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Spoon River Speedway 4-10-05

"DQ Clash" - Midgets & 410 Non-Wing Sprints

Photos by Bill Freis

Brett Anderson (16) got sandwiched by John Jones (21) and Derek Meyers (25m) during the fourth heat at Spoon River Speedway Sunday...and the worst was yet to come Matt Hummel (5x) then slid in and was drilled by Budde Luebke (43).  As you can see Brett Anderson was temporarily knocked out when Hummels right front got into his cage. 
As you can see Brett Anderson was temporarily knocked out when Hummels right front got into his cage.  Donnie Lehmann climbs from his car after winning the 1st Annual DQ Clash at Spoon River Speedway on Sunday. Lehmann in winners circle with his Dad, Howard (far right) and Gateway Racing Officials.
Mike Heiss (00) leads Mike Hess (51) through turn 3 during the feature if the DQ Clash Sunday.  Donnie Lehman (31) and Davey Ray during feature action if the DQ Clash at Spoon River Speedway in Canton, IL David Gough (82) was not able to start his heat race, but finished second in the 2nd B-main putting him at the back of the field for the DQ Clash main event where he finished eighth
DQ Clash feature winner Donnie Lehmann (31) and Mike Heiss (00) during heat race action Sunday at Spoon River Speedway. A.J. Brun won the Midwest Sprint Car Series portion of the DQ Clash Sunday at Spoon River Speedway in Canton, IL

Brian Gapinski interviews Donnie Lehmann after winning the Badger/Gateway midget feature at the DQ Clash Sunday.

Photos by Bill Wright

Aaron Fiscus AJ Brun Alex Pruitt
Alex Pruitt Alex Shanks Aric Gentry
Bill Waite Jr. Bobby Smith Bob Schreffler
Brad Kuhn Brad Loyet Brandon Waelti
Brent Beachamp Brett Anderson Brian Ramstack
Bryan Clauson Buddy Luebke Chad Branson
Chad DeSelle Chase Stockton Chris Urish
Craig Budde Craig Carey Dale Christian
Daniel Adler Danny Stratton Dave Camfield Jr.
Davey Ray David Gough Dean Erfurth
Derrick Myers Donnie Lehmann Doug Jordan
Gary Hayden Harley Slotten Jason Howe
Jay Mounce Jerry Ruble Joey Montgomery
Joey Montgomery Joey Moughan John Jones
Josh Slone Ken Dull Kenny Adams Jr.
Korey Weyant Korey Weyant Kyle Hill
Kyle Wissmiller Lance Gullo Lee Beckwith
Manny Rockhold Mario Marietta Matt Dobey
Matt Harms Matt Hummel Mike Hess
Mike Riley Mitch Wissmiller Patrick Budde
Rich Camfield Rich Camfield Rick Mueller
Rik Forbes Ron Kuhn Ryan Jamison
Shane Hollingsworth Shane Hollingsworth View of turns 1 & 2 & Main Grandstands
View of back straight Steve Knepper Steve Stroud
Terry Babb Tim Siner Tommy Rockwell
Travis Thompson Wally McDuffey Will Newlin

Photos by Keenan Wright

Shane Hollingsworth Shane Hollingsworth AJ Brun
AJ Brun Davey Ray & Mike Hess Tim Siner, Rick Mueller & Aric Gentry
Rik Forbes Kyle Wissmiller, Danny Stratton & Mike Heiss Kyle Wissmiller
Shane Hollingsworth Matt Harms, Korey Weyent & Ryan Jamison Korey Weyent & Tommy Rockwell
Rich Camfield It was a very dusty day at the Spoon Bryan Clauson
Donnie Lehmann in victory lane. Donnie Lehmann in victory lane. Brian Gapinski interviews Donnie Lehmann in victory lane.
Shane Hollingsworth 77u Chris Urish of Elkhart, Illinois takes a wild ride. #16 Josh Slone of Morgantown, Indiana an #11 is young Rookie Brent Beauchamp of Indiana and was impressive in his first race with MSCS. AJ Brun in victory lane.

