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2003 Knoxville Nationals Queens Contest

Photos Courtesy of Kathy Bell

Master of Ceromonies Tony Bokhoven Judges Panel 2nd Runner Stephanie Chappel
Contest Coordinator Kathy Visser Mahala Cox Miss Congeniality, Tiffany Deutsch
2003 Nationals Queen Patricia Mock, 1st Runner-up, Katie Schroeder & 2nd Runner-up, Stephanie Chappel    

Wednesday Night

                 This Nationals Section Contains Results and Photos from all 4 days, so keep paging down!

Jeremy Campbell View of the pits Mike Kertscher
Donny Schatz Brandon Wimmer Jesse Hockett
Paul McMahan Donny Schatz Adam Clark
Kraig Kinser Joey Saldana Justin Henderson
Brooke Tatnell Kevin Frey Eddie Leavitt Jr.
Jeff Johnson Ed Lynch Jr./ Kasey Kahne
Ty Bartz Chad Kemenah Erin Crocker
Jan Howard Jaymie Moyle view of the front straight grandstands
Infield Vendors Infield vendors Infieled vendors
Lance Dewease's Hauler Mark Kinser Lance Dewease
Cory Haight Bruce Robenault Bob Altmeyer
Lance Dewease Greg Hodnett's Hauler Toni Lutar
Shane Stewart Chuck Swenson Jason Sides
Jason Meyers Hauler Jason Meyers Jason Meyers
View of the pits Eric Vanderploeg Joe Bustillos
Bobby Mincer View of the pits Greg Hodnett
Jason Sides Calvin Landis Adam West
Danny Lasoski Mike Woodring View of the pits
View of the front straight View of the pits Dereck Beckman
Calvin Landis Doug Strong Jason Sides Custom Golf Cart
Greg Hodnett Greg Jone View of the pits
John Sernett Johnny Herrera Sammy Swindell on the scales
Sammy Swindell Curt Trainer Sammy Swindell
Matt Moro Bob Hilldreth Drivers Meeting
Overhead view of the pits Overhead view of the pits Overhead view of the pits
Overhead view of the pits Hall of Fame & Museum Center of track
View of turns 1 & 2 Center of track Center of track
Center of track View of turns 3 & 4 KNIA-KRLS Radio staff Derek Cardwell & Chuck Beadles
Victory Lane Stage Ty Bartz View of the pits
View of the pits Infield Announcer Mike Roberts Mike Roberts interviews Danny Lasoski
View of turn 4 Donny Schatz & Paul McMahan View of front straight crowd Wed. Night
Paul McMahan Jason Meyers Donny Schatz
Joey Saldana Kraig Kinser Mike Moore
Paul McMahan Cars ready to push off Ed Lynch Jr.
Kasey Kahne Ty Bartz Ty Bartz
JUstin Henderson Justin Henderson Johnny Herrera
Kasey Kahne Curt Trainer Brooke Tatnell
Johnny Herrera Jon Agan Danny Lasoski
Sammy Swindell Lance Dewease Lance Dewease
Cars ready to push off Mark Kinser Greg Hodnett
Jason Sides Skip Jackson Matt Moro
Chad Kemenah Danny Lasoski & Erin Crocker Erin Crocker
Cars ready to push off Hall of Fame & Museum View of turns 3 & 4
2003 Nationals Queen, Patricia Mock, 1st Runner-up, Katie Schroeder & 2nd runner-up, Stephanie Chappel 2003 Nationals Queen, Patricia Mock, 1st Runner-up, Katie Schroeder & 2nd runner-up, Stephanie Chappel XX
Start of "B" Feature "A" Feature 4 Wide "A" Feature 4 Wide
Start of "A" Feature Racing Action Jesse Hockett loose right right rear tire
Donny Schatz rolls into Victory lane Donny Schatz in victory lane Donny Schatz in victory lane
Donny Schatz in victory lane Donny Schatz in victory lane Donny Schatz in victory lane
Video Clip: Pan Shot of infield Video Clip: Racing Action Video Clip: Racing Action
Video Clip: Racing Action Video Clip: Racing Action Video Clip: Racing Action
Video Clip: Racing Action

Wednesday Night Results Courtesy fo Bill Wright

50 cars

The following is the way qualifications panned out. The track stayed fast throughout time trials. Both Corey Haigh 17x and Adam Clarke 14A failed to register a time. They were done for the night. Time trials:

1. Sammy Swindell 1 15.286 (36th car to time) 2. Paul McMahan 11h 15.303 (3rd) 3. Donny Schatz 15 15.309 (2nd) 4. Danny Lasoski 20 15.374 (28th) 5. Erin Crocker 16 15.376 (26th) 6. Joey Saldana 17 15.402 (9th) 7. Kraig Kinser 11K 15.462 (8th) 8. Greg Hodnett 12 15.475 (46th) 9. Chad Kemenah 15K 15.489 (25th) 10. Ed Lynch Jr. 2L 15.529 (22nd) 11. Calvin Landis 70 15.563 (35th) 12. Shane Stewart 4m 15.565 (49th) 13. Jason Meyers 7 15.577 (7th) 14. Mike Kertscher 80K 15.603 (4th) 15. Jon Agan 4 15.628 (33rd) 16. Mark Kinser 5m 15.667 (38th) 17. Brooke Tatnell 66 15.687 (15th) 18. Johnny Herrera 5 15.694 (13th) 19. Eric Vanderploeg 57a 15.711 (11th) 20. Kevin Frey 2K 15.738 (43rd) 21. Kasey Kahne 83JR 15.761 (21st) 22. Lance Dewease 77 15.765 (31st) 23. Jaymie Moyle 10 15.766 (29th) 24. Jesse Hockett 75J 15.770 (6th) 25. John Sernett 91 15.788 (10th) 26. Justin Henderson R19 15.805 (17th) 27. Skip Jackson 21x 15.851 (40th) 28. Toni Lutar 4x 15.916 (48th) 29. Curt Trainer 36 15.924 (23rd) 30. Jason Sides 7s 15.937 (44th) 31. Adam West 20A 15.943 (30th) 32. Bruce Robenalt 98 15.954 (18th) 33. Brandon Wimmer 7TW 15.955 (5th) 34. Jeremy Campbell 10c 15.960 (24th) 35. Jan Howard 51 16.029 (27th) 36. Joe Bustillos 37 16.053 (12th) 37. Derek Beckman 50D 16.058 (32nd) 38. Jeff Johnson 11J 16.096 (39th) 39. Matt Moro 47 16.134 (42nd) 40. Mike Moore 69 16.197 (1st) 41. Ty Bartz 75 16.219 (20th) 42. Bobby Mincer 15m 16.271 (37th) 43. Dr. Bob Altmeyer 14 16.382 (16th) 44. Eddie Leavitt Jr. 1A 16.395 (41st) 45. Chuck Swenson X 16.588 (50th) 46. Bob Hildreth 55KC 16.888 (14th) 47. Greg Jones 35x 16.929 (45th) 48. Doug Strong 43 17.300 (34th) NT - Haigh (19th), Clarke (47th)

With only 48 cars eligible for the heats, the format was revised. How and why it was, was a mystery to me so don't e-mail me questions about it. The third heat became the first and the first became the third, the fourth became the fifth and the fifth became the fourth. The second heat stayed where it should have been. Why is not important. Here's how it went:

Heat one (started): 1. Hodnett (7) 2. Schatz (9) 3. Meyers (8) 4. Moyle (6) / 5. Wimmer (4) 6. Altmeyer (2) 7. Strong (1) 8. Je. Johnson (3) / 9. Herrera (7) DNS - Lutar

The first start saw Je. Johnson get buzzed across the bow by Meyers causing him to get crossed up. Herrera had nowhere to go and destroyed the Forbrook 5. Johnson also suffered heavy damage but returned for the B. Meyers suffered minor damage to his left rear and restarted. Turn one of the first lap of the restart decided who would finish one, two and three as Hodnett led Schatz and Meyers by the rest.

