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21st Annual Tom Knowles Memorial

at Spoon River Speedway

9-17-05 Photos Courtesy of Keenan Wright

7100 Midget Feature at Spoon River begins with a 4 Wide Missing Man Salute for Kevin Doty at Spoon River on 9/17/05. Kevin won this race last year.
7120 # 2 Danny Stratton leads # 74 Brad Kuhn. This was about as close as Kuhn got during the race.
7128 Danny Stratton out of the car in the winner's circle for the midget feature
7135 Danny Stratton poses after his midget feature win.
7138 Danny Stratton and crew celebrate a midget feature win.
7151 # 50 Blake Feese in early Sprint Feature race action.
7156 Blake Feese during the feature.
7157 Tight Sprint Action during the feature.
7168 Blake Feese on the front streatch during the Sprint feature.
7174 Blake Feese out of the car after winning the Sprint feature
7177 Blake Feese waves to the crowd after his feature win.
7180 Blake Feese and crew in the winner's circle.
7181 Blake Feese and crew with Kevin Doty Jr in the winner's circle.
7184 Blake Feese celebrates with his Dad after the Sprint Feature.
6958 Danny Stratton during Hot Laps
6972 Balke Feese during Hot Laps
7029 Danny Stratton #2 and Steve Knepper # 55 go at it in Heat 4
7033 Danny Stratton leading in Heat #4
Jimmy Hurley Bret Tripplet Robbie Standridge
Ron Standridge Shane Dayney Blake Feese
Blake Feese Blake Feese Patrick Moore
AJ Bruns David Gough Mike Hess
Tom Hessert Mike Hess Brad Sweet
Steve Knepper Mike Hess Brad Loyet
Mike Hess Joe Ligouri David Gough
Steve Knepper Ricky LaBrosse Brad Kuhn
Tim Siner Bryan Clauson Jay Drake
Bryan Clauson Tim Siner Jay Drake
Brad Kuhn Bryan Clauson Bill Hess
Darren Hagen Danny Stratton Rich Camfield
Jimmy Davies Chris Urish Chris Urish
Chris Urish Jimmy Davies Ron Standridge
Jay Landolt Daniel Adler Mike Deavers
Matt Harms Daniel Adler Patrick Haynes
AJ Bruns Tommy Rockwell Patrick Haynes
Car's exit track in turn 1 Ryan Jamison Bobby Hawks
Ryan Jamison Chad DeSelle, Steve Stroud & Darren Hagen Tom Hessert
Chad DeSelle Tom Hessert Dave Camfield Jr & Darren Hagen
Dave Camfield Jr. & Darren Hagen Tom Hessert, Dave Camfield Jr. & Jay Drake Jay Drake & Dave Camfield Sr.
Midget Racing Action Brad Kuhn Jay Drake
Brad Kuhn & Brad Loyet Jay Drake Brad Kuhn
Jay Drake Brad Kuhn Chad DeSelle
Brad Kuhn David Gough & Tim Siner Korey Weyant & Jeff Flesher
Mike Hess & Korey Weyant Jeff Flesher Joe Ligouri
Danny Stratton & Joe Ligouri Bret Tripplet & Blake Feese Korey Weyant
Sprint Racing Action Chris Urish AJ Bruns
Patrick Haynes Jimmy Hurley Daniel Adler
Mike Deavers & Eddie Lynch Mitch Wissmiller Ryan Jamison & Mitch Wissmiller
Ryan Jamison & Mitch Wissmiller Rich Camfield Doug Schneck
Jay Mounce Walley McDuffy & Jason Howe Doug Schneck
Mike Riley Doug Schneck Ricky LaBrosse
Daniel Adler & Matt Rogerson Ryan Bunton Daniel Adler
Bill Waite Jr. Ryan Bunton Tom Hessert & Danny Stratton
Missing Man Formation prior to the Midget Feature for Tribute to Kevin Doty. Tom Hesset & Danny Stratton Danny Stratton
Korey Weyant & Bryan Clauson Chad DeSelle & David Gough Jay Drake
Chad DeSelle & Tim Siner David Gough Mike Hess
Jeff Flesher Jeff Flesher Jeff Flesher
Danny Stratton Ryan Durst & Chad DeSelle Bryan Clauson & Brad Loyet
Danny Stratton Danny Stratton Danny Stratton in Victory Lane
Brad Kuhn was 2nd and Mike Hess was 3rd in the Feature Shane Dayney Blake Feese, Ron Standridge & Bobby Hawks
Sprint Racing Action Bobby Hawks Mike Deavers
Blake Feese Chris Urish Daniel Adler
Blake Feese Blake Feese in Victory Lane Blake Feese in Victory Lane
Blake Feese in Victory Lane Blake Feese signing Autographs in Victory Lane Blake Feese signing Autographs in Victory Lane
Blake Feese signing Autographs in Victory Lane    

Results Courtesy of Bill Wright

Tom Knowles Memorial

32 410s
40 360s


A healthy crowd packed the Spoon River Speedway to honor the late Tom Knowles and Kevin Doty.

