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IRA Sprints at Wilmot Speedway 6-9-07

Al & Marie Winker Memorial

Donny Goeden & crew in victory lane Doug & Kathleen McKay Photo Donny Goeden in victory lane Doug & Kathleen McKay Photo Donny Goeden climbs his wing after winning the IRA Feature Doug & Kathleen McKay Photo
Donny Goeden in victory lane Doug & Kathleen McKay Photo


Doug & Kathleen McKay

Kim Mock
Scotty Neitzel John Haeni Travis Whitney
Jeff Becker Jeremy Schroeder Scott Young
Tommy Sexton View of the pits Darrell Dodd
Johnny Fahl Jason Johnson Dave Moulis
Kris Spitz View of the pits Brian Kristan
Kurt Davis Donny Goeden Mike Dubs
View of the pits Russel Borland Adam Schroeder
View of the pits Kirk Fuhrman Scott Lenz
Kurt Winker Patrick Haynes Joe Symoens
Jim Lukey Scott Uttech View of the pits
Ty Bartz Mike Reinke Billy Warren
Dave Uttech Billy Hafeman Ryan Irwin
View of the pits Dave Maynard Tim Vanderveer
David O'Neal Steve Meyer Scott Biertzer
Wayne Mojeski Billy Hafeman Billy Warren
Scott Neitzel Dave Uttech Jason Johnson
Ryan Irwin Scotty Neitzel Kurt Winker
Scott Semmelman Mike Dubs Kurt Winker
Rick Kelsey Joe Symoens Scott Biertzer
Scott Lenz Dave Maynard Jim Lukey
Steve Meyer Travis Whitney Johnny Fahl
Wayne Mojeski Bill Wirth Rick Kelsey
Travis Whitney & Scott Semmelman Rick Kelsey Scott Semmelman
Travis Whitney Kurt Davis & Johnny Fahl Patrick Haynes
Kurt Winker Jeremy Schroeder Billy Warren
Jim Luckey Scott Semmelman Donny Goeden
View of front straight turns 3 & 4 View of center of track Victory Lane
IRA Flag Man Jim Barr Tim Vanderveer Mike Reinke
Scott Young Tim Vanderveer Mike Reinke
Tommy Sexton Ty Bartz View of the crowd
Brian Kristan Wayne Mojeski John Haeni
Kim Mock Joe Symoens Kim Mock

Track Photos

Front Entrance Front Entrance Midway & Consession Area
Midway & Consession Area Inside front entrance Enry area to Main Grandstands
>Midway & Consession Area Veiw of front straight & turns 3 & 4 Veiw of front straight & turns 3 & 4
View of turns 1 & 2 View of flagstand & center of track View of turns 3 & 4
View of flagstand & center of track View or turn from flagstand View of turn 2 from flagstand
View of center of track from flagstand View of turn 3 from flagstand View of turn 4 from flagstand
View of front from turn 1 Diagonal view from turn 1 over to turn 3 Diagonal view from turn 1 over to turn 3
View of turns 1 & 2 View of track exit in turn 1 & scoreboard View of back straight & turn 3
View of turn 4 View of center of track from turns 3 & 4 View of turn 4
View of turn 3 View of front straight from turn 4 View of front straight from turn 4
Diagonal view from turn 4 over to turn 2 View of turns 3 & 4 Inside front entrance
Inside front entrance Inside front entrance View of the Concession area & Midway
View of the Midway    

Results and Story by Michael 98A

2007 Bumper To Bumper Interstate Racing Association Outlaw Sprint Car Series
Al and Marie Winker Memorial
Wilmot Speedway, Wilmot, Wisconsin
Saturday, June 9th, A Feature #9

Carmen Manzardo spotted and the preverbial 1984 Knoxville Nationals Heat Race with Steve Kinser was topic.

