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Knoxville Non-Wing USAC Nationals 8-9-09

This Event was Rained Out

Johnny "Hollywood" Herrera Johnny Herrera's Hood Graphics Johnny Herrera's Tail Tank Graphics
Coleman Gulick Damion Gardner Brad Sweet
Dave Darland USAC Trailer Hunter Schuerenberg
Bob Ream Jr. Caleb Armstrong Shane Hmiel
Cale Conley Jesse Hockett Don Droud Jr.
Matt Westfall Zach Chappell Dean McAllan
Brad Sweet Josh Wise Tony Stewart Motorsports Hauler
Rob Chaney Keith Kunz TRD Motorsports Hauler Nic Faas
Henry Clarke Kyle Cummings Kyle Sager
Wayne Johnson Tracy Hines Terry Babb
Kevin Swindell View of the pits View of the pits
Kyle Sager Robert Ballou Jerry Coons Jr.
Brett Mellenberndt Chad Boat View of the pits
Tracy Hines Levi Jones Brad Sweet
View of the pits Cole Whitt Brady Bacon
Mathew Shedarowich Sheldon Leesekamp Casey Riggs
Overhead view of the pits Overhead view of the pits  


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