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2005 USAC Buckey Nationals at Eldora Speedway 6-18-05


Bryan Clauson Shane Cottle Steve Wilmot
Johnny Heydenreich Lee Boss Shane Hollingsworth
Jon Stanbrough Kent Wolters Darr Lawson
Infield Tower View of the pits Dave Darland
Dave Darland Dave Darland Brad Sweet
Josh Wise Jay Drake Darren Hagen
John Scott Kevin Huntley Levi Jones
Mat Neely Rob Chaney Bud Kaeding
View of the pits Matt Westfall Tim Clark
Scotty Weir Mike Miller Jerrod Wilson
Justin Marvel Bryan Stanfill Jerry Coons Jr.
Jonathan Vennard View of the pits View of the pits
View of the pits Bill Rose Jesse Hockett
Dickie Gaines Marc Hery Luke Hall
View of the pits View of the pits View of the pits
View of the pits USAC Officials View of the back straight
Diagonal view from turn 3 over to turn 1 Turn 3 & 4 pits Turn 3 & 4 pits
Front straight pits Front straight pits Front straight pits & main grandstands
Turn 3 & 4 pits View of front straight & turn 1 View of center of infield
View of center of infield Driver's Meeting Jay Drake
Jonathan Vennard Justin Marvel Josh Wise
Justin Marvel Josh Wise Justin Marvel
Josh Wise Josh Wise Jerrod Wilson
Josh Wise Dave Darland Bud Kaeding
Steve Wilmot & Jon Stanbrough Mike Miller Jerry Coons Jr. & Mike Miller
Jerry Coon's Jr. Jimmy Stinson Brad Sweet
Bryan Clauson Jimmy Stinson Matt Westfall
Kevin Huntley, Feature Winner Levi Jones Rob Chaney
Levi Jones Rob Chaney Kevin Huntley
View of front straight & turns 3 & 4 View of the crowd in main grandstands Jesse Hockett
Lee Boss Johnny Heydenreich Marc Hery
Jay Drake arrives by Helicopter Jimmy Stinson  


Brad Loyet Josh Wise Brad Kuhn
Bobby East Tom Hessert Jerry Coons Jr.
Jon Stanbrough Casey Shuman Ryan Durst
Dave Darland, Feature Winner Cole Carter Keith Kunz' Vital Express/Bullet Chassis Stable
Darren Hagen Jay Drake Bobby Grewohl
Johnny Rodriguez Levi Jones Todd Beach
Teddy Beach Casey Becker Dave Shirk
Doug Cross Ron Gregory Matt Westfall
Travis Miniea Dave Darland Shane Hollingsworth
Cole Carter Bobby East Dave Darland
Travis Miniea Casey Shuman Darren Hagen
Jon Stanbrough Levi Jones Ron Gregory
Matt Westfall Bobby Grewohl Jerry Coons Jr.
Diagonal view from turn 1 over to turn 3    

Mike Campbell Photos

Rob Chaney Teddy & Todd Beach Bobby East & Dave Darland
Bryan Clauson & Josh Wise Bud Kaeding & Lee Boss Darren Hagen & Bryan Stanfill
Bud Kaeding & Bryan Stanfill Rob Chaney flip sequence #1 Rob Chaney flip sequence #2
Rob Chaney flip sequence #3 Brad Kuhn & Jay Drake Brad Kuhn & Jose Wise
Jerry Coons Jr., Jose Wise, Jay Drake & Mat Neely Jerrod Wilson & Levi Jones Dicke Gaines & Jerry Coons Jr.
Bryan Clauson flip sequence #1 Bryan Clauson flip sequence #2 Bryan Clauson flip sequence #3
Bryan Clauson flip sequence #4 Bryan Clauson flip sequence #5 Dave Darland & Dickie Gaines
Dave Darland & Todd Beach Johnny Rodriguez & Brad Kuhn Brad Kuhn & Josh Wise
Dave Darland in Victory Lane Bill Rose & Dave Darland Shane Cottle & Bud Kaeding
Jerry Coons Jr. & Levi Jones Kevin Huntley & Crew in Victory Lane Kevin Huntley

Results Courtesy of www.usacracing.com

Huntley Tunes Up For Repeat Thunder Win With Saturday’s Triumph
ROSSBURG, Ohio – Kevin Huntley of Bloomington, Ind. tuned up for a chance of a repeat victory Saturday, winning the prelude to the “Mopar Thunder” – the “Buckeye Nationals” at Eldora Speedway.
Huntley led all 30 laps after starting on the pole, driving the No 21x Service Drywall/Thermo Spray of Indiana F-5/Chevy and winning in front of Josh Wise, Dickie Gaines, John Scott and Jonathan Vennard. Gaines emerged as the sprint car titlist.

