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World of Outlaws at I-55 Speedway in Pevely, MO 4-2-05

Center of Infield & Main Grandstands View of turns 1 & 2 View of turns 3 & 4
View of turns 3 & 4 View of back straight View of Main Grandstands
View of turn 3 Diagonal view from turn 2 over to turn 4 View of I-55 Speedway from the highway
View of I-55 Speedway from the highway Danny Lasoski's Hauler View of the pits
Donny Schatz Donny Schatz Hauler Outdoor Channel TV Trailer
Tim Kaeding's Beef Packer's Hauler Derek O'Dell Wayne Johnson
Paul McMahan Danny Smith View of the pits
Kelly Kinser Tim Shaffer's Kistler 410 Motor Adam Jones
Chad Kemenah Randy Hannagan View of the pits
Brooke Tatnell Billy Alley Jeff Mitrisin
Chad Kemenah Jason Solwold Tim St. Arnold
Danny Lasoski Kraig Kinser Randy Hannagan
Shane Stewart Shane Stewart Brandon Wimmer
Terry McCarl TMAC's Butler Built Professional Seat Workin' Woody
Paul Patterson Tommy Worley Jr. David Adler
Kurt Trainer Tom Busch Jason Hunt
Tim Kaeding Natalie Sather View of the pits
Billy Alley & Brandon Wimmer Mark Kinser Jerrod Hull
Steve Kinser Steve Kinser Tim Shaffer
Paul McMahan Kurt Buckley View of the pits
Danny Lasoski Curtis Boyer Jason Keith
Brian Paulus View of the pits Steve Short
Jeff Mitrisin Danny Smith Craig Dollanksky's Hauler
Chad Meyer Brad Sweet Paul McMahan
Billy Alley Steve Kinser Jason Sides
Ricky Stenhouse Jr. Paul Patterson Jason Sides
Billy Alley Steve Kinser Tim St. Arnold
Daryn Pittman Jimmy Hurley Chad Meyer
Jason Solwold Tim Kaeding Craig Dollansky
Derek O'Dell Tim Kaeding Tim Kaeding
Chad Meyer Craig Dollansky Jason Solwold
Jason Meyers Chad Kemenah Cameron Dodson
Shane Stewart Tim Shaffer Jerrod Hull
Adam Jones Steve Short's roll over in turns 1 & 2 Tim Shaffer & Jason Meyers
View of infied and Main Grandstands Shane Stewart Jerrod Hull
Danny Lasoski Kelly Kinser Brandon Wimmer
Natalie Sather Kraig Kinser Chris Sloan
Danny Smith Wayne Johnson Jeff Mitrisin
Curtis Boyer Brian Paulus  

Rusults by Bill Wright     

49 cars

Steve Kinser (3rd car out to time) set quick time at 10.211 seconds on the tack 1/3 mile surface. Paul McMahan (8th car out) was second quick, followed by Jason Sides (1st), Donny Schatz (5th), Kraig Kinser (33rd), Craig Dollansky (15th), Tim Kaeding (11th), Daryn Pittman (16th), Jason Meyers (22nd) and Ricky Stenhouse Jr. (10th). Steve Short flipped in hot laps and was uninjured. Derek ODell and Brad Sweet both suffered motor woes and didnt get a time in.

D main (started): 1. Jason Keith 28x (4) 2. Adam Jones 1A (2) 3. Chris Sloan D12 (5) / 4. Curtis Boyer 72 (1) 5. Jason Hunt 19 (3) 6. ODell 11D (6) DNS  Kent Buckley 1*, Sweet 53, Short 8s.

Boyer, racing for the first time since his horrific Knoxville Nationals accident, led early. Keith used the high side to take the point on lap four. Boyer came to a stop on lap eight and Hunt exited ending the race two laps short of its intended distance. The three remaining drivers tagged the tail of the C main.

Heat one (started): 1. Tim Shaffer 6 (2) 2. Tom Busch 4B (3) 3. Meyers 14 (4) 4. S. Kinser 11 (6) 5. Pittman 21 (5) / 6. Wayne Johnson 14AJ (8) 7. Joey Moughan 2m (1) 8. Mark Kinser 35 (9) 9. Jerrod Hull 12 (10) 10. Jimmy Hurley 35H (7)

Shaffer led the distance. Busch turned in a solid performance trailing the leader. W. Johnson closed on Pittman for the final transfer, but fell just short.

Heat two (started): 1. Danny Lasoski 20 (2) 2. Terry McCarl 24 (3) 3. McMahan 11H (6) 4. Brian Paulus 28 (7) 5. Kaeding 83 (5) / 6. BrandonWimmer 7TW (8) 7. Stenhouse 40R (4) 8. Tommy Worley Jr. 97 (9) 9. AJ Bruns 44 (10) 10. Curt Trainer 36 (1)

Lasoski grabbed the early lead. McCarl worked by Trainer for second. On lap five, Bruns spun in turn four. Trainer spun while running a strong third to avoid Bruns. The spin moved Kaeding into a transfer spot. McCarl did everything but pass Lasoski for the win, moving up beside him several times on the high side in an exciting heat race.