Results by Bill Wright

MSCS Sprints
Gateway and Badger Midgets

33 sprints
46 midgets


Arizona transplant Alex Pruitt never could get his sprinter in action. Chase Stockton did not start his heat or the B, but took a provisional to start the A main.

Heat one (started): 1. Shane Hollingsworth 85 (2) 2. Bill Waite Jr. 3 (1) 3. Kyle Wissmiller 2K (7) 4. Manny Rockhold 99 (8) 5. Korey Weyant 99w (6) / 6. Ryan Jamison 51J (10) 7. Wil Newlin 1c (5) 8. Patrick Budde 90 (3) 9. Aric Gentry 10 (11) 10. Matt Harms 53H (4) 11. Bryan Clauson 7c (9)

Hollingsworth led throughout in the 8 lapper that took the top five to the feature. Jamison had moved up to fifth when he and Newlin, who he had just passed made contact on lap three. Newlin spun bringing out the caution. At the same time, Harms came to a stop in turns three and four, surrendering his third place run. The restart saw Hollingsworth leading Waite, Weyant, Jamison and K. Wissmiller back to the green flag. Rockhold followed K. Wissmiller around Jamison and then Weyant to complete a strong run in Jimmy Daviess sprinter.

Heat two (started): 1. Josh Slone 16 (1) 2. Chris Urish 77u (4) 3. AJ Bruns 44 (3) 4. Travis Thompson 7m (2) 5. Alex Shanks 55B (6) / 6. Tommy Rockwell 95 (7) 7. Joey Moughan 2m (5) 8. Matt Dobey 4 (8) 9. Lance Gullo 3G (9) DNS  Mitch Wissmiller 7x, Chase Stockton 32

M. Wissmiller provided the fireworks before the green could fall. In staging he launched over the turn three berm with great velocity. Fortunately, he saved it in time to miss the fence to the parking lot. Unfortunately, he spun out on the daytime, dry-slick surface in his second attempt at staging. He was done for the day. Slone led a single-file parade in the non-stop event. Urish was able to get under Bruns on the final lap when the 44 slid out of the low groove in turn two.

Heat three (started): 1. Joey Montgomery D12 (10) 2. Brent Beauchamp 11 (1) 3. Gary Hayden 7w (3) 4. Jerry Ruble 17 (5) 5. Craig Budde 59 (2) / 6. Kyle Hill 84 (8) 7. Dale Christian 83 (7) 8. Rich Camfield 87 (4) 9. Terry Babb 88 (9) 10. Bobby Smith 8 (6) DNS  Alex Pruitt 56

C. Budde took the early advantage, but a strong running Camfield took the point on lap three. With cars vying for the same spot on the bottom side, an ill-fated move by Hill, who was challenging Camfield for the point resulted in knocking the leader out for the night on lap seven. Joining him pitside was Babb who was running fourth at the time. Montgomery assumed the point in Doc Sloans D12 and led Beauchamp, Hayden, Ruble and C. Budde the final three laps.

B main (started): 1. Jamison (1) 2. Moughan (5) 3. Newlin (4) 4. Rockwell (2) 5. Hill (3) / 6. Christian (6) 7. Clauson (11) 8. Gentry (10) 9. P. Budde (7) 10. Harms (9) 11. Dobey (8) DNS  Babb, Gullo, Camfield, M. Wissmiller, Pruitt, Stockton, Smith

Jamison led the distance. The smell of rubber was in the air. Despite the run around the bottom, Moughan did nicely to move up a few spots for second on a track not conducive to passing.