Heat two (started): 1. Stewart (6) 2. McMahan (8) 3. Dewease (4) 4. Tatnell (7) / 5. Jackson (5) 6. K. Kinser (9) 7. Jones (1) 8. Robenalt (2) / 9. Beckman (3) DNS - Mincer

Jackson came to a stop before a lap could be completed. He restarted at the tail. Dewease jumped around Robenalt to lead the first two laps, before Stewart got by him and set sail. Jackson fought back to fifth and was working on Tatnell when Beckman spun bringing caution on lap seven. Jackson couldn't quite steal the last transfer spot from Tatnell. McMahan made his pass for second on the restart.

Heat three (started): 1. Kahne (6) 2. M. Kinser (7) 3. Swindell (10) 4. Saldana (9) / 5. Landis (8) 6. West (4) 7. Bartz (2) 8. Bustillos (3) / 9. Hildreth (1) 10. Henderson (5)

Bartz jumped out to the early lead, before Henderson took command on the second circuit. He was still leading on lap eight when his motor let go and he stopped on the frontstretch. The restart saw Kahne leading M. Kinser, Swindell, Landis and Saldana. Saldana used the restart to slide under Landis for the final transfer to the A.

Heat four (started): 1. Sides (4) 2. Lynch (8) 3. Crocker (9) 4. Frey (6) / 5. M. Moore (2) 6. Howard (3) 7. Sernett (5) 8. Swenson (1) / 9. Agan (7)

M. Moore shot out to the early lead. On lap three, Swenson, running fourth at the time, spun in turn one. The restart saw M. Moore leading Sides, Lynch, Howard and Crocker. Sides used the restart to move around M. Moore as he tried to make up for a bad qualifying effort. Frey who was black-flagged to the rear on the initial start, came back strong and managed to get in a transfer position. Agan pulled off on the white flag lap relegating himself to the C.

Heat five (started): 1. Lasoski (9) 2. Campbell (3) 3. Kemenah (8) 4. Hockett (5) / 5. Moro (2) 6. Vanderploeg (6) 7. Kertscher (7) 8. Leavitt (1) / 9. Trainer (4)

Campbell shot out to an impressive lead until Trainer stopped on the frontchute on lap three. He went pitside. Campbell led Kemenah, Lasoski, Moro and Vanderploeg to the cone. Lasoski took second and then the lead on the restart and was never seriously challenged. Hockett came on strong late and grabbed the final transfer with two to go.

C main (started): 1. Lutar (1) 2. Henderson (2) / 3. Mincer (6) 4. Trainer (4) 5. Beckman (3) 6. Hildreth (5) DNS - Agan, Herrera

Lutar led a single file affair the entire six laps.

B main (started): 1. K. Kinser (1) 2. Landis (2) 3. Jackson (6) 4. Vanderploeg (4) / 5. Kertscher (3) 6. Howard (10) 7. Wimmer (9) 8. Henderson (22) 9. Moro (13) 10. Sernett (5) 11. West (7) 12. M. Moore (14) 13. Bartz (15) 14. Swenson (18) 15. Lutar (21) 16. Bustillos (11) 17. Robenalt (8) 18. Leavitt (17) 19. Altmeyer (16) 20. Jones (19) 21. Strong (20) 22. Je. Johnson (12)

Je. Johnson exited early on, while K. Kinser led the distance. The race went non-stop, much to the dismay of Henderson, who could have used a stoppage to have a shot at the top four. As it was, he passed fourteen cars on his way to eighth.

A main (started): 1. Schatz (6) 2. Lasoski (5) 3. Hodnett (2) 4. Stewart (10) 5. McMahan (7) 6. Swindell (8) 7. Saldana (3) 8. M. Kinser (12) 9. Tatnell (13) 10. Meyers (11) 11. Moyle (17) 12. Sides (19) 13. Jackson (23) 14. Campbell (20) 15. Crocker (4) 16. Lynch (9) 17. K. Kinser (21) 18. Vanderploeg (24) 19. Dewease (16) 20. Landis (22) 21. Frey (14) 22. Kemenah (1) 23. Hockett (18) 24. Kahne (15)

Saldana got under Kemenah and Hodnett to take the early lead. Schatz would surge forward and pass Saldana for the lead on the seventh go-around. Kahne lost power on lap 10 and could not restart. Schatz led Saldana, Hodnett, Kemenah, Swindell and Lasoski back to the green flag. Lasoski began to move forward picking off four spots until Hockett blew his right rear and got into the fence on lap 21 of 25. The restart saw Schatz have a cushion of three lapped cars between himself and Lasoski. Hodnett, Swindell and a resurgent McMahan followed. One lap later, the order was the same except for a McMahan pass of Swindell when Kemenah made contact with the wall and spun. Schatz led the rest of the way with Lasoski hot on his heels. Stewart made a late bonzai run into fourth. Jackson moved up eleven spots earning hard-charger honors.

