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Knoxville 410 Summer Classic with 360's at Knoxville Raceway 7-23-05

Wayne Modjeski Kim Mock Mike Kertscher
Wayne Johnson Scott Young Fred Ebler
Kaley Gharst Kevin Swindell Justin Henderson
John Kearney Tony Bruce Jr. Jason Martin
Ty Bartz Mike Reinke Colin Northway
Kim Mock & Mike Kertscher Ryan Irwin Bill Balog
Scott Nietzel Billy Alley Geoff Dodge
Dusty Zomer Calvin Landis Jake Peters
Jake Peters Darren Stewart Brett Mather
John Hall Scott Winters Rick Ideus
Rager Phillips Johnny Anderson Jarrod Smith
View of the pits Tim St. Arnold Steve Meyer
Ricky Stenhouse Jr. Scott Biertzer Sammy Swindell
Travis Whitney Eric Vanderploeg Dusty Zomer
Scott Uttech Matt Folstad Bill Warren
Natalie Sather Stacy Alexander Jaymie Moyle
View of the pits Ricky Logan Chad Meyer
View of the pits View of front straight Victory Lane & Hall of Fame Museum
Victory Lane & Hall of Fame Museum View of front straight & turns 1 & 2 View of center of infield
View of turns 3 & 4 View of the pits View of the pits
View of center of the infield View of the pits Kevin Huntley
Scott Winters View of turns 3 & 4 View of center of infield & Hall of Fame Museum
View of center of infield View of turns 3 & 4 Victory Lane & center of infield
Kerry Madsen Drivers Meeting Summer Classic Trophies
Troy Meyer Jerry Crabb Terry Alexander
Dan Thornburg Joe Beaver Brett Mather
Eddie Leavitt Jr. Scott Winters Darren Stewart
Bronson Maeschen Stevie Walsh Peter Crall
Natalie Sather Natalie Sather Jake Peters
Allan Zoutte & Josh Higday Tom Lenz Rob Edwards
Jake Martens Allan Zoutte Tom Lenz
Davey Heskin Dustin Selvage David Hall
Jake Peters Matt Stephenson Eric Jobe
Eric Mason Tony Bruce Jr. Knoxville Push Truck's
Stevie Walsh Car's ready to push off Josh Higday
Joe Beaver Dusty Zomer Matt Stephenson
Mike Houseman Jr. Rick Ideus Johnny Anderson
Tony Bruce Jr. Eric Jobe Eric Mason
Jake Peters Rick Ideus Car's ready to push off
John Kearney Rager Phillips John VanDenBerg
Clint Garner John Schulz & Rager Phillips Larry Pinegar II
John VanDenBerg Jason Martin Nate Mosher
Frankie Heimbaugh Mike Kertscher Rich Bubak
Tyler Houseman Chris Walraven Dave Uttech
KJ Skelton Fred Ebler Andy Hunt
Matt Folstad Fred Ebler Andy Hunt
Scott Uttech John Agan Joe Roe
Bill Warren Car's ready to push off Scott Biertzer
Jaymie Moyle Ricky Logan & Scott Nietzel Skip Jackson
Mike Moore & Randy Anderson Skip Jackson & Ty Bartz Kevin Swindell
Bill Balog Billy Alley Scott Nietzel
Justin Henderson Travis Whitney Ricky Stenhouse Jr.
Ricky Logan Ty Bartz Eric Vanderploeg
Ian Madsen Kim Mock Ricky Stenhouse Jr.
Randy Anderson Sammy Swindell, Kerry Madsen & Kevin Huntley "A" Feature drives draw for starting position
Brian Brown Sammy Swindell Kerry Madsen
Kerry Madsen Kevin Huntley & Wayne Johnson Wayne Johnson
Brian Brown Sammy Swindell Kevin Huntley
Calvin Landis Calvin Landis draws the #1 starting position Calvin Landis

Doug Johnson Photos

Kerry Madsen Kerry Madsen celebrates in Victory Lane
Top 3

Kerry Madsen won the 25 lap $10,000 to win Iowa Telecom Classic Sat. night at the Knoxville Raceway.  He is joined by 2nd place Brian Brown (L) and 3rd place Sammy Swindell.

Chad Meyer & Sammy Swindell

Chad Meyer #1w leads Sammy Swindell midway through the 25 lap Iowa Telecom Classic Sat. night at the Knoxville Raceway.

Josh Higday

Josh Higday won the 360 feature at the Knoxville Raceway

Josh Higday & Stacy Alexander Josh Higday and Stacy Alexander battle for the lead.


Results Courtesy of Rustin Nelson

54 410s
47 360s


There were no time trials & no heats. The top 16 in points (total, heats & feature) from the night before were locked into the A, while the rest had to work their way through the C & B.