A main (started): 1. Bruns (8) 2. Shanks (14) 3. Stockton (21) 4. Waite (4) 5. Jamison (16) 6. Ruble (12) 7. Hayden (9) 8. Montgomery (1) 9. Thompson (11) 10. Moughan (17) 11. Hollingsworth (2) 12. Hill (20) 13. Beauchamp (6) 14. K. Wissmiller (7) 15. C. Budde (15) 16. Slone (3) 17. Urish (5) 18. Rockhold (10) 19. Rockwell (19) 20. Newlin (18) DQ  Weyant (13)

Hollingsworth paced the field early before a lap four incident saw both Urish and Slone get upside down in turn four. A second blackout on the night sent me home earlier (but later) than I would have hoped. The following was written by Sam Stockton on mscssprints.com:
The Feature race turned out to be a wild and unpredictable race. Hollingsworth stayed out front most of the feature. On lap four the first big spill say Chris Urish going end for end in three and Slone also was involved. On a lap 17 restart Montgomery ran up on Hollingsworth left rear causing Hollingsworth to be disqualified for a flat tire. On the final restart on lap 18 an aggressive move by Chase Stockton, who had started last and was trying for third made contact with Korey Weyant in turn three, with Weyant taking a very nasty spill and a trip to the hospital. Some of the drivers at this time reported they were running out of fuel and the race was ended at that point for with all the problems and cautions and light problems, it was getting really late. A. J. Bruns was declared the winner over last years Champion, Alex Shanks. Shanks after two nights is leading the points over Hollingsworth and Bruns. Dave Darland is leading the Mike's Motors "Route 41 Shootout". The next MSCS race is Saturday April 16th at the famous Florence Speedway, Union, Kentucky.

Hot lap action saw tumbles by Shane Hollingsworth and rookie Kenny Adams Jr. Hollingsworth was the only one able to return for heat race action.

Heat one (started): 1. Brandon Waelti 3w (2) 2. Davey Ray 5 (6) 3. Steve Knepper 25 (8) 4. Cody Weisensel 20w (1) / 5. Dean Erfurth 79 (7) 6. Aaron Fiscus 7 (9) 7. Mike Hess 51 (3) 8. Brad Kuhn 74 (4) 9. Doug Jordan 8 (10) 10. Rich Camfield 87c (5) DNS  Jason Howe 31

Weisensel set the pace from the pole. He held it until Hess and R. Camfield got together in a battle for fifth on lap three. Hess was able to tag the tail of the field after changing a tire, but R. Camfield was done. Weisensel led Waelti, B. Kuhn, Ray and Knepper back to the green flag. Waelti was able to snag the lead on the restart before B. Kuhn gave up his third place spot when he exited smoking on lap five. Ray continued his pressure of Weisensel and led Knepper past him in the late going.

Heat two (started): 1. Joey Montgomery 5o2 (2) 2. Matt Hummel 5o (1) 3. Brad Loyet o5 (8) 4. Mario Marietta 120 (3) / 5. Korey Weyant 99w (6) 6. Lee Beckwith 39 (7) 7. Daniel Adler 50 (4) 8. Brian Ramstack 02R (9) 9. Bob Shreffler 21s (5) DNS  Dave Camfield Jr. 86, Chad Branson 51x

Montgomery led the duration over his teammate, Hummel. The only caution was for Shreffler who exited on lap three. Loyet did a nice job moving up to third from the fourth row. The best battle on the track was for the final transfer between Marietta and Weyant.

Heat three (started): 1. Rick Mueller 22 (2) 2. Tim Siner 15 (3) 3. Craig Carey 30 (1) 4. Rik Forbes 95J (9) / 5. Chad DeSelle 6D (7) 6. Harley Slotten 87 (4) 7. Ron Kuhn 10K (6) 8. Alex Pruitt 37P (11) 9. Wally McDuffey 33 (10) 10. Ken Dull 56 (8) 11. Steve Stroud 21 (5) DNS  Kenny Adams Jr. 17K

Mueller set a new 8-lap track record as he led in a flag to flag run. Siner and Carey had a nice battle for second. Forbes was strong moving forward five spots to earn the final transfer.