Thursday Night

Travis Whitney & Tony Menard's Haulers Roger Crocket Ricky Logan
Daryn Pittman Travis Whitney's Hauler Jim Moughan
Travis Whitney Tony Menard Mike Reinke
Fred Rahmer Byron Reed Ryan Coniam
Jerrod Hull Seth Brahmer Don Droud Jr.
Jesse Gianetto Josh Higday Jac Haudenschild
Daryn Pittman's Hauler Gaerte Motor Kelly Kinser
View of the pits Steve Cushman Jonathan Allard
Randy Anderson Danny Smith Steve Kinser's Hauler
Dean Jacobs Steve Kinser Kenny Jacobs
Aaron Berryhill Mark Hurd Stevie Smith's Hauler
Stevie Smith Lynton Jeffrey View of the pits
Wayne Johnson Robert Bell Todd Hepfner
Kurt Davis Randy Hannagan Colin Northway
View of the pits Scoreboard Erin Crocker
Stevie Walsh Marty Perovich Tim Kaeding
Travis Rilat Brian Paulus Scott Young
Mark Toews Jeff Mitrisin Kerry Madsen
Mark Toews Jason Johnson View of the pits
Scott Young Marty Wilcox Terry McCarl
View of the pits Bob Bennett View of the pits
Dennis Moore Jr's Hauler Rob Tvedte Travis Whitney
Chris Walraven Tyler Walker John VanDenBerg
Jeff Shepard Travis Cram Dennis Moore Jr.
Johnny Anderson Brian Brown Clint Garner
Kim Mock Tim Shaffer Manny Rockhold
Infield parts vendors Infield parts vendors Darnell'd Fuel Sales
Overhead view of the pits Overhead view of the pits Overhead view of the pits
Overhead view of the pits Overhead view of the pits Overhead view of the pits
Overhead view of the pits View of the pits Max Dumesny
View of the pits View of the pits Drivers Meeting
KNIA-KRLS Radio Staff: (Left to Right) Archie Ergenbright, Chuck Beadles, Randy Shives & Derek Cardwell KNIA-KRLS Radio Staff: (Left to Right) Archie Ergenbright, Chuck Beadles, Randy Shives & Derek Cardwell View of the pits
Center of infield View of the pits View of the pits
View of the pits Center of infield View of turns 1 & 2
View of turn 1 Center of infield View of turns 3 & 4
View of Grandstands & front straight Center of infield View of turns 1 & 2
View of Grandstands & front straight View of Grandstands & front straight Roger Crockett
Brian Paulus Ryan Coniam & Bryon Reed Tyler Walker
Todd Hepfner Roger Crocket Mark Toews
Byron Reed Kerry Madsen Travis Rilat
Tyler Walker Brian Paulus Jonathan Allard
Jeff Shepard & Randy Anderson Manny Rockhold Dennis Moore Jr.
Terry McCarl Don Droud Jr. Bob Bennett
Cars ready to push off Tim Kaeding Don Droud Jr.
Scott Young & Max Dumesny Kenny Jacobs Kim Mock
Clint Garner Lynton Jeffrey Cars ready to push off
Steve Kinser Steve Kinser Kelly Kinser
Brian Brown steve Kinser Fred Rahmer
Daryn Pittman Randy Hannagan Dean Jacobs
Racing Action Tyler Walker Racing Action
Cars 4 Wide Start of the "A" Feature Cars 4 Wide Start of the "A" Feature Start of "A" feature
Start of "A" Feature Video Clip: Racing Action Video Clip: Racing Action
Video Clip: Racing Action Video Clip: Racing Action Video Clip: Racing Action
Video Clip: Racing Action Video Clip: Racing Action Video Clip: Racing Action
Video Clip: Racing Action Video Clip: Racing Action Video Clip: Racing Action

Thursday Night Results Courtesy fo Bill Wright

64 cars

A power outage caused officials to use scoring methods other than electronic. Johnny Anderson failed to get a time in when first his car had motor problems, then while attempting one lap at the end, his left rear peeled off. Roger Crockett (motor) and Tony Menard (hood) both took one lap at the end after difficulties. Steve Kinser managed one lap before his motor let go. He changed it before the heats. Qualifications looked like this:

1. Kerry Madsen 82 15.290 (8th time spot out) 2. Stevie Smith 19 15.374 (33rd) 3. Tyler Walker 35 15.454 (2nd) 4. Kenny Jacobs 70J 15.488 (42nd) 5. Jesse Giannetto D1 15.515 (21st) 6. Daryn Pittman 21 15.557 (52nd) 7. Jeff Mitrisin 5J 15.568 (6th) 8. Steve Kinser 11 15.570 (49th) 9. Jason Johnson 22 15.592 (13th) 10. Travis Cram 92c 15.598 (22nd) 11. Terry McCarl 24 15.606 (24th) 12. Ryan Coniam 6c 15.625 (7th) 13. Brian Paulus 28 15.634 (1st) 14. Ricky Logan 17G 15.649 (16th) 15. Tim Shaffer 83 15.676 (32nd) 16. John VanDenBerg V10 15.686 (18th) 17. Roger Crockett 11c 15.689 (14th) 18. Tim Kaeding 7T 15.718 (48th) 19. Don Droud Jr. 7x 15.720 (26th) 20. Todd Hepfner 28T 15.730 (4th) 21. Byron Reed 5R 15.760 (3rd) 22. Josh Higday 24H 15.773 (39th) 23. Bob Bennett 3B 15.776 (11th) 24. Jonathan Allard 35w 15.776 (25th) 25. Wayne Johnson 12x 15.780 (15th) 26. Randy Anderson 1s 15.785 (17th) 27. Kelly Kinser 4KK 15.789 (53rd) 28. Brian Brown 6 15.803 (63rd) 29. Dennis Moore Jr. 0 15.813 (23rd) 30. Travis Rilat 29 15.825 (5th) 31. Jerrod Hull 50 15.849 (43rd) 32. Colin Northway 60 15.878 (64th) 33. Dean Jacobs 29J 15.879 (51st) 34. Jim Moughan Jr. 1mx 15.883 (55th) 35. Fred Rahmer 88H 15.893 (61st) 36. Chris Walraven 56 15.895 (54th) 37. Lynton Jeffrey 4K 15.936 (35th) 38. Jeff Shepard 92 15.981 (20th) 39. Danny Smith 4D 15.970 (45th) 40. Jac Haudenschild 4H 16.004 (50th) 41. Mike Reinke 02x 16.037 (59th) 42. Manny Rockhold 02 16.043 (29th) 43. Max Dumesny 1J 16.059 (47th) 44. Clint Garner 55 16.064 (36th) 45. Marty Perovich 17P 16.066 (30th) 46. Marty Wilcox 3 16.073 (27th) 47. John Lambertz 12L 16.081 (19th) 48. Randy Hannagan 1x 16.102 (62nd) 49. Kim Mock 1m 16.118 (37th) 50. Aaron Berryhill 97 16.135 (40th) 51. Mark Toews 16.267 (12th) 52. Mark Hurd 44m 16.295 (28th) 53. Travis Whitney 9 16.400 (56th) 54. Scott Young F22 16.447 (41st) 55. Seth Brahmer 13 16.451 (34th) 56. Kurt Davis 6K 16.469 (60th) 57. Troy Little 20AU 16.518 (44th) 58. Kurt Winker 48H 16.545 (46th) 59. Rob Tvedte 1w 16.655 (57th) 60. Tony Menard 12 16.715 (58th) 61. Robert Bell 71 17.211 (9th) 62. Steve Cushman 1c 17.421 (10th) 63. Stevie Walsh 19w 18.831 (38th) NT - Johnny Anderson 7a

Last Chance Heat (started): 1. Winker (7) 2. Little (6) 3. Toews (1) 4. Brahmer (4) 5. Tvedte (8) 6. Young (3) 7. Davis (5) 8. Menard (9) / 9. Bell (10) 10. Walsh (12) 11. Cushman (11) 12. Hurd (2) DNS - Whitney

Top eight finishers transferred to the back of the C. Whitney decided to cut his losses. The first try at a start saw Davis spin collecting Winker who did a 360 and kept it going. Davis rejoined at the tail. Toews jumped out early and led until Hurd flipped wildly in turn one on lap three. The restart saw Toews leading Winker, Little, Brahmer and Tvedte. Winker used the low side to get by Toews and Little followed suit. That's the way they would finish.

Heat one (started): 1. Reinke (2) 2. Walraven (3) 3. Pittman (9) 4. McCarl (8) / 5. Reed (6) 6. Madsen (10) 7. Ra. Anderson (5) 8. VanDenBerg (7) / 9. Wilcox (1) 10. Hull (4)

Reinke dusted the field from row one. Pittman inched his way forward in impressive fashion. McCarl gained fourth and the final transfer by mere inches at the stripe after working to try and get by Reed the final three laps.