1. Scott Young, Young Auto Sports 3, 13.260 [6]; 2. Kim Mock, Osborn-Mock 1M, 13.409 [18]; 3. Scotty Neitzel, Neitzel 2W, 13.411 [21]; 4. Mike Reinke, Cowman 02, 13.569 [4]; 5. Travis Whitney, Whitney 9, 13.595 [38]; 6. Scott Uttech, Klootwyk 3K, 13.617 [15]; 7. Steve Meyer, Meyer 85M, 13.618 [24]; 8. Dave Uttech, Uttech 68, 13.629 [7]; 9. John Haeni, King 21J, 13.641 [25]; 10. Bill Wirth, Wirth 53W, 13.682 [8]; 11. Donny Goeden, Walldan 11, 13.745 [10]; 12. Joe Symoens, Symoens 96, 13.773 [17]; 13. Ty Bartz, Snapper Motorsports 75, 13.820 [12]; 14. Tommy Sexton, Dworek 83D, 13.837 [5]; 15. Dave Moulis, Dodd 01, 13.851 [9]; 16. Billy Hafemann (R), Hafemann 2B, 13.852 [30]; 17. Tim VanDerVere, VanDerVere 7V, 13.884 [3]; 18. Scott Lenz, Lenz 99, 13.890 [1]; 19. Scott Biertzer, Biertzer 4B, 13.955 [14]; 20. Billy Warren, Warren 95, 13.959 [19]; 21. Scott Semmelman, Semmelman 3X, 13.961 [2]; 22. Brian Kristan, Kristan 5, 14.043 [22]; 23. Wayne Modjeski, MMZ 77, 14.172 [20]; 24. Kurt Winker, Winker 10W, 14.337 [32]; 25. Kris Spitz, Spitz 4K, 14.369 [34]; 26. Kurt Davis, Davis 6K, 14.402 [37]; 27. David O’Neal, Shroff 9S, 14.414 [27]; 28. Russel Borland (R), Borland 23, 14.428 [11]; 29. Rick Kelsey, Kelsey 11KD, 14.603 [40]; 30. Adam Schroeder, Schroeder 42, 14.701 [13]; 31. Kirk Fehrman, Fehrman 33, 14.782 [28]; 32. Jeremy Schroeder, Schroeder 43, 14.794 [26]; 33. Jason Johnson, Johnson 44, 14.846 [39]; 34. Johnny Fahl, Fahl 0, 14.881 [16]; 35. Darrell Dodd, Dodd 11D, 14.932 [23]; 36. Patrick Haynes, Haynes 5H, 15.046 [29]; 37. Jim Lukey, Lukey 07, 15.330 [33]; 38. Jeff Becker, Becker 23S, 15.383 [36]; 39. Kevin Eltz, Eltz 78E, 15.715 [41]; 40. Dave Maynard, Maynard 72, 20.348 [31];
41. Mike Dubs, Dubs 79, 99.999 [35]; 42. Ryan Irwin, RIM 49, 99.999.

-A “Mystery Donor” gave who was it….thinking Semmelman (?) The funds for a tire tonight and remained anonymous. That was really nice gesture. Thanks to who(m)ever that donor is.
-Kelsey makes his first start of 2007.
-Dodd slows out of turn 4 on his 2nd qualification lap and coasts across the line.
-Maynard loops a 180 betweens turns 1-2 and then on his 1 timed lap, he busts a 360 about the same spot and saved it to trip the clock.
-Lukey busts a 360 spin on his qualification lap through turns 1-2. Next time around stalls out after a 540 spin in that same spot.
-Dubs has some issue with his top wing sideboard entering turn 3 and ducks above the track and stops on his initial qualification lap, he was done for the night.
-Whitney’s 1st lap was pretty good enough to where his chucking it off turn 2 on his 2nd lap and coasted across the timing light was not that big of an issue.
-Irwin suffers from mechanical trouble after hot laps and calls it a night.

Weld Wheels Heat Race (10 Laps) Top-4 transfer to A Feature.
1. Tim VanDerVere [2]; 2. John Haeni [4]; 3. Scott Semmelman [1]; 4. Travis Whitney [5]; 5. Scott Young [6]; 6. Ty Bartz [3]; 7. Rick Kelsey [8]; 8. Jason Johnson [9]; 9. Kurt Davis [7]; 10. Jim Lukey [10].

VanDerVere leads the distance after running side-by-side with Semmelman out of turn 2 and down the backstretch. Haeni initially washed into the loose stuff above turns 1-2 and fell back to like 6th. Lap-3: Young was solidly in 3rd. Lap-4. Haeni starts picking off positions and by Lap-8 is up to 2nd out of turn 2. Now that is the Haeni I know of- Getting towards the front and not that ‘evil-twin’ that has recently had some issues with wrecks.

MPD Race Products Heat
1. Scott Uttech [5]; 2. Brian Kristan [1]; 3. Scott Lenz [2]; 4. Kris Spitz [7]; 5. Tommy Sexton [3]; 6. Kim Mock [6]; 7. Bill Wirth [4]; 8. Adam Schroeder [8]; 9. Johnny Fahl [9]; 10. Jeff Becker [10].

