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2005 Ohio All Star Sprint Week

Photos by Mike Campbell

Fremont Speedway 6-30-05

Mike Linder & Rob Chaney Todd Kane & Greg Wilson Randy Hannagan & Chad Kemenah
Chad Kememah in Victory Lane at Fremont    

Limaland Speedway 7-1-05

Jeff Williams Flip, Cory Seeling & Joey Saldana Jeff Williams Flip, Joey Saldana & Scott Euler Jeff Williams Flip
Jeff Williams Flip Ryan Coniam, Joe Cheeseman & Mike Lutz 4 wide parade lap
Randy Hannagan, Byron Reed & Lee Jacobs Jac Haudenschild & Kenny Jacobs Dale Blaney & Jac Haudenschild
Jac Haudenschild & crew in victory lane at Limaland Jac Haudenschild in victory lane at Limaland  

K-C Raceway 7-2-05

Rob Chaney was the dash winner Mark Keegan & Jeremy Campbell Eddie Sloan, Bob Bennett & Aaron Fry
4 wide parade lap Chad Kemenah & Danny Smith Greg Wilson & Rob Chaney
Danny Smith & Chand Kemenah Greg Wilson & Kenny Jacobs Greg Wilson in victory lane at K-C Raceway
Greg Wilson & Crew in victory lane Kelly Kinser was the Ohio All Star Raceweek Champion  


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