Heat two (started): 1. Jeffrey (3) 2. Rockhold (2) 3. S. Smith (10) 4. Higday (6) / 5. Crockett (7) 6. Northway (4) 7. Mitrisin (9) 8. Coniam (8) / 9. Ke. Kinser (5) 10. Lambertz (1)

Lambertz and Rockhold battled side by side. Rockhold gained the lead on lap two and was passed by Jeffrey at the halfway point. He would lead the rest of the way. S. Smith was on the move and gained fourth behind Lambertz with three to go. Lambertz would come to a stop in turn four while in a transfer spot on the white flag lap. Higday snatched up the transfer when Lambertz was sidelined.

Heat three (started): 1. Hannagan (1) 2. Shepard (3) 3. S. Kinser (9) 4. Dumesny (2) / 5. Kaeding (7) 6. Brown (5) 7. Paulus (8) 8. D. Jacobs (4) / 9. Bennett (6) 10. Walker (10)

Walker was slicing and dicing through until he hit the wall on lap five after something broke relegating him to the C. The restart saw racelong leader Hannagan ahead of Shepard, Dumesny, D. Jacobs and S. Kinser. A good battle between Hannagan and Shepard ensued after the restart. Hannagan held on by a slim margin. Kaeding was just short of getting by Dumesny for the final transfer.

Heat four (started): 1. Garner (2) 2. K. Jacobs (10) 3. D. Moore (5) 4. D. Smith (3) / 5. Allard (6) 6. Logan (8) 7. Mock (1) 8. Droud (7) / 9. Ja. Johnson (9) 10. Moughan (4)

Garner led the duration, while K. Jacobs was charging through the pack. A last lap bonzai slide job past Allard got D. Moore into the A. D. Smith also made a last lap pass of Allard who was slowed by a deflating tire.

Heat five (started): 1. W. Johnson (6) 2. Haudenschild (3) 3. Shaffer (8) 4. Berryhill (1) / 5. Cram (9) 6. Rahmer (4) 7. Hepfner (7) 8. Rilat (5) / 9. Giannetto (10) 10. Perovich (2)

Haudenschild darted around Berryhill and Perovich for the early lead. W. Johnson was on the move, and took the point on lap seven. Shaffer used the low groove to gain his spots. Giannetto, using a Lonny Parsons motor, was the surprise of qualifications when he timed fifth quick. His success in the heat was not as good and he was relegated to the C.

C main (started): 1. Walker (1) 2. Ja. Johnson (3) / 3. Hull (6) 4. Moughan (7) 5. Giannetto (2) 6. Ke. Kinser (5) 7. Wilcox (9) 8. Bennett (4) 9. Little (10) 10. Brahmer (12) 11. Tvedte (15) 12. Toews (13) 13. Winker (11) 14. Perovich (8) 15. Davis (17) 16. Menard (16) 17. Young (14) 22. DNS - Lambertz

Walker and Ja. Johnson quickly led the pack and left them a half lap behind at the end. Young stopped before the checkers with motor problems.

B main (started): 1. Madsen (1) 2. Mitrisin (2) 3. Droud (10) 4. Cram (3) / 5. Kaeding (9) 6. Logan (6) 7. Paulus (5) 8. Coniam (4) 9. Ja. Johnson (22) 10. Brown (15) 11. Walker (21) 12. VanDenBerg (7) 13. Rahmer (19) 14. Rilat (16) 15. Reed (12) 16. Ra. Anderson (14) 17. Mock (20) 18. Hepfner (11) 19. Allard (13) 20. D. Jacobs (18) 21. Crockett (8) 22. Northway (17)

Madsen led early until Crockett spun on the second circuit, collecting Northway who had nowhere to go. Both cars were heavily damaged and couldn't continue. D. Jacobs exited shortly after. The restart saw Madsen leading Mitrisin, Cram, Coniam and Paulus. The race was again slowed on lap eight of twelve when Allard stopped on lap eight. Madsen led Mitrisin, Cram, Coniam and a surging Droud back to the cone. Droud made the pass of Coniam that gave him an A main transfer. He would also get by Cram in the final stages.

A main (started): 1. S. Kinser (5) 2. Shaffer (3) 3. W. Johnson (1) 4. Shepard (10) 5. Pittman (6) 6. K. Jacobs (7) 7. Madsen (21) 8. Haudenschild (12) 9. D. Smith (13) 10. McCarl (4) 11. Hannagan (19) 12. Dumesny (17) 13. Jeffrey (11) 14. Garner (16) 15. Reinke (15) 16. Berryhill (18) 17. Droud (23) 18. S. Smith (8) 19. Higday (2) 20. Cram (22) 21. D. Moore (9) 22. Mitrisin (20) 23. Rockhold (14) 24. DNS - Walraven

W. Johnson shot out to the early lead from his pole position with Shaffer and Higday in tow. On lap three, Madsen was moving through traffic when he swerved high and nailed Mitrisin, who suffered extensive damage. The race resumed after a brief visit to the 82 from Mitrisin. Lap five saw another stoppage when D. Moore suffered rear end problems. W. Johnson led Shaffer, Higday, S. Kinser and Pittman to the cone. Just two laps later, Cram who had surged from the tail to 11th, broke his birdcage and retired. Lap nine saw Jeffrey tip over gently in turn one. After a very questionable open red, W. Johnson had an open track ahead of him and led over S. Kinser, Shaffer, K. Jacobs and Pittman. S. Kinser slid in front of W. Johnson twice in turn one, only to be passed back both times in turn two. W. Johnson pulled away and started working traffic when yet another stoppage resulted from a Droud spin (blown left rear) on lap 22. A lap later, Higday who had been running strong stopped on the track and went pitside. Fifth running S. Smith ran out of fuel and was scored 18th. W. Johnson led S. Kinser, Shaffer, Pittman and now a resurgent Shepard back to the green. The restart was controversial to the majority of the capacity crowd as S. Kinser was not nose to tail coming back to the cone and looked to have a wheel beside W. Johnson as they went by it. The pass was made and was held up by officials much to the amazement of the crowd. Shaffer got by W. Johnson on the last lap for second. Madsen recharged after the last restart and ended up 7th.