C-Main) (started) 1. 1H Matt Folstad (3) 2. 44 Geoff Dodge (2) 3. 80k Mike Kertscher (1) / 4. 4 Jon Agan (4) 5. 95 Bill Warren (5) 6. 80 KJ Skelton (7) 7. 61 Joe Roe (9) 8. 9x Rich Bubak (6) 9. 35x Greg Jones (11) 10. 7 Scott Uttech (10) 11. 71 Robert Bell (8) 12. 68 Dave Uttech (12) 13. 77 Wayne Modjeski (18) 14. 9A Andy Hunt (15) 15. 53 Bill Wirth (14) 16. 50 Tyler Houseman (16) 17. 64 Fred Ebler (17) 18. 49 Ryan Irwin (13) 19. 56 Chris Walraven (19)

Folstad got a great jump at the start, took the lead in the non-stop 10-lapper, and really checked out. Kertscher held off the advances of Agan to take the final transfer to the B.

B-Main) 1. 10 Ricky Logan (8) 2. 22 Billy Alley (10) 3. F5 Ian Madsen (2) 4. 5m Jamie Moyle (1) 5. 1K Kevin Swindell (5) 6. 2 Skip Jackson (11) 7. 81 Randy Anderson (3) 8. D11 Justin Henderson (6) / 9. 9 Travis Whitney (15) 10. 69 Mike Moore (4) 11. 7x Lynton Jeffrey (14) 12. 2w Scotty Neitzel (7) 13. 40R Ricky Stenhouse Jr (9) 14. 4c Billy Malog (12) 15. Folstad (20) 16. Kertscher (22) 17. 85M Steve Meyer (18) 18. 1M Kim Mock (13) 19. 75 Ty Bartz (17) 20. Dodge (21) 21. 4B Scott Biertzer (16) 22. 1B Brent Antill

Moyle led the early laps but was tracked down by Logan & Alley. Logan made the pass for the lead near the mid-stages of the non-stop 15-lap consi. I. Madsen looked smooth in 3rd throughout the race, but had nothing for the leaders. Jackson, Anderson, Henderson, and Whitney, and Moore battled for the final transfer with Whitney & Moore being left out.

A-Main) 1. 55 Kerry Madsen (16) 2. 21 Brian Brown (2) 3. 7W Tim St. Arnold (3) 4. 5 Sammy Swindell (8) 5. Logan (17) 6. Alley (18) 7. K. Swindell (21) 8. 70H Kevin Huntley (7) 9. 53 Joe Beaver (5) 10. 3 Scott Young (10) 11. 1M Jake Peters (15) 12. 5m Moyle (20) 13. I. Madsen (19) 14. 1Z Dusty Zomer (12) 15. 70 Calvin Landis (1) 16. Henderson (24) 17. Reinke (13) 18. 71R Ryan Anderson (14) 19. 1W Chad Meyer (9) 20. Jackson (22) 21. 14AJ Wayne Johnson (4) 22. 44G Kaley Gharst (11) 23. 60 Colin Northway (6) DNS- Randy Anderson (23)

The top 16 drew pills from a cup after B-Main hotlaps to determine the starting order. Landis was lucky, the Mad Man was not so lucky. Randy Anderson had no oil pressure in the warm up laps and pulled it in. Brown jumped out to the early lead with Landis in tow when Northway pegged the turn two wall and retired. Brown still led when Gharst came to a stop on lap nine and retired. Brown led Landis, St. Arnold, a surging Meyer (6th to 4th on lap 7), a ridiculously fast K. Madsen, W. Johnson, and Sammy. Sammy put a slider on Wayne on the restart, contact was made, and Johnson got into the turn two fence. He would restart at the tail, but pull in a couple laps later. The leaders got seriously bunched up in thick lapped traffic with the laps winding down, and K. Madsen charged in the now high to middle rubber that was laid down to put a slider on Brown in turn three with four to go to grab the lead. Jackson stopped down the backchute with two to go to bring out a caution, and Meyer (who had a rear tire go down) spun to a halt in turn four on the restart. Madsen led Brown, St. Arnold, Sammy, and a charging Alley & Logan from the B. Madsen held off Brown the final circuits of the 25-lapper and took home $10,000. He passed the most cars in doing so.


Heat 1) (started, *qualified for the A) 1. 54 Brett Mather (2*) 2. 24 Josh Higday (4*) 3. F4 Eddie Leavitt Jr (1*) 4. 7h John Hall (3*) 5. 96 Bronson Maeschen (5) 6. 11M Troy Meyer (6) 7. 91 Darren Stewart (8) 8. R19 Scott Winters (9) 9. 20 Stevie Walsh (7) 10. 11 Peter Crall (10)

Walsh and Winters tangled in two at the start with Walsh backing into the fence. He was done. The left side panel of Crall's top wing fell apart in turn three bringout another yellow. He was done as well. Not much passing on a surface that was lightning fast early on. Mather and Higday checked out.

Heat 2) 1. 48 Jarrod Smith (2*) 2. 77 Terry Alexander (6*) 3. 7 Dustin Selvage (1*) 4. 3R Rick Ideus (9*) 5. 22 Rob Edwards (7) 6. 94 Natalie Sather (8) 7. 57T Dan Thornberg (4) 8. 53 Joe Beaver (3) DNS - 12x Jerry Crabb (5)

A couple of cars passed the pace car and were penalized misc. rows (Selvage, Smith). Beaver took off in the lead, but pulled in with three laps to go with a burnt power plant. He would scratch for the night and focus on his A-main start in the 410 class. Smith inherited the lead and dominated. Ideus had a nice run getting through the field.