Heat one (started): 1. Blake Feese 50 (4) 2. Jeff Flesher 1K (5) 3. Korey Weyant 99w (3) 4. Jay Landolt 21s (7) / 5. Bill Waite Jr. 3JR (6) 6. Bret Tripplett 22x (1) 7. Jimmy Davies 99 (2) DNS - Chad Branson 71

Feese had the lead before the first circuit was complete, and dominated the rest of the event, winning by half a lap. Flesher moved up nicely using the cushion on the high banked 3/8. Weyant crossed third but had his powerplant blow sky-high at the end of the eight-lapper, ending his night.

Heat two (started): 1. Ron Standridge 10 (1) 2. Chris Urish 83 (3) 3. AJ Bruns 44 (2) 4. Manny Rockhold 4B (6) / 5. Ryan Bunton 66 (4) 6. Matt Rogerson 45 (5) DNS - Lance Gullo 3G, Tommy Rockwell 95

Ron Standridge led flag to flag. The best racing was for the runner-up position, as Urish and Bruns exchanged slide jobs in some great action. Rockhold came on late to grab the final transfer.

Heat three (started): 1. Jimmy Hurley 35 (1) 2. Patrick Haynes 5 (4) 3. Mike Deavers 72 (8) 4. Terry Babb 2s (5) / 5. Daniel Adler 50x (3) 6. Eddie Lynch 29 (2) 7. Tiffany Wyzard 5x (7) 8. Matt Harms 53H (6)

Hurley led throughout despite constant pressure from Haynes. Deavers picked his way forward using the bottom, while Babb passed Lynch for the final transfer on the final go-around.

Heat four (started): 1. Bobby Hawks 5H (5) 2. Mitch Wissmiller 7x (2) 3. Ryan Jamison 51J (4) 4. Robbie Standridge 22 (7) / 5. Shane Dayney 53D (6) 6. Patrick Moore 14P (3) 7. Robert Bell 71x (1) 8. Jamie Needham 93 (8)

Wissmiller led early. Hawks stayed on his nerf bar and made the winning slidejob on the last lap in exciting fashion.

B main (started): 1. Bunton (2) 2. Waite (1) 3. Dayney (4) 4. Adler (3) 5. Rogerson (6) / 6. Gullo (10) 7. Lynch (7) 8. Wyzard (11) 9. Tripplett (5) 10. Harms (13) 11. Moore (8) 12. Davies (9) 13. Bell (12) 14. Needham (14) DNS - Branson, Rockwell

Bunton beat Waite to the punch at the outset and led until a lap three spin by Moore. On the restart, Bunton led Waite, Adler, Dayney and Rogerson. Those five were able to hold on to transfer spots in the 12 lapper.

A main (started): 1. Feese (1) 2. Hawks (4) 3. Ron Standridge (2) 4. Hurley (3) 5. Urish (6) 6. Robbie Standridge (15) 7. Babb (14) 8. Bruns (9) 9. Wissmiller (8) 10. Landolt (12) 11. Flesher (5) 12. Jamison (11) 13. Rockhold (13) 14. Adler (19) 15. Bunton (16) 16. Haynes (7) 17. Waite (17) 18. Dayney (18) 19. Deavers (10) 20. Rogerson (20) DNS - Weyant

Feese and Hawks shot out immediately to lead the pack in the 25 lapper. The pair had a nice lead on the rest when Deavers spun on lap nine. They led Ron Standridge, Hurley, Urish and a surging Robbie Standridge. Robbie Standridge continued his charge, getting around Urish and Hurley to move into the top four before a caution on lap 20 slowed the leaders who were working traffic. The final five laps belonged to Feese and Rich DeReus 50, while a 360 spin with two to go, slowed Robbie Standridges progress and costing him three positions.


Heat one (started): 1. Craig Carey 5J (3) 2. Dave Camfield Jr. (4) 3. Tom Hessert 5H (10) 4. Darren Hagen 71 (8) 5. Chad DeSelle 6D (9) / 6. Bill Hess 51H (7) 7. Steve Stroud 21 (6) 8. Lynsey Tilton 18 (5) 9. Eddie Sauer 96 (2) 10. Andy Mason 47 (1)

Carey jumped out to an early lead before Sauer came to a stop. Carey led Camfield Jr., Tilton, Hagen, who had grabbed four positions in the opening lap, and DeSelle back to green flag racing. Intense action in the 8 lapper culminated when Carey slowed dramatically in turn four on the final lap and coasted home. Camfield Jr. veered high to avoid and nearly sent Hagen into the fence. Hessert took advantage, zipping by the checked up machines of DeSelle and Hagen to grab third.