Top 50 in points:

A Scramblers

1. Schatz 493
2. Lasoski 492
3. McMahan 487
4. Swindell 484
5. Hodnett 482
6. K. Jacobs 481
7. S. Kinser 480
8. Pittman 476
9. Madsen 473
10. Stewart 472

A main - Rows 6 - 10

11. Saldana 469
12. Shaffer 464
13. M. Kinser 463
14. S. Smith 458
15. Crocker 458
16. McCarl 453
17. Meyers 452
18. Lynch 449
19. W. Johnson 448
20. Tatnell

B Scramblers

21. Kr. Kinser 441
22. Kemenah 436
23. Cram 432
24. Landis 430
25. Mitrisin 428
26. Moyle 427
27. Sides 420
28. Shepard 417
29. Dewease 416
30. Vanderploeg 415

B main - Rows 6 - 10

31. Kahne 414
32. Frey 413
33. Higday 413
34. Jackson 412
35. Droud 411
36. Campbell 405
37. Haudenschild 405
38. Jeffrey 404
39. Hockett 401
40. Walker 399

C Scramblers

41. Logan 399
42. D. Smith 399
43. Kertscher 398
44. D. Moore 398
45. Paulus 396
46. Kaeding 396
47. Ja. Johnson 394
48. Coniam 393
49. Reinke 392
50. Garner 388

Friday Night

Center of infield Victory Lane Stage Center of infield
View of the pits View of the pits View of the pits
View of the pits View of the pits Center of infield
Turns 3 & 4 Justin Henderson Knoxville Starter Doug Clark and his Assistant and son Justin
Cars ready to push off Joey Saldana Toni LUtar
Jesse Gianetto Randy Hannagan & Mike Moore Todd Hepfner
Kurt Winker Joey Saldana Byron Reed
Max Dumesny Cars ready for push off Mark Toews & Roger Crockett
Johnny Herrera Bobby Mincer Brian Brown
John Agan Ty Bartz Randy Anderson
Jon Agan Kelly Kinser Kim Mock
Chris Walraven on the hook Dean Jacobs & Troy Little Travis Rilat
Dean Jacobs Jan Howard Jan Howard
Fred Rahmer Jonathan Allard Manny Rockhold
Marty Wilcox Bob Bennett Jeff Johnson
View of turn 4 at Sunset Racing Action Racing Action
Calvin Landis Paul McMahan Sammy Swindell
Steve Kinser Donny Schatz Mike Woodring
Skip Jackson 4 Wide in front of Hall of Fame 4 wide in turn 4
Racing Action Johnny Herrera in Victory lane Johnny Herrera in Victory lane
Shane Stewart in Victory lane Shane Stewart in Victory l;ane Knoxville Pace Truck with flags at start of Kele World Challenge
Pace Truck pulls the Vermeer #55 in honor and memory of Keith Hutton prior to the Kele World Challenge Skip Jackson Start of Kele World Challenge
Start of Kele World Challenge Start of Kele World Challenge Video Clip: Racing Action
Video Clip: Racing Action Video Clip: Racing Action Video Clip: Racing Action
Video Clip: Racing Action Video Clip: Racing Action

Friday Night Results Courtesy fo Bill Wright

57 Non-qualifiers

Chris Walraven flipped in hot laps ending his night.

Heat one (started): 1. Randy Hannagan 1x (1) 2. Jesse Giannetto D1 (3) 3. Byron Reed 5R (2) 4. Toni Lutar 4x (5) / 5. Adam West 20A (4) 6. Jerrod Hull 50 (8) 7. Dr. Bob Altmeyer 14 (7) 8. Marty Perovich 17P (10) / 9. Kurt Winker 48H (11) 10. Joe Bustillos 37 (6) 11. Doug Strong 43 (9) 12. Steve Cushman 1c (12)

Hannagan led this single-file fest the distance which is usually customary with Friday night heat races. Heats are lined up according to points, as are the features. First four to A, second four to B, third four to C.

Heat two (started): 1. Max Dumesny 1J (1) 2. Roger Crockett 11c (2) 3. Todd Hepfner 28T (3) 4. Johnny Herrera 5 (6) / 5. Randy Anderson 1s (4) 6. Chuck Swenson X (7) 7. Derek Beckman 50D (9) 8. Mike Moore 69 (5) / 9. Rob Tvedte 1w (10) 10. Eddie Leavitt Jr. 1A (8) DNS - John Lambertz 12L, Stevie Walsh 19w

Another flag to flag leader, single-file affair. Herrera took fourth by getting around Randay Anderson in the first turn. Leavitt retired with a flat tire on the initial start.

Heat three (started): 1. Justin Henderson R19 (1) 2. Kelly Kinser 4KK (5) 3. Jon Agan 4 (3) 4. Ty Bartz 75 (6) / 5. Matt Moro 47 (4) 6. Kurt Davis 6K (9) 7. Bobby Mincer 15m (7) 8. Mark Toews 5T (10) / 9. Brian Brown 6 (2) 10. Kim Mock 1m (8) DNS - Walraven 56

After the initial start was called back, Mock took a hellacious ride involving several flips down the frontstretch on the next try. His flip included taking out both the top and front wings on Mincer's car. Mincer would borrow a couple of wings and continue. Mock was talking to the safety team when they took him in for a checkup. Brown took the early lead when the green dropped, but dumped a motor on lap four with a good lead. Henderson assumed the lead, while Ke. Kinser made the bottom work in getting up to second. Bartz gained the final transfer from Moro after a good battle with two laps to go.

Heat four (started): 1. Travis Rilat 29 (4) 2. Aaron Berryhill 97 (2) 3. John VanDenBerg V10 (1) 4. Dean Jacobs 29J (6) / 5. Colin Northway 60 (5) 6. Curt Trainer 36 (7) 7. Troy Little 20AU (10) 8. Tony Menard 12 (11) / 9. Bob Hildreth 55KC (9) 10. Jan Howard 51 (3) 11. Greg Jones 35x (8)

Rilat took the early lead from Berryhill before a Trainer spin on lap two. At the same time, Jones was shown the pits after he lost his muffler. The restart saw Rilat leading Berryhill, D. Jacobs, VanDenBerg and Howard. Howard would lose sixth to Northway before coming to a stop and retiring on lap five. The restart saw VanDenBerg and D. Jacobs having a great battle for third with VanDenBerg prevailing in the end.

Heat five (started): 1. Brandon Wimmer 7TW (2) 2. Fred Rahmer 88H (4) 3. Manny Rockhold 02 (1) 4. Bob Bennett 3B (6) / 5. Jonathan Allard 35w (3) 6. Jim Moughan Jr. 1mx (8) 7. Bruce Robenalt 98 (5) 8. Marty Wilcox 3 (9) / 9. Seth Brahmer 13 (10) 10. Jeff Johnson 11J (7) 11. Robert Bell 71 (11)

Wimmer led the distance. Bennett stuck his nose under Rahmer about lap four to threaten the fourth position. Rahmer looked like someone was shooting at him after he saw that and quickly surged to second. Bennett managed to get under Allard for the final transfer in impressive fashion.

C main (started): 1. Je. Johnson (1) 2. Bustillos (2) / 3. Leavitt (4) 4. Brahmer (8) 5. Jones (3) 6. Tvedte (10) 7. Winker (7) 8. Bell (9) 9. Strong (6) 10. Hildreth (5) 11. Cushman (11) DNS - Howard, Walraven, Mock, Lambertz, Walsh

Bustillos led until the last lap when he let off the gas behind the lapped Hildreth. Je. Johnson coasted around him on the top for the win in the non-stop ten lapper.

B main (started): 1. Allard (1) 2. Hull (11) 3. Moro (4) 4. Swenson (9) / 5. Moughan (12) 6. Northway (7) 7. Wilcox (15) 8. Ra. Anderson (3) 9. West (2) 10. Trainer (10) 11. Beckman (13) 12. Little (18) 13. Je. Johnson (21) 14. Davis (19) 15. Robenalt (6) 16. Toews (17) 17. Bustillos (22) 18. M. Moore (5) 19. Perovich (16) 20. Altmeyer (8) 21. Menard (20) 22. Mincer (14)

Allard ran and hid. The only yellow came for a lap seven M. Moore spin. The restart saw Allard leading Moro, West, Hull, Moughan and Swenson. Hull ended up gaining nine spots from his starting spot to gain second. Swenson used the cushion to move up five spots after a spirited duel for the final transfer with Moughan who briefly held it.

