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Sprint Car Photos

View of the front straight View of the front straight & Grandstands View of the infield
View of the pits Tommy Rockwell Matt Rogerson
Kevin Doty Dean Erfurth AJ Bruns
Brian Brown Alex Shanks Critter Malone
Ryan Jamison Manny Rockhold Doug Day
Jeff Flesher Mark Bush Matt Harms
Adam Jones Matt Dobey View of the pits
View of the pits Cameron Dodson - Feature Winner Mike Deavers
Bobby Hawks Bill Waite Jr. Jeff Davis
Gary Altig Kaley Gharst Jimmy Hurley
View of the pits View of the pits Jay Landolt
Robby Standridge Jerrod Hull View of the back straight
View of infield & grandstands Matt Sutton Jason Ditsworth
View of front straight View of turns 1 & 2 View of the midway
View of the Midway View of the consession area Manny Rockhold
Brian Brown Dean Erfurth Jimmy Hurley
Adam Jones Bobby Hawks Jeff Flesher
Korey Weyant Kevin Doty Matt Rogerson
Jerrod Hull Ryan Jamison Joey Moughan

MARA Midget Photos

Lee Beckwith Lee Beckwith Craig Carey
Mike Riley Jason Howe Korey Weyant
Brett Anderson Rob Simpson Mike Heiss
Steve Stroud Billy Wood Danny Stratton
Kurt Mayhew Greg Lueckert Hud Cone
Brandon Waelti Dean Erfurth Rik Forbes
Matt Sandy Ken Drangmeister Rick Mueller
Mallary Armfield Korey Weyant Richard Drangmeister
View of the pits Donnie Lehmann View of the pits
Derrick Myers Kenny Brown Camfield Hauler stuck in turn 3
View of turn 2 Kevin Doty Luke Icke
Mike Hess Chad Branson Gary Altig
Steve Stroud Donnie Lehmann Kevin Doty
Rick Mueller Steve Knepper Mallary Armfield
Lee Beckwith Lee Beckwith Steve Knepper
Lee Beckwith Brandon Waelti Midget racing action
Midget racing action Rick Mueller  

Video Clips

Midget Racing Action Midget Racing Action Midget Racing Action
Midget Racing Action Midget Racing Action  

Photos by Keenan Wright

Midget winner # 50 Kevin Doty during hot laps. Fans on top of trailer in the midget pits watching the races. Feature action with winner #50 Doty battling # 87 Camfield.
3 wide in the midget feature. Midget winner #50 Kevin Doty in victor lane. Midget feature winner # 50 Kevin Doty and his Dad with the trophy
#99 Kory Weyant and # 45 Matt Rogerson during the Sprint feature. Sprint winner # 37 Cameron Dodson and #50 Brian Brown dive for the start line in one of many restarts during the feature. Sprint feature winner Cameron Dodson in victory lane.
#37 Sprint feature winner Cameron Dodson in victory lane with his crew.    

Results courtesy of Bill Wright

33 410s
43 MARA Midgets


Heat one (started): 1. Brian Brown 50 (1) 2. Jimmy Hurley 35 (8) 3. Kevin Doty 50x (2) 4. Joey Moughan 2m (9) / 5. Jeff Flesher 1K (6) 6. Mike Deavers 72 (3) 7. Bubb Altig 4c (4) 8. Terry Babb 88 (5) 9. Bill Waite Jr. 3JR (7)

Babb spun on the initial try at green. Thinking he got his spot back, he pulled alongside Waite to restart, and the officials threw the green with the cars three-wide. This was a disaster as Babb and Waite contacted taking out Waite. Brown got out front and won over a determined Hurley who moved up well. Babb retired after getting off the track, and trying to come back on the backstretch, only to be clipped. Moughan took advantage of the lap six restart, rolling by two cars in the last two laps to get the final transfer.

Heat two (started): 1. Matt Rogerson 45 (6) 2. Matt Sutton 3 (3) 3. Manny Rockhold 02 (4) 4. Kaley Gharst 44G (5) / 5. Tommy Rockwell 95 (1) 6. Jay Landolt 21s (8) 7. Adam Jones 4A (7) 8. Matt Dobey 4 (2)

Rockwell had a slim lead when second place, Rockhold spun over the turn two berm on lap two. Rockwell led Sutton, piloting a 360, Gharst, Rogerson and Landolt back to green. Dobey spun with one more lap in the books, but it was enough for Rogerson to grab third. Two laps later he had moved around Rockwell to grab the point. Landolt was battling for the final transfer on the white flag lap when he spun. A green, white, checkered dash to the finish saw Rockwell shuffled from second to fifth, as Sutton, Rockhold and Gharst all moved around him into transfer spots.

