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Al Consoli's Photo Page

All photos are by Al Consoli

  Please Do Not Download without express written consent from Al Consoli

To view more of Al's Fine Photos, please visit his galleries at: www.pbase.com/consoli/root

Moseley & Andretti 1970 Johnny Rutherford Lynn Paxton 1968
Ron Perkins & Jan Opperman Misc 358 Sprinter Mike Rosselli 2000
3 ARDC Midgets 2000 Bobby Adamson Joe Reneker
Greg Weld Mark Wakefoose Donie Krietz
Stevie Smith Keith Kauffman Mike Creaghan
Steve Kinser Kenny Weld Larry Dickson
AJ Foyt Ray Tilley & Gus Linder Billy Vukovich
Jan Opperman Gene Genetten Mitch Smith
Jerry Reichert "The Mad Russian" Stan Borofsky 1970 Hoosier 100
Donnie Kreitz Jr. Mario Andretti Cooper's Sweet 16
Al Unser Kurtis Midget Gary & Larry
Mario Andretti & Bud Tingelstadt Rollie Beal Ralf the Racer
Mosley & Andretti 1970 Johnny Rutherford Dick "Toby" Tobias
Gary Halterman 2001    

Vintage Photos

Barritt Special Midgets #3 Sprint
#3 & #15 Old Midgets Turn 4
Brickmobile #5 Sprint #55 Bowes Seal Fast
Crack'n Riley Special Midget Traffic #5
#78 Hamilton Sprint #97 "Smokin Joe" Midget #98 Williard Battery Special
#4 Frank's Auto Body Special #38 Nance Earl Wagners 1968 Sprinter
#4 Marsi #2 Stan Lobitz #1 Boop's
Sprints #9 Tassi-Vatis Offy Tommy Hinnershitz car
#17 #29 Midgets


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