A main (started): 1. Herrera (16) 2. Hannagan (1) 3. VanDenBerg (3) 4. Ke. Kinser (20) 5. Rilat (12) 6. Rahmer (13) 7. Wimmer (8) 8. Giannetto (9) 9. D. Jacobs (18) 10. Dumesny (2) 11. Hull (22) 12. Henderson (11) 13. Lutar (14) 14. Swenson (24) 15. Reed (5) 16. Bennett (19) 17. Rockhold (4) 18. Bartz (17) 19. Allard (21) 20. Agan (15) 21. Berryhill (7) 22. Hepfner (10) 23. Moro (23) DQ - Crockett (6)

Moro was sent in before starting with no brakes. Hannagan shot out to the early from the pole over Dumesny. The two led Crockett, VanDenBerg and Wimmer to a lap two restart for Hepfner. Hepfner had made contact with the wall after meeting Reed on the track. He retired with a broken Jacob's ladder. Crockett hunted Hannagan for seven laps before passing him on the high side. Lap eleven saw Berryhill turn over in turn two. He was done for the night. Henderson visited the work area to fix a leak problem and restarted at the tail. The restart saw Crockett leading Hannagan, Herrera, VanDenBerg and Dumesny back to the stripe. Four laps later, the action slowed again. Allard, who was up to sixth from 21st, tagged Agan. Allard fixed his flat left rear, while Agan did the same with his right front. Now Herrera was on Crockett's bumper for the restart with Hannagan, VanDenBerg and Rilat in tow. On lap sixteen, Herrera took over for good to earn the $4000 win. Unfortunately for Crockett, who crossed second, he was light at the scales and DQed. Though Herrera came from 16th to win, Ke. Kinser was the hard-charger, finishing fourth from 20th on his patented low side.

C Scramble (started): 1. Tim Kaeding 7T (5) 2. Ryan Coniam 6c (3) 3. Dennis Moore Jr. 0 (7) 4. Jason Johnson 22 (4) 5. Ricky Logan 17G (10) 6. Brian Paulus 28 (6) 7. Mike Reinke 02x (2) 8. Danny Smith 4D (9) 9. Mike Kertscher 80K (8) 10. Clint Garner 55 (1)

Reinke set sail and led by almost half a lap before he suffered right side flat tires after getting into the fence on lap ten of twelve. Garner who was running second at the time had his brake rotor go away and he retired. Reinke did manage to get back to seventh. On the lap 10 restart, Ja. Johnson was leading Kaeding, Coniam, D. Moore and Logan. Kaeding would streak to the lead on the restart and never look back. C main start on Saturday will be:

1. Kaeding 2. D. Moore 3. Logan 4. Coniam 5. Ja. Johnson 6. Paulus 7. D. Smith 8. Kertscher 9. Reinke 10. Garner

B Scramble (started): 1. Lance Dewease 77 (2) 2. Eric Vanderploeg 57a (1) 3. Jeff Shepard 92 (3) 4. Chad Kemenah 15K (9) 5. Travis Cram 92c (8) 6. Jaymie Moyle 10 (5) 7. Kraig Kinser 11K (10) 8. Calvin Landis 70 (7) 9. Jeff Mitrisin 5J (6) 10. Jason Sides 7s (4)

Vanderploeg wrestled the early lead from Dewease, before Lance would take it back for good on lap five. Cram moved up a couple spots early and was fun to watch, but Kemenah made a late charge on him to grab fourth and valuable passing points. Vanderploeg ran a steady race on the bottom for second. Saturday B main lineup:

1. Kemenah 2. Kr. Kinser 3. Cram 4. Dewease 5. Moyle 6. Landis 7. Vanderploeg 8. Shepard 9. Mitrisin 10. Sides

A Scramble (started): 1. Shane Stewart 4m (1) 2. Greg Hodnett 12 (6) 3. Daryn Pittman 21 (3) 4. Donny Schatz 15 (10) 5. Kenny Jacobs 70J (5) 6. Kerry Madsen 82 (2) 7. Paul McMahan 11h (8) 8. Sammy Swindell 1 (7) 9. Danny Lasoski 20 (9) 10. Steve Kinser 11 (4)

Stewart led the distance and Hodnett was quickly into second. No one had anything for them. Pittman and Schatz battled in the pack. S. Kinser was working on passing Madsen for third when he cut in front of the 82 and had his left front ripped off. Madsen continued. Jacobs was shuffled back to tenth at one point, but came back strong in the late going. Saturday A main lineup:

1. Schatz 2. Hodnett 3. McMahan 4. Lasoski 5. K. Jacobs 6. Pittman 7. Stewart 8. Swindell 9. Madsen 10. S. Kinser

Kele World Challenge (started): 1. Rilat (5) 2. Logan (9) 3. Winker (2) 4. D. Smith (8) 5. Jackson (10) 6. Tatnell (11) 7. Pittman (14) 8. Schatz (15) 9. Little (3) 10. Saldana (12) 11. Madsen (13) 12. Dumesny (7) 13. Perovich (4) 14. West (6) 15. Menard (1) 16. Walsh (16)

Drivers were inverted by Nationals qualifying points (excluding Walsh). Beforehand, a donation was taken for the Hutton family. The 55 was towed Australian style in front of the field and a "missing man" formation was formed. Jenny Hutton threw the green flag for the race and received a standing ovation in an emotional moment. Other pageantry included that blasted cannon and fireworks. Unfortunately, the racing did not live up to the hype. Rubber was laid about the halfway point after early leader Perovich was passed by Rilat on a restart for a spun West who was running fifth at the time. By the time Logan was within striking distance, the top three had found the rubber, including Winker who grabbed $3000 for third. Winker benefited from a last minute decision Wednesday to go back to Wisconsin and bring his car back to qualify on Thursday. Rilat earned $10,000 for his victory.

