Night #2 at the Australian Sprintcar Championship at Brisbane International Speedway 2-10-01 Photos Courtesy of Daniel Beard at

maxbrisbane Max Dumesny crew changes motor for night #2 of the Aussie Title Championship at Brisbane International Speedway.
garrybbrisbane Garry Rush collects his thoughts prior to driver introductions.
drewbrisbane Drew Kruck starting from position 8.
andrewbrisbane Andrew Scheuerle starting from position 7.
bellbrisbane Stephen Bell starting from position 6.
darrenbrisbane Darren Jenson starting from position 5.
toddbrisbane Todd Wanless starting from position 4.
garryb2brisbane Garry Brazier starting from position 3.
brookebrisbane Brooke Tatnel starting from position 2.
skipbrisbane Skip Jackson starting from position 1.
4widebrisbane Cars break out of 4 wide salute to the fans.
skip2brisbane Australian Champion Skip Jackson being congradulated.
skip3brisbane Skip Jackson being congradulated by Shane Krikke.
skip4brisbane Skip Jackson could not wipe the smile off his face after winning the Aussie Championship.
skip5brisbane The W2 Bunbury Toyota/Pennzoil winning car of Skip Jackson.
kruckbrisbane Drew Kruck savors the best presented team award.
hodgesbrisbane Darrell Hodges 4th place finisher in feature.
max2brisbane Max Dumesny 3rd place finisher in feature.
skip6brisbane New Aussie Champion Skip Jackson arrives on podium.
skip7brisbane New Aussie Champion Skip Jackson.
skip8brisbane Skip Jackson holds aloft the 2001 Australian Sprintcar Title trophy.
krikkebrisbane Shane Krikke thanks Skip Jackson for one his most special moments.
aussiepodium The 2001 Auatralian Sprintcar Championship podium.  1st Skip Jackson, 2nd Garry Brazier and 3rd Max Dumensy.


World of Outlaws Season Opener at King's Speedway 2-23-01

Photos Courtesy of M&M Photos

Andy Andy Hillenburg in victory lane after dominating the 30 lap feature.
Jeff and Jason Jeff Shepard (5) races past Jason Meyers (14m) on his way to a 4th place finish.
Tim & Joey Tim Shaffer (11h) challenges Joey Saldana (17) for 3rd early in the 30 lap feature.
Jac & Joey Jac Haudenschild (83) was the next to challenge Joey Saldana (17).
Jac The "Wild Child" upside down seconds after contact with Saldana
Paul & Danny Paul McMahan and Danny Wood (21w) race for position during the feature.
21w & 6 Danny Wood and Brooke Tatnell side by side
1x & 71g Randy Hannagan (1x) and Garrett Ishii dice in B-Main.
2m & 0 Brent Kaeding and Peter Murphy (0) both took wild rides in the B-Main (both were ok) but their cars were done for the night.
20 & 28 Danny Lasoski mixes it up with Brian Paulus in the feature.


World of Outlaws Season Opener at King's Speedway 2-23-01

Photos Courtesy of Steve Lafond  Tear-Off Heavan Fotos

Brad Furr Randy Hannagan Jac Haudenschild & Dale Blaney
Mark Kinser & Daryn Pittman Peter Murphy Steve Kinser
Brooke Tatnell Brooke Tatnell & Jac Haudenschild Feature Winner Andy Hillenburg
Danny Lasoski Jason Meyers Donny Schatz
Dale Blaney Jeff Shepard Tim Shafer
Brian Paulus Mark Kinser Johnny Herrera
Jac Haudenschild & Danny Lasoski Jac Haudenschild Craig Dollansky
Dale Blaney & Paul McMahan Danny Wood Steve Coelho
Andy Hillenburg Paul McMahan Daryn Pittman
Kevin Pylant Brent Kaeding Johnny Rodriguez
Tim Shafer & Joey Saldana Danny Wood & Brian Paulus Jason York

55th Speedcar Title Race at Speedway City Autstralia 2-24-01

Photos Courtesy of Paris Charles Photos available for purchase

                           ** Speedcars are the equivalant of US Midgets **

Michael Figlomieni #1 Adam Clark Aussie Champion Steven Graham
Steven Graham being pushed off Mohammed Ali Darren Jenkins
Nathan Smee Mark Brown Troy Jenkins
Warrenne Ellis & Neville Lance Todd Wanless Trevor Green
Shane Smith takes a tumble Chris Gallagher takes a tumble while Peter Ghent sneaks through Adam Clark #1 Aussie Champ.   Daniel Beard Photo


55th Speedcar Title Race at Speedway City Autstralia 2-25-01

Photos Courtesy of Paris Charles Photos available for purchase

Neville Lance Steven Graham Todd Wanless & Adam Clarke
Micahel Figlomieni Steven Graham Brett Morris
Nathan Smee Adam Clarke Dave Lambertz
Troy Jenkins Craig Brady Scott Halliday
Jayden Edge Craig Brady & Adam Clarke Warrenne Elkins
Michael Kendall Justin Insley Todd Wanless & Adam Clarke
Adam Baines Jason Millington Scott Glazebrook

Paul Farrell

Adam Baines Michael Kendall
Justin Insley Michael Kendall Jusin Insley
Aussie Speedcar Title Presentation Warren Elkins and crew Jenkins team celebrate podium finish
Adam Clarke Adam Clark Justin Insley
Erotica Team from New Zealand    

Photos from Lincoln Speedway's Season Opener 3-3-01

                     Photos Courtesy of Steve Crumbacker

Fred & Debbie Rahmer in Victory Lane Fred Rahmer in Victory Lane Fred and the gang in Victory Lane
Fred Rahmer & Al Hamiliton in Victory Lane for his 100th Feature win at Lincoln Speedway Fred Rahmer & Al Hamiliton in Victory Lane for his 100th Feature win at Lincoln Speedway (81) Bob Beidleman & (3) Jeff Rohrerbaugh
(88h) Lance Dewease & (12) Greg Hodnett (1) Sean Michael & (12) Greg Hodnett (88h) Lance Dewease, (1) Sean Michael & ( 12) Greg Hodnett
(29) Dave Ely with (17) Cris Eash on his side. (17) Cris Eash & (25) Todd Gracey (77) Fred Rahmer & (3) Jeff Rohrerbaugh
(1) Sean Michael & (25) Todd Gracey (69) Donnie Kreitz Jr. & (7m) Todd Hestor (1) Sean Michael & (25) Todd Gracey

(88h) Lance Dewease & (25) Todd Gracey

(29) Dave Ely & (12) Greg Hodnett  

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