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VARC Car Show at Sharon Speedway 9-1-01

v2k1 VARC Vintage cars on display at Sharon Speedway
v2k12 VARC Vintage cars on display at Sharon Speedway
v2k13 VARC Vintage cars on display at Sharon Speedway
v2k14 No. 2 White, Orange & Blue 1985 Kenyon Midget Scat 140 VW.  Owner/Driver Bruce Gray from Warren, OH.  Built and owned y Mel Kenyon.  Raced in 1985.  Won 11 races that year.  Raced and won in Australia.
v2k15 No. 5 Orange 1937 Chevy Modified Big Block Chevy.   Owner/Driver Keith Rogers from Jamestown, PA.  Built in 1970 with Chevy Big Block 427.  Found later and rebuilt with Chevy 6 Cyl. Raced until mid 1980's at Oswega, NY and holds fastest time in its class.
v2k16 No. 28 Orange 1939 Ford Modified 300.   Owner/Driver Don Tarr from Greenville, PA.  Built in 1978, homemade chassis.   Raced at Mercer, Raceway 7 & Western PA.
v2k17 No. 83 White 1968 Edmunds Copy Sprint Chevy 283.   Owner/Driver Cliff LaJouness from Seville, OH.  Built by Tom Kothera, Southington, OH.
v2k18 No. 7 Red 1967 Homemade Sprint 327 Chevy.   Owner/Driver Larry Reed from E. Liverpool, OH. Ran Winchester and Minisotta, FL.   Driven by Fred Linder.  Formerly owned by Ed Wyborski fro 1967-? Ran San Sandusky & Fremont.
v2k19 No. 28 White 1972 Sprint 350 Chevy.   Owner/Driver Jim Reese from Cortland, OH.  Many name drivers; Very successful car.  Drive to many wins by Van May, Jan Opperman and many others from 1972-1980.
v2k110 No. 21 Blue & Silver 1963 C.A.E. Sprint 327 Chevy. Owner/Driver Chuck Dillion from Garrettsville, OH.  The car ran IMCA in the midwest into the late 1970's.  Restored in in 1997.  Runs with VARC in exhibition races in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Pennsylvania.
v2k111 No. 28 Black 1942 Homemade Midget Model A.   Owner/Driver George Seel from Solon, OH.  Bought from Tom Kothera fo Southington, OH.
v2k112 No. 16 Pink 1932 Ford Victoria Super Modified 57 Ford Thunderbird 312 w/VW rear torsion.  Owner/Driver John Lewber from Dayton, OH.   Track Champ Kansas City Early 60's
v2k113 No. 12 Red 1934 Ford Shortened Sedan 239 Ford.   Owner/Driver Larry Williams from Casco, MI.  Previously raced and owned by John Thorne from Valdosta, GA in 1960.
v2k114 No. 34 White & Blue 1934 Ford Coupe Flathead V8.  Owner/Driver Bill Davis from Ortonville, MI.  Modified stock, raced aroud southern Ohio on short dirt tracks in the 50's & 60's.
v2k115 No. 2 White & Red 1947 Hillegass Sprint Model B Ford.  Owner/Driver Ken Berends from Chagrin Falls, OH.  Restored in 1998 by Ken Berends.
The following 4 cars are unidentified.  Please please email me at steven.hardin@sbcglobal.net if you have any info on these cars.
unident1 Unidentified Vintage
unident3 No. 78 Blue & White 1971 Trevis Sprint Car. Owner/Driver Rick Mandelson from Ellicott City, MD. 1974 Tampa Bay track record holder driven at that time by Ray Lee Goodwin beating a 12 year record held by Bobby Grim. The Car was also driven by Smokey Snellbaker, Billy Cassella, Roger Larson, and Kramer Williamson
unident4 Unidentified Vintage
unident5 Unidentified Vintage
artprints1 Vintage Motorsports Art Prints by Ron Titus
artprints2 Vintage Motorsports Art Prints by Ron Titus
artprints3 Vintage Motorsports Art Prints by Ron Titus
artprints4 Vintage Motorsports Art Prints by Ron Titus

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