Heat two (started): 1. Brad Kuhn 74 (4) 2. Brad Loyet o5 (1) 3. Jay Drake 67 (6) 4. Bryan Clauson 71x (8) 5. Davey Ray 6E (10) / 6. Doug Schneck 19 (2) 7. Rik Forbes 95J (9) 8. Wally McDuffey 33 (3) 9. Dave Camfield Sr. 78 (5) 10. Ken Dull 56 (7)

Kuhn led the distance in dominating fashion. Drake moved into third early, but couldnt find his way around Loyet after a nice battle. The lone caution came for a stopped Forbes on lap two. Clauson did well in moving forward in the third Kunz car, while Ray came from the back row to earn a transfer himself.

Heat three (started): 1. Jeff Flesher 59 (2) 2. Mike Hess 51 (10) 3. Korey Weyant 35 (3) 4. David Gough 75 (1) 5. Tim Siner 15 (6) / 6. Bubba Altig 5o (9) 7. Rich Camfield 87 (8) 8. Derrick Meyers (4) 9. Jay Mounce 12J (5) 10. Jason Howe 31 (7)

Flesher led flag to flag, but Hess was the show coming from the tail to second using the uppermost realms of the high banks. Howe brought a yellow when he stopped on lap four.

Heat four (started): 1. Danny Stratton 2 (7) 2. Joe Ligouri 6RR (2) 3. Daniel Adler 50 (4) 4. Steve Knepper 55 (1) 5. Ryan Durst 51x (9) / 6. Kurt Mayhew 21K (3) 7. Donnie Lehmann 31x (8) 8. Ricky LaBrosse 93 (6) 9. Mike Riley 05 (5) DNS - Kenny Adams Jr. 17K

Ligouri led early, but it was only a matter of time before Stratton tracked him down from row four. He did so on lap six in impressive fashion.

B main (started): 1. Altig (3) 2. Mayhew (4) 3. Adams (18) 4. LaBrosse (11) / 5. Camfield Sr. (13) 6. Tilton (9) 7. Howe (16) 8. Dull (17) 9. McDuffey (8) 10. Mounce (12) 11. Stroud (5) 12. Sauer (14) 13. Schneck (2) 14. B. Hess (1) 15. Riley (15) 16. Lehmann (6) 17. R. Camfield (7) 18. Mason (10) DNS - Forbes, Meyers

Before a lap could be completed, Riley and Mason collided in turn one. Mason was taken off on the hook, Riley continued. Schneck took the point under green in the 12 lapper, before Lehmann checked up behind a competitor low in turn two, was tapped by R. Camfield, and then ran into an infield tire. Both were done. Schneck led Altig, Mayhew, Stroud and McDuffey back to green flag racing. Four more laps were in the books when McDuffey tagged B. Hess, who was running fifth. The contact collected Stroud and Riley. Riley went pitside. Schneck still led Altig, Mayhew, a charging Howe, and Tilton on the restart. By lap 11, LaBrosse had surged forward into a transfer spot. When B. Hess spun, it set up a green, white, checker dash for the finish. When the green was thrown, Schneck sputtered with apparent ignition problems, surrendering the lead. While Altig assumed the lead, it was also a stroke of luck for Adams who cruised into third after the restart, completing a nice run from row nine.

A main (started): 1. Stratton (2) 2. Kuhn (4) 3. Hess (7) 4. Carey (1) 5. Clauson (14) 6. Flesher (3) 7. DeSelle (17) 8. Weyant (11) 9. Hagen (13) 10. Loyet (6) 11. Camfield Jr. (8) 12. Adams (23) 13. Hessert (9) 14. Ray (18) 15. Gough (15) 16. Knepper (16) 17. Siner (19) 18. Durst (20) 19. Mayhew (22) 20. LaBrosse (24) 21. Adler (12) 22. Altig (21) 23. Drake (10) 24. Ligouri (5)

Stratton led with Kuhn on his nerf bar at the outset of the 25 lapper. Three laps were in the books, when Ray spun. Drake had worked his way from 10th to fifth by lap seven, but disaster struck when he stopped on the top of turn four and retired from the event. A blanket could be thrown over Stratton and Kuhn, who led Loyet, Carey and Hess on the restart. On lap 13, Kuhn tried a slider entering turn one, sliding briefly in front of the leader, but Stratton ducked back under him and held the point. On lap 16, Altig flipped hard down the frontstretch, bringing the only red flag of the night. He was uninjured. A final stoppage came when Durst spun on lap 17. Stratton could not be headed, while Hess found his way around Carey for third. He had nothing for the lead pari. Adams again was a hard-charger, moving up 11 spots, while good charges were also put on by Clauson and DeSelle.

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