Saturday Night

view of turns 1 & 2 Center of track view of turns 3 & 4
Center of track View of the pits View of the pits
Center of track Center of track Nationals Trophies
Center of track View of the pits View of the pits
Steve Kinser & Kerry Madsen View of the pits Brooke Tatnell & Wayne Johnson
Sammy Swindell Center of track Center of track
Center of track Diagonal view of track View of the infield
View of the Grandstands & turns 1 & 2 Lance Dewease Jeff Shepard
Greg Hodnett steve Kinser & Kerry Madsen Josh Higday
Work'n Woody - Art & Carole Mallies work'n Woody Chad Kemenah
Chad Kemenah Todd Shaffer Tyler Walker
Tyler Walker Jac Haudenshield Lynton Jeffrey
Travis Cram Jeff Mitrisin View of the pits
View of the pits Jeff Shepard Work'n Woody & Kenny Jacobs
Paul McMahan Cars ready to push off View of the pits
View of the pits Calvin Landis Brian Brown
Brian Brown View of turn 4 and Saturday night crowd Hall of Fame Museum
Greg Hodnett bobby Mincer Mark Toews
Speed Channel Camera position in turn 1 Jeff Johnson Mark Toews
Cars ready for pushoff Toni Lutar Aaron Berryhill & Curt Trainer
Aaron Berryhill Jim Moughan Ty Bartz
Nationals Trophies on Victory Lane Stage Jason Meyers Curt Davis & Tony Menard
Jason Meyers Danny Lasoski Calvin Landis, Jaymie Moyle & Jeff Shepard
Start of 'B' Feature Tim Kaeding's front end collapses in B feature Travis Cram & Lance Dewease
Sammy Swindell 4 Wide 4 wide
'A' Feature almost ready to go green Start of  'A' Feature Danny Lasoski in Victory Lane
Victory Lane Celebration Victory Lane Celebartion 2003 Nationals Podiumr
Top 3: Danny Lasoski, Donny Schatz & Kenny Jacobs Top 3: Danny Lasoski, Donny Schatz & Kenny Jacobs Danny Lasoski with Tony Stewart in Victory Lane
Top 3: Danny Lasoski, Donny Schatz & Kenny Jacobs Video Clip: Track Pan Shot Video Clip: Racing Action
Video Clip: Racing Action Video Clip: Racing Action Video Clip: Racing Action
Video Clip: Racing Action Video Clip: Racing Action 4 Wide - Doug Johnson Photo
Lasoski flexes his muscles on top of wing - Doug Johnson Photo 2003 Nationals Podium - Doug Johnson Photo Mike Kertscher's flip in turn 2 - Doug Johnson Photo
Tony Stewart & Danny Lasoski in Victory Lane - Doug Johnson Photo Shane Stewart won the Mr. Sprint Car Award - Doug Johnson Photo 2003 Nationals Top 3 - Doug Johnson Photo
Saturday Night Line Ups - Doug Johnson Photo Best Appearing Car - Jason Meyers - Doug Johnson Photo Best Appearing Crew - Shane Stewart - Doug Johnson Photo
Kasey Kahne, Tyler Waler & Kraig Kinser hang out Saturday night Doug Johnson Photo Visit Doug Doug Johnson's Website at:    www.dirttrackfury.net

Saturday Night Results Courtesy fo Bill Wright

97 cars

E main (started): 1. Troy Little 20AU (2) 2. Jeff Johnson 11J (1) 3. Kurt Davis 6K (4) 4. Brian Brown 6 (20) 5. Mike Moore 69 (8) / 6. Joe Bustillos 37 (5) 7. Seth Brahmer 13 (14) 8. Tony Menard 12 (7) 9. Rob Tvedte 1w (16) 10. Dr. Robert Altmeyer 14 (10) 11. Bobby Mincer 15m (12) 12. Robert Bell 71 (18) 13. Greg Jones 35x (11) 14. Eddie Leavitt Jr. 1A (9) 15. Doug Strong 43 (15) 16. Steve Cushman 1c (17) 17. Bob Hildreth 55KC (19) 18. Mark Toews 5T (6) 19. Bruce Robenalt 98 (3) 20. Kurt Winker 48H (13) DNS - Derek Beckman 50D, Marty Perovich 17P, Jan Howard 51

Little shot out to the lead on a narrow track that was building a cushion. Brown found a way through the field from the scratch position and was sitting in sixth when fourth place Toews got over the cushion and became the first driver to flip over the fence in turns three and four since Jerry Richert Jr. two years ago. Thankfully, he was uninjured. The lap seven (of ten) restart saw Little leading Je. Johnson, Davis, M. Moore and Brown to the green. Brown managed to snatch fourth from M. Moore who grabbed the final D transfer to complete his run. Winker exited on lap three, with Robenalt following him off.

D main (started): 1. Jerrod Hull 50 (1) 2. Jonathan Allard 35w (3) / 3. Aaron Berryhill 97 (11) 4. Bob Bennett 3B (7) 5. Manny Rockhold 02 (8) 6. Todd Hepfner 28T (12) 7. Matt Moro 47 (13) 8. Adam West 20A (17) 9. Jim Moughan Jr. 1mx (15) 10. Curt Trainer 36 (18) 11. Davis (21) 12. Little (19) 13. Jon Agan 4 (10) 14. Marty Wilcox 3 (18) 15. Toni Lutar 4x (4) 16. Justin Henderson R19 (2) 17. Chuck Swenson X (5) 18. Je. Johnson (18) 19. M. Moore (22) 20. Brown (20) 21. Colin Northway 60 (14) 22. Ty Bartz 75 (9) DNS - Byron Reed 5R, Roger Crockett 11c, Randy Anderson 1s

Somehow Allard started third when he should have started ninth. A 19th place finish in Friday's A should have put him inside row five. He benefited from the mistake. This was a race to fill the tanks. Cautions and open reds resulted in competitors running out of fuel. Most notable was Henderson who bowed out after surrendering second to Lutar on lap eight. Other apparent victims of empty tanks were Lutar who at one time held second, Swenson, Wilcox and Agan. The race started off bad as Bartz slowed against the wall, sped up and was whacked by Je. Johnson. The result was Bartz suffering a series of flips in turn two. He was uninjured. Northway made heavy contact with the wall and suffered enough damage to retire on the next try at a start. Finally, Hull took the early lead, but a lap two red for a M. Moore flip in turn four brought things to a halt. Brown suffered damage in the incident and went pitside. Je. Johnson flipped on the next attempt to go green. He too, was uninjured. Hull led Henderson, Lutar, Allard and Agan back to the cone. Lutar got under Henderson for second on lap five. Three laps later, Swenson would run dry of fuel and bring out the caution. Henderson also went trackside, and Lutar did the same on a restart that saw him second to Hull. Allard, Agan and Berryhill moved up in order. The competitors dropped like flies and Hull and Allard were the beneficiaries.

C main (started): 1. Tim Kaeding 7T (1) 2. Brian Paulus 28 (6) / 3. Jason Johnson 22 (5) 4. Ricky Logan 17G (3) 5. Clint Garner 55 (10) 6. Johnny Herrera 5 (11) 7. Mike Reinke 02x (9) 8. Randy Hannagan 1x (12) 9. Fred Rahmer 88H (16) 10. Kelly Kinser 4KK (14) 11. Dean Jacobs 29J (19) 12. Danny Smith 4D (7) 13. Allard (22) 14. Hull (21) 15. John VanDenBerg V10 (13) 16. Brandon Wimmer 7TW (17) 17. Max Dumesny 1J (20) 18. Travis Rilat 29 (15) 19. Ryan Coniam 6c (4) 20. Jesse Giannetto D1 (18) 21. Mike Kertscher 80K (8) 22. Dennis Moore Jr. 0 (2)

D. Moore stopped after a lap had been completed with unknown problems. He was done. In the first lap, Paulus managed to go from sixth to second, a position he would finish in. Kaeding led flag to flag. Kertscher flipped on the restart, but was uninjured. The next restart saw Giannetto get into the wall hard and go pitside. Coniam who was running third, also pulled in. Kaeding led Paulus, Logan, Garner and Ja. Johnson back to the cone. Paulus chased down and passed Kaeding on lap 11 only to have the favor returned two circuits later in a great battle for the trophy.

