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At The Raceway at Powercom Park - Beaver Dam, WI


Entrance to The Raceway at Powercom Park Powercom Park Pacetruck View of the pits
Brandon Wimmer Jeremy Campbell Byron Reed
Scott Nietzel Dave Uttech Dave Enders
Chad Blonde Darrell Dodd Dean Erfurth
Lance Fassbender - MSA 360 Powercom Park's 2 seat sprint car IRA 2002 Champion John Haeni
Doug Schenck - MSA 360 Kurt Winker Kurt Winker
Brian Carlson Brian Carlson Al Schlafer - MSA 360
Danny Schlafer - MSA 360 Keith Olejnik - MSA 360 Joe Wipperfurth - MSA 360
View of the pits Jason Johnson Brandon Wimmer
Craig Keel Tyler Walker Brian Kristan
Kim Mock Curt Grant Justin Henderson
View of the pits Todd Hepfner View of the infied & grandstands
View of the back straight Diagonal view from turn 2 over to 4 View of turns 3 & 4
View of center of infield View of turns 1 & 2 Diagonal view from turn 3 over to 1
Jason Sides View of the pits View of the pits
Leonard Lee Mike Ptasienski Jerry Ski - MSA 360
Scott Uttech Ryan Irwin View of the pits
Curt Davis Ty Bartz Charlie Osborn
Colin Northway Scott Biertzer Travis Whitney
View of the pits Larry Vandervere View of the pits
View of the pits View of the pits Scott Nietzel
Shane Stewart Scott Young Scott Young
Howie Gleason Tim Haddy - MSA 360 Tom Busch
Wayne Johnson Curt Trainer Robert Bell
Craig Keel Jeremy Schroeder Mike Reinke
Tim Vandervere David Oneal - MSA 360 Raymond Hensley
Entrance to the VIP Suite at Powercom Park Dave Enders Travis Whitney & Tom Busch
View of turn 1 & 2 View of center of infield View of center of infield
Charlie Osborn Leonard Lee Travis Whitney
Wayne Johnson Wayne Johnson Scott Nietzel
Todd Hepfner Kurt Winker Kurt Winker
Charlie Osborn & Justin Henderson Charlie Osborn & Justin Henderson John Haeni & Justin Henderson
John Haeni Bob Bennett View of turn 2
Mike Reinke John Haeni View of turns 1 & 2
View of center of infield View of turn 3 View of turn 3 & 4
View of center of infield View of back straight Chad Meyer
Jason Sides Chad Blonde Kim Mock
Dave Enders Dave Enders Craig Keel
Craig Keel Tyler Walker Ty Bartz
Tyler Walker Darrell Dodd & Byron Reed Shane stewart
Darrell Dodd Wayne Johnson Wayne Johnson
Brian Carlson Brian Carlson Bob Bennett
Raymond Hensley Bob Bennett Raymond Hensley
Ryan Irwin Jason Johnson Justin Henderson
Scott Nietzel

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Racing Action Racing Action Racing Action
Racing Action

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