Kristan leads out of turn 2. Mock fell back to like 8th. Lap-4: Yellow flag after Sexton 360 spins and kept it going, but he lost his transfer spot which it a gift for Spitz. Restart: Uttech takes the lead out of turn 2 and the remaining laps.

Lane Automotive Heat
1. Donny Goeden [4]; 2. Steve Meyer [5]; 3. Scott Biertzer [2]; 4. Scotty Neitzel [6]; 5. Dave Moulis [3]; 6. Darrell Dodd [9]; 7. David O’Neal [7]; 8. Wayne Modjeski [1]; 9. Kevin Eltz [10]; 10. Kirk Fehrman [8].

Staked heat! You have 4 former IRA Series Champions with like 6 Titles among them. Meyer is no chump, so someone damn good is relegated running the B even before the start. Biertzer with the lead out of turn 2 and Goeden takes 2nd using the top side. Around the second lap, Neitzel nearly spun on the low side of turn 2 and Meyer deftly goes even lower to duck underneath for 4th. Lap-5: Goeden takes the lad out of 4 and down the front stretch. Lap-7: Yellow flag after Fehrman spins in turns 1-2. Restart: Meyer and Neitzel split Biertzer out of turn 2 and both take to the backstretch with positions 3rd and 4th. Late in the heat, Meyer takes 2nd into turn 3 as Biertzer takes Neitzel in a non-issue pass.

VMAC Racing Products Heat
1. Mike Reinke [6]; 2. Billy Warren [2]; 3. Joe Symoens [4]; 4. Kurt Winker [1]; 5. Billy Hafemann [3]; 6. Dave Uttech [5]; 7. Patrick Haynes [9]; 8. Jeremy Schroeder [8]; 9. Russel Borland [7]. DNF-Dave Maynard [10].

Winker with the immediate lead. Lap-3: Reinke had taken 4th from Symoens out of turn 4. Lap-4: Yellow flag after Maynard spins at the apron of turns 3-4. Restart: Reinke using the high side, of course, takes 2nd out of turn 4 down the front stretch. Lap-6: Maynard is now pit side as another yellow after his second spin on the low side of turns 1-2 is the way it goes. Restart: Reinke takes the lead out of turn 4 as Winker is all over the racing surface. He does not have the same line each trip around and only the low amount of laps remaining helped him stay in transfer.

First Behling B Feature (12 Laps) Top-3 transfer.
1. Scott Young [1]; 2. Dave Moulis [4]; 3. Ty Bartz [3]; 4. Rick Kelsey [7]; 5. Dave Uttech [2]; 6. Darrell Dodd [10]; 7. Jason Johnson [9]; 8. David O’Neal [6]; 9. Kirk Fehrman [8]; 10. Jim Lukey [11]; 11. Kevin Eltz [12]. DNF-12. Wayne Modjeski [5].

Young made light work of this as he lead the distance. Uttech was holding 2nd for about 3 laps then Moulis and Bartz send him out of transfer position. Lap-8: As Young hits the back-end of the field, Modjeski is infield fodder, done for the night. Kelsey takes position from Uttech, but too late to challenge Bartz.

Second Behling B Feature
1. Kim Mock [1]; 2. Tommy Sexton [3]; 3. Bill Wirth [2]; 4. Kurt Davis [5]; 5. Patrick Haynes [10]; 6. Johnny Fahl [9]; 7. Adam Schroeder [7]; 8. Jeremy Schroeder [8]; 9. Jeff Becker [11]; 10. Russel Borland [6]. DNF-Billy Hafemann [4]. DNS-Dave Maynard [12].

Mock will teach some of these young guys behind him he is in his 30th year of racing as he lead the distance. Sexton and Wirth had a good battle for 2nd early until about Lap-5 and Sexton starts to show Mock he wanted the lead underneath. Lap-7: Hafemann calls it a night and ducks pit side. Lap-12: Sexton powers into the lead for about a nanosecond on the top side of turns 3-4 but Mock retakes the spot out of turn 4 and down to the stripe.

Would have been cool if the powers that be, allowed Kurt to pace the 4-Wide Parade lap.

