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IRA Wayne Daun Memorial at Wilmot Speedway 5-21-05

Rusty Egan Patrick Haynes View of the pits
Todd Hepfner # 19K Ryan Irwin
Ryan Irwin Fred Ebler Andy Hunt
Scott Biertzer Scott Kuxhouse Ty Bartz
Lyoyd Dykstra Scott Nietzel Bill Waite Jr.
John Haeni Darrell Dodd Dave Maynardi
View of the pits Bill Balog Bill Wirth
Kurt Winker Scott Grissom Matt Folstad set New Track Record
View of the pits Dave Uttech Scott Uttech
Jack Duben Kurt Davis Brian Kristan
Scott Young Kim Mock Charlie Osborn
Jason Johnson Joe Roe Donald Dodd
Jereme Schroeder Travis Tennyson View of the pits
Mike Ptasienski Tim Vandervere Joe Symoenz
Mike Stefka Scott Lenz View of the pits
Mike Kertscher View of the pits View of the pits
Kurt Davis Travis Whitney View of the front straight & turns 1 & 2
View of the flagstand & turn 2 View of center of the infield View of turn 3
View of turns 3 & 4 View of turns 3 & 4 View of the front straight & turns 1 & 2
View of the Midway Consession area View of the Midway and inside the front entrance IRA Souvenier Trailer
View of the Midway View of inside the front entrance View of Midway Consession area
Wisconsin National Guard on the Midway View of Victory Lane View of turns 1 & 2
View of center of infield & turns 3 & 4 View of the front straight & turns 3 & 4 John Haeni
Ty Bartz Scott Grissom Travis Tennysoon
IRA Flag Man Jim Barr Tim Vanderveer Jerry Richert Jr.
Rusty Egan Steve Meyer Jerry Wichert Jr. & Scott Grissom
# 4Q Joe Roe Rick Kelsey
Jereme Schroeder Lyoyd Dykstra Joe Symoenz
Donald Dodd Scott Nietzel Ryan Irwin
Mike Stefka Patrick Haynes Brian Kristan
Ryan Irwin Donald Dodd #88
Fred Ebler Bill Warren Bill Waite Jr.
Andy Hunt Travis Whitney Wayne Modjeski
Scott Uttech Bill Wirth Darrell Dodd
Scott Young Kurt Davis Bill Wirth
Todd Hepfner Kim Mock Brian Kristan
Charlie Osborn Mike Kertscher Wayne Modjeski
Kurt Winker Kurt Winker John Haeni
Charlie Osborn KJ Skelton Ty Bartz
Video Clip: Practice Session Video Clip: Practice Session Video Clip: Practice Session
Video Clip: Practice Session Video Clip: Kurt Winker in practice session  

Results Courtesy of Paul Pittman

Wilmot, WI  (May 21, 2005):  Fans who vetured out to the Wilmot Speedway on Saturday night, expecting to see a great show with the Bumper to Buper IRA Outlaw Sprint Series were not dissapointed.  With 50 teams signed into the pit area for the Wayne Daun Memorial, it was no holds barred and the action started off right with tie trials.  Matt Folstad made his long trip pay off as he picked up his 2nd fast time award of his rookie season, and set a new track record for the speedway with a 13.368 second lap, besting Todd Hepfner's 2002 record.  Scott Biertzer would come close later, but after posting the 2nd quick time of the night on his first lap, Biertzer's #4B ended up on it's side in turn #2.   The team would make repairs in time for the 2nd heat race.

  Heat races would go to Scott Uttech, Brian Kristan, Kim Mock and Scott Neitzel.  Scott Kuxhouse won the last chance race but during the 1st B-Main, made hard contact with the 1st turn retaining wall, resulting in a red flag for his overturned mount.  Kuxhose escaped inury however was finished for the night.  Folstad would go on to win the 1st B-Man while Travis Whitney percerviered and claimed the 2nd B-Main.

  The front row of the 30 lap A-Main held a lot of promise as two of the IRA's up and coming stars would sit side by side for the drop of the green flag.  Uttech and Kristan would race into turn one side by side, however, it was Uttech who would emerged from turn #2 with the lead.  Brake problems would later force Kristan to drop from the event.  Lap #20 saw Mike Kertscher make a strong bid for the top spot, pulling along side Uttech for the lead out of turn #4, however, Uttech was able to grab enough traction on the bottom of the speedway to shut the door on Kertscher.  Kertscher would then stop on the speedway 2 laps later, setting up a shootout between Uttech and past champions Scott Neitzel, Joe Roe, John Haeni and Donny Goeden, all directly behind him. 

  The restart saw Haeni in the 2nd spot, but as laps continued to click off, Neitzel moved his #2W to the top of the speedway and approaching lapped traffic, the three leaders all went into turn #4, three abreast.  Neiztel's decision to go high earlier would pay off as he was able to get by both Haeni and Uttech and once in front, never looked back to pick up his first win of the 2005 season.  Joe Roe also joined the fight but a brake failure forced him to take a more conservative role in the waining laps.   Scott Young, who fell back as far as 6th at one point, fought back to finish 3rd.

The Bumper to Bumper IRA Outlaw Sprint Series will return to action on Saturday night, May 28th when they return to the Echo Valley Speedway in West Union, IA.  Last Year's defending champion, Mike Reinke, is expected to return to defend his title along with a host of other stars in what is promising to be a banner year for the series.  For ticket and admission information, please contact the track office.  For complete series scheduling and other informion, we invite you to the IRA's website at irasprints.com.

All American Caps & Liners/TW Metals Time Trials (50 cars):   Matt Folstad (RJS Racing #1H) 13.368 sec - New Track Record

WELD Racing Heat:  Scott Uttech (Trinity Racing #7)
MPD Race Products Heat:  Brian Kristan  (Wieland Racing Enterprises #5)
Lane Automotive Heat:  Kim Mock (Osborn & Son Trucking #1M)
VMAC Racing Heat:  Scotty Neitzel (R&H Enterprises #2W)
Behling Race Parts B-Mains:
1:) Matt Folstad (RJS Racing #1H)   2:)Travis Whitney (Powder Coating Tecnologies #9)

Wayne Daun Memorial/United Trailers A-Main (30 laps):   Scotty Neitzel (R&H Enterprises #2W), John Haeni, Scott Young, Scott Uttech, Donny Goeden, Joe Roe, Travis Whitney, Matt Folstad, Todd Hepfner, Seve Meyer, Kurt Davis, Scott Biertzer, Kim Mock, Billy Warren, Rick Kelsey, Mike Stefka, Scott Grissom, Bill Waite Jr., Wayne Modjeski, Mike Kertscher, Darrell Dodd, Brian Kristan

DMI Hard Charger:  Todd Hepfner (+14)

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