Heat three (started): 1. Kelly Kinser 4K (1) 2. Dollansky 7 (5) 3. Jason Solwold R19 (4) 4. Randy Hannagan 1x (2) 5. Sides 7s (6) / 6. Shane Stewart 26 (7) 7. Chad Meyer 1w (8) 8. Natalie Sather 94s (9) 9. Jeff Mitrisin 17G (10) DNS  Tim St. Arnold 7w (3).

K. Kinser led flag to flag. Stewart and Hannagan collided on lap five, collecting Sather. Hannagan was able to stay under power and regain his running spot in fourth. Solwold pressured Dollansky for second over the last half of the race, but ended up short at the line.

Heat four (started): 1. Chad Kemenah 15K (3) 2. Billy Alley 66 (1) 3. Kraig Kinser 11K (5) 4. Schatz 15 (6) 5. Brooke Tatnell 8 (2) / 6. Danny Smith 4 (7) 7. Joey Saldana 2 (4) 8. Cameron Dodson 37 (8) 9. Daniel Adler 50 (10) 10. Paul Patterson 21s (9)

Alley took the early advantage working the bottom of the track, before Saldana spun on his own while running sixth on lap four. The restart saw Alley leading Kemenah, Kr. Kinser, Schatz and Tatnell. After Kemenah slid under Alley on the restart for the advantage the order stayed the same. Smith did challenge Tatnell late for the final transfer, but came up short.

C main (started): 1. Hull (3) 2. Keith (5) / 3. Bruns (4) 4. Adler (6) 5. Sather (1) 6. Jones (8) 7. Sloan (7) 8. Patterson (2) DNS  Mitrisin

Sather took the early lead. Hull began putting pressure on and the two battled until Sather spun on lap four. Hull led Bruns, Keith, Adler and Patterson back to the green flag. Patterson spun on lap eight, bringing out the final caution. Keith passed Bruns for the last transfer with two to go.

Dash one (started): 1. Meyers (2) 2. Kemenah (1) 3. Shaffer (3) 4. Kr. Kinser (4) 5. S. Kinser (6) 6. Sides (5)

Kemenah and Meyers battled with the 15K taking the early advantage. Meyers shot around for good on lap three of six to take the win. S. Kinser and Sides put on a show at the tail, exchanging slide jobs on the high banks.

Dash two (started): 1. McCarl (1) 2. Pittman (3) 3. Dollansky (4) 4. Schatz (5) 5. Solwold (2) 6. McMahan (6)

McCarl dominated this one from start to finish.

B main (started): 1. Saldana (2) 2. Stewart (5) 3. Stenhouse (1) 4. Smith (8) / 5. Hurley (6) 6. Wimmer (10) 7. M. Kinser (11) 8. Meyer (9) 9. Worley (14) 10. Moughan (3) 11. W. Johnson (7) 12. Hull (13) 13. Keith (15) 14. Dodson (12) 15. Trainer (4) DNS  St. Arnold

Saldana led the duration in a good 12-lapper. Trainer elected to start at the rear and exited early. The race went non-stop with Hurley moving as far up as third, battling Stewart for position. Eventually, the veteran Smith made his presence felt up against the wall to slingshot into a transfer.

A main (started): 1. Kr. Kinser (7) 2. Dollansky (6) 3. Kaeding (5) 4. S. Kinser (9) 5. Schatz (8) 6. Pittman (4) 7. McCarl (2) 8. Lasoski (17) 9. Meyers (1) 10. McMahan (12) 11. Saldana (14) 12. Shaffer (16) 13. Ke. Kinser (21) 14. Stewart (23) 15. Tatnell (19) 16. M. Kinser (25, pr.) 17. Smith (24) 18. Alley (20) 19. Busch (15) 20. Wimmer (26, pr.) 21. Hannagan (18) 22. Paulus (22) 23. Sides (11) 24. Kemenah (3) 25. Stenhouse (13) 26. Solwold (10)

M. Kinser and Wimmer took provisionals which should forever be banned in sprint car racing. Meyers won a battle of sliders with McCarl for the early lead. In some great action, Kr. Kinser came from row four to take the lead on lap six. Kaeding followed him past Meyers and was on the tail of the 11K. Solwold lost his brakes on lap 10 and came to a rest on the frontstretch. Despite efforts in the work area, he was done. Kr. Kinser led Kaeding, Meyers, Dollansky and McCarl back to green flag racing in the 40 lapper. Dollansky made his presence felt by getting past Meyers and closing in on Kaeding. McCarl, Pittman and S. Kinser battled for fourth, fifth and sixth. Most were following a low line in turns three and four and the high line in one and two. The race went non-stop until lap 31, when Sides made heavy contact with either the inside wall, or another competitor and came to a stop. He would retire at that point. Chasing Kr. Kinser for the last nine laps were Dollansky, Kaeding, S. Kinser, Meyers and Pittman. Schatz was running ninth on the restart, but surged to fifth by the checkered flags. McCarl and Lasoski battled on opposite grooves of the track with McCarl prevailing with 7th. Kr. Kinser is hot. Dollansky has a slim points lead over S. Kinser after the two entered the night tied.

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