B main (started): 1. Chad Kemenah 15K (1) 2. Kraig Kinser 11K (2) 3. Lance Dewease 77 (4) 4. Jeff Shepard 92 (6) / 5. Jeremy Campbell 10c (16) 6. Jaymie Moyle 10 (5) 7. Jeff Mitrisin 5J (9) 8. Kaeding (21) 9. Kasey Kahne 83JR (11) 10. Calvin Landis 70 (6) 11. Paulus (22) 12. Travis Cram 92c (3) 13. Jason Sides 7s (10) 14. Lynton Jeffrey 4K (18) 15. Jesse Hockett 75J (19) 16. Tyler Walker 35 (20) 17. Jac Haudenschild 4H (17) 18. Don Droud Jr. 7x (15) 19. Kevin Frey 2K (12) 20. Eric Vanderploeg 57a (7) 21. Josh Higday 24H (13) 22. Skip Jackson 21x (14)

A root canal would be less painful than getting this B main completed tonight. With umpteen officials in the place, no one seemed to notice that Walker jumped every start he was a part of, which was plenty. This caused serious repercussions. The first start saw Higday and Jackson flip together down the frontstretch. Higday got some serious airtime high above the catchfence. Both drivers climbed out of their machines unscathed. Droud appeared to have bent an axel in the fray, but he tried to continue on. Haudenschild also made repairs and Walker changed a tire and restarted at the tail. He would change a tire when the next attempted start saw Jeffrey and Kaeding get together. Kaeding's front end was eliminated, but he would have time to change it when Vanderploeg brought out yet another red with his flip in turn two. Kr. Kinser led when the 22 lapper was finally under green flag conditions. Frey would stop with motor issues on lap eight. At the time, Kr. Kinser led Cram, Kemenah, Dewease and Landis. Haud and Walker dropped out on laps 15 and 17 respectively, but the race went non-stop until Hockett blew his right rear and flipped in turn three on the 19th go-around. Kr. Kinser led Kemenah, Cram, Dewease and Shepard back into green flag conditions. Cram did not make it a lap before apparently running out of fuel. When he thought the coast was clear he made a left into the pits. It wasn't clear. Jeffrey broadsided him and flipped hard down the frontstretch. He was not a happy camper. Cram bent too much in the contact to continue. The red negated Campbell's passes of both Moyle and Shepard to get into the fourth and final transfer. He would come within feet of passing Shepard at the line. Nonetheless he would watch from the infield. Kemenah's pass for the lead came on the next restart and he was joined by Kr. Kinser, Dewease and Shepard as A main transfers.

A main (started): 1. Danny Lasoski 20 (4) 2. Donny Schatz 15 (1) 3. Kenny Jacobs 70J (5) 4. Sammy Swindell 1 (8) 5. Greg Hodnett 12 (2) 6. Steve Kinser 11 (10) 7. Shane Stewart 4m (7) 8. Paul McMahan 11h (3) 9. Jason Meyers 7 (17) 10. Stevie Smith 19 (13) 11. Tim Shaffer 83 (12) 12. Joey Saldana 17 (11) 13. Terry McCarl 24 (15) 14. Kemenah (21) 15. Mark Kinser 5m (16) 16. Kerry Madsen 82 (9) 17. Shepard (24) 18. Dewease (23) 19. Wayne Johnson 12x (19) 20. Kr. Kinser (22) 21. Erin Crocker 16 (14) 22. Ed Lynch Jr. 2L (18) 23. Brooke Tatnell 66 (20) 24. Daryn Pittman 21 (6)

Schatz rushed out to an early lead with Lasoski in tow. Lasoski took the point on lap seven of thirty. Hodnett trailed in third for much of the race with McMahan in fourth. The race went non-stop until Pittman stopped on the front stretch on lap 28. The restart saw Lasoski (who had broken a shock) lead Schatz, K. Jacobs (who had resurged from eighth), Hodnett, S. Kinser and Swindell. Lasoski held out for his third Nationals win, while Swindell had a nice restart moving up into fourth. K. Jacobs could have benefited from a few more laps as he recorded the fastest time of anyone on the final circuit. The highest finishing local was McCarl, who spent a great deal of time in the top ten before fading. Meyers and Shepard both finished seven spots ahead of where they started for hard-charger honors. Meyer's car won best appearing, while Stewart's crew won the same honor. Crocker was the hands down Rookie of the Year

Doug Johnson's Action Photos


4 Wide 4 Wide Steve Kinser & Wayne Johnson
Steve Kinser in Victory Lane Thursday Night Steve Kinser & Wayne Johnson in Press Room Top 3 Thursday: Tim Shaffer, Steve Kinser & Wayne Johnson
Tim Shaffer Fred Rahmer Dave Blaney's 2 Seater
Roger Crockett, Kelly Kinser & Ryan Coniam Dean Jacobs & Steve Kinser Dennis Moore Jr. & Terry McCarl
Don Droud Jr. Roger Crockett Tyler Walker
Don Droud Jr. Travis Cram Dennis Moore Jr.
Seth Brahmer Max Dumesny Scott Young
Clint Garner Jac Haudenschild Brian Brown
Dean Jacobs Jeff Shepard Top 3 Wed: Donny Schatz, Danny Lasoski & Greg Hodnett
Dean Jacobs Jac Haudenshield Tyler Walker
Daryn Pittman scott Young Lance Dewease
Sammy Swindell Erin Crocker Mark Kinser
Greg Hodnett Jason Sides Brandon Wimmer
Johnny Herrera Brooke Tatnell Erin Crocker
Donny Schatz Brooke Tatnell Paul McMahan
Kraig Kinser Jason Meyers Jesse Hockett
Kasey Kahne Curt Trainer Greg Hodnett & Donny Schatz
Paul McMahan & Shane Stewart Ed Lynch Jr. 4 Wide
Donny Schatz in Victory lane Wed. night 4 Wide 4 Wide
Danny Lasoski celebrate atop his wing in victory lane Danny Lasoski celebrate atop his wing in victory lane Danny Lasoski in victory lane
Danny Lasoski's crew in victory lane Top 3 Saturday Night: Danny Lasoski, Donny Schatz & Kenny Jacobs Top 3 Saturday Night: Danny Lasoski, Donny Schatz & Kenny Jacobs
Tim Kaeding & Dennis Moore Jr. Brian Paulus Mike Kertscher flip in turns 1 & 2
Donny SchatzX Terry McCarl Kenny Jacobs
Stevie Smith Chad Kemenah & Kraig Kinser Top 3 Saturday Night: Danny Lasoski, Donny Schatz & Kenny Jacobs
Danny Lasoski's mother & father in victory lane Danny Lasoski & Tony Stewart in victory lane Kenny Jacobs & Tony Stewart in the press room
Shane Stewart win the Mr. Srintcar award Top 3 Saturday Night: Danny Lasoski, Donny Schatz & Kenny Jacobs Lineups on pit board for Saturday night
Kurt Winker Erin Crocker & Ted Johnson View of the pits
Max Dumesny Lance Dewease Shane Stewart
Best appearing car Jason Meyer's & Craig Dollanski Best appearing crew mln Motorsports of Shane Stewart Danny Lasoski

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