittman 21 (10) 7. Travis Whitney 9T (8) 8. Kelly Kinser 4K (5) 9. Lucas Wolfe 5w (9) 10. Manny Rockhold 02x (3)

Chaney rode the cushion to the early lead battling side by side with D. Smith in the twelve lapper. D. Smith took his turn at the point on lap three, before giving it back to Chaney on lap five. S. Kinser had seen enough and passed Chaney on lap seven. Tatnell was one of the stronger cars and came just short of passing D. Smith for third at the line.

C main lineup for Saturday: 1. Pittman 408 2. S. Kinser 407 3. Tatnell 403 4. Giannetto 401 5. Chaney 400 6. D. Smith 400 7. Whitney 398 8. Wolfe 396 9. Ke. Kinser 391 10. Rockhold 386

B main scramble (started): 1. Skip Jackson 2AU (1) 2. Tim Shaffer 6 (4) 3. Kerry Madsen 55 (8) 4. Brian Paulus 28 (9) 5. Billy Alley 22 (2) 6. Calvin Landis 70 (6) 7. Blake Feese 12x (3) 8. Jeff Mitrisin 17G (10) 9. Erin Crocker 16 (7) 10. Aaron Berryhill 97 (5)

Jackson checked out after early resistance from Shaffer and led flag to flag. Paulus came on late and came just short of getting Madsen for third. Both Madsen and Paulus helped themselves the most in the scramble.

B main lineup for Saturday: 1. Paulus 450 2. Madsen 447 3. Mitrisin 444 4. Shaffer 436 5. Landis 434 6. Jackson 432 7. Crocker 430 8. Feese 427 9. Alley 426 10. Berryhill 419

A main scramble (started): 1. Donny Schatz 15 (2) 2. Mark Kinser 83 (1) 3. Jason Meyers 14 (4) 4. Chad Kemenah 15k (5) 5. Kenny Jacobs 22J (8) 6. Craig Dollansky 7 (3) 7. Terry McCarl 24 (9) 8. Jesse Hockett 75 (7) 9. Fred Rahmer 88H (6) DQ - 10. Danny Lasoski 20 (10)

M. Kinser led early in a nice race with Schatz, who took the advantage a few laps later. McCarl and Lasoski raced hard early until Lasoski got under on the low side and moved forward. McCarl also traded spots with K. Jacobs in a nice duel for sixth and seventh. Lasoski crossed the line fifth, and would have earned Saturday's pole position, though he forgot to go to the scales and was disqualified. This put McCarl and Jacobs in front on Saturday.

A main lineup for Saturday: 1. McCarl 492 2. K. Jacobs 491 3. Kemenah 490 4. Lasoski 488 5. Meyers 486 6. Schatz 482 7. Hockett 481 8. Rahmer 479 9. M. Kinser 477 10. Dollansky 475

Kele World Challenge (started): 1. Pittman (10) 2. Tatnell (9) 3. Saldana (2) 4. Brent Antill 1J (14) 5. Moyle (3) 6. Dumesny (6) 7. Madsen (15) 8. Crocker (12) 9. Little (4) 10. Jeffrey (7) 11. Ricky Logan 2K (16) 12. Jackson (10) 13. Stevie Walsh 20s (1) 14. Alley (13) 15. Perovich (5) 16. Shane Stewart 4m (11) DNS - Rilat

Saldana jumped out to a huge lead in the 20 lapper from the front row. Pittman was hooked and slicing through the field. On lap four he started reeling in Saldana and passed him in traffic on lap nine. The Challenge inverts by the week's points and plenty of charging was going on. The only caution came out when Alley spun in turn one on lap 17. Pittman led Saldana, Tatnell, Moyle and a charging Antill back to green for the last three laps. Tatnell worked over Saldana, while Antill moved into fourth and came up just short of third at the line to earn hard-charger honors. Pittman earned $10,000 for his win.



Doug Johnson Photos


Danny Lasoski won the Knoxville Nationals on Sat. night.  Chad Kemenah was 2nd with Jeff Shepard in 3rd.

Danny gives crew chief Jimmy Carr a high five 2004 Nationals Podium

Danny Lasoski give crew chief Jimmy Carr a big hug right after winning the Knoxville Nationals

Danny Lasoski and his crew in Victory Lane

Danny Lasoski also with Knoxville Raceway promoter Ralph Capitani

Craig Dollansky with the Hawaiian Tropic girls Terry & Lori McCarl and their crew won Best Appearing Crew at the Knoxville Nationals

Terry McCarl and Danny Lasoski race side-by-side at the start of Sat. night' s Knoxville Nationals championship.