Heat 3) 1. 126 Stacy Alexander (1*) 2. 57x Jake Peters (6*) 3. 1z Dusty Zomer (9*) 4. 51 Dave Hall (7*) 5. 33 Alan Zoutte (2) 6. B29 Eric Mason (3) 7. Y5 Mike Houseman Jr (5) 8. 18 Tony Bruce Jr (8) 9. 8L Tom Lenz (4)

Alexander jumped to the early lead, but action was halted on the third lap when Lenz's right rear dropped off and bounded over the turn two billboards onto Hwy. 14. No injuries outside were reported. Lenz was done. Bruce Jr. had moved up nicely, but pulled in with one to go while running 3rd. He would scratch for the night. Peters and Zomer survived and moved up nicely on a night that saw them doing double duty (along with Beaver).

Heat 4) 1. 7a Johnny Anderson (4*) 2. 56x Davie Heskin (1*) 3. 04 Frankie Heimbaugh (5*) 4. 5G Brett Golik (6*) 5. 23 Eric Jobe (3) 6. 1A Larry Pinegar II (9) 7. 36 Jason Martin (8) 8. 55 Matt Stephenson (2) 9. 6 Mitchell Alexander (7)

Anderson got the early lead and checked out. Heimbaugh was on the move though behind him and locked down third with one to go. Pinegar, who had/has been racing weekly w/ success at Eagle this year was piloting the Arends 1A.

Heat 5) 1. 5J Larry Ball Jr (1*) 2. 9 Rager Phillips (2*) 3. 83B John Kearney (3*) 4. 10 Jeff Mitrisin (7*) 5. Y2 Mike Houseman -Sr- (5) 6. 22N Nate Moshier (4) 7. 48x Jake Martens (8) 8. 2 John Schulz (6) 9. 7N Jon VanDenBerg (9) 10. 40 Clint Garner (10)

Garner slowed to a stop after a lap and retired. Ball got the lead in this stacked heat race and dominated. Mitrisin did a nice moving up, as he got 4th on lap 4. VanDenBerg was in a Bruce Williams team car, making just his third start without fenders for the year.

C-Main) 1. Schulz (5) 2. Lenz (7) 3. Garner (11) / 4. Winters (1) 5. VanDenBerg (9) 6. M. Alexander (8) 7. Stephenson (4) 8. Crall (10) DNS: Beaver (2), Bruce Jr (3) and Walsh (6)

Schulz quickly nabbed the lead with a charging Lenz & Garner behind him. Garner had a nice battle with Winters before shutting him out of the B.

B-Main) 1. Maeschen (2) 2. Pinegar II (1) 3. Jobe (6) 4. J. Martin (12) / 5. Meyer (8) 6. Garner (18) 7. Lenz (17) 8. Houseman -Sr- (7) 9. Edwards (3) 10. Sather (4) 11. Martens (13) 12. Thornberg (14) 13. Mason (9) 14. Zoutte (5) 15. Moshier (10) 16. Houseman Jr (15) 17. Schulz (16) DNS - Stewart (11)

Stewart broke a sway bar during warm ups and would not start. Schulz was battling it out for a top-5, when he spun in turn three on lap six. He washed up the track backwards collecting Martens with Houseman just escaping absolutely drilling Schulz. Maeschen led the duration of the 10-lapper with Martin surging into a final transfer from the sixth row. Garner and Lenz also passed a ton of cars, but all for not.

A-Main) 1. Higday (3) 2. S. Alexander (2) 3. Peters (3) 4. Zomer (5) 5. Anderson (7) 6. Mitrisin (16) 7. Mather (4) 8. Kearney (19) 9. Maeschen (21) 10. Martin (24) 11. Ball Jr (1) 12. Smith (8) 13. Heskin (11) 14. Heimbaugh (12) 15. Jobe (23) 16. Hall (15) 17. Ideus (14) 18. T. Alexander (9) 19. Hall (20) 20. Leavitt Jr (17) 21. Phillips (13) 22. Golik (18) 23. Pinegar (22) 24. Selvage (10)

Selvage stopped down the front chute with one lap in the books and went pitside. Alexander got the early lead by shooting under Ball Jr. and Higday coming off the low side of turn two with an exciting pass. Higday caught Alexander in traffic and threw a slider on him near the mid-point of the 15-lapper. Alexander would then pass him back in thick traffic with two to go using the low side off of four. As the white was waving, Phillips came to a stop in turn four, and retired. Alexander led Higday, Peters, a surging Mitrisin, and Zomer. Higday hooked up to the cushion and motored around Alexander on the restart to take his 3rd feature of the year and 8th career. Mitrisin backed up on the restart but still had a great run. Martin was the hard charger coming from the tail to get a top-ten.


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