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                Knoxville Raceway 7-12-08

           410 & 360 Sprints  

Natalie Sather RJ Johnson Jesse Gianetto
Rager Phillips Brooke Tatnell Billy Alley
Tyler Thompson Brandon Wimmer Dion Hindi
Kaley Gharst Mark Dobmeier Justin Henderson
John Hall Larry Pinegar II Ryan Roberts
Nate Moster Ricky Logan Ryan Anderson
Josh Scheiderman View of the pits Brian Brown
Todd Wanless Dustin Selvage Gregg Bakker
John Kearney Nate VanHaaften Ricky Montgomery
View of the Hall of Fame Museum Brett Mather Jake Peters
Clint Garner Joe Beaver Pete Crall
View of the pits View of the pits Skip Jackson
Dusty Zomer View of the pits Davey Heskin
Marion County Kids Fair Marion County Kids Fair Marion County Kids Fair
Marion County Kids Fair Fair Entertainment in Main Grandstands Center of Infield & Hall of Fame
Center of Infield Turns 3 & 4 View of the pits
View of turns 3 & 4 View of turns 1 & 2 Center of Infield
View of turns 3 & 4 View of turn 1 Victory Lane Stage
Event Trophies Justin Henderson Tony Schilling
Mike Moore Ryan Anderson Josh Schneiderman
Kaley Gharst Lynton Jeffrey Justin Henderson
Tony Schilling Danny Lasoski Ryan Anderson
Ricky Logan Rager Phillips Justin Henderson
Brian Brown Brooke Tatnell Calvin Landis
Justin Henderson Brandon Wimmer Randy Anderson
Mike Moore Kaley Gharst Davey Heskin
Dion Hindi Mark Dobmeier Rager Phillips & Danny Lasoski
Brandon Wimmer & Ricky Logan Tony Schilling Davey Heskin
Dion Hindi Bob Weauve Mark Dobmeier
Danny Lasoski Kaley Gharst & Ryan Roberts Brian Brown & Lynton Jeffrey
Ricky Logan Todd Wanless Billy Alley
Skip Jackson Bronson Maeschen Randy Anderson
Cars Ready to push off Joe Beavver Gregg Bakker
Dustin Selvage Jesse Gianetto Brad Foster
Dan Thornburg Natalie Sather Tyler Thompson
Mike Houseman Jr. Brett Mather Ricky Montgomery
Jesse Gianetto Brad Foster Glen Hunt & Ricky Montgomery
Dave Hall Ryan Roberts Jeff Mitrisin
Matt Moro John Hall Nate VanHaaften
Travis Porter Larry Pinegar II Dave Hall
Matt Moro Rod Richards View of the pits
Doug & Justin Clark View of the pits Mike Roberts interview 360 B Feature winner Matt Moro
Matt Moro & Crew in Victory Lane    


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