Jason Sides and Kraig Kinser race for position at the start of Saturday night's 30 lap Nationals feature

4 wide from Knoxville Raceway on Sat. night.

Billy Alley walked away from this nasty looking tumble during the B main Sat. night at the Knoxville Nationals
Craig Dollansky with the Hawaiian Tropic sponsorship for the 2004 Knoxville Nationals    

Mike Campbell Photos

Dale Blaney & Dean Jacobs A Main Line Up 4 Wide Parade Lap
Chad Kemenah & Danny Lasoski Chad Kemenah & Danny Lasoski Brian Paulus & Kraig Kinser
Danny Lasoski & Terry McCarl Chad Kemenah & Danny Lasoski Chad Kemenah & Jason Meyers
Terry McCarl & Danny Lasoski Top 3: Danny Lasoski, Chand Kemenah & Jeff Shepard Danny Lasoski and crew in Victory Lane

Saturday Results Courtesy of Bill Wright

E main (started): 1. Kim Mock 1m (1) 2. Bill Rose 6B (2) 3. Cody Branchcomb 94 (3) 4. Matt Moro 47 (17) 5. Bobby Mincer 15x (4) / 6. Jerrod Hull 12H (8) 7. Mike Moore 69 (13) 8. John Lambertz 12J (8) 9. Wayne Modjeski 77m (15) 10. Jerrel Slinkard 15s (8) 11. John Sernett 91 (16) 12. Mark Toews 5T (5) 13. Matt Wasmund 4w (7) 14. Roger Rager 6R (11) 15. Chad Hill 44 (14) 16. Jeff Johnson 11J (12) 17. Rager Phillips 9 (9) DNS - Eric Vanderploeg 24v, Larry Pinegar II 1A, Danny Wood 35A

Mock led flag to flag. An incident involving Wasmund, Rager, Hill and Je. Johnson slowed things down. A bid by Hull for the final transfer fell just short in the ten lapper.

D main (started): 1. Cameron Dodson 37 (1) 2. Troy Little 20AU (4) 3. Chris Walraven 56 (6) / 4. Mike Reinke 02 (5) 5. Mike Kertscher 80K (3) 6. Lynton Jeffrey 10 (11) 7. Ricky Stenhouse Jr. 40R (10) 8. Jaymie Moyle 1s (15) 9. Mike Lutz 98 (18) 10. Jon Agan 4J (7) 11. Brian Carlson 18 (16) 12. Rose (20) 13. Mincer (21) 14. Ryan Anderson 71R (9) 15. Branchcomb (19) 16. Travis Rilat 29 (2) 17. Josh Higday 24J (8) 18. Zach Chappell 50z (14) 19. Moro (22) 20. Kevin Frey 2K (12) 21. Curtis Boyer 72x (13) 22. Mock (17) DNS - Peter Attard 17H, Colin Northway 60, Marty Perovich 17AU

Mock and Boyer flipped together in a vicious accident down the backstretch on the first try at green in the 12 lapper. Boyer was transported to a Des Moines hospital, while Mock walked away. Moro jumped over Rose's left rear on the restart and took a wild ride down the frontstretch on the restart. He was uninjured. Dodson jumped out to a healthy advantage before Ry. Anderson came to a stop in turn three on lap three. Dodson led Rilat, Little, Reinke and Kertscher back to green flag racing. Reinke was able to use the high side to grab third and a transfer position from a fading Rilat before Higday and Chappell came together to bring out another yellow. Rilat dropped out under caution, while Walraven lined up fourth behind Reinke. Walraven used the restart to work by Reinke and claim the final transfer to the C.

C main (started): 1. Steve Kinser 11 (2) 2. Brooke Tatnell 66 (3) / 3. Daryn Pittman 21 (1) 4. Lucas Wolfe 5w (8) 5. Travis Cram 92 (11) 6. Kelly Kinser 4K (9) 7. Danny Smith 4 (6) 8. Jeremy Campbell 10c (13) 9. Manny Rockhold 02x (10) 10. Brandon Wimmer 7TW (16) 11. Clint Garner 40 (18) 12. Rob Chaney 9x (5) 13. Little (20) 14. Loren Langerud 56L (17) 15. Dodson (21) 16. Mark Smith 1z (15) 17. Sammy Swindell 1 (12) 18. Jesse Giannetto D1 (4) 19. Garry Lee Maier 11x (19) 20. Travis Whitney 9T (7) 21. Walraven (22) 22. Joey Saldana 2 (14) DNS - Max Dumesny 83m

S. Kinser dominated the 15 lapper despite a few cautions. Dodson got into the wall after contact with another machine on the initial try at green. After the yellow came out, Saldana got upside down in turn three and retired for the night. Maier spun before the race got going again. S. Kinser raced out on the cushion in frotn of Pittman. Lap seven saw a spin by M. Smith due to cutting a left rear tire. Little and Langerud also replace cut left rear tires under caution. The restart saw S. Kinser leading Pittman, Tatnell, Giannetto and Wolfe back to green. Three laps later, Giannetto veered hard into the wall after something broke, surrendering a fifth place run. Now the top three were the same, but Swindell was on the move in fourth. With two to go, Swindell ran out of fuel and ended his night. Tatnell and Pittman duked it out with Tatnell nabbing the last B transfer with just two laps remaining.