Heat three (started): 1. Korey Weyant 99 (1) 2. AJ Bruns 44 (3) 3. Alex Shanks 55B (7) 4. Robert Bell 71 (4) / 5. Critter Malone 1c (8) 6. Dean Erfurth 98 (6) 7. Jayson Ditzworth 1 (2) 8. Doug Day 2D (5)

Day’s night ended early when he contacted another machine and headed off on the wrecker. The next chance at green saw Ditzworth and Bruns come together, collecting Shanks and Erfurth. Once underway, Weyant led flag to flag. Erfurth was running a strong third until exiting on lap seven and handing the final transfer to Bell.

Heat four (started): 1. Cameron Dodson 37 (4) 2. Jerrod Hull 12 (8) 3. Ron Standridge 10 (1) 4. Ryan Jamison 51J (6) / 5. Matt Harms 53H (2) 6. Robbie Standridge 22 (7) 7. Jeff Davis 33 (3) 8. Bobby Hawks 5H (5)

Ron Standridge led early in the most stacked heat of the night. Hawks suffered apparent driveline problems on lap three, coming to a stop on the frontstretch and limping out of his mount. Ron Standridge led Dodson, Harms in a 360, Davis and Jamison back to green on the restart. Dodson moved by the veteran with two to go for the win, while Hull completed a nice run into second with a last corner pass.

B main (started): 1. Malone (3) 2. Robbie Standridge (8) 3. Altig (9) 4. Ditzworth (11) / 5. Rockwell (2) 6. Davis (12) 7. Jones (10) 8. Flesher (1) 9. Babb (13) 10. Harms (4) 11. Deavers (5) 12. Dobey (14) 13. Waite (15) 14. Erfurth (7) 15. Waite (15) 15. Landolt (6) DNS – Day, Hawks

Malone led flag to flag. Landolt retired after battling for fourth and spinning on lap three. At the time, Babb was up into fourth from 13th, but he and Deavers, who was running third, would make contact, sending both spinning down the frontstretch. They would restart at the tail. The restart saw Malone leading Robbie Standridge, Altig, Ditzworth, who had moved up impressively using 360 power, and Rockwell. That’s the way they would finish.

A main (started): 1. Dodson (4) 2. Brown (1) 3. Hurley (5) 4. Weyant (3) 5. Hull (8) 6. Rogerson (2) 7. Sutton (6) 8. Rockhold (10) 9. Robbie Standridge (18) 10. Gharst (14) 11. Altig (19) 12. Shanks (11) 13. Jamison (16) 14. Bell (15) 15. Moughan (13) 16. Ron Standridge (12) 17. Bruns (7) 18. Ditzworth (20) 19. Doty (9) 20. Malone (17)

Brown jumped out to an early lead. The smell of rubber was in the air when Dodson jetted by for a lead he would never surrender on lap six. Ditzworth spun on lap seven bringing caution. Dodson led Brown, Weyant, Rogerson and Hurley back to green flag racing. He pulled away to a straightaway lead before the yellow light came on again for Malone who developed a fire on lap ten. He was uninjured but done. Shanks performed a 360 spin on the restart, slowing the event again. Dodson continued to dominate and was flying on lap 19 when Ditzworth and Ron Standridge came together on lap 19. This set up a dash to the finish, but the result was inevitable, Dodson was the class of the field tonight. Robbie Standridge moved up nine spots, the most in the field.


Heat one (started): 1. Craig Carey 30 (8) 2. Matt Sandy 16 (7) 3. Dean Erfurth 6 (2) 4. Kurt Mayhew 21K (1) / 5. Derek Rossio 30x (9) 6. Billy Wood 14AJ (4) 7. Steve Stroud 21 (3) 8. Kevin Crowder 94c (10) 9. Nick Lundgreen 40 (5) 10. Donnie Lehmann 31 (6) DNS – Richard Dragenmeister 3D

Erfurth shot out to the point, but 2004 MARA champ Carey was moving forward. Carey burst into the lead on a super-fast track on lap five of eight. In a three-way battle for a final transfer, Lehmann and Lundgreen made contact and taking both out on the white flag lap. Sandy grabbed second from Erfurth with a last ditch effort.

