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World of Outlaws at Eldora Speedway April 7-8 2006

Brock Mayes World of Outlaws Mobile Media Center Rob Chaney
Randy Hannagan Terry McCarl Brooke Tatnell
Bill Rose Craig Dollansky Kevin Swindell
Jeremy Cambell Kaley Gharst View of the pits
Chad Kemenah's Hauler Chad Kemenah Brandon Martin
Tim Kaeding Kraig Kinser driving Steve's Car Shane Stewart
View of the pits Joey Saldana Jason Solwold
Paul May Justin Henderson Chad Blonde
Nick Smith Butch Schroeder Greg Wilson
WoO Scales View of front straight & turn 4 View of front straight & turn 1
View of the pits View of the pits Ed Lynch Jr.
Jason Meyers Donny Schatz Brian Carter
Sammy Swindell View of the pits Danny Lasoski
Tim Shaffer Ryan Coniam Becca Anderson
Barry Ruble View of the pits Billy Alley
Jac Haudenschild Dion Hindi Tim Hunter
Daryn Pittman Brian Paulus View of the pits
View of turn 4 & back straight View of the back straight pit row View of front straight & main grandstands
View of front straight pit row View of front straight & turn 4 View of main grandstands & front straight
View of flagstand & infield over to turn 2 View of Victory Lane & Infield Tower View of front straight
View of front straight pit row View of front straight & main grandstands View of turn 1 Terrace
View of Center of Infield    

Mike Campbell's Photos  -   www.campbellphoto.com

Sammy Swindell in Victory Lane Sat. Night Sammy Swindell with son Kevin in Victory Lane Fri. Night Kraig Kinser & Brock Mayes
Butch Schroeder & Craig Dollansky Daryn Pittman & Stevie Smith Jac Haudenschild & Jason Meyers
Kraig Kinser & Sammy Swindell Kraig Kinser & Sammy Swindell 4 Wide Parade Lap Friday Night
Sammy Swindell & Kraig Kinser Donny Schatz & Tim Kaeding Sammy Swindell in Victory Lane Friday Night
Terry McCarl & Kraig Kinser 4 Wide Parade Lap Saturday Night Kraig Kinser & Randy Hannagan
Craig Dollansky & Paul McMahan Danny Lasoski & Kevin Swindell Daryn Pittman & Shane Stewart
Terry McCarl & Joey Saldana Ed Lynch Jr. & Jac Haudenschild 3 Wide: Terry McCarl, Donny Schatz & Joey Saldana

Photos Courtesy of Bill Wright Belle River, Ontario

Barry Ruble Becca Anderson Bill Rose
Billy Alley Brandon Martin Brian Carlson
Brian Paulus Brooke Tatnell Butch Schroeder
Chad Blonde Chad Kemenah Craig Dollansky
Danny Lasoski Daryn Pittman Dion Hindi
Donny Schatz Ed Lynch Jr. Greg Wilson
Jac Haudenschild Jason Meyers Jason Solwold
Jeremy Campbell Joey Saldana Justin Henderson
Kaley Gharst Kevin Swindell Kraig Kinser
Nick Smith Paul May Paul McMahan
Randy Hannagan Rob Chaney Ryan Coniam
Sammy Swindell Shane Stewart Stevie Smith
Terry McCarl Tim Hunter Tim Kaeding
Tim Shaffer    

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