Heat four (started): 1. Danny Stratton 2 (4) 2. Donnie Lehmann 31x (7) 3. Shane Hollingsworth 85 (8) 4. Mike Heiss (3) / 5. Derrick Myers 25m (1) 6. Mike Riley 05 (2) 7. Rick Sommerfield 57 (11) 8. Jay Mounce 12J (10) 9. Brett Anderson 16 (5) 10. Buddy Luebke 43 (6) 11. John Jones 21x (9) DNS  David Gough 82

Stratton circled around the front row and led the distance in dominating fashion. On lap two, Hollingsworth and Myers contacted each other. The incident collected Anderson (who was reportedly taken to the hospital with shoulder pain), Sommerfield, Jones and Luebke, who were all done. Lehmann had moved to third at the time of the accident, and ran to a strong second place finish.

B main one (started): 1. Weyant (2) 2. Fiscus (3) 3. Hess (5) / 4. B. Kuhn (7) 5. R. Camfield (9) 6. Beckwith (4) 7. Adler (6) 8. Erfurth (1) 9. Howe (11) 10. Shreffler (8) 11. D. Camfield (10) DNS  Jordan, Ramstack, Branson

Another non-stop event, another record. Weyant set the 12-lap standard as he led the distance from outside row one. Hess was challenged late by B. Kuhn but held his ground.

B main two (started): 1. DeSelle (1) 2. Gough (10) 3. R. Kuhn (5) / 4. Jones (8) 5. Pruitt (7) 6. Dull (11) 7. Stroud (13) 8. McDuffey (9) 9. Sommerfield (12) 10. Myers (2) 11. Mounce (6) 12. Slotten (3) 13. Riley (4) DNS  Luebke, Anderson, Adams

DeSelle led flag to flag. On lap five, Dull and McDuffey spun together in turn four bringing out yellow. At the same time Myers spun in turn four, surrendering third. The restart saw DeSelle leading Gough (10th to 2nd in two laps), Jones, R. Kuhn and Pruitt. Three more laps passed before Mounce and McDuffey came together. R. Kuhn got his elbows up and got around Jones for the final transfer in a good battle in the last four laps.

A main (started): 1. Lehmann (3) 2. Knepper (9) 3. Hess (21) 4. Hollingsworth (12) 5. Ray (7) 6. Waelti (2) 7. Stratton (1) 8. Gough (20) 9. Siner (5) 10. Marietta (14) 11. Weyant (17) 12. Heiss (16) 13. Mueller (4) 14. Loyet (10) 15. Forbes (15) 16. Fiscus (19) 17. DeSelle (18) 18. Carey (11) 19. Hummel (8) 20. R. Kuhn (22) 21. Montgomery (6) 22. Weisensel (13)

Waelti took the early advantage in the 30 lapper. Stratton was hot on his tail and took the high side around him on lap five. On lap eight, Weisensel came to a rest and brought a caution. He was done for the night. Stratton led Waelti, Lehmann, Mueller and Montgomery back to green flag racing. Siner spun on the restart while running seventh sending him to the tail. The incident also collected Hummel and Carey. Most of the action was focusing on the 51 of Hess who started 21st. He was picking off cars despite a very narrow surface that had laid rubber. Lap 12 brought a power outage and a 45 minute stoppage in the action. Ray, Carey, Weyant and Fiscus all put new rubber on their right rear and joined the field at the rear. Stratton led again, but six laps later, Montgomery stopped with a flat left rear. Now Stratton led Waelti, Lehmann, Hollingsworth, Knepper and Forbes. Hess was now in seventh. Lehmann asserted himself on the restart and rocketed around Stratton for the point. He later credited his cooled off tires from the power outage. On lap 22, Carey had contact with another car, spun and collected Fiscus, Kuhn, and Hummel. In an unfortunate and ugly incident Carey took a swing at Hummel, who was still strapped in his car. The patrons in the grandstands were not happy with Mr. Carey. Only Fiscus returned to action. Lehmann led Stratton, Waelti, Knepper and Hollingsworth back to green with Forbes and Hess in tow. Mueller and Hess contacted on the restart, with Mueller restarting at the rear. The second restart saw Forbes surrender sixth in a battle with Hess. Hess continued his run when the green fell again, working his way by Stratton, Waelti and Hollingsworth to take the show position. Ray came from the tail to fifth at the line. Lehmann pulled away the last eight laps for another win at the Spoon.



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