Al and Marie Winker Memorial Feature (30 Laps)
1. Donny Goeden $2,500 [2]; 2. Mike Reinke [7]; 3. John Haeni [3]; 4. Scott Neitzel [8]; 5. Scott Uttech [5]; 6. Travis Whitney [6]; 7. Scott Young [11]; 8. Dave Moulis [16]; 9. Tommy Sexton [15]; 10. Brian Kristan [20]; 11. Kurt Winker [21]; 12. Steve Meyer [4]; 13. Joe Symoens [1]; 14. Scott Semmelman [19]; 15. Scott Biertzer [17]; 16. Billy Warren [18]; 17. Kris Spitz [22];18. Ty Bartz [14]; 19. Kim Mock [12]; DNF-20.Tim VanDerVere [10]; DNF-21. Bill Wirth [13]; DNF-22. Scott Lenz [9].
Alternate: Kurt Davis.
Lap leader: Donny Goeden 1-30.

Start: Sentimental favorite Symoens lead the first of the lap as Goeden takes the lead out of turn 4 and to the stripe. Lenz would not complete the lap as he ducks into the infield with some issue. Lap-3: Yellow flag after Sexton loops to a stall turns 1-2. Running order: Goeden, Symoens, Haeni, S. Uttech, Neitzel, Meyer, Whitney, Young, Reinke, Moulis in the Top-10. Then VanDerVere, Mock, Wirth, Kristan, Bartz, Biertzer, Warren, Winker, Semmelman, Spitz and Sexton. Neitzel takes 4th using the high line and threatening to take 3rd on the restart. Lap-5: Yellow flag after VanDerVere spins on the low line of turns 3-4. He would tag the tail. Restart and two distinct groves are being used as Goeden leads the high line over Symoens who is down low, Haeni is low, Neitzel up-top side, S. Uttech is down low as Reinke has used the high line and muscled and threatens the Top-5. Lap-8 Yellow flag after Mock spun a 180 in turns 3-4. Restart: Neitzel takes 2nd as Reinke is now into 3rd using the extremely high line out of turns 3-4. Lap-14: Yellow flag is out after Warren and Wirth connect out of turn 4 leaving Wirth in the infield. Warren tags the tail. Running order: Goeden, Neitzel, Reinke, Haeni, S. Uttech, Whitney, Young, Meyer, Moulis, Symoens as the Top-10, Kristan (from 20th) is 11th, then Sexton (from the back), Bartz, Biertzer, Winker, Mock, Semmelman, Spitz and VanDerVere. Racing action is delayed about 3 caution laps as the ambulance is called to some issue at the gate near the restrooms. Restart: Goeden is off and running away (where is Kertscher to challenge him tonight?) Good stuff right here as Neitzel, Reinke and Haeni swap positions a few times as each holds 3rd for a moment and each was 5th for the other as Goeden hits lapped traffic around Lap-24. Lap-26: Yellow flag after VanDerVere is done as he spins in turns 1-2 unassisted. Spitz should get the Free Pass as he was lapped and takes position at the rear of the field. So the restart has Goeden, Haeni, Reinke, Neitzel, S. Uttech, Whitney, Young, Moulis (from 16th) into 8th, Kristan, Sexton into the Top-10. Some good runs towards the front for some of these guys. Reinke and Haeni trade positions around the track on the restart as Whitney and Uttech trade positions as well. The good battle is not for the lead tonight, cause Goeden is untouchable but the Top-5 is up for grabs and that’s way cool too. As Jim holds the white flag in the air, Mock and Bartz tangle down the low line in turn 2 and stall out. Spitz was involved maybe not directly, but he is stopped there as well. Mock gets the left rear de-aired-word has it he was run over by push truck…All involved restart, but Mock has nothing but a rubber strap around a rim on that left side rear. The Green-White-Checker finish and Goeden takes his 4th out of 6 recent IRA Features and the 2nd straight IRA show at Wilmot. Winker joined him around the track in the Kulwicki victory lap.

Goeden was gracious has he recalled his memories of the Winker’s and was not gun-shy when asked about the full IRA tour with his dominate wins as of late. Seems as though simply making 75% with owner Bob Walldan is just fine and see no need to change their schedule.

Mike Reinke, with his 4th podium finish of the year, again the runner-up from last night stated if he could catch a lucky break on the invert and start up front, he will get that win that has eluded him so far this year.

A gracious John Haeni thanked Todd Hepfner for helping get through the recent issues and was relieved to be back on the podium. Hopefully all that bad juju is behind Haeni now and he will be back up front more frequently.

Next IRA race is this Friday and Saturday at Cedar Lake Speedway in New Richmond for the Masters.

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