B main (started): 1. Brian Paulus 28 (1) 2. Tim Shaffer 6 (4) 3. S. Kinser (21) 4. Shane Stewart 4m (16) / 5. Brian Brown 21B (13) 6. Blake Feese 12x (8) 7. Skip Jackson 2AU (6) 8. Jeff Mitrisin 17G (3) 9. Erin Crocker 16 (7) 10. Calvin Landis 70 (5) 11. Dean Jacobs 51 (15) 12. Tatnell (22) 13. Lance Dewease 77 (14) 14. Jason Solwold R19 (18) 15. Kerry Madsen 55 (2) 16. Ed Lynch Jr. 2L (11) 17. Dale Blaney 72 (12) 18. Tim St. Arnold 8s (19) 19. Roger Crockett 11c (17) 20. Aaron Berryhill 97 (10) 21. Dennis Moore Jr. 0 (20) 22. Billy Alley 22 (9)

S. Kinser was simply on a mission, but narrowly avoided disaster before a lap could be completed when Crockett spun in front of him. Paulus jetted out to an early lead before D. Moore came to a stop on the backstretch on lap two. The restart saw Paulus leading Madsen, Mitrisin, Landis and Shaffer back to green. Alley flipped hard on the backstretch at the next try at green, before the race got underway again. Shaffer quickly moved into a transfer, while the "King" was slicing and dicing from the back. S. Kinser was in good shape around the halfway point of the 22 lapper and passed Mitrisin for the final transfer. With just three laps to go Madsen lost a right rear tire and met the turn four wall while running second. The restart saw Paulus leading Shaffer, S. Kinser, Brown and Stewart, who was on the move. Stewart used the restart to work his way past Brown for the final transfer to end a great run. S. Kinser was the hard-charger, moving by 18 cars.

A main (started): 1. Danny Lasoski 20 (4) 2. Chad Kemenah 15K (3) 3. Jeff Shepard 8 (14) 4. Jason Meyers 14 (5) 5. Terry McCarl 24 (1) 6. Craig Dollansky 7 (10) 7. Stewart (24) 8. S. Kinser (23) 9. Mark Kinser 83 (9) 10. John VanDenBerg v10 (13) 11. Fred Rahmer 88H (8) 12. Donny Schatz 15 (6) 13. Wayne Johnson 14AJ (11) 14. Kenny Jacobs 22J (2) 15. Shaffer (22) 16. Paulus (21) 17. Jesse Hockett 75 (7) 18. Tim Kaeding 83JR (17) 19. Brent Antill 1J (16) 20. Jason Sides 7s (12) 21. Kraig Kinser 11K (20) 22. Chad Meyer 1w (18) 23. Greg Hodnett 12 (15) 24. Randy Hannagan 1x (19)

McCarl shot out to the early lead over Kemenah before a Hannagan flip on lap two of thirty. The restart saw McCarl ahead of Kemenah, Lasoski, K. Jacobs and Meyers. Lasoski passed Kemenah on the restart before a S. Kinser spin a lap later. Kemenah roared back past Lasoski when the green fell and took the lead briefly in turn two from McCarl but settled for second coming to the stripe. McCarl built another good lead before Meyer came to a rest on lap eight. He restarted at the tail. Now McCarl led Lasoski, Kemenah, Meyers and Schatz back to green. McCarl built another huge advantage and was entering lapped traffic when Antill stopped on lap 15. McCarl led Lasoski, Meyers, Dollansky and Kemenah back to Doug Clark's green flag, but it was brought back when Schatz spun. Lasoski moved past McCarl on lap 16 and never looked back to record his fourth Nationals win. Shepard was coming like no other at the end and stuck a podium finish. Other movers included B main transfers, Stewart and S. Kinser, despite his spin earlier. It was the first podium finish for both Kemenah and Shepard. VanDenBerg nailed down tenth in a career performance. Stewart was the hard-charger and sprintweek winner, while Solwold scored Rookie of the Year honors and McCarl sported the best dressed crew. No Best Appearing Car was awarded.

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