“I was pretty confident once we got out front,” Huntley said.

Huntley was never really challenged throughout the event, though the final five laps Wise and Gaines gave him a bit of a fit.
The defending winner of the “Mopar Thunder” kept his lead at a distance of 2-5 car lengths nearly the entire event, stretching the gap to about seven car lengths. However, following a caution on Lap 25 brought forth by debris from Mat Neely’s machine, the Top 3 kept to within two car lengths.
Although Huntley was not seriously challenged, he won by about a car length over Wise and another over Gaines. All three had slipped from the top groove to the middle lane by the end of the race.
Only two cautions slowed the event.
The event was a step toward defending the “Mopar Thunder,” which pays $50,000 to the winner of the race. The event is scheduled for Aug. 6.
“That’s what we’re working for the rest of the year,” Huntley said.
Jesse Hockett, Mike Miller, Shane Cottle and Bud Kaeding won 10-lap heats, while series points leader Jay Drake won the 12-lap semifeature. Rob Chaney, who won the May 30 race, set fast time in qualifying, stopping the clock at 18.227 seconds.
Bryan Clauson, in his first attempt at making a race at Eldora, flipped during practice and was transported to Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, Ohio for evaluation.
Drake, who finished 10th earlier in the day in the Liberty Challenge at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, takes a 22-point advantage into Friday’s event at Richmond International Raceway in Richmond, Va.


Darland Posts 30-Lap Eldora Midget Victory
ROSSBURG, Ohio – Dave Darland knows a thing or two about winning midget races at Eldora Speedway. In Saturday’s 30-lap USAC National Midget Car Series feature, he testified to that once again.

The Lincoln, Ind. native had several challengers, but none could knock him from the throne, as he posted his fifth career victory at the high-mile track in a midget and won the finale of the two-race “Buckeye Nationals,” a series in which he also claimed the title.

“This is great to win this race,” said Darland, who drove the No. 27 U.S. Technologies/Rusty Kunz Spike/Esslinger. “I’ve had a lot of success here in the midget, and enjoy it a lot.”

Darland led all 30 laps after blowing by polesitter Todd Beach with a slide job in Turn 3 of the opening lap, but the Donnelsville, Ohio driver wasn’t his only competitor. Todd’s older brother Teddy went to second on the second lap, and followed Darland for the next 12 laps.

That’s when Carey Becker spun in Turn 3. Darland dived underneath Becker’s car, which slid up the track next to the wall, but Teddy Beach wasn’t so lucky. He slammed into the side of Becker’s car, eliminating both cars.

The incident moved Darren Hagen up to second, and the Californian didn’t disappoint. He buzzed by Darland on the inside to take a brief lead, but Darland returned the favor just before the duo crossed under the flag stand. Darland inched away forcefully, and increased the advantage to a second after 19 laps.

Jay Drake, who started ninth, maneuvered through the field and took second from his teammate Hagen on Lap 22. But that pass and position didn’t last long.

Exiting Turn 2 on Lap 24, Hagen and Drake tangled, resulting in a flip by Drake. However, Hagen continued, and retained his second-place spot.

Again, Darland pulled away on the restart, as Hagen and Jerry Coons Jr. battled. But Hagen couldn’t overcome what two other second-place runners had endured already: misfortune. Hagen spun in Turn 2, relinquishing his spot. Defending USAC Western Midget Car Series champion Johnny Rodriguez also spun in an attempt to avoid hitting Hagen.

Coons moved up to second, but couldn’t catch Darland on the restart. Darland won the midget portion for his third team in three seasons, moving to within one win of Rich Vogler’s all-time record of six.

“Rich Vogler was a heck of a racecar driver, and to be within one of his records is a great accomplishment,” said Darland, who won the 4-Crown Nationals last year as well as the “Buckeye Nationals” event in 2003. “Hopefully, I can keep getting good racecars so I can go out and beat that record someday.
Series points leader Josh Wise was third, while Friday’s winner Brad Kuhn and Jon Stanbrough rounded out the Top 5

 Defending National series champion Bobby East suffered a flat right rear tire during an early caution, and climbed back to fifth only to endure more car trouble on the white flag lap. He finished 18th.

East and the Beach brothers won eight-lap heats.  



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