Heat two (started): 1. Chad DeSelle 7D (1) 2. Danny Stratton 2 (5) 3. Steve Knepper 55 (8) 4. Rik Forbes 95J (3) / 5. Mike Heiss 00 (7) 6. Dave Camfield Jr. 86 (4) 7. Dave Camfield Sr. 78 (6) 8. Lee Beckwith 39 (9) 9. Jason Howe 97 (2) DNS – Mike Hess 51

Hess would scratch his 51 and take over the 71 machine to start at the tail of heat four. DeSelle led flag to flag. Howe elected to start at the rear and exited on lap five. Knepper, Forbes and Camfield Jr. battled three-wide for third on lap two in the best this heat had to offer.

Heat three (started): 1. Greg Lueckert 01 (1) 2. Kevin Doty 50 (8) 3. Rick Mueller 22 (3) 4. Luke Icke 2I (7) / 5. Brandon Waelti 7H (4) 6. Kenny Brown 17 (6) 7. Mallory Armfield 5MA (5) 8. Mark Bush 2D (9) 9. Jay Mounce 12 (2) 10. Bubba Altig 67 (10)

Mounce elected to start at the tail. Lueckert got the jump on Waelti to lead early. Altig stopped on lap six. With two laps to go, Lueckert led Mueller, Doty and Waelti who were dueling, and Brown. Icke was the man on the move the last two laps as he jumped from sixth to fourth and the final transfer. Doty grabbed second from Mueller on the last go-around.

Heat four (started): 1. Rich Camfield 87 (1) 2. Brett Anderson 11 (6) 3. Hud Cone 5x (5) 4. Mike Riley 05 (3) / 5. Hess 71 (7) 6. Derrick Myers 25m (4) 7. Rob Simpson 3 (8) 8. Ken Dragenmeister 76 (2) DNS – Ricky LaBrose 93, Al Dragenmeister 1, Korey Weyant 5, Jeff Flesher 6

R. Camfield led the distance. K. Dragenmeister exited on lap two. Hess charged through and was briefly in third before fading over the turn two berm and surrendering the last transfer to Riley on the last lap.

B main one (started): 1. Waelti (2) 2. Lundgreen (7) 3. Lehmann (9) 4. Rossio (1) / 5. Wood (3) 6. Armfield (6) 7. Stroud (5) 8. Bush (8) 9. Mounce (10) 10. Brown (4) 11. Altig (11) DNS – Crowder

Waelti led the distance and left the rest behind. Lundgreen and Lehmann moved up nicely into transfer spots.

B main two (started): 1. Hess (2) 2. Heiss (1) 3. Simpson (6) 4. Myers (4) / 5. Beckwith (7) 6. Flesher (9) 7. R. Dragenmeister (8) 8. Camfield Jr. (3) 9. Camfield Sr. (5) DNS – K. Dragenmeister, Howe, LaBrose, A. Dragenmeister, Weyant

Heiss got the jump at the start and ran on the low side. Hess hit the cushion and moved around the leader on lap five. The lone stoppage came on a Flesher spin on lap eight.

A main (started): 1. Doty (6) 2. Anderson (3) 3. R. Camfield (1) 4. Hess (18) 5. Lehmann (21) 6. Carey (8) 7. DeSelle (5) 8. Sandy (2) 9. Mueller (11) 10. Heiss (20) 11. Knepper (10) 12. Waelti (17) 13. Stratton (4) 14. Mayhew (13) 15. Simpson (22) 16. Forbes (14) 17. Lueckert (7) 18. Rossio (23) 19. Cone (12) 20. Lundgreen (19) 21. Myers (24) 22. Icke (15) 23. Erfurth (9) 24. Riley (16)

R. Camfield broke out to the early lead from his pole position and held it until a lap two spin by Myers. Front row mate Sandy, Anderson, DeSelle and Doty were in hot pursuit. Two more laps were completed before Rossio spun. Now Anderson and DeSelle were chasing R. Camfield. When the green fell again, it was a free-for-all for the point. Anderson grabbed it on the restart, only to have R. Camfield take it back. On lap eight, Anderson took it again, but Doty took two spots to claim the lead for good on lap nine. The race went non-stop until a lap 24 spin by Myers bunched the field. Using the high side of the high banks, Doty led R. Camfield, Anderson, Knepper and Carey back to green flag racing. Myers spun yet again on lap 26, ending his night. DeSelle had moved into fourth with Hess in fifth up from row nine. Doty pulled away, but lap 28 saw Rossio stop in turn four. A two lap dash saw the leader ahead of R. Camfield, Anderson, DeSelle, Hess and Lehmann, also on the move. The last two laps would be eventful as Hess and Lehmann made their bids for top five finishes, with the latter earning hard-charger honors

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