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M.A.R.A. Midgets

Outside of front gate a Spoon River View of the Midway View of the Midway
View of front straight Diagonal view from turn 1 over to 3 View of center of track
View of turn 2 & back straight View of back straight View of the grandstands from turn 2
View of midget pits View of the pits View of the pits
Jay Drake Matt Riemenscheider Steve Knepper
Kenny Brown Donnie Lehmann Rich Mueller
Boyd Calvert John Fike Brian Gerster
Craig Carey Roger Miller Lee Beckwith
John Winstrup Ken Dull Greg Granath
Randy Fiscus Aaron Fiscus Cody Weisensel
Brandon Waelti Davey Ray Steve Stroud
Wally C. McDuffy Jim Siner View of the pits
AJ Fike View of the pits View of the pits
Kris Hoegsted Mike Heiss Chris "Critter" Malone
Critter Malone Chris Coers Joey Montgomery
Korey Weyant Chad Branson Dave Strickland Jr.
Ryan Durst Don Droud Jr. Ryan Durst
Jay Drake in Victory Lane Jay Drake in Victory Lane Jay Drake being interviewed after win.

410 Sprints

Tommy Rockwell Chris Couch Doug Wilson
Jamie Moyle Jesse Gianetto Don Droud Jr.
Bobby Hawks Korey Weyant Ryan Jamison
Jim Davies Matt Rogerson Kevin Doty
Jimmy Hurly John Schulz Jeremy Standridge
View of the pits Robert Bell Ryan Jamison
Matt Sutton Korey Weyant Colin Northway
View of the pits Mike Deaver Roger Branson Jr.
Joey Montgomery Gary Boynar Jim Moughan
Manny Rockhold Lynton Jeffries Kaley Gharst
View of the pits Derek Rossio Tommy Rockwell
Jeff Mitrisin Tony Daniels View of the pits
Patrick Bruns AJ Bruns Justin Newberry
Dustin Whiting Brad Martin Terry Babb
Jerrod Hull Prett Samonds Larry Ball Jr.
Michael Strader Pat Moore Tim Moore
View of the pits View of turn 1 view of turn 2
Center of track View of turn 3 View of turns 3 & 4
Roger Branson Jr. Derek Rossio & Michael Strader Jeff Mitrisin
View of turn 1 View of turn 4 Outside of turn 1
Randy Wagler of Burlingon, IA Charted this bus for 40 people Joey Montgomery Don Droud Jr.
Jamie Moyle Jerrod Hull Cars get ready for hotlaps
Jerrod Hull in Victory Lane Jerrod Hull in Victory Lane Video Clip of Racing Action
Video Clip of Racing Action

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Keenan Wright Photos.  Please visit his Web Site at WWW.KDUBYA.COM

Tim Moore Colin Northway Kenny Brown
Davey Ray Terry Babb Doug Wilson
Jimmy Hurly Midgets 3 Wide Kaley Gharst
Kevin Doty Ryan Jamison Steve Knepper
Derek Rossio Michael Strader Bobby Hawks
John Fike Jamie